iPhone 5 collides with Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 9, 2012

The signs towards the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update launching are growing on a daily basis, and today we are hearing that the Android 4.1 update could rollout for Galaxy S3 within the next 7 days, which creates a really interesting possibility considering what else is happening in the same timeframe. The best day for Samsung to release Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean would be on the same day Apple reveal the iPhone 5, which would at least take some shine off the event.

It is fair to say that most Apple fans won’t want an Android device, and if they’ve owned a number of iPhones then these users could be committed after all the money spent on iOS apps and other services. There are of course a massive number of people considering iPhone 5 and comparing it to the biggest Android smartphones, which includes Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Note 2, so it’s these people that could have some focus redirected to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update rather the new iPhone 5 event.

Problems with Samsung Galaxy S3 battery and Jelly Bean – it is easy to see that there are mixed reactions to the news of battery issues with Galaxy S3, and this article shows a number of users having issues while others couldn’t be more happy with the juice offered with the Galaxy S3. The fact is there are a massive number of users wanting better battery, and the Jelly Bean leaks show that improvements have been made with the Samsung Galaxy S3 once this new software is installed.

If you own a Galaxy S3 and could be considering a new iPhone 5 thanks to issues you have with the Android handset, our advice is to wait until you’ve tested Jelly Bean first. This line of thought couldn’t feel crazier for those users that find the Galaxy S3 the best smartphone they’ve ever owned.

Do you think Samsung will release the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update on the same day Apple reveal the iPhone 5? If the new Android software comes to Samsung’s flagship phone within the next 7 days, like most technology blogs believe, then what better day to do it than on the same day the iPhone 5 is revealed. While we’re not sure what that could do to Apple, it has to be the best day within the next week for Samsung. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • GrandTheftUsername

    Everyone arguing is a fool in the eyes of normal people. Why? Because normal people have a smartphone for only a few reasons. Call, text, use internet. Doesn’t matter what phone you use, both android and iphone deserve respect. If you were in charge of either of these companies then I would understand why you reserve the right to argue on which is better. God damn. Just choose a phone and live in peace with your fellow human.

  • Josh

    Ok, what can iphone do that S3 Can’t do.. & there are things what gs3 can do & iphone cant. Its about thephone & what it can do.

  • Methesda

    I have owned a Nexus for a long time, and my brother in law has the S3. I also chose an iPad 2.
    In my opnion, whilst there is a lot of content on both Play, and the App Store, I’ve generally found the App Store to have better quality apps, where as the base OS of Android is far better.
    As with my desktop PC, it has comes down to the apps. Although Linux is a better Operating System, for the Applications I want, Windows is better. Same here: I’m really thinking of shifting to iPhone, based on my positive experiences with App Store apps, versus Android Apps.

  • Oranos

    I have been an Apple geek since as long as i can remember. My first real computer was a Mac 512KE. With that being said, yes I owned the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4 and I have an iPad 2 as well as both a Mac book pro and an Asus laptop. Now just last month, my fiance needed a new phone and we got her the S3. with in 24 hours I got one too. I like the GS3 much better, and even if the iPhone 5 is as amazing as it might be, I will keep the GS3 and may even get the Note 2 when it is released. As far as the number of apps out who the hell cares, quality and price matters. and in the apps i use and have purchased, Google Play is about 50% cheaper per app if not more for the ones that I use. The only thing I dont like on the Android phone is I have to wait for the Manufacturer to get the update out for each phone. But this by far is no way a down fall in my opinion. Apple has a lower market share because they refuse to sell their iOS to anyone, making it the only producer. Its all down to personal opinion. and In mine i choose the GS3.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the best…!!! Gonna get one…

  • Patrick Schmitt

    I’m not gonna use harsh language with reference to each developper – neither to Apple nor Google…coz I think both developers are doing a great job and it is almost incredible what you can do with your phones nowadays. I haven’t been an owner of a smartphone until recently but I’ve been watching the great pesentations and specs of smartphones for years and I can honestly say that until last year I had a great desire to own an iPhone 4. It has a beautiful design not many phones can compete with.Then the Galaxy s2 came out. I wasn’t crazy about the way it looked but even to someone without all the insights it must have been obvious that the hardware specs beat the iPhone and that was the first time I considered getting an android phone instead, even though I still wanted the iPhone. Then the girl I was with at the time got the iPhone 4 and I tried it. The iOs is really beautiful and neat and that’s a great plus in terms of appearance and design but I found myself having troubles using it. I didn’t find it as intuitive as I would have wished for and I didn’t get along with the keyboard at all and I assign that to the size of the device. Also considering it’s size ans shape I have to say it’s not very ergonomic and when u browse the web you usually have to zoom in or rotate your phone but either way you always have to keep swiping coz you never see the whole screen or at least a part big enough to read things in a comfortable manner….and considering that it’s one of the main advantages of any smartphone that u can access the internet any time it’s really a turn-off.

