FIFA 13 demo shows flair

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 12, 2012

We couldn’t wait to get hands-on with the FIFA 13 demo today and thanks to owning both the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, for review purposes of course, it made things easier for us considering the PS3 version has a much later release time. We put around 3 hours into playing the previous football game each week, and this meant we knew exactly what we wanted to see improved.

The FIFA 13 demo has much shorter games than we normally like to play, but this don’t matter considering it is free and you can always hit rematch. Straight away you start to notice crucial and yet subtle improvements to the controls in the FIFA 13 demo, and the flair you’d normally need to use a combination of buttons for in FIFA 12, is there right away. It is great to see something fresh after playing the last game a lot over the last year.

Non-controlled players go for the ball at last – in the FIFA 13 demo you will notice something that rarely happens in last years game, and that is when a ball passes near a non-controlled player they’ll try and get hold of it. In fact it is much more than this, your players will even move out of their positions and chase down balls just like you would see in a real football game, which means you’ll do less shouting about stupid players just standing there.

FIFA 13 has real flair and the ball moves more realistically – within the first few seconds of playing the demo you’ll notice the ball moves completely different, and rather than land at your feet you’ll see it bounce about more. If the ball is spinning a certain way then you’ll see it move in that direction, this gives a realistic feel to the way the ball moves and acts when you get hold of it.

We’ve only played a couple of matches and notice vast improvements to the feeling of playing football on the Xbox 360, will test the PS3 version tomorrow but expect much of the same, so we’ll be sure to write a full review when we get a chance. It is worth noting that the game commentary in the demo included a lot of the old sayings, which we weren’t impressed with considering playing a few hours every week can lead to boredom of the same old commentary. If we are lucky EA might arrange some DLC for new commentary every few months, which we’d gladly pay for.

Have you played the FIFA 13 demo yet, and if so what do you think of the changes? This is our first impressions but we’d love to hear yours. You can see some gameplay from the demo in the video below.

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  • John Dow

    I play soccer and the first touch on FIFA isn’t realistic they over exaggerate sometimes.

  • FrillArtist

    Still not worth $60…

  • Chad

    I’m a big Fifa fan, but was a big PES fan until 09. First and foremost though a big football fan and I’m really disappointed with the demo.

    Teams onto the pitch jerking a tweaking like crack addicts reminded me of FIFA 08, which was poor.

    I felt players did the opposite of running to the ball, especially if ball is in the air on edge of the D when cleared from a corner, players run away from the ball. Strikers slow to make runs unless you specifically play 1-2 and lazy attacking movement in general. Pace is slower than 12, which isn’t awful, but CPU scored PES goals against me… squared on floor because Hart was over committed on near post.

    I know it’s a demo, but seriously with the commentary… how can a attacking player sliding in on a opposing defender in defensive box “lucky not to be a penalty” not to mention the same innapropriate score commentary… why hope to see some goals at half time if it’s 2-2 – more goals, yes, but there’s loads of examples of poor commentary logic still.

    First touch of players of some of the best teams in the world seem heavy along with lackluster workrate and the menus are more “arcadey” which may entice PES converts. I like the dynamic skill, but I am worried that the balance has now tipped towards it being too FIFA street-like.

    What did I like? The guy down on the touchline talking about injuries is a nice touch.

  • Westhamman

    I have to say…. I AM THE BIGGEST PES FAN!!! But.. i love footy and download demos every year. I was a fifa fan back in the day, the went to Pes.. and havent looked back.. love masterleague.

    BUT!! I have to say, I was disapointed with the Pes demo, just seemed flat? and the Fifa demo was a pleasant surprise!!

    I didnt like Fifa 12 at all.. didnt click, just seemed off.. and frustrating to play. But Ea seemed to have worked out the bugs. I also, for once!!, like the game interface.. they use the screens full space and things are simple to navigate. Looks and sounds great, player faces look less plastic, love the fact that players form in real life is reflected in the game. the small details add up, players breathe when cold, injuries and commentary from the touchline, even the referees kits, movement round the outside of the pitch gives that real effect.

    obviously there are going to be some elements which will bug after a few months of playing, but first impressions are impressive! thats coming from a devote PES fan!

    So this year, im going for fifa..

    4/5 (based on demo)

    I hope the game lives up to my expectations.. and it should based on this.

    ps ignore the star rating!

  • Matt

    Just wanted to say something positive about your review. I got a good laugh from it. Thought it was pretty awesome.

  • How do u make a US account? I don’t know any US address ;(

  • Pete

    Terrible grammar in this article. The demo is sick though.

  • i havent decided if its worth $60 for minor updates

    • the demo is alright so far, im going to wait and see what IGN gives it

  • khaled

    still nothing, this is bs

    • Parkes

      Make a U.S account and download it from the U.S store, then switch back to your normal account and play it 🙂 I’m in the U.K and I played it last night

  • daveeeeee

    Still no PS3 demo…

    • princ3

      im playing it on the ps3….check again…demos section

      • daveeeee

        I have checked. Where u from?

        • Noboi

          Hey mate I just had the same problem as you, I’m from Australia you have to make a US account for PSN and then download it in the playstation store.

    • Parkes

      Make a U.S account and download it from the U.S store, then switch back to your normal account and play it 🙂 I’m in the U.K and I played it last night. Takes about 8mins to download and 6 mins to install.

    • danski

      Make a USA account and download it from their store. I have been playing the demo for over a day here in AUstralia.

  • Adidas

    we need more teams, but just ten more days with season pass can’t wait!