GTA V falls within two release windows

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 9, 2012

The flurry of Grand Theft Auto 5 screens had been a nice tease for fans of the franchise, but the silence since is not welcoming and it is hoped that another GTA V trailer would land soon considering the prolonged wait since the last one. The viral marketing, new images, and other information had led some people to believe a release date would at least be announced soon, but nothing has come to light and some gamers are starting to get frustrated again.

There have been a number of fake rumors appearing online and this most recently included an apparent GTA V release date, which pointed to a launch in 2012 and while we, as well as others, explained that this is almost certainly not going to happen, some fans still have faith that a release could happen within the next few weeks.

GTA V falls within two release windows – if the next Grand Theft Auto did land this year it would have to be between October and December, although this window is already full with some massive titles releasing. Rockstar might prefer to launch after Christmas with less competition, although with that said we’re sure the majority of gamers would see GTA V as a game that has no competition. If this is the case then Rockstar could choose a launch for any month and it would sell just as good.

The second window for GTA 5 to release would be between March and May next year, although if it comes down to when is best for Take-Two’s finances then the game would need to release before April. We touched on the bad financial results for Take-Two in a previous article, and worryingly this shows that there’s a lot riding on GTA 5 and without it some analysts believe the company would be in serious trouble.

Are you still hoping for GTA 5 to release this year? In our opinion these wishes are never going to see the light of day, and considering we’re about to move into the last quarter of 2012 and no retailer has heard anything, or staying very silent about it, then you can count this year out for GTA 5 launching.

One thing we are sure about and that is how smart Rockstar are when it comes to the release of GTA 5, and their silence builds a lot of hype that directly benefits the brand and their next GTA game. This silence has left gamers looking for two of the most important bits of GTA 5 information, and that’s a release date and when they can pre-order. At the time of writing Rockstar is still silent on these facts.

You can read about possible 64 player multiplayer PC support in an earlier article, although this would mean only 32 players on PS3 and Xbox 360. Would you like to see this feature?

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  • John

    Not a chance its coming out this year! Q2 2013 people!

  • gta5 in may??? hopefully

    i believe gta 5 will release after march as they would have to much competition from oct/dec as black ops 2 and other games will release then. rockstar never release games in jan/feb/march, check yourself, so the only possible time they can release it is april to may being the latest. most of thier biggest hits were planned to be released(gta4) or released on april such as rdr, max payne3, la noire… so dont give your hopes up for oct to jan release date.

  • franc

    patience people. it shall be epic once polished to perfection.

  • I’m Saying 2013 Know For Grand Theft Auto V Probably March Or October Release Date I would Love it to Release This year But Can’t See It Happening Really Rockstar Games Are Keeping Us Whiting A Very Long Time So

  • manz

    GTA V is coming 24/05/2013.

  • oochy-wally-wally

    bunch of fan boys bumdas, it will come out when it will come out and when it does, it will be immense and will rake in fortunes, even if i cant afford it i will beg steal and borrow to get this game

  • wow

    “if the next Grand Theft Auto did land this year it would have to be between October and December” wow. just wow.

  • Isaac

    Christmas would be the best time for them to release the game. They would easily make millions in the first day or two. I know I would get a copy.

    But either stores are keeping very quiet about it or it really is going to be a May 2013 release.

    We will have to wait for E3 before a confirmed release is announced.

  • Is everyone forgetting the GTA IV launch? There was a steady building up of the hype for months before the launch, starting as we have now with a trailer and a few screenshots, then we got plot teasers, characters, a website showing glimpses of life in Liberty City, all leading up to the launch. GTA V will probably follow the same pattern and it wouldn’t surprise me if we were as much as 12 months from the launch date. All the cry babys saying ‘wah, launch it now’…. grow up. If it was finished and ready to launch then no doubt it would be out before Christmas.

    • willy_bum

      No they didnt! GTAIV got a massive launch clock with a whole 1 year countdown to the launch of GTAIV. GTAIV was revealed,a massive 1 year launch clock ticked away online,games magazines and websites got screens and lots of info and it was out in the public on a regular basis. Nothing like GTAV at all…

  • big g

    ive just been on best buy web site and went to pre order gta5 and it sayin pick up from the store 31/12/2012

    • JesseT

      thats not the real release date.
      so don’t go to store on that date.

