iPhone 5 features teased in event banners

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2012

Apple are known for producing suprises during their iPhone keynote events and everyone is excited to find out what iPhone 5 features will greet us when Tim Cook takes to the stage on September 12.

You probably haven’t realized it yet, but Apple may have already planted a brilliant surprise by way of their design choice for their event banners situated on the building of the Yerba Buena center where the event is being held. On first glance, it looks just like your bog standard contemporary art design, but there may be more than meets the eye if one rumor is to be believed.

Whispers have emerged that Apple has actually stretched out their iOS app icons, to create the event banners that you’ll see on the building. For example, you should now notice that part of the event banner colors are very similar to the color scheme used for the Game Center app.

The image you see here apparently suggests that the Game Center icon has been flipped and is joined next to the stretched out iTunes app icon and Music icon, just like on the current iPhone 4/4S layout at the moment. Could this be Apple’s way of teasing that the display screen is going to be ‘stretched’ vertically to allow more app space on the homescreen? Who knows.

If this turns out to be true though and that the Yerba Buena design is based off stretched iOS apps, you have to say that it was pretty cool thinking from Apple and very imaginative stuff. MacRumors has included a second image which teases some brand new applications as well which will inevitably take up space on the iOS 6 homescreen – what could they be perhaps?

Just for comparison sake, we’ve added another image below which gives you a look at the design choice for Apple’s WWDC 2012 event which was held at the Moscone Center for comparison purposes. As you can see, it is very bland and a stark contrast to what you see now if you head on down to the Yerba Buena center.

Do you see this as clever advertising by Apple, or just a pointless idea which doesn’t really capture your imagination? Either way, the iPhone 5 is just days away from an announcement and the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are going to have some serious competition. What device is going to take your money? Let us know your thoughts on this interesting building design.

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  • Migest

    My friend works in app development so obviously already has IOS6 on his iPhone. He said the word around work is that there are signs in the IOS6 set up that point towards a larger screen. They’re apparently making the screen longer to match the aspect ratio of wide screen films (no black bar at top and bottom when you watch in landscape).. He also said that there will be an extra row for app icons on the home screen.

  • greenlaser

    These are STREAMING icons, not stretching icons. This clue is for wireless streaming video! Stretching the screen does not stretch the icons, they stay the same only on a larger screen, no? Think STREAMING, not stretching.

  • After years of Blackberry usage, I am finally ready to switch… Make me proud on my first Apple purchase.

  • bobmutch

    I buy all Apples new phones, I don’t need to even think about this one. Currently I am using a HTC One X that is nice and the used price on the Samsung S3 is down to about $450 so I am working on picking one of those up also just to mess with. Apple seems to have the best cell hardware and Andorid seems to be the best OS.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Apple, Please don’t appease to popular consensus by calling it the iPhone 5! It will be the first iPhone name that will make absolutely no sense.

  • Nish2012

    The iphone 5 is on route!! Samsung need to dep fam