Skyrim Hearthfire: PC release week for DLC 2

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2012

While Xbox 360 players are currently getting their teeth into Hearthfire, the second DLC expansion for Skyrim, PC players on the other hand are wondering when Bethesda will decide to release the second pack on their platform as well.

There doesn’t appear to be any of the same problems in place that PS3 users are experiencing, so we fully expect Hearthfire to become available on PC around the exact same time that Dawnguard did once the infamous 30-day exclusivity period on Xbox 360 has ended.

Having said that, Dawnguard didn’t release on PC exactly 30 days after it launched on Xbox 360 – it arrived on August 2nd instead, exactly one month and one week on from when it landed on Xbox 360. Still with us? – Good. If Bethesda are planning to follow the same release pattern as they did for Dawnguard on PC, then we should be seeing Hearthfire with a PC release date of Thursday October 11.

Giving Bethesda’s now dodgy reputation for not sticking to original deadlines, they could well surprise us again with an entirely different release date. However, as least you have a general indication on the date that it should arrive if the pattern is being maintained from Dawnguard, so it will be a nice bonus if it actually arrives earlier than October 11.

[Treehouse built using the Creation Kit]

How excited are you though PC players, given that you arguably have superior house-building tools available via the Creation Kit? We wouldn’t be surprised if someone takes all of the content included in the Hearthfire pack and expands on it further and releases it for free on the Steam Workshop – how good would that be?

We’ve heard some stern criticism from PS3 players who now say they’ll boycott Dishonored as a result of the Dawnguard situation, but as a PC player – do you still have love for Bethesda moving forward? Don’t forget that the Elder Scrolls Online MMO is coming next as well – we can’t wait for that one.

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  • Otaku

    I’ve got plenty of games to be getting on with anyways

  • Yeah, PS3 is a real PC killer. But in complete another way as before 🙂 Skyrim have too high hardware requirements for PS3. Man, of course Skyrim can`t run on PS3 from 2006. Cause it can`t run on any PC from 2006. So, what are you want, your console is too old for new games. And yeah, take my comment as agressive reaction against your vanity.

  • qwerty

    I’m going to wait until Bethesda fix the lag issues on the PS3 version of Skyrim and release Dawnguard and Hearthfire on the PlayStation Store, before i think about buying any future Bethesda games. Releasing all future DLCs and updates on time and with no unexplained delays would be nice too. I guess i’ll be waiting for a while.

    Not that i have anything against Bethesda, Oblivion and Skyrim are two of the best games i’ve ever played, i just wish Bethesda had actually been telling the truth when they said before launch that the PS3 version of Skyrim was “getting lots of attention” and would be equal to the other two platforms, it wasn’t and that’s the only thing apart from the delayed DLC that is is bringing the game down.

  • Rocnation51

    I’ve been waiting so long for Dawnguard on ps3 that i sold Skyrim.. I prefer the PC version now. I have Dawnguard now. And modding skyrim is so much fun!! PS3 users, we have to accept the fact that we are ignored because we don’t have to pay for our online gaming.


    as a ps3 player. i will vow to never buy another bethesda game UNTILL heartfire comes out for ps3. I have a feeling ps3 wont be getting it. idc bout dawnguard i juz want hearthfire. i been waiting for adoption for too long

  • Shayne

    PC gets this in DLC anyway, I really don’t care.

    • Shayne

      Sorry, I meant “PC gets this in mods anyway.”

  • It’s quite annoying to have a company push their product if you do not have access to it as a PC user. How can they be that stupid? And MMOs are horribly bland, expensive and soulless enterprises that I can’t be bothered to play even if they were free. Consider me not excited.

  • Jason Burton

    People were warned not to buy a PS3 for gaming years ago. It wa overhyped, poorly designed and very hard to program games for. Just another case of “I told ya so”. I have zero concern for people who bought on the PS3 KNOWING it was an inferior and hard to design for console. Still love Bethesda..more than ever. Tough luck PS3 owners…research a little before you buy next time.