    • If the release date is on the 31st of December I can see a lot of people not going to New years parties, including myself !

    • I was just at Best Buy and was also told the release date was new years eve.

  • Barny

    Rockstar have annoyed me so i’m going to wait a few weeks after release and buy a 2cnd hand copy off E-bay or Amazon. Hey they’ve made me wait this long so i can wait an extra few weeks after release to get my dirty little paws on a 2cnd hand copy, and it will be cheaper! If it launches April to May time i won’t bother picking up a copy untill October 2013 when i have more time to play, too busy doing outdoor stuff in the spring and summer.

  • Wait_&_see

    Im joining the the ‘Boycott Rockstar Club’ A lot of fans in their late 20’s to 30’s who grew up with Rockstar all started to boycott Rockstar games because of how they treated fans and because all GTA games have released in October (apart from GTAIV) October release to these fans is like a tradition and a release time they love as its the start of long cold nights when they get a chance to play games. They boycott works and is in full effect and Max Payne 3’s terrible sales prove this, so many in their late 20’s and 30’s boycotted the game and they will do the same with GTAV. Wait and see people, if GTAV launches in spring 2013 you wait and see how it doesnt even sell as many copies as GTAIV and it 100% wont sell as many as Call Of Duty. (like i said wait and see) Rockstar were surprised Max Payne 3 didnt sell well,they thought it was going to be a big selling hit…..

  • seabrook87

    I am getting a bit fed up with all this crap now. Its about time every1 shuts up, just sit back and be patient. It doesn’t matter when the game gets released just remember that it will be released. Remember this as well, it was only a year ago rockstar said there will be no GTA 5 then 2 months later the trailer appeared. This company knows what they are doing when it comes to publicity. they know we will buy it anyway. Unless of course you are under 18. I’m getting a bit sick and tired of parents buying there 14 year old’s games like GTA then starting a campaign to ban it saying we need to protect are children. ITS HAS AN 18 RATING YOU DUMB IDIOTS. You would buy your 14 year old a porn film and then complain when a man gets is dong out.

  • hoohoo18

    @Carlo Palomba

    If they market the game right they can turn all us adults into little kids. Look at San Andreas. How many grown men spent hundreds of hours playing that game? How many grown men bought it? Saying that adults don’t like surprises is your opinion and you are only speaking for yourself.

  • infamous

    Best buy says 31/12/12???????? Might aswell pre order just incase lol And its rated 18 why are parents trying to buy gta for children???! People are seriously that messed up?

  • Rockstar isn’t trying to surprise anyone as some people are saying. It’s all about the correct information going to investors. Remember; GTA is a game for adults. Adults hate surprises. We aren’t little kids anymore that need to wait like little kids around a Christmas tree.

  • Really? Am i the only one that has pre ordered gta v already??? I went to best buy and it said realease date for the 31st of december! I went today and its still there i already payed for the pre order so whatsup???? Is best buy lying???

    • Mike

      If you read the pre-order card, it says between the ending of March and like april 11th or something in that range.

  • that guy

    You guys can argue all you want about release dates and when to release the game but I’m the end it doesn’t matter. People will make this game have record sales no matter when it comes out. Gta4 released at what was thought to be the worst time to release a game and wow go figure it broke records in sales. Bottom line…if they release it a week from now it will sell just as many copies as in march or whenever it gets released.

  • kingleon

    2k13 goin to be rockstars biggiest comp watch they goin to put it out then or when if a new black opps come out soon they goin to put it out there sooner then u think 1 game can change everythang who knows when or what but any game can come out these daze and blow up u feel me

  • kingleon

    Wtf im talkin about man now im thinkin about it it would be out in november watch

  • kingleon

    I think its true, but then again i dont, why every GTA Game came out in november, but not GTA IV, it came out 5 mouths later they push it back so think about it why wouldnt it come out soon, but once again we could be worng this could be right… who knows only rockstar knows the thurth.

  • Guinness Copley

    If i had to put money on a date, i’d say mid March to mid April 2013 about a month/six weeks after Bioshock, (btw, who ‘owns’ the company that makes Bioshock and Rockstar? Take Two.) T2 and R* know what games they’d be going up against this year in the run up to christmas and in the early part of next year. Based on that, if i was running the show at T2/R* i’d opt for next year, after xmas when people might have a little bit more free money.