    With that said I was eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 but after weeks and months of anticipation they only brought out the iPhone 4S and even though some of the specs had been improved it kept many of the disadvantages that bugged me and if it hadn’t been for Siri they hadn’t even been able to come up with interesting ads or a good marketing strategy…and seeing Siri in action on youtube or in stores confirmed my suspicion that its just something to play with but what will most likely not guarantee fun for years. Yes, occasionally it would become useful and find the correct answer to questions which are important to you without you having to type but then again more often than not it doesn’t know the answer, doesn’t understand you or can’t access information about services in your country which makes it pretty redundant. What bugged me most about Apple’s presentation is the fact that they made it look as though they invented voice recognition even though Siri-like apps had been out on android and other platforms before Apple bought the company which gave them the basis to start developing Siri. And when I started thinking about it it wasn’t the first time they reinvented the wheel and presented it as their own. I mean every company spies on the others and take over technologies but they don’t make such a fuzz about it…and it’s the fuzz that triggers off wars of oppinions between iOS and android users. Sure, at the time of its release Siri was the most advanced assistant on the market…but here “on the market” has to be stressed because Apple was simply the first of the large companies to dare bring out an incomplete product – a beta version – and make it the main new invention of their phone. Doesn’t mean Google was asleep meanwhile. They have been working on a product like that for ages and internally they may have been using it long before Apple started working on Siri. This is being reflected in the capabilities of Google Now on Jelly Bean, coz this assistant is really impressive and can even give you results to vague inquiries and that is nothing a company can develop in only one year of time. In a way Apple only forced Google to bring out their beta of an assistant which is actually more advanced and less of a toy. It may not give you funny answers to funny questions but it does what it is asked to do within the limits of its beta stage. So Siri didn’t convince me and the rest of the iPhone 4S a complete disappointment to me since it could compete with but not beat the specs of the Galaxy S2 which had come out much earlier and which had the advantages of a lager screen.

    So after getting more interested in android phones I still didn’t like the way the OS looked but of course I soon found out about ways to change its appearance and about launchers which would even enable you to get the look of an iOS on your Android phone if that’s what you wanted plus many other useful things. But I still didn’t get any android phone nor any other smartphone. The iPhone 4S was a disappointment, the Galaxy S2 which seemed to be the best phone on the market didn’t look that pretty and I also wasn’t ready to invest that much into a smartphone of which I wasn’t even sure that I really needed it. When the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out though I knew what I’d get, if I was going to get a smartphone overall. Here you could see a development in the specs and in the things that weren’t so great about its predecessor. They’ve given thought to it and it is a beautiful phone. It has a design that is almost at the same level as the iPhone with the advantage of bein ergonomic and of coming with a great large display which is sensitive to touches just the right way (perfect for typing even for my clumsy fingers – I’ve never been able to write that fast, not even on a laptop or desktop PC) and where you can read pretty much everything easily without swiping your fingers sore. One may argue that it’s too large. I’d say it’s on the verge of being too large. Sometimes you would touch something by accident coz of the way you have to hold and I think that girls who usually have smaller hands may have big issues with that. But for me it’s ok and bearable.I can control the phone one handed, even though it is designed to be controlled with two hands most of the time I’d say, but as long as you can control it single-handed it’s still alright. And I think that’s pretty much the only arguable thing about this device and yet it’s still better for a smartphone in my view than a little screen. Now I definitely wouldn’t go for the Note 2 which you could use as a phone but which is just too large and could never really be used single handed. But then again that depends on everyone’s personal preference coz I have a friend who wants a phone that big and who is eagerly waiting for the Note 2.

    I’m sure Apple will pull out something out of the hat that will surprise us all coz we may not know about it too much and that they will claim it to be their invention although other developers have been working on it or brought it on the market already and it will be a great show and maybe I too will like it and wish for other phones to have it but overall I don’t think that there are too many technical possibilities as far as the hardware is concerned to make them give the iPhone 5 a better performance than the Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X. Apple buys components from third parties just like most of the other companies and the two android phones mentioned are already stacked with pretty much the best a phone can have.

    I can’t say I’m a huge fan of iOS or Android. I don’t care that much about the label as long as I get a quality phone I can use for years to come without giving me the feeling that what I hold in my hand is starting to suck after a year or two (even though it will be aged and even though there will be much better technologies out by that time). Android has simply the advantage of being really open. There are not as many restrictions for example as far as a trivial thing such as bluetooth is concerned. I want to be able to use bluetooth with any device and as many devices as I want coz that’s my preferred way of transferring single files or just small amounts of files. Sure I could jailbreak an iPhone but why the extra step? If you pay as much money as you do for the iPhone everything should be included. They shouldn’t make you do things such as jailbreaks and threaten you that you will lose your warranty if you do. I don’t like that approach. Android implements and syncronizes well with other devices. Everything seems smoth, easy and intuitive. Sure, I’m not crazy about the design but I can change that to whatever I want and I can do that 10 times a day if I had nothing better to do. And that’s how I really started to like Android phones and how I started having a slight preference for them over the iPhone. As a result I got the SG3 and I really love it, it’s ergonomic, it’s light, comes with an optimum screen size, it’s a high quality product, it’s powerful, has a great performance, it’s beautiful, can be charged via USB without any adapters, does all I need and want – and I can remove and replace the battery, the microSD card (=unlimited memory) and the SIM card, without breaking it open and without visiting an authorized service center. Also I can take the microSD card, place it in an SDcard adapter and stick that into the SDcard slot of my ultrabook and copy huge amounts of files in no time. The technical possibilities for microSD card producers of the type supported by the Galaxy S3 go up to 2TB. Now I’ll never need that much space on one SD card and that might actually slow down some processes…but I’m just saying that to give you an impression of the flexibility of this phone which again is something I would never get with Apple – which is a pity, if you consider that Appleis a great developer of smartphones and other devices.

