Apple’s September 12 announcement: Event start time

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2012

Now there’s just over 21 hours to go until the iPhone 5 launch, we thought it would be a good time to list the worldwide start times for Apple’s September 12 announcement. Our list shows the major cities around the world and the Apple event start time for each of them, which can be seen in the images below on this page.

The countdown we posted earlier will hit zero when it reaches Apple’s September 12 event and the scheduled time for their keynote to start, which means you won’t need the start time if you’re tracking the countdown, but if you need the exact time for your part of the world then you should see the list of times below and find the city closest to your location.

Debate about the new iPhone name – in our opinion Apple’s phone will be called “New iPhone“, just like they did with the last iPad, and the shadow would not be for iPhone 5 but instead for a range of 5 new products and services. This seems more in-line with the way Apple is starting to market their products, and is much better than following the commonly known name that most technology websites use. Would you like to see the next iPhone named with a “new” in front of it, or do you have a better name?

There is some hope Apple’s September 12 (2012) announcement will be made over a live video stream, so that fans can watch the Apple keynote live and see up close as the news breaks. This is much better than watching the keynote video after the fact, and also better than watching text and images flow in via live blogs, but sadly our expectation is that Apple will not deliver this service and the claimed live video streaming is fake or will be shutdown by security before the event starts.

We have seen some live video feeds at previous Apple events, but this has not been for a while thanks to security being more prepared, and we expect Apple’s announcement on September 12 will be seen via live blogs only if you are not a member of press that received an invite. If you don’t mind seeing the Apple keynote a few hours later, then keep an eye on this page for the iPhone 5 event video to go live at some point tomorrow.

What will the Apple September 12 event start time be for you, and if it means a late night or early morning will you be making an effort?

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  • Nathaniel Jobs

    It should be the IPhone 5, calling it the “new” iphone would be moronic, what are they going to call the next one? new new iPhone? Seem suiting they call it the new iphone though because apple hardly ever makes big changes.

  • Obeeone79

    Why the hell would they call it 4G or 4 LTE when one of the largest carriers of the Phone ( AT&T) barely has any of those technologies? So with your thinking, they are going to have about 3 different names for the phone depending on your carrier. You’re going to feel like an idiot when the iPhone 5 is announced in about 3 hours…

  • john

    Do you REALLY care how it’s gonna be called? you’ll buy it anyway. stop trolling for steve’s sake!

  • shashi

    Any idea if iOS is also being launched on the same day?

  • Grant

    Is there any way to watch the conference from the UK ?

  • Chilmo

    I need to wait…its just 10 hours…just wait….damn!!! My…heart…..(faced down on the floor!)
    Anyway how can i watch this conference??? Any websites?!! Plz!

  • joeshmoe2001

    Hell yeah I will be watching this video when it becomes available! Freeegin no brainer !

  • Marketing Away the Future

    I cannot believe the marketing department at Apple. According to their naming strategy, Apple products have no future beyong their current products. Say in 2015, what will the App Store say about which iPad the game/app will run on? Right now a game may say “runs on iPad2 or newer”. Now, skip ahead 2 years (assuming they still name the latest iPad “the new iPad). How will one determine whether one’s current (what a sane person would call iPad3) “new iPad” is compatible if it says “only compatible with the New iPad”. This problem will not manifest until a couple of years (when all relevant products are just called “new iPad/iPhone”), so Apples financial performance may not falter in the next year or so. However, their performance will definitely begin to deteriorate once they realise how their Marketing Department has painted themselves into a corner. And this is coming from an Apple fan. I have the iPad2 and will wait and see whether I buy the iPad4 next year. If they call it the “New iPad” again, I will be buying another tablet – one that I can identify moving forward. SJ would be turning in his grave.

    • Random

      They will just state which iOS software the app is comparable with. That’s what they’ve been doing all this time: saying this app is compatable with iOS 4 and up or something. And if your iPhone cannot update to that software, the obviously you know it is not compatible with that app. And seeing as iOS “6” is called 6 not “new” they don’t have a problem.

  • Gm

    I really do hope they actually bring out a new iPhone I’ve been waiting on one for forever now

  • Fanboy

    They would never call it the “iPhone 5” – the “new iPhone” is possible but just as stupid as calling the iPad 3 the “new iPad” I even asked a genius at the Apple Store what are they gonna call the “new iPad” when the “newer iPad” comes out & he had no idea. I’m guessing they will call it:

    “€ the iPad formerly known as the New iPad”

    My money is on “iPhone 4G” but could possibly be called “iPhone LTE”
    4G would fit better with their previous naming scheme.

    • …your dumb man…Apple basically told us that it will be called the iPhone 5….Hence the invitation THEY sent had a picture of an iPhone and its shadow was a 5…

      • Fanboy

        For those of you who cannot count, this would be the 6th generation iPhone. Anybody who thinks it might be called iPhone 5 is an idiot. The reason the 5 shadow is in that graphic is because that is what everybody (retards, every one of you) is currently calling it.

        I have owned every generation of iPhone & iPad, so don’t think I am saying all this because I hate apple or their awesome products. I hate those of you who flame someone who is posting an answer to the question solicited by the author. Your short memories won’t allow you to remember such details so you instead flame my post.

        • James

          Dude, iPhone 3G – iPhone 3GS – iPhone 4

          Looks like your the idiot in the end

        • MattW

          iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s

          I count 5 so far

        • Fanboy

          Exactly! Why is generation 6 going to be the “iPhone 5”
          I feel dumb just having to explain this.

