Samsung Galaxy S3 drives outstanding revenue

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 10, 2012

It seems like Samsung are on a roll with the Galaxy S3 and their revenue right now, which not only saw Samsung set new record profits during the last quarter, but it now seems they’re about to do the same for the third quarter. This has been largely helped by their flagship smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, and with the help of this device should see operating profits jump $300 million.

The previous record of $5.9 billion is thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, and now it seems the continued success of this smartphone and the fact that they’ve moved more than 20 million handsets in just over 3 months, should mean the third quarter will reach $6.2 billion.

Some analysts expected the Galaxy S3 sales to slow in this quarter, but the opposite has happened with Samsung also seeing the Galaxy S3 take the top spot from Apple for most smartphone sales in the United States. This had obviously been helped by the fact that a new iPhone is about to launch, and as such consumers tend to hold off buying a new device when it will soon be outdated.

The above financial predictions are thanks to a short post found here, and this article also points out that Samsung has really shifted to another level over the past 12 months, which is thanks to the operating profits being up 78 percent when compared to the previous year at the same period.

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Note 2, which is expected to be another major success story thanks to a surprising uptake with their original 5.3-inch Note, so with this device and the Galaxy S3 success, where will Samsung go next? It will be interesting to see if they can increase profits further with the release of a Galaxy S4 early next year.

If you already own Samsung’s Galaxy S3 you might be glad to know the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update could arrive within the next week, although it might also launch on the same day Apple reveal the iPhone 5. This alone would be a nice marketing trick by Samsung, if it does in fact happen.

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  • RJD

    TM time to get back in the ipen and receive your dose of ibrainwash. What a complete muppet. Sounds like the realism of crapple’s reign coming to an end is talking it’s toll on you haha.

  • Rubbish. There is clearly a difference between sales and revenues. If people can’t differentiate the two, then they should not be able to make comments. Samsung will be virtually giving away the Galaxy III in the coming months in the hopes of trying to convince consumers that they should be buying their product over Apple.

    • I will tell you what Samsung is doing. There are offering customers more choices and more innovative products unlike Crapple who flushes out a product every two years and leads you to believe it’s products are a marvel to behold. I pray Samsung drops the Note 2 and I hope Jelly Bean get dropped on the same day Crapple drops there stupid “ISore”!

    • sam is already biggest mobile selling in the world. so what are you talking about???? what a idiot.. have had sam for 2 years now and gues what its so much better than my old i-phone. it cost less its has better hardware and android is just so much better this days with no restrecitions like apple and what you are allowed to do. lots of cool rooms out there too. apple lost it the king of the hill long time a go which is why they try to sue them because they know they are making better products. and only in us in hometurf they managed to get some resukts. every where else they have so far lost. i-p 5 is to little to late with its 4″ screen . once you get a bigger screen you dont wanna go back to those small ones like on i-phone!