    Most of us, being ‘gamers’ would try and buy every game we could even at xmas, but for the 2.4 family, lower paid gamers, etc, their going to be on a tighter budget so it’s one game before xmas and then one ‘after xmas, when i’ve got a bit more spare money’. T2/R* know this already and are just playing the odds.
    And after reading up on Sam Houser he’s not going to rush a game, so even if it’s 99% ready for release this year, he’ll fight to delay the release until next year and try and make it better, coz he’s still a gamer first and a businessman second.
    Real or fake leaks aside, R* and T2 both have a release date in mind, even if it’s not the same date. If i’m wrong and it’s this year, then great, if it’s early next year that’s fine too.

    But that’s just my opinion and i might be completely wrong lol

    • Nick

      i would only buy GTA 5 and AC3, if RDR 2 comes out then that, but thats it. every game i play these days just sucks and is generic. bioshock was incredibly terrible, borderlands got boring in .5 seconds, and all COD games are for mega homos

  • here it is 🙂

    kubitku (dot) com/gta-5-first-view-trailer-gameplay

  • This article sans Release date isn’t helping fans of the game with their hopes either

  • TheTroubleman

    Well this is kinda tricky. This year you got Blackops 2 ,Halo4,Assassins Creed 3, Borderlands 2,FarCry3, Then Early Next year you DevilMayCry and Gears of War Judgement,BioshockInfinite,Crysis3,. So if Rockstar does not want to release GTA5 between October and May they got some rivals comin in summer and Fall.
    Rockstar competition will be Battlefield 4 ,Saints Row 4 and Watchdogs plus the risk of new console hardware.

    • NiCk14AlPhA

      In terms of titles, March or May would be best. Theres always big games coming out but thats when it generally goes quiet for big ones, apart from guess who; Rockstar.

      May is their preferred window right now. Look at the last 3 years…
      May 2010 – Red Dead Redemption
      May 2011 – L.A Noire
      May 2012 – Max Payne 3
      May 2013 – …Whats the big game sequel we know Rockstar is currently developing?

      Even GTA IV was released early in the year (although was delayed from october i think)

      • fred flintstone

        max payne 3 was delayed aswell

      • Willy_bum

        ALL Grand Theft Auto games have launched in October (apart from GTAIV because the PS3 version had bugs and it was Rockstar Norths first time having to develop a GTA for 2 consoles at the same time) GTAIV was also set and supposed to be released in October too!
        Rockstar North in the UK make the GTA games,theyve been making GTAV since 2008.

        • NiCk14AlPhA

          I still can’t see it being October, or any time this year. They would have kicked an ad campaign more into TV by now, they always do TV adverts and such. And yes GTA V may not need it, but they still will make an ad campaign.

          It won’t be this year, GTA V will lose out sales to other games. Even though it will sell well, it would sell better in May next year when it goes slightly quieter.

          Rockstar will know this and will probably be planning for then, leave it until the last big release of the year, and Rockstar will kick in the campaign right away.

        • willy_bum

          They will lose out on sales releasing in 2013 too. Reason being many great games are also being released spring next year too….the spring games line up is as strong as the Christmas games line up. It wont launch later in the year as people will be waiting/saving for next gen. Also many older fans who grew up with Rockstar games are boycotting Rockstar, they boycotted Max Payne 3 and made that a huge sales flop. Rockstar have forgotten many of their fans are now in their 30’s and people that age wont take much sh*t. (Hey sales of Max Payne 3 prove this people) Personally if GTA launches in 2012 i will 100% buy it on day of launch like i did all previous GTA games, but if it launches in 2013 i deffo wont be buying it for a few reasons 1.) Spring is a terrible release date,im busy working and doing stuff outdoors (only reason i bought GTAIV in April 08 was because i was off work with a cracked rib,otherwise i wouldnt of bought it) 2.) Im buying Hitman,Forza,Need 4 Speed,Medal of Honour,Far Cry 3 etc for my birthday in October and Christmas, im not buying any games in 2013 as i will be saving for next gen at the end of 2013, all those games im getting for my birthday an Christmas will last me right the way through to next gen.
          If GTA launches in 2012 its right at the top of my list of games to buy,if not then ill just give it a miss this time, maybe pick up a second hand copy winter 2013,move on to something else instead for the meantime.