    • Actually it is not an inferior console in many ways just like the Xbox is not an inferior console in many ways the only difference is that Sony doesn’t have to get dlc exclusives to bribe people into buying their console because people buy it anyways

  • Khajiitperson

    Why can’t steam represent us pc users like Microsoft bribes Bethesda to make xbox exclusive?

  • Asmoden

    I whant to make my home where i chose to not where the jarl tell me!

  • Nukem

    I am a PC user and honestly only reason I want Hearthfire is for the modders to tinker with it. I would be Pissed at Bethesda if I were a PS3 owner. I think “Bug”thesda should give the PS3 owners a discount on Dawnguard if they ever get it to work.

    • HeyYou

      Right there with ya Nukem. Modders should have a friggin FIELD day with this one. 🙂

    • Rubberman

      Apparently, if they fix the DLC’s for PS3 then they will be getting the DLC’s for free. Which they should.

  • Somedude…

    You guys should boycott sex, till you get some.

  • BethesdaAnnJunk

    Damn, why didn’t they Boycott famous artists for not giving information, that’s what I want to know.

  • BethesdaAnnJunk

    People have problems, be patient. I mean the game will come out for PC, and maybe for PS4.

  • WhyPs3usersBeingBitches?

    You were lucky to get Oblivion, shouldn’t have ever been on PS3 in the first place. Elder Scrolls games were exclusive to Microsoft. Lets be quite honest, quite down.

    • WhyAbovecommenterBeingAsshole?

      You were lucky to get that one like, should have ever commented in the first place. Having lives must have been exclusive to everybody but you. Let’s be quite honest, quite down.

  • gansta gamer

    dont mess with rich fans petey boy. too late

  • gansta gamer

    im boucotting it, i pirated dawngurd and now im pirating hearthfire, i will be pirating all future bethesda titles aswell. this is the way to teach the trash developer bugthesda a major leason. i will put up multiple copys of skyrim and all future dlc and titles by bugthesda soon on multiple websites i am creating. bugthesda will soo n regret saying they hate us pc and ps3 gamers. there is also rumors someone put a hit out on todd howard and pete hines to be killed. oops did i do it? 20 thousand dallors per person.

    • Gangstahsgayman

      You can’t even spell boycott I don’t think they are too worried.

    • Yea buddy ok stop now people already don’t take you serious ” on multiple websites I’m creating too” and the other intelligent comment “oops did I do it? 20 grand a Person” nuff said

    • PS3 User

      Oh no, someone who doesn’t pay for their content is boycotting them. That must suck for them to have somebody stop pirating their stuff.

      • PS3 User

        Oh wait…………….

        Dude do you even know what boycott means? It doesn’t mean still play their stuff but do it illegally.

    • agrees

      I have to agree with this as bad as it sounds, I had every chance to get the same from non legal sources, but I did BUY the game because I said ” Finally they put some real work in to appeal to Elder scrolls fans”. Now I feel shafted that I bought this on PC. IMO this is a marketing strat.. Release the DLC on the console to get ppl to switch to console that is likely paying Bethesda to do this. IT WORKS is the simple fact and it SUCKS that the hardcore PC gamer gets left out. Just maybe time to get a hacked 360 for dirt cheap seeing you cant xbox live them and get all the xpacks/DLCs free. Bethesda, you have disappointed many of us, however remember that the best way to stop piracy is to give a superior product against the pirated versions. Delaying PC gamers is only provoking piracy with PC AND Xbox! You should deploy your DLCs /PS3 on all platforms to calm the rage and turn good consumers ( no matter how small amount) into pirates. If you make people wait a month 3 months while the content is already out. That’s a month to 3 months the unskilled consumer has to learn “how” they can get the game free.