    Another good thing about Android is, that even though my phone will be outdated in a year or two the Android community and their developpers will find ways to provide me with updates the manufacturer itself will no longer support or provide. That will make at least slow down the process of getting outdated. Anyway…I am now eagerly awaiting the official release of JellyBean for my phone to be able to make even more of it and I’m very happy. And if Apple should come with a great software idea, it will be good for everyone coz then Google would have to counter with something even greater. It’s always like that and it also works the other way around. That’s how competition works

  • Rob

    There are no problems with Gs3 battery. I am pretty sure that most causes of battery drain is down to some people not closing applications properly, so lots of crap running in the background.They are probably ex Iphone users who would find that closing apps and clearing ram too technically challenging.

  • soleniwest

    What battery issue?
    SGS3 is really good, haven’t tried a phone thats better.

  • Alex Forol

    This is true iphone will come out old already ,all these features already exist with Android and getting updated everyday,iPhone5 will be the same iphone 4s with a bigger screen

  • tej

    i own an s3.
    good phone.
    hope this update improves battery life.

    and wats this iphone by the way!!!!!

  • oh

    Why not support the american company which is APPLE over the south korean company Samsung? We dont want USA to go in a recession because apple is not doing good

  • tooeezee

    If i want an iPhone I can just get me a iPod touch and run wifi on it from my galaxy s 3 and have an Ipod iPhone. Lol.

  • tooeezee

    Sgs3 is the best and will be the bestes when jelly bean comes out to make iPhone lovers switch over. I had all the iPhones. They suck. Over priced simple so called smart phone. I can do way more with Android. Jelly bean is gonna hurt ios 6. Sorry 🙁

  • bob stanski

    Apple lemmings take a step back open your eyes and unplug yourselves from the matrix. Apple sells you “new” products that are already old when they come out. Iphone 4 owners.. YOU GUYS NEVER HAD ABILITY TO GET 4G SPEEDS!! NO NFC!! while everyone else had 4g you have to buy a new device lol. Maybe still no nfc. No expandability on storage. Those expensive accessories forget about it. YApple is lubing your behinds with a new connector lol

  • ijcook24

    What it comes down to. Is what it was like back in the day when mac computers and pc computers were the talk which is better. I think it is a user and what you need out of a phone. I have th galaxy 3 and have had every android software they have released. I love android. My wife has iPhone 4 after having android for years also. She likes it but at times misses andorid. So the point to say which is better is dumb cause in this day in age the newest will always try to be better. Look at every thing we purchase cars, tv, game systems, homes, appliances, etc… we will never have the best cause the best is being made even after the newest is released.

  • Data Renegade

    Love my SGS3 and I am waiting on Jelly Bean…But I would gladly wait however long I needed to for it to be released on the same day as the new iPhone just so Samsung can stick it up Apples a$$.

  • I think it’s fairly obvious to an unbiased party that Android is vastly superior to iOS. The fact that Android controls nearly 70% of the market is proof of that. I had every iPhone up till the iPhone 4 and although they were nice and everything, they will never be as great as an Android… period. I now have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and almost everyday I find new things that it’s capable of doing, it’s unbelievable. no need to jailbreak it, root it, or any other crap like on an iPhone, it just does it. That being said, my mother is about to be in the market for a new phone because her upgrade is approaching, I recommended that she get the iPhone. Why the iPhone? Because she is a tech dummy, iOS will suit her because it is simple. So, in conclusion… Android for people who know what a modern phone truly should be able to do… Apple for people you can’t figure out how to use a real piece of technology.

    • dangolds

      That market share comp is not “apples to apples”, however, because both platforms run different business models when it comes to smart phone sales. Many OEM carriers sell multiple versions of Android phones every year. Apple releases one version of its device every year. If market share in smart phones was the end all be all, I’m sure Apple would make a point of releasing more than one phone every 12 months. Besides, if you’re really going to compare software market share (Android vs. iOS), you need to consider the tablet market along with Mac computers, Apple TVs and iPods. All of those are part of the same ecosystem and run iOS or its desktop equivalent. To ignore the impact of the iPad when comparing the market share percentages of iOS vs. Android is a pretty big omission. I’m sure Android still will lead in market share even after factoring in these devices, but it will be a lot closer to 50/50 than the splits you’re seeing on just the phone side alone.
      Having said all that, market share in and of itself does not automatically imply product superiority. If that’s the case, then you must think that the iPad is better than every Android tablet or that Chrysler makes better cars than BMW.

