Skyrim Dawnguard: PS3 maker unconvincing for release

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 8, 2012

To say we had a great time being hands-on with Skyrim Dawnguard would be an understatement, and our initial 400 plus hours on the PS3 platform had been equally fun, but our review had to move to Xbox 360 thanks to an exclusive DLC deal. In hindsight this had been the best thing we could’ve done now that we are a few months on and Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 is still MIA, which is both confusing and upsetting for Sony console owners.

We’ve seen a number of tweets surrounding Dawnguard for PS3, and in most cases they explain that the first Skyrim DLC would release soon, although not before the PC. Bethesda offered a simple Dawnguard PS3 update on their official blog once the PC version saw a launch date, which only contained one paragraph and further highlighted the lack of communication with PS3 owners. It seems the developer failed to understand how much better these gamers would feel if they could have weekly updates on the development.

Following these updates on social channels and from MR Hines, we have seen the PS3 hardware blamed and also seen how far reaching the lack of Dawnguard on PS3 could be. Today we are hearing from Sony’s Vice President after he had been put on the spot during a NY games conference, and then gave his comments on the lack of Skyrim DLC for PlayStation 3 owners. You can see what he said in the quote below.

Considering Boyes handles taking care of Sony’s publishers you’d expect him to be in the know when it comes to the lack of Dawnguard on PS3, so when we hear that he “can’t promise” that this issue will be solved, it leaves us feeling really unconvinced that any Skyrim DLC will ever arrive on the PS3 platform.

Do you expect Skyrim Dawnguard to release on the PS3, or have you moved on after such a long wait? We’d also love to know how you feel about Bethesda after the handling of this add-on and communicating with the fans.

In our opinion the chances of Dawnguard seeing a release date on the PS3 has fallen to an all time low, especially considering both Sony and Bethesda cannot promise it will even launch, and there is no point even talking about Skyrim Hearthfire.

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  • Still no Skyrim DLCs for the PS3? How long ago was this article written?

  • kidon

    bethesda your s**k because you said the same s**t all time since fallout 3… thank you i never buy any game of bethesda

  • truthteller

    this just saddens me, i waited so long for dawnguard and now i may never get it? what the crap bethesda. i love your games, i have many of them. is this the way you treat loyal customers?, because if it is your GREEDY jerks. you should of waited and released it on all systems. now every day i pray to here news, but i never do. geuss what bethesda, i give up on you!

  • Percussive1

    I could care less about Dawnguard. I WANT HEARTHFIRE!!!!

  • Lewis

    If you really like the game, why not buy it on the lead platform?

    • Because some people prefers ps3 than the xbox. Like me. I got both platforms and skyrim on both systems but I prefer ps3. Both have bugs in them anyway.

  • qwerty

    Well, this’ll be the last time i’ll ever buy a Bethesda game on day-one, i believed everything Bethesda said about how Skyrim was running on a new engine (which turned out just to be a modified version of Gamebryo) and everything they said about how it would be equal to the other platforms in terms of performance (it wasn’t, and still isn’t even with 1.7, good luck getting anywhere near 30fps)

    The only reason i believed any of the above was because Oblivion ran fine on the PS3 (i didn’t know at the time that 4J Studios did the PS3 version) and i thought that Bethesda wouldn’t let (unplayable) lag and dodgy framerates ruin the TES series on PS3 like it had with Fallout.

    I guess i couldn’t have been more wrong. I believed all of the hype about Skyrim too, i even felt excited when i opened the box for the first time and put the disc into my PS3, it was brilliant for the first few hours but then the lag kicked in and it all went downhill from there. 🙁

    From now on when new Bethesda games are released i’ll wait until a few weeks after launch and read reviews to check if their new game is actually playable on PS3, and if not then i’ll just wait a year or so until all of the patches have been released and hope that the game is semi-playable.

    I’ll have plenty of things to do until then, Assassin’s Creed III is being released soon and the PS3 version seems to be the lead platform (most of Ubisoft’s official videos and demos have been of the PS3 version) and has exclusive DLC, which is a nice change from being constantly shafted by Bethesda.

