Samsung Galaxy S3 sorrow during success

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 9, 2012

The success seen with the Samsung Galaxy S3 has to be something the company can be proud of, even while Apple is attacking them for apparent copying, which saw the Galaxy S3 set a new record when it comes to smartphone sales. The figure for the first 100 days is pretty impressive, and saw the Galaxy S3 shift more than 20m devices. You can read about this figure in this article and also see in the comments that some people would never move to an iPhone thanks to the way iOS is controlled, which would even be the case if the iPhone had been given for free.

Samsung’s most successful Android phone will receive Android 4.1 Jelly bean at some point this month, and the Galaxy S3 has also seen a number of Jelly Bean leaks leading towards the release date, currently unknown but certainly within the next couple of weeks, which a few users gave a try thanks to some interesting custom ROMS.

Samsung Galaxy S3 sorrow during success – you can’t please everyone when you launch a new smartphone and it’s fair to say that some people do experience some major problems, which others manage to escape for a number of reasons. This had been seen with the battery life issues with iPhone 4S, and even while Apple confirmed it had been an issue, not every user had that problem.

We’ve heard from a number of Samsung Galaxy S3 owners that are suffering from battery life problems, Jelly Bean might fix their problems, and some Galaxy S3 users have even returned their handsets. The main issue is trying to enjoy the phones capabilities without losing too much battery life, and one user said “this phone can’t run for long with this kind a battery“, and others are a little more direct with comments like “the Galaxy S3 battery sucks“.

How is your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life, and overall are you happy with the smartphone? Others have reported numerous problems like screens cracking under little pressure, but we’d love to know what you think of the Galaxy S3 overall, especially considering it is the most successful Android handset to date.

Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 – this isn’t a comparison that could be classed as a fair fight, especially considering the 4S is last years phone, and we’d expect the iPhone 5 vs. the Galaxy S3 to be a better match. With that said it seems that the majority of blogs have run this comparison, including ourselves, so it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 5 stacks up against the S3 in the next few weeks after its specs are confirmed.

We have seen a number of users move from the iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S3 over the last year, and some have liked the differences while others cannot get on with Android when compared to iOS. One of our readers told how he parted with two 4S’s for the Galaxy S3, which resulted in much better battery life, so it seems that the S3 battery isn’t that bad for everyone. The screen size difference would be enough for some people to never want an iPhone, and making the next generation a little longer is still not enough.

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  • hamdinger

    My GS3 is amazing and I absolutely love it. Battery would last 16-18 hours with moderate to heavy use. After jellybean I’m down to 8-10 hours max… Wtf ??? I’ve changed nothing on the phone (not even one new app) and use it exactly the same way I did before the update last week. Any suggestions

  • gildon

    anyone having a problem with the charger of their samsung galaxy s3? before my charging time is only 4 hours but now im charging it almost 8 hours and still cannot reach 100% full battery. But my battery life is good. Please help.

  • Sam

    I’ve vastly improved battery life by using an app like timeriffic. It’s one of a number of apps that changes your settings automatically throughout the day. For example at 10pm on a weeknight it kicks into airline mode with the added bonus that I don’t get woken up by text messages or calls. At 7am the next morning the airline mode turns off. Over the night I use effectively 0% battery. I also have settings for during the day. Wifi and ring tone volume is turned off automatically when i walk out the door for work; ring tone turns back on at 5pm and wifi at 6pm when I get home. Settings can be overridden at anytime. Other apps use GPS to turn settings on and off however a) GPS itself drains battery and b) you have someone tracking your every movement so I don’t use those. By the end of the 2nd day I often have 30-40% left with light usage and even with moderate usage I still have juice left and this is with the screen on really bright!

  • Looking at all the comments about the S3 battery, I can see why Apple didn’t pack their iPhone 5 with so much tech; it drains battery down

  • anon

    Have had the S3 for 2 months and it has some problems. I don’t think it is the battery itself but software bugs causing it to use up the battery fast. During the first week, the auto-update got caught in a do-loop and drained my battery completely is 5 or 6 hours. Now it keeps wanting to reconnect to wi-fi over and over.

  • jb

    how does galaxy s 3 sleep when u sleep

  • garza83r

    My battery life is great but my wont charge past 60%

  • jacob

    Galaxy S3 battery will not last a whole day even on standby. It SUCKS! I’m returning the phone. Awesome phone but its useless when a full charged battery dies a few hours later. even if you dont use the phone, batt will die in one day. DONT BUY IT!