  • This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. An opinion on one phone vs another phone is just that, an OPINION. I think a lot of people forget that. My husband got a 3GS when they came out and I was jealous. I had a different carrier and couldn’t have it, and it was a neat phone at that time. I got my first Android phone and was done being jealous. Granted, it was a horrible crappy phone, but Android being so customizable out of the box was so amazing to me when he’d been going on and on about what he could do with his “jailbroken” iphone. When it came time for my upgrade, being with Sprint, the best phone available was really probably the first HTC Evo, I had been so pumped about getting it…but then I saw a friend’s Galaxy S phone…the screen alone was so beautiful, I decided to get the Epic 4G. It was heavier than my friend’s phone, pretty bulky with the physical keyboard I never used, so when the S2 came out I was beyond thrilled. I was already an Android fangirl and at that moment I became a Galaxy S fangirl and will gladly admit it. I have two ipod touches, and I love them both dearly, and I still play games and use them for music, but I would never ever want an iphone because for ME personally, it feels like a glorified ipod touch. I would MUCH rather have a fully customizable out of the box phone that is beautiful and fast enough to never give me any issues no matter what I’m doing than have to be locked into how Apple feels your home screen should be laid out. To me the iphone is so incredibly popular because it’s a dummy proof “smartphone”. I have friends and family members who wouldn’t know what to do with an Android phone who can use the iphone with complete ease. That’s why it’s so popular (IMHO), because any basic technology user can easily get the hang of how it works. I’m not hating, I’m not going to say “OMG IPHONE SUCKZZZZZZ GS3 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!11111111” (although to be completely honest, that’s how I feel most of the time), but what phone is right for you is REALLY a matter of OPINION, and what you need out of your phone….so there really is no right or wrong ‘which one is better?!’ answer. 😉

    Just my two cents. By the way, reading these comments has been way more amusing than it probably should have been. So many people are witty, funny, and have amazing points…on both sides. 😉 And that’s coming from an admitted Android/Galaxy S fangirl. 😉

  • Samsons

    Iphone sucks,,, an out dated & so simple even a cave man can do it. Samsung Galaxy and Notes are more sophisticated phones………….

  • ChristieNooks

    There’s literally no one out there who has a Galaxy S3 who has any interest in downgrading to an iphone 5.

    • dangolds

      I know of one person – me. Having used both the Android and iOS platform, I have to say that most of you guys way over-analyzing things. Here’s the experience of the Galaxy S3 in a nutshell – fast phone, beautiful screen, plenty of apps, good battery life, great for multimedia, mediocre phone radio, too big to consistently use with one hand, excellent device overall. Most or all of these descriptions will likely apply to the iPhone 5 when it comes out as well aside from the size.
      All of you guys who are hung up on specs like NFC, please note that NFC right now is about as useful as 4G was 2 years ago. It’s nice to brag about that your phone has it (and it certainly works on my GS3 without a hitch), but most consumers are going to do very little with it on a regular basis until the whole Google Wallet vs. the Consortium of Carriers issue is resolved. And while it’s true that the iPhone didn’t have LTE on it last year, it likely didn’t matter to the average consumer because Verizon was only around 50% completed with its LTE deployment for the bulk of 2011 while AT&T and Sprint were very early on in their respective build-out processes.
      Apple delays implementing certain features on their phones until they feel they can be marketed and used to drive sales in a big way with the mass consumers. We are all aware of this, and clearly if having NFC now is important to you than you should not buy the iPhone.
      But in terms of all the other stuff, I’m not sure what the big fuss is about unless you’re actively looking to root and customize the software that’s built into your phone. Obviously Android provides that freedom while Apple does not, but to me that has nothing to do with the quality of the devices being sold. If you’re looking to buy a device and use the software that came installed on it in a “I don’t want to void my warranty” kind of way, the new iPhone looks really good (based on the rumored features and past iterations) and so does the GS3. You likely can’t go wrong with either and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably biased towards Apple or Android.

      • ralph

        funny you mention nothing about iphone despite claiming you have hands on with both platforms. I have an S3 and availability to iphone 4s….no comparison really. There are plenty of other stock features on android that are miles ahead of IOS and are being touted as “innovative” features on the catchup ios6 release acting like Apple invented it.

  • Was going to leave a constructive comment but all the fanboys arguing in bad grammar are just annoying.
    I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 and don’t think I’ll be replacing it soon.
    I’ve used plenty of android phones and don’t really like the OS, its just not as smooth and intuitive and I don’t think that the iPhone 5 will be that much of a departure from the 4 that I’ll spend another £500.
    I guess we shall see.

  • Greg

    As a PR professional, I wouldn’t be surprised if JB is released Tuesday so the news gets out AHEAD of the iPhone 5 roll-out and the wire stories, postings and reviews actually start hitting the pavement–full bloom–as iPhone launches.

  • Real talk

    Nokia 3210 is the best phone ever made. Beats iphone and galaxys. Simple

  • Samsung GAlaxy s3

    I had the first, 3g,4 and 4s iphones, now i switched to galaxy s 3, it is the the worst choice i ever did. Samsung can make good microwaves, fridges, and Tvs, but not phones, Apples iphone is far away any other smartphone

  • i like how people are comparing a new sgs3 to a year old iphone haha.