    • UnknownUser28

      uh, sr4 will not be a rival. -_-

  • Andy82

    I use to be good with picking Rockstar release dates… Then I took a arrow to the knee

  • The Truth

    trust me gta 5 is coming soon

    • neeabba


  • Illuminati

    Remember GTA IV, they only released some sneak peak trailer and a few images. And a leaked trailer was released. Apart from that just little bits of info. Then they released an actual trailer and the game was released the day after!

  • krueger

    About a month ago Opie and Anthony said on air that they were going into RockStar to record voices for a game. It’s almost a 100 percent that it is GTAV therefore I don’t see how it would be possible for them to release the game this year when they are still imputing audio into the game. My guess is April 2013.

  • I almost want to burn down rockstar! This is totally unnecessary. concealing a release date is more confusing than exciting. I would rather know what date it releases than some dumb a$$ tease trailer again. Only reason I believe it will release this year is because I can’t phantom why they wouldn’t want to give a yes or no unless that was there intention all along. to release the game this year and surprise fans by never denying or confirming its 2012 release. if it does not come out this year, I encourage all fans to display and voice you disapproval of such a fan lock out. I’m getting a little older now and out growing games so this will be my final game purchase. wish they would have made this a more exciting experience not only for me cause who am I? But for all the fans that support these a$$ holes a.k.a. rockstar!

    • Womb raider

      Sounds like you’re out growing your virginity aswel, but I can’t see you losing that before this game comes out. Get over yourself.

  • neeabba

    Let’s use some logic.

    The statement below is a generally accepted truth:
    Rockstar is being secretive because they want to surprise people with the launch.

    A surprise occurs when least expected. So they don’t want you to expect the unexpected; this means that they will launch GTA V when you think they won’t launch.

    So using common sense and simple logic, if everybody is saying it won’t come out in 2012, it means that Rockstar wants people to believe it won’t come out in 2012.

    Remember that the general opinion of the public and Rockstar’s real intentions have an inverse relationship, because that’s how they work.

    So according to traditional logic, Rockstar should be launching GTA V before the year is over.

    • neeabba

      I also forgot to mention, if I was a businessman, I’d surely want to launch a game in Q4. The amount of money added in the economy by consumers during Q4 due to the christmas/holiday/new year’s euphoria speaks for itself.

    • Dymez

      Bad logic. Let me explain to you why they would never do that. An unexpected launch is not a wise launch. Reason being, if you catch potential buyers “unexpectedly,” they will not have the funds ready that is required to purchase this title. Christmas is approaching, and parents are trying their best to grant everything that their kids (and other loved ones) want on their ‘List to Santa’ by starting their shopping now. Yet at the same time, those same people are on a budget during this time of year. Rockstar knows this and would surely present at least 3 months of advertising before Christmas to raise awareness and assure themselves good sales. Not only for Christmas but because that’s just the logical thing to do at any time of the year.

      Rockstar has never just threw a game on shevles out of no where without presenting a release date months before the target. Rockstar traditionally would announce a release date and start full throttle advertising 3-6 months before the target date, then delay the game an extra month or more for even more advertising (evidence of this, recently Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV — hell even San Andreas was delayed a week), and then release it. That’s the true traditional method of Rockstar Games. They don’t want to fool the public, they want to hype the public. This is how they operate — they want to raise as much expectation as humanly possible with silence; they want to hold back as much information about the characters, story, all contents of the game as they can, and then one day **BOOM** just surprise the public with a trailer and a release date. They used similar strategy no more than a month ago with the 10 screenshots, and then went back into silence.

      It’s like a pressure cooker for Rockstar; close the pot tight, turn up the fire and let it cook. Then just sit down and wait, because when you hear the whistle, you’ll know it’s ready.