  • Goat

    Got my S3 a week after it’s release and it is the best phone I have ever had, battery life is good, screen is perfect, can’t wait for jelly bean update

  • s3 is amazing. battery is unreal. the hd screen is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the apple iphone 5 to see how it stacks up. Hope Apple does well though. I have to support my american company. But I am happy with my s3 and wont be tired of it for a while.

  • Dave B

    I got an s3 two days ago and I’m less then impressed with the battery life. I upgraded from a blackberry torch2/ 4G. The galaxy is am impressive phone no doubt,I can’t tell you how smooth the browsing is when it’s got service. I feel the torch had better signal strength which may be contributory to why I’m having battery trouble. Low signal supposedly makes the phone connect more frequently which uses more battery. But what ever the reason the framework or hardware its pretty much enough to make me want to return the phone. The blackberry had triple the battery life that this one does, and it’s 4G so if it’s in the same area why would it connect any more or less then any other smarter faster phone ? After all the S3 is supposed to be better then any smartphone out there. I’ve got a blackberry that kicks its a$$ in the battery department 🙁

    • Chris

      A BlackBerry will kick the a$$ of any smartphone in terms of battery… its what one would call a “basic” smartphone. Trust me, you will never see a battery life comparison between a blackberry and the GS3, just like you’ll never see a comparison of features. the GS3 is light years ahead of the torch in terms of features, screen size and capability. If you have an expectation of 2 or 3 days of battery life with any other smartphone other than blackberry, youre setting yourself up for failure. Use your charger, or by all means return the phone and go back to using the basic functions of your blackberry like checking email, because thats pretty much all its good for.

  • Tony 79

    I changed to the s3 after having a iphone 4s. It’s much better in that Samsung give you more freedom ie. Memory cards, removable battery and clearer screen. But apples appstore is better. And between the Two battery life is simliar, if you did not need to jailbreak iPhone’s for freedom I think I would be a fruit man.

  • jcwat

    Have had my GS3 since 7/22 from Verizon through Walmart, which had already been updated to 4.0.4 and therefore the issue of the OS misreading the battery level had been corrected. It’s an amazing phone, with tons of features , a great screen with amazing color saturation and contrast (i keep my screen at 40% all the time) and use Juice Defende and Power Saving mode too. Interestingly, it uses a slower rate of juice when being used than my previous phone so it has definitely been improved there, yet loses on standby /idle.
    It took me a while to figure out that the 4G toggling on and off (poor signal) was using data, but the U.S version doesn’t allow you to turn 4g off and some radios and data usage are still working , even if Data usage, Auto Sync for facebook and email and Wi-Fi are switched off.
    I ended up figuring out how to DISABLE un-used apps (especially the pesky auto update of the Back-up Asisstant app !!! I disabled all the that I safely could from the “All Apps” section of the Application Manager Menu and no live wallpaper.
    With these off , i lose about 4%-5% in 8 hours overnight, and the only way to keep battery at 100 % charge for 8 hours is to use Airplane mode which does turn all radios off. It’s a little disappointing that i have to tweak it so much and have to convert a Rolls Royce to a Ford in order to keep battery life at a decent level, but I’m keeping fingers crossed these issues may be cleared up with Jelly Bean update!

  • harley

    When ur phone speak to you when u Get a message it is stuck on driving mode which is easy to turn off……

  • Very worst battery life . I charged more than 3 times per day for my normal internet and games use

  • ricjy

    I just upgrade to the s3 for a few days, the battery is fine with me because I use the phone extensively, I love the phone in every corner, the screen is stunning and the powerful processor I never look back to an iPhone again.

  • galdre

    This is a little weird, but I just got a Galaxy S3, and the battery life is beyond anything I’ve ever used before — way beyond the S2 I just retired, and actually beyond any of the “dumbphones” I used to have. Currently it’s been 54 hours since the last charge (15% left). Before that it lasted 40 hours between charges, and that includes several long (30-80 minute) phone calls. I don’t know if it’s the new battery, the phone, the mod I’m running, or some combination of the three, but I’m stoked.

    • jacob


      • SGSlll

        @a4cf02cdae182abf6e35ae91234562df:disqus – you’re so noob..

  • G

    Love my new Galaxy, sooo much better than my I-phone. One problemi have is that i can turn off the voice that tells me who my text is from. I only want the message tone. Any ideas anyone please ? Thanks.

    • G

      Whoops meant that I can’t turn off the voice that tells me who my text is from. Only want to have the text tone. Can anyone tell me how to do this please ?

      • jcwat

        open notification bar and make sure “Driving Mode” is switched off (automatically reads new notifications if switched on)

        • thanks. I been having the same thing the past 2 days and couldnt figure out why.