  • jeremy

    i don’t have a smartphone yet. im finally going to get one i decided it time lol better late then never.. i have played around with the the iphone 4. and i have played with the s3. i like the way the iphone works, as well as the android. i dont have any apple products at all i never liked apple i only pc, i hated using mac in schools. but i do like the iphone. i ask people what phone they like. and of course you have people that like certain things about one and other things about the other. right now i can say that the s3 is the best phone on the market its the newest phone right now. i seen rumors like most of people have about the iphone 5. i dont know if it will be better or same or worst then the s3. i can say it will be better then 4s. apple will for sure have atleast one surprise up the sleeves. i going to wait to see which one will be better. right now i prefer iphone atleast the fourth one. i do like the screen size for the s3. the note is to big imo. i so we will see. i do like how they try to one do each other. thats what make it interesting

  • Maxy

    Had the 4S and the S3 and the S3 is head and shoulders above the 4s. First and foremost as what it actually is.. A PHONE! The quality of the S3 is 100x better. The minute I decided to get rid of my 4S was when I realized the reason I was dropping 45% of my calls was because I was left handed… Seriously? I have to hold my phone a certain way because Apple’s design flaw? The Apps on the Iphone were okay but nothing spectacular and the fact you can’t really do much of anything to customize an Iphone makes it completely pointless imo. Apple just doesn’t compare in being a user friendly phone

  • DIEN pham


    • i dont know who shoved an apple up your ass to make you hate it so much, i mean i dont like apple either but you need to calm down my friend before you make your head explode

  • Rockstone

    Hey guys I own a iphone and always will be iphones. i am sure Samsung is good but all these guys were copies. No one came closer before an iphone so this was the original. I can understand why other guys like Samsung and thats good I will have less competition in getting the new iphone. Don’t throw insults to each other both phone are ok.

  • sgs3 i amazing. had iphone for 3 years, and moves to android with the samsng phone.


  • Yassar

    This article is stupid… Like Galaxy s3 users would change from android to ios simply cos of the battery, I think they’d just get an extended battery or a spare battery OR get a Motorola Razr Maxx with its ernormous battery

  • meera

    I am new to the phone world and i am looking for a new phone. It has come between android and apple , i have never own a android device but i really like the samsung galaxy note even though its a bit out of budget { 200-$300 1 yr contract att} but i am more familier with apple because i have some of their products and i have family members who have the iphone . I can’t wait until the iphone 5 comes out because i will be able to compare the 2. Does anyone have any suggestions on what phone i should get keeping budget in mind?


    Man im watching movies on my tv wirelessly straight from my phone. Iphone doesnt do that.
    I hooked every usb device with the usb on the go and its amazing all the devices that work with the s3. Iphone cant compete. S beam is nice I transfer movies n pics to my wifes phone by just tapping them. Iphone cant do that. I unlock my phone by looking at it and it recognizes my face. Iphone cant do that. Hey I can go all day. Bottom line is s3 will probably be better than i5 when we get jellybean and google now. Iphone will probably try to get google now because siri is a pos.


      Oh and let me just say that I held a iphone4s the other day and it just felt like I was holding a heavy camera with a little screen. Pos

  • Gs3

    He only says stay away fron gs3 bc hes to used to being dumbed down by iphones SIMPLE BASIC anyone can do it “smartphone” its a chick phone your grandma prolly owns one. In fact Geico needs a new tv ad. Iphone so simple even a cave man can do it

    • SamsungFTW

      But if Apple came out with an ad like that, they would sue Geico, and then claim to have “invented” it.

  • steve

    I’ve owned iPhone and Samsung phones And the s3 is far better than anything Apple has ever put out faster smoother can’t wait for jelly bean.

  • Dan Boulter

    The newest phone between these rivals will always be the best, the S3 is the best phone out there now, and i believe, that when released, the iPhone 5 will be better. As soon as Samsung bring out their next one, the i5 will look terrible in comparison. I do not fanboy over either, i like ios, and i like android, looks like i am the only one.

    • SamsungFTW

      I beleive there is some truth to that. There is usually a correlation between how new technology is and how many good features it is able to implement. However, if you are following the rumor mill, you will know that (based entirely on rumors) the iPhone 5 doesn’t seem to be all that revolutionary. Now, it is entirely possible that they could pull something amazing out of the hat at the last moment, as Apple is known for keeping a pretty tight lid on their secrets. But if that doesn’t happen, I would expect a bit of disappointment from all the Apple customers who have been waiting patiently. Here is what we know so far:

      Longer (but not wider) screen. The only reason that makes sense to me to extend the screen in only one direction would be to keep the width uniform so as not to push existing accessories into obsolescence. However…
      New, smaller connector. Which, despite its benefits, would negate the argument presented in the aforementioned feature. It is expected to come with an adaptor, but I am not sure how that would work with docks.
      Still no removable storage or removable battery.
      Metal backing.
      Unlikely to have NFC.
      iOS 6
      Faster processor <— In my opinion, the only hardware improvement
      Passbook, which allows the user to use things like plane tickets or movie tickets in the same way as funds in a digital waller. <— In my opinion, the only software improvement.

      Of course, this is all speculation. We will just have to wait and see.