  • sam

    lol xbox ftw

  • GetTrolled

    There’s no point in discussing this.
    -Show some patience
    -Realize its just a damn game
    -The idea of “boycotting” a non-tangible object so unimportant in the great span of life makes me laugh. GG

    • But you’re apart of the discussion of the discussion that has no point is being discussed. lol Also, it’s a game we paid for. I think I have the right to choose to not spend money on it anymore. As you said, it’s just a game. And there’s more important things in life for me to spend my money on. =)

      • Civility

        How is boycotting a different teams game, that happens to be through the same company going to help PS3 gamers? I understand now Bethesda will realize the error of their ways, and stop making Game of the Year quality games. It’s that tiny moment when you realize that your individual opinion will most likely amount to an absolute spec among the span of what happens. Bethesda will keep making games, keep winning awards, and the Play Station 3 gamers will do nothing, but realize the hole they have dug themselves into. If they really didn’t care about anyone than they would have simply said no release. I mean they will eventually be released, what massive company who has already paid to do it is not going to take the opportunity to make money?

        • PS3 User

          Because Bethesda gets money no matter who’s working on which game.

  • Raptok

    Really, you people are complaining about a 3 month delay? How about 1 and a 1/2 years.

    • robbo316

      How about NINE years? That’s what happened with Rig n Roll, it was announced in 2000, and then finally released in 2009!

    • ps3 user

      They said it might never come out though…
      so is it really 3 months?

  • As a pc user… Boycotting this and Boycotting the MMO. Bethesda games are a luxury I don’t need. If they want to ignore the PC users and refuse to announce whether or not this will be released on the PC I’ll ignore right back. =)

    • Im with you brother this is how we will stop these money hugry fucks from thinking there in command. I pay, its my hard earned money going into your pockets, its my support that keeps you afloat, and i will be the one you cater to and if you dont youll suffer. I am with you and all who are rebel seriously before we lose the one thing we truly have; choice.

    • The Titan

      Ignore pc users? Uhm excuse me, we ps3 users are still waiting for dawnguard, so what if it comes a week late, I’ve bee waiting for 3 months man

      • It’s the fact that they haven’t even announced whether or not Hearthfire is coming out for PC and/or PS3. And it took a month for them to announce whether or not Dawnguard was being released for the PS3 and/or PC. So yea, we’re all being ignored. And I reserve my right to boycott. Also, last I checked you can’t do a MMO game on a platform system. Ignoring the PC users and then planning to release a MMO to the PC only? Bad move. I will not pay 20-40 bucks a month to a company that’ll just ignore me anyway.

      • True that bro , we have been waiting for over 3 month , i dont know about you but to me i wont switch to xbox to play dawnguard i dont like xbox controller and red ring of dead PS3 far more superior and we Got GT5 Hell yeah and im not going to trade my GT5 for that shitty forza !

      • PS3&Anime

        Ya, it’s ridiculous the way we’re being treated by Bethesda, 3 months of waiting really sucks and now I have school so I can’t play games as much

    • rc

      (pc user here)
      Bethesda have no requirement to release anything for the PC. They have at no point said if anything will be released on it or the PS3 and as such there is no reason to be angry at them if they don’t.
      Your neighbour hasn’t told you that he will be giving you a new car tomorrow has he? No… so you won’t be mad at him if he doesn’t give you one… same thing, essentially.
      Basically… they are not ignoring us PC users, or PS3 users for that matter. They have a legal requirement to release the first 2 DLCs exclusively on the XBOX for a period of no less than one month. They have no way out of this.

      Granted, Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls series are historically PC focused, but as there is more money in console gaming, it is the obvious way for a big company to go. Most companies exist to make money, then to use that money to make better things which in turn will make more money. They saw that console games would make more money than exclusively PC ones, they were probably right.

      • fetteraga

        How I look at it. Imagine you have a line for a the Christmas toy of the year. Suddenly the manager comes out and requests all women older then 50 to come forward. They are allowed in first. Then 50+ men. Repeated for 40 then 30. Will the 30 year old woman(PC-gamer) get the toy (expansion), probably. Will the 20 yeat old male, maybe and will be waiting a long time unless the manager announces they are sold out. Mind you this is a bad example because the PS owner can’t point a gun at a PC owner and demand a release.

      • asd

        Unless of course they say that they’ll release it, then start getting problems and never release it…
        *hint hint*

  • Cereal


  • What’s the use for, when we got mods.