    • i had the same problem and couldnt figure out why. Now i found out its the “driving mode” be careful when you pull the notification bar down. You can easily accidently press one of those options.

  • Joy

    it was the new s3 I got.

  • Joy

    The battery life is crap.. I charged my battery only yesterday and the battery is already down to one bar… What am I doing wrong? i only got the the phone two days ago, apart from that it’s fab so far, sleek, so many gadgets, and I love the look of it.

    • Adam Koueider

      Try udating your software

  • iphone luver

    I’ve had an iPhone for about 4 years and got conevinced into buying the s3. The only other biggest mistake I’ve made was marriage. Battery life? What life? How about physically having to go into settings to brighten my browser every time I open it. Or if the phone grits a couple of text msg’s at the same time it gets an automatic update it first locks up then shuts down. When you open text msg’s all t he phone numbers are there and slowly the names appear.the autocorrect makes me wanna smash the phone. It is by far the worst phone and largest elephant turd i’ve ever seen. Just typing this I lost 12% of battery….WTF!

    • killyourself

      This was obviously typed on an iPhone…

    • sebastian

      You need a Nokia 3310 !

    • You got a defective phone there my friend. lol

    • apples gay

      Your a joke and a gay apple user

  • sunny

    I used I phone for three years but recently I bought galaxy s3 . For me it’s impressive handset . It got lot of things which are much better than an I phone .
    It’s bettery life is really good . I don’t have carry charger with me when I stay away for long hours .
    Bigger screen and fast speed internet . Give you much better browsing and downloading experience .
    It’s speakers are really good also camera .

    • jacob

      you lie about the batt life. IT SUCKS!!!!!

  • Daz

    It’s sold 20 million devices…not 100 million devices!!

  • thealiendad

    I just recently changed from an iPhone 4 to the GS3 and it would be very hard to go back. There are some software tweaks that could improve android, e.g. Auto gps switch on/off by satnav program and magnifying bubble when selecting text. But in the main, the flexibility of screens especially widgets is leaving the iPhone standing. Finally although the image is small the picture in picture is brilliant!

  • Danny Dodge

    Yeah battery isn’t what it could be and send to be due to the”cell” when I own the battery settings, constantly draining even when locked. Despite this it doesn’t have a terrible battery life just not as good as it should be.

  • Arturothechurro

    I recently purchased my device, and have enjoyed every moment with it. although, the battery life on my phone is not great. I can go maybe 3/4 of the day without charging, but I believe that it is using far too much battery in standby mode. also, if I leave my phone fully charged and unplugged overnight– about 8 hours– I have lost up to 60% battery life. Is anyone else facing this issue?

    • bhatti mandeep

      install foxhound rom 1.4.4 battery discharge will be 1% per hour

      • I thankfully don’t have those issues, well If I remember well I none :P. My battery life from day 1 fully charged, lasted 1day and 16 hours before getting to 20 % left, and I used a lot of Internet researches and even sometimes forgot to turn off the 4G.

      • arturothechurro

        My phone is unrooted, and I don’t trust myself to root it

        • jcwat

          Have you tried shutting phone down , pulling battery out from the back, leaving it for 60 seconds and replacing it, then restarting the phone? that may reboot the OS and may help, also consider installing Juice Defender app set to aggressive, using power saving mode in notification bar, and making sure auto sync for facebook is off and auto seeking for wi-fi is off too. Hope that helps !

        • arturothechurro

          I did try the battery thing, but I will do everything else that you suggested. thank you

    • Adam Koueider

      nOT ME I hAVE great batterylife on mine (Do you have international or US) i get around 1.5 to 2 days battery life easy. If you are running a carrier ROM than that might be your problem. Try updating OTA then if none sometimes its available on Kies. Possibly a glitch in update0

      • arturothechurro

        I’m using an unrooted US one. What is this OTA thing?

        • Adam Koueider

          There are two forms of updating. Original way. Kies and Over the air which is basically fancy talk for on your phone. (accessed in settings about device) OTA is better since you don’t need to plug in but it can easily be effected by factors such as location IP adress etc. For example me and a friend have International version he got a update OTA i had to use kies to get the update. Like i said software is a pain in the ass (the reason why I stick to hardware lol im lazy 😉 where one mistake in the code can reduce battery cause lag close and open apps etc. Usually the software gurus get it right but there are cases where they dont. (aka the S2 first firmware batch for Icecream sandwich) Try updating and if there is a new version download if not could be software issue and you will just have to stick it out for your carrier to fix it. GOOD LUCK 🙂

    • Nick McMasters

      My S3 will drain from 100% to nearly 0 overnight (8 hours) if I don’t have it in airplane mode.