    • dangolds

      For what it’s worth, I’m with you and like both platforms. To the poster who responded to your comment below, I think it’s worth mentioning that both devices are running out of runway to radically change from iteration to iteration. Part of the problem (and it’s a good problem to have) is that these phones are now so well built, so smooth, so fast, etc that you get the feeling that people are looking for change simply for the sake of change rather than anything that is mission critical from a functionality or design perspective. I mean seriously…….how much better can these phones get aside from eventually transitioning to 1080p screens and putting in faster processeors every year? I think part of the problem is that Apple got to this point of excellence a little earlier in the game than Android did, but now that their top end devices are both at that point, I’m not really sure there’s anything to get fired up about each time a new iteration is released.

  • woody

    Galaxy s 3 all the way i phone crap look at the s 3 with jelly bean when it lands before you give it up for a crap i phone 5 I think it will answer which phone you want

  • Phorminator

    There are pros and cons for each handset and OS on the market. There’s no point endlessly arguing nonsense about which is better. Different phones suit different people in different ways. The best phone for any individual is the one which suits their needs.

    I have an iPhone 3GS, it’s really dated now, and I could have upgraded ages ago, but I’m waiting for the iPhone 5. One of my friends has the Galaxy SIII and it is a nice piece of kit, have to confess it doesn’t really excite me, but on a technical basis alone it is very good. My brother just got an HTC One X and I think that is the nicest Android-based phone that I’ve used. Really good build quality and a lovely phone to use.

    • bill

      that was a nonsense comment, congratulations.

  • im tired of this android and apple blah blah blah, i used to respect apple, but now i dont. i have an android and i dont like it. i preferred my outdated blackberry bold over these two platforms, one complains too much the other delivers copies. im just going to chill till the bb10 arrives.

  • Yamen

    The galaxy s3 is the best device I have ever owned and the having the iPhone’s on hand for two years. I truly believe now that iPhone’s are just a corporate scam that people own just to make money off of you and so simply stupid you world have to be a complete moron to use it. I after having the s3 its official. I am a android user and probably going to stay that way. The s3 has all the features you need plus all kinds of voice commands and s voice. You would have to be an apple moron not to get one. Trust me I work for these carriers. I every wonder why all the representatives carry android phones? I now I know why and now that jelly bean is coming I can’t wait to see the improvement.

  • Lk

    I have sold my iphone 4 recently and i am thinking of getting iphone 5 but after seeing and playing with an S3 im now torn between them. What do i do? Arghhhh

    • Carlos

      You may as well wait until the iPhone 5 is laucnhed and then compare them back to back. I reckon you will have a good idea which one to get once you’ve done that.

  • Frederik

    This is all my opinion based on my own experiences of both phones. Flame away.

    I had an iPhone 4 and now I have a Galaxy S3. The S3 is rubbish. The battery is woeful and only just about lasts a day with frugal use. The iPhone was used tons more and the battery would last me a day and a half, which meant I could charge it up in the evening. I’ve had to buy a battery pack for the SGS3 to make it last a day.

    The S3 feels flimsy in my hand. Sure the screen is epic and the phone is faster than my iPhone 4 (but then it has a newer uprated processor, so this is like comparing apples nd Buicks).

    Android is flaky as all hell. Apps just keep force closing on me and I usually have to trawl the hundreds of similar apps on the app store in order to find the one app that doesn’t flake out on me. Time consuming and bothersome.

    Against Apple though is that when iOS goes wrong, you are absolutely stuffed until Apple release a newer version, and they will NOT be rushed in any way shape or form.

    I will be getting an iPhone 5 when it comes out. Pretty much on day one, just to get rid of the S3. It’s a shame as I REALLY wanted to like the S3 too but whilst the phone itself is awesome, the sum of all the minor niggles I have with the phone and OS outweigh the awesomeness of it.

    • JYA

      Completely different experience than myself. I’ve had every iPhone from the beginning, jail breaking each one to enjoy even the most modest of customization. Unfortunately the jail breaking also caused the iPhone to be less stable than normal, with lots of lockups and occasionally totally bricked, requiring me to start over.

      Through it all I endured the stability issues and 6 month waits for a working jailbreak because it was the best smartphone available in my estimation. With the advent of the SGS3, that was no longer true and I gladly jumped ship to a company that doesn’t mind if I personalize my own equipment. And I have to tell you that I’m a very happy Android owner.

      There was always talk about the next iPhone killer, but until SGS3 no one delivered.

      The funny thing to me is that no one mentions how much better a phone the SGS3 is, that’s kind of key isn’t it?

  • I owned an I phone since the first release and after many attempts at leaving I would always return. That was until the s3 came along and it is far better then apple could ever be able

  • gman13

    The galaxy s3 is the biggest pile of shite ive ever owned.. i cant wait to get the iphone 5. What a mistake it was selling my iphone 4 to get the so called ‘best’ phone on the market. Stay away from the s3.. its a piss poor attempt at copying the iphone.. light years behind getting anywhere near half as good as the most basic of iphones. U have been warned..!!!

    • Loltheguyabovemeisstupid

      You’re the biggest piece of shite on the Internet. L2life noob

    • Charles Coughlan

      Has to be a frustrated iphone user, S3, best phone ever

    • Stubbycat


    • Bunjiquo

      Trolling is a art.

    • SamsungFTW

      LOL! Sorry, I was eating cereal and literally shot milk out of my nostrils. “Galaxy s3 is the biggest pile of shite”!!! ROFL! Good one buddy. I hear Lamborghinis are pretty lame too, stay away from them.

