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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill update for PS3

Days on from the release of Armored Kill on PS3 Battlefield 3 as the third DLC expansion, there is already news of a swift update on the way which will solve some of the initial problems that gamers have been experiencing on the new maps.

That be said, we can’t really fault Armored Kill for the moment as the new maps and vehicles pour hours of new fun into the game – we just wish the mobile artillery wasn’t so hard to use. From our experience it remains the most popular vehicle in Armored Kill, with every player rushing out of spawn to try and be the first person to use it.

If you have managed some success with the vehicle already and have unlocked the proximity defense, you may have experienced a rather annoying problem during usage. When deploying the proximity smoke from the artillery, you’ll find that rather than kill the suicide C4 bombers that approach you, the smoke will actually end up killing you instead, leaving an easy steal for the opponent.

Frankly, we’re amazed that DICE never tested this bug before releasing Armored Kill in the first place, but nevertheless you’ll be pleased to hear that a patch is going out before the end of this week, or early next week that will sort out the problem for good.

Other fixes expected in the update include a increased timer for when the Gunship respawns in Rush. Some of you have been complaining to DICE that it’s too hard for the defending team with the current set up, and DICE has listened. The Gunship will now respawn after 90 seconds, instead of the current 60 seconds in a move to make gameplay more balanced.

There we have it folks. Have you experienced any other problems with Armored Kill on PS3 that we should know about? The new content becomes available for PC and Xbox 360 premiums this week – have fun!



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