        • JB

          Because the last iPhone was the 4s. 4. Four. Cuatro. What comes after 4? 5. 5 comes after 4. Maybe you SHOULD feel dumb. If versions of a piece of software were 1, 1.1, 1.5, and 1.8, would the next major release be called 5.0 just because it’s the fifth version? No. Probably 2.

        • jack

          I agree…. that you should feel dumb anyway. If they use 5, it won’t be the “iPhone Generation 5” just “iPhone 5”. The generation of the device and the number do not have to agree. I don’t know what apple will call it though.

        • inawdn

          lol. “it won’t be called iphone5”

        • Fanboy

          Lol you missed a couple iPhones but no biggie.

        • Sj

          Expect you feel like an dumb ass now.

        • Lee

          so what happened to the original iphone ?
          2g, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s

          whos the idiot now ? LOL

        • Bill Weasley

          well then the iphone 4 should have been called 5…. and they didn’t do that did they?

        • I’m curious, do you think Apple is a bunch of idiots now?

    • james

      What do they call the macbook every time a new one comes out? Macbook. Not a hard concept to grasp, moron.

      • Marketing Away the Future

        And what is Macbook’s market share? Yeah, thought so. Having one name for different products is lunacy. Apple have already lost market share in the tablet market with their “new iPad”, but it will lose even more after they have to name the fourth iteration of iPad.

    • Jack Burrows

      The last time Apple put ‘New’ in front of a product, they stopped making the said product and then completely redesigned it. Which is why it is most possible that something similar to an iPad, but not an iPad will be out next year. And how on earth would ‘4G’ fit with their previous naming scheme…we’ve only seen one ‘G’ in the past. It’d seem more appropriate to call it 5 because 3G, , 4, 5 – it has more ring than 3G, 4, 4G – when they’ve already released 2 iPhones under the ‘4’.

      • Fanboy

        Use your fingers to count. You will need both hands to count to this number. If you a missing a hand or 2, pull off your shoes & socks for this counting exercise.
        There was the original iPhone, the 3G (because it used a 3G network =0), the 3GS, the iPhone 4 (as in 4th generation) & finally the 4S (5th generation).
        Why would you think that it is called the iPhone 5? Because 5 comes after 4S? Because there were RUMORS that a different phone that nobody had pictures of wasn’t released for yada, yada, yada reason?
        The 5 is shown in that picture because Apple wanted to throw a hint to their trendy, yet not-so-smart customers. After all, there is far less information available via google for iPhone LTE or iPhone 4G than there is for the iPhone 5. Do the math & please stop saying iPhone 5. It never existed.

        • LogicalThinker

          I’ve never heard such rubbish in all my life, minor versions exist in all sorts of products including hardware and software, just because it’s called 5 doesn’t mean it has to be the fifth release, think of the 4s as 4.5 and then the next major version would naturally be 5.0 or put simply… 5. By your reckoning the 3GS would have been called 3 and 4S be called 5… Well I’m sorry to inform you, that didn’t happen.

        • Fanboy

          I never said any of that. How did you pull that garbage from thy loose rectum?
          The reason the iPhone 4 was called the “4” is because it was the 4th gen. I never argued that the 4S should be called 5. Not arguing that this one should be called iPhone 6 either, FYI.
          If you are arguing that this could possibly be called the “iPhone 5” then you will be disappointed. Your logic makes no sense. Your numbering is more like how software releases are numbered.

          This is like the millennium argument all over again.

          The 3GS & the 4S made sense as they were upgrades to the previous version. Loved both phones by the way. This new phone will have to blow my pants right off my body to get me to upgrade because the 4S really got it right where the 4 had it wrong.

        • LogicalThinker

          Congratulations for contradicting yourself. I don’t necessarily believe it will be called the iPhone 5 by the way, but your logic makes absolutely no sense. The only reason this device would be called the iPhone 6 would be to bring it in line with the iOS version… “S” releases are minor releases… I don’t see why you think they would skip a number because of a minor release. If they did that the product versions will continue; 4S, 6, 6S, 8, 8S, 10… Yeah, that makes logical sense….

        • JB

          Yes! Very logical. I can’t believe some people don’t understand this.

        • jack

          Wow…. if you look at what you are typing you will realize your logic is flawed. You are stating it could never be called iPhone 5 because it is not the 5th Generation iPhone, and then acknowledge that the iPhone 4S is title “4”(S) and is the 5th generation.

        • LogicalThinker

          And hello iPhone 5… Don’t you feel stupid. Perhaps in future you’d attempt to understand others way of thinking too.

    • Jack Burrows

      And – how on earth would an Apple store genius have any clue about what they’d call a future product – they know about as much as we do about new products, until it’s extremely near the release date.

    • tyler durden

      I think the whole ‘the new ipad’ will stick for the next ipad too…
      They are following the same trend as their laptops and all in ones when each time they bring out a new one they call it the new mac book pro or the new imac etc becuase it is, well, new… so the next ipad will be a new ipad… do you see?

    • obeeone79

      Why the hell would they call it 4G or 4 LTE when one of the largest carriers of the Phone ( AT&T) barely has any of those technologies? So with your thinking, they are going to have about 3 different names for the phone depending on your carrier. Not to mention a 4, 4S, and a 4G? ( or LTE)? You’re going to feel like an idiot when the iPhone 5 is announced in about 3 hours…

  • petty

    I Will be watching it luckily i will be out of class in time to make it home!