  • cmalvado

    I have great battery with the sgs3 if they can improve it wow that’s incredible. Apple can’t compete with android and specially not the sgs3. The things these phone does u will not get on and iPhone. Iphone is to restrictive and dehind the times. Apple apps are water down apps. The adroud versions are much better by far.

    • 4justincase

      Pfffft and u think because you got the phone you’re the expert? Apples iPhone is proving every day to be more than enough competition vs androids legions of “smartphones”. And apples apps are watered down…what?? So if the exact same app is on the S3 then it’s somehow better?? Apple has ALL the android apps and more. Every phone fanatic android or apple know this fact. So just because you favor Samsung doesnt magically make the S3 more popular. As a matter of fact, I see countless people at work everyday, and I’d say no less than 95% of them have iPhones vs 4% with android (including the S3) and 1% other. The facts are against you my friend.

      • Tell that to the 20 million sold in the first month.

        • i not going to lie i have a iphone 4s and yes i know the samsung galaxy s3 is better but androids apps crash alot and i dont like there operating system i prefer ios but again its your oppion (i have had a s2 before i got iphone 4s) i rather iphone

        • yeah tell that to the expected 10 million units in first week not to mention samsung galaxy s3 has 4 carriers just saying

        • SamsungFTW

          *has 4 carriers because they all know that it is the best phone on the market right now.

        • Ben

          10 million of which 9 million 900 thousand currently own the iphone 4s they bought last year…..really impressive.

        • Iphone sucks

        • Jatin Grover

          i have owne gs3 for last three months and never had applications crashing or any other trouble. iphone 4s is just no match to my phones big screen, lte, removable battery etc…..Lets see how iphone 5 goes.

        • Me Ted

          Please. Just stop. You sound like a complete buffoon.

        • john

          youve never owned a android, in fact you probably dont own an iphone

        • DARWIN3000

          why would someone downgrade a 4G phone for a 3G phone it is like giving up cable internet to go get DSL.

        • 4justincase

          I think you’re forgetting how many iPhones apple has sold…

        • Lol

          Having owned every iPhone up to iPhone 4s and a galaxy s2 and s3. I’ll tell you that apple is sooooo basic and does sooooo much less. Apps have nothing to do with what a phone does for free. IPhone is a clean interface but is like a dumbed down phone with most basic of functions.

        • joe

          yes which includes all older iphones in that total to, so in comparison 20 million for ONE phone in that amount of time…..impressive for a non cultish phone release..

        • getthefacts

          WRONG. 20 million sold in 50 days.

      • Madmo

        regardless mate, the current iphone4s was obselite at the time its release! apple lovers are hypnotized spastics hahaa

      • Carter0108

        Well nice to see another iSheep that doesn’t have a clue what they’re on about. Android is leading the market by far and you still think iPhones are more common? Oh and Apple have all the apps Android has and more? explain how that works when Apple app store has 500,000 apps and Google Play has 600,000.

        • 4justincase

          Haha you think I don’t have a clue?? Please do your research before trying to sound smart. Google play has about 450,000 apps vs apples 500k plus. And there are 4 times as many developers for ios than android. Not to mention the only reason android is leading the market share (barely) is because it has tons of phones. Countless smartphones vs just one iPhone for the market share, geez android is such an amazing apple killer. How come you android drones always fail to mention that the iPhone is the worlds best selling phone, and one of the best selling devices in history?? Listen I have nothing against android phones, as a matter of fact, I own an htc one x as we speak. It’s when android freaks start throwing misguided theories at everyone thinking theyre geniuses and expect me to take them seriously…really get your head screwed on straight.

        • Carter0108

          It’s funny that you tell me to do my research when none of your facts are true. If you actually did know anything you would know that Google Play does have 600,000 apps which is 100,000 more than Apple. Android’s only just beating iOS is it? Android have 68% of the market and iOS has 17%. Like I said, android is leading by far. iPhones one of the best selling devices in history? Well there’s no truth in that what so ever, but I know for a fact the Galaxy S3 has just becoming the best selling smartphone of all time. So much for “misguided theories.”

        • getitstraight

          Apple has 1 phone. There are countless devices from multiple different companies using android. If you are going to try and say that pick 1 android phone and go, but you will surely fail at that point.

        • Carter0108

          Okay you want one Android phone? Well the S3 is outselling the iPhone 4s and is still better than the just announced iPhone 5.

        • SamsungFTW

          You could use a little “research” yourself, my friend.

          iPhone marketshare: 16%Android marketshare 68%

          And the most recent numbers do in fact show that Google play has 600,000 apps compared to Apple’s 500,000.

          Not that this is relevant, usefulness of apps is much more important than quantity, but again, in my opinion (take it or leave it), Android is miles ahead there also, letting you cusomize your phone in ways iPhone owners could never dream of.

          Edit: Did not see Carter’s comment, but it says essentially the same thing. Great minds think alike. ~.^

        • Lol

          Yeah Britney Spears is also the number one sold artist in the world. Trendy is not necessarily better you Isheep. Whoooooooaaa look apple has a add saying 12. What a event.

