FIFA 13 demo release time for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2012

We have some fantastic news for those of you who are looking forward to trying out the highly anticipated FIFA 13 demo. EA has just updated their Twitter account to give specific release times for when the demo will be going live on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Developers sometimes decide to provide their fans with estimated times for when new content will be arriving on their respective platform stores. While this wasn’t the case with Battlefield 3 and the Armored Kill expansion, EA Sports on the other hand have decided to be much more generous.

They have revealed specific release time details for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and unfortunately it looks like PS3 users are going to have to wait a little longer for the demo to arrive on the PlayStation Store. It is going live firstly on PC at 9am UK Time, then between 10am and 2pm for Xbox 360 gold members. Lastly but not least, PS3 users should see the demo live on the store around the 10pm-2am mark on Tuesday evening.

PS3 users won’t be happy that they have a 12 hour wait on their hands as Xbox 360 users get the demo at 10am, but at least the demo is landing on the same day for all platforms, which is starting to become a thing of the past in today’s add-on content rollercoaster.

If you live outside the UK and are really excited about downloading the demo as well, EA has also provided some very useful WorldTimeBuddy links which will tell you when the demo is being released in your location. For example, FIFA fans in Hong Kong will be able to download the demo at 4pm today on their PC, as seen in the screenshot example.

You’ll find the global release times for the FIFA 13 demo on PC here, Xbox 360 here and PS3 here. Who said that developers never provide official release times for new content? Well done to EA for giving all FIFA 13 fans a great heads-up here. To recap, PC users will get the demo first, followed by Xbox 360 and then PS3 later tonight (UK time).

Are you happy with the release times? You probably won’t be if you’re on PS3.

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  • amir aldo hareb

    when is the web app comming out i think the 16th of september but not sure

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    Go to demos and search fifa, its there, im 75% through :/

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    • Mrfirehed

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  • Smithy

    Search it in bing on dashboard it comes up

  • steph

    its in the xbox marketplace but no download button??

    • steph

      ok found it, search fifa 13 in bing and its the middle one

  • ScoobyGSnack

    Its on Xbox now I’m downloading it bang

  • Nickooooo

    search fifa soccer 13 on bing and you’ll find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nexton

    I love Steven. Search Fifa 13 soccer

  • Mrfirehed

    I found it when i searched “fifa 13 soccer”

  • It’s out in the UK, EA’s twitter said it’s available on 360 now.
    Still not out with me though. I’m Central US time and it said it should’ve been available at 8AM…

  • sephiroth 187

    dosnt work for me yet on bing

  • kroft

    bing fifa 13

  • XXXX

    When will it hit Playstation store???

    • dannysimmofc

      between 10pm and 2am mate

    • Craigy

      You just replying to yourself?

  • Craigy

    Nah not with me 🙁

  • Fifa 13 is up

    Guys search ‘Fifa 13 demo’ on the bing search on the dash! it comes up there!

  • dannysimmofc

    People you have to type fifa 13 on bing and it should come up

  • Craigy

    Lies, not with me

  • Steven


  • sephiroth 187

    anyone got it on xbox yet

    • Steven

      yeah, you have to search for fifa 13 though as its not on new demos for some reason so just search games for fifa and go on fifa 13 and it should be there 🙂

  • ScoobyGSnack

    2:15 London time and still no sign on Xbox dash, not happy

  • Rob

    is it on xbox livemarket yet??

  • james

    I just have a rate option not a download option?

    • Kroft

      same here, going mad waiting!

  • Shaun Price

    Seems like 360 users don’t have jobs to go to!!

  • Is it on Xbox now

  • Lol

    I have both consoles but I like the ps3 much more in every way the Xbox is just crap

  • Troll

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  • Silk Rogers

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  • dave

    A few hours early…?? Try 12 bro hahahahahaa

  • quickplay

    so many mad PS3 people…

  • hurry up fifa 13

    Just checked and still not in the xbox game marketplace… If someone could tell everyone when it’s finally there it would be highly appreciated 🙂

    • same for me its ridiculous, cuz it should have been there by now. and its gone 3 hrs since you posted it and i don’t have it, all i have is the trailer!

  • Playmaker96

    Might go out and buy an Xbox for the day then take it back when Fifa 13 demo comes out for PS3 😉

  • Tallica13

    hahhaahah Xbox users thinking they’re all high n mighty why?? because you get a demo a few hours before PS3 users? Pay premiums to actually play online with shitty servers, whilst everyone else does so for free? ahh go suck on your early demo xbox idiots 😛

    • ginn

      mad bro?

    • 360 users haven’t had their network hacked and down for over a month though.

  • look xbox is basically ps3’s tester because if you see all the best xbox games are on ps3 because they want to see if it’ll be a big seller so they put it on xbox first. so to all those who think xbox is best, you are all wrong you may get games first but its to see if they are big sellers, then if they are big sellers they get put onto the best consol which is a ps3 and it dosent break after a week

  • Vvfking

    Just because XBOX gets the release a few hours before PS3 doesnt mean XBOX is better than PS3. They just want to sharpen the edges before they give the game to PS3 users. Because PS3 users are more valuable than the XBOX users 🙂

  • ben

    mac or ipad????

  • Dannypower1989

    Love people abusing Xbox and ps3 saying ohhhh ours is better than yours!!! I hada ps3 and now a 360, and to be honest pc just nails them both in the face!!!!!

  • Mark C

    If anyone is still looking at this, can someone let me know when its actually on the live marketplace, Sick of getting out of bed to see that its not on there and i doubt that it will be on at 10am “/ wanna play it so bad!

    • NgTurbo

      It is live on the Marketplace Mark, if you have a Gold account.

      • Atares

        I have gold and i don’t see it!

        • Timbaland

          Search for Fifa 13 soccer and you’ll find the demo!

  • ditrgbg

    xbox is awful wud rather wait and not have to pay and go online.then pay 40 quid a year for crap servers and xbl partys.what does it mater if we have to wait who cares no rush nothing special

    • Wingate7

      Crap servers? At least we can actually talk to our mates who are playing a different game and apparently have better grammar.

  • so happy

    just goes to show xbox is better ps3 is always last

  • I LOVE PS3 <3


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  • where do i download it for pc

    • dan

      my guess is origin

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    Is it in Singapore time???

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    Xboxers must get it first.

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  • Ps3 User Obvious

    im a ps3 user and i dont see why they hold it till tommorow to give us the demo, its just pointless..

    • PS3 is a joke. Xbox 360 is better in almost every way, you get what you pay for.

      • FIFA 13

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