      • Robert Jacobs

        that is SUPER TRUE!!! I hate that they do this to me and keep me waiting but it makes me appreciate it more when it comes out

      • dmo-time

        They’re waiting for the R rating to come out in Aus and other area’s. We in Aus are getting it on 1st Jan 2013, the rating not the game. That way R* don’t have to make 2 versions of the game. Just wait and see, I’d say it’s releasing april – may. By the way wouldn it be funny uf it came out on the 2nd of Jan. Don’t take my word for it do your research.

        • Dymez

          That really doesn’t matter to them. If Rockstar was targeting a Q4 release, Australia’s rating pending is not going to stop them. They would just release the game in the Fall of this year anyway, then release it in Aus and those other areas you mentioned when the pending gets settled. It would be another thing if it was the U.S. that had some ratings issue, as the U.S. is Rockstar’s biggest supporter and the majority of Rockstar’s sales come from America.

          I believe there will be a big display by Rockstar next month, in mid-October. A lot of screens and some information, but not much — MAYBE a trailer, and a release date. The release date will say “March.” If there is no trailer and release date in October, however, then it will come in December at the Spike VGA’s. Then, some time in late January/early February, Rockstar will announce that they’re pushing the game back to a May release, and that is when we’ll get GTA.

    • Tim Ferguson

      If that’s true, then you just ruined it for me. I won’t be surprised because I am now expecting the unexpected, thanks to you! I’m just bustin ya chops wise guy!

    • NiCk14AlPhA

      Nope. Rockstar wouldn’t want to compete. If it releases next year it gets more sales.
      It might be GTA, but a lot of people also play games like CoD, Assassins Creed, and FIFA games. It won’t sell as much if it released in the next couple of months.

      Plus, even though being GTA, Rockstar will want a good campaign built in hyping it up even more.

      The fact is, the first trailer was released because they probably pushed for this October but half way through the year decided to pull back, let other titles compete with each other and tweak it as it is. Plus releasing it and then dropping the hint about Max Payne 3 having the gang feature that GTA V will have, boosted sales of MP3.

      Rockstar will release a trailer this Autumn, not the game. The game will be coming March or May next year. If it was being released this year, we would know about it already, through a big leak if not Rockstar themselves.

  • Pick my nose

    Has anyone considered that this is a considered leak by rockstar to pump people up about an imminent release of info for a q4 realise date. I for one feel a lot of these “leaks” could be part of a very intricate Plan from rockstar as they’ve told people to not believe these hoax’s. So why would someone make such an obvious fake to only be shot down by the whole Internet? Unless its all part of a very well planned out marketing scheme by rockstar.

    • Illuminati

      Thats a good call, you could be right!

    • john

      Thats the stupidest thing ive ever read in my whole 19 years of living on earth…

      • CJ

        Too bad. No one cares.

        • Pick my nose

          Too bad your dumb fan boy shits that will never ever expect the unexpected!

        • Hen

          Too bad I don’t understand what you just said.

    • NiCk14AlPhA

      It is. One of the guys at my work said about how Rockstar are being smart. Someone created the GTA V trailer with GTA:SA. To others its a user but he said, “I bet you anything, Rockstar was behind that, even though it isn’t well known.

  • babazula

    i want gta5 now


    i didnt like the fact that people said “it would be bad for rockstar to release GTA V only few months after Max Payne 3.” it has its Goods and its Bads….Goods: Rockstar would make way more money for releasing 2 major titles in one year, and knock all the newer games coming this year with no competition, therefore, probably winning the video game awards. Bads: even though if Rockstar releases GTA V this year, everybody would lose interest in Max Payne 3 and knocking their own game away like it was another developer who made it. I honestly hope GTA V comes out this year, or atleast a new trailer.

  • richybaby

    I think a christmas release isnt out of the question yet

  • david boon

    I dont want the game to release this year. Too many games already set but GTA would out sell all of them that is true. I think next year would be better. So far all the big games announced for next year are coming out in the first 3 months. Dead Space 3 in February, Crysis 3 in February, Bioshock Infinite was February, Gears of War Judgment is for March. April or May would be perfect

    • dmo-time

      If I had to choose out of all the games coming out it would be gta V period. No ifs or buts!

  • AJ

    I’d prefer them taking their time and polishing it out, instead of rush-releasing it…
    I’m sure the real fans wouldn’t mind showing some patience.

    • daveeeee

      we have been very very patient.. a year is a long time to wait after a trailer.