        • the illusion that a smartphone is better because of the amount of apps in its app store. the iPhone has less but qualtiy apps, android has a better screen more apps but you need an app killer that kills battery more than it does use. im just going to go back to my 2005 motorola razor back when phones were phones and ill use my laptop for the rest

        • billy routh

          Hey dum dum android does not need task killers

        • martyn

          Most apps any good with ipone u have to pay for. Ipone is crap. I had one for a day. Took it back after an hour or i would have smashed it

          S3 all the way!

        • Gembox

          Are you sure had an iphone?

        • sarah

          you wish you owned an HTC X, in fact you probably wish you owned an iphone too!

      • I am an Apple fan but, Unfortunately just because a million people say that something is right doesn’t make it right. 😉

      • Own both an iPhone 4 and a new Samsung Galaxy S3. The Android Apps are much more customizable than are allowed on the same App for the iPhones. Also there are many more Apps for the Android than for the iPhone. (Live wallpapers for example) That said, the iPhone and some of it’s Apps are less buggy. So I will not diss the Android phones. Some of them are very, very good. And the competition between Apple and Android does nothing but help consumers get better products and better prices. I will also be purchasing an iPhone 5 as I know it will also be a good phone. For those of you putting down one phone, be glad we have the competition. Or we would be paying about $1000.00 per phone.

        • LOLatAPPLE

          Fall back on the iPhone will be not having LTE (only 4g), price and waiting in line. Would be a good phone, but love my S3.

      • SamsungFTW

        That is interesting, because the Galaxy S III has actually overtaken the iPhone in sales in the short time it has been out. And this is just one model of one brand of Android phone. They have sold 20 million units in only a couple of months. The people you work with are not necessarily representative of the entire populous.

        As far as apps, if the ONLY app available for Android was Tasker, it would beat every app in the App Store combined, hands down. This is an Android exclusive, and lets you make your phone do literally anything you want. Also, the fact that Google Play is open to any developer makes it so that with the right know-how, you can easily write your own app to make your phone do what you want, without having to have it approved by an overly controlling company like Apple. I have a Galaxy S III, and no, that does not make me an expert. But it also doesn’t mean I am not one anyway.

      • Me Ted

        Just because you claim something to be fact, doesn’t make it so. Give me some actual facts; figures, links, etc. Otherwise it’s just your very ill-informed opinion.

      • Anzwer

        It’s clear that you haven’t owned an android phone. You do not have an idea with the number of apps that are only possible with android. Try to search for “Tasker” which is only one reason android is much smarter than iOS and iOS users.

      • LOLatAPPLE

        Test a S3 then talk cause even my friends who tested a S3 can’t say anything negative at this point… Game over!

      • josh

        Uhm no i have ipad 3 & 4s and there is no way apple has al the android apps. No way.

    • Reina

      I’ve always had an iPhone and just recently got my first Android Phone (Galaxy S3) and the android phone is so much better. The iPhone is supposed to be a smartphone, but Apple restricts way too much that it’s barely even a smartphone anymore. I can do everything that a jailbroken iPhone can do with an unedited Galaxy S3. Well that’s IMO.

      • mike

        Every App free on GS3? CYDIA comparison?

        • ArmyOfAnts

          Apps are easy to get free from google play… Just have to know the way around paying for them 😀

          I buy a .99 app every now and then to keep it legit. But I have hundreds of paid apps, free and I don’t even have to jailbreak the phone for it to work.

          And as of today, there is no fix to google play, so, I’ll enjoy all the applications and games, free!

    • Sameer Somu

      jelly bean supposedly fixes the mediocre battery life on s3

    • fds

      Apple has the best apps by far. Apple’s web viewing experience is far better than androids. Android stretches out the webpage with soo many blank areas while apple actually positions the webpage nicely. Apple is waay easier to use and music is alot better on the iPhone

      • bob

        You have no idea what you are on about… you seem to forget that android has some form of flash support and last i checked apple does not… idiot

        • Nonesuch

          Actually Bob Android no longer has flash support after 4.1 Jelly Bean….

        • danny

          Yeah Bob you’re kind of an idiot, it shows that Apple has been ahead of Samsung if Samsung are only just ceasing support for Flash – for what reason would they do it other than realising their mistake in the first place?

        • D

          It’s not Samsung who is stopping support of flash. It’s adobe stopping support of mobile flash

        • ArmyOfAnts

          Apple has never been ahead, they didn’t use Flash, not because they thought it was a mistake, but because they wanted to use HTML5, CSS and Javascripting. Even when Flash was the “in thing”, apple failed at even supplying it. Now that Flash is on it’s way out (very memory hungry application, including a battery killer), HTML5 allows website creators to get all the goodies Flash gave them, but doesn’t relying on third party browser plug-ins (i.e Flash). Flash was great in it’s time… memory hog, but great.

        • danny

          …Bob you’re kind of an idiot, it shows that Apple has been ahead of Samsung if Samsung are only just ceasing support for Flash – for what reason would they do it other than realising their mistake in the first place?

        • ArmyOfAnts

          I still have flash on my 4.1. I downloaded it, but works perfect… Everything is going to HTML5… but we will see how that goes.

        • mike

          Flash is being removed from all mobile based operating systems. NEXT

    • Bert

      I’m sorry, but you really can’t type worth crap.