    That’s my life story, i guess. :/

  • Nex

    Its a shame that they still cannot advise why they have taken so long to release the content or if they even can.
    Its left me to do something that is quite drastic and break the 360 out of its containment cell i.e the closet
    I will always pick the ps3 over an Xbox but I will make an exception for this game

  • corey soncg

    yeah i was fine with bethesda but not now, not with this stupid dlc slow down and with them saying it might not even come out. if its free then okay but if they make you pay for the long wait….pfffff. im done with bethesda games too they dooo Nott care about ps3. sorry but, its ridiculous

  • I think that Dawnguard will release on a delay and all other DLC will release on the 5th or 6th week after the corresponding XBox release. Why assume anything else?

  • Frankmartins

    Excuses, excuses,excuses, thats all that howrad fella and hines have, im done with them ps3 users just do the same, snap ur rim in half, its broken anyway, just so your not tempted to buy these dlcs if and when they ever come- i did its worthless to sell a ps3 copy of this anyway.

  • Tamsin

    Its stupid, I mean if you make it for PS3, just imagine all the money that’ll be going Bethesda’s way.

  • Dante

    This is now past the point of piss taking they have already released a second add on for the xbox owners… *******ers!!!!!!! in my opinion they should port the damn addons to the ps3 and leave us with the glitches, then fix them with updates in the future…. they did it with the release of skyrim for ps3 why not now?????!!

  • sarah

    If they can’t resolve this then I honestly don’t plan on buying any more games from this company. . . 🙁 Who knows if it will happen again. I paid money for the game, I should be getting the DLC to!

  • The Elder Scrolls Fan

    Heh, personally I couldn’t care less! Sucks for my friend who plays Skyrim on the PS3 but I haven’t owned a playstation since the original… And I only have that for some of the classics. I’ve never really likes sony all that much. But despite my apathy to the subject I can understand why people are bothered by this. All I can really say is patience is a virtue, be patient and you might just get what you want. But on the other hand…. If any of you played Oblivion on the PS3 then why the hell would you buy ANOTHER Bethesda game for the PS3? Bethesda’s games are great…. The only problem is is that they are NOT good at the under-the-hood stuff. What I am getting at is this. Bethesda’s games have always been 1000% more buggy on the ps3 then on either the 360 or the PC. My suggestion? Don’t buy another Bethesda game for a playstation. If they’re really that important to you (Which they are to me, TES is my favourite series of all time…. Probably because I grew up on Arena and Daggerfall…) and if you have the money, buy a 360 or a new PC capable of handling their games.

  • ascent

    if they do release it for the ps3 it better be free to compensate us for the ridiculously long wait and even worse the lack of communication

  • jason bradley

    this is just kind of sad now bethesda but this isn’t going to stop me from buying other games like dishonored

  • ethan bourne

    and yet bethesda you still cant admit that your doing a terrible job at it. Bethesda simply release it with the problem it has or fix it quickly because skyrim may be the last product i purchese from you.

  • ethan bourne

    and yet bethesda still cant admit that they are doing a terrible job at it. Simply bethesda realese it with the problem it has or fix it quickly because skyrim be the last product i purchese from you.

  • A VERY disappointed gamer

    I’d just honestly like to know what gave Bethesda the balls to say, “Hey Skyrim PS3 users are still hanging out to dry, waiting for Dawnguard, let’s piss ’em off even more by releasing ANOTHER XBOX exclusive DLC! Isn’t that such a great idea?” :'(

    • It is annoying, but the contracts would have been signed and the DLC in development long before the problems occurred for the PS3. This does leave hard-working players such as you (or I) behind, and it sucks, but that won’t have been avoidable, and we shouldn’t hold it against Bethesda (because they would have had to be REALLY stupid to do this deliberately)

  • I will not be boycotting Bethesda, as they are a very good maker of games. Also, I would not hold it against them if Dawnguard were never to be released, I’d be disappointed but if it can’t be done, it can’t be done. That being said I am not best pleased with the vague information they have given us and I DO NOT appreciate being kept so far out of the loop. Of course I want Dawnguard, but, right now, I’d settle for an explanation of why I don’t have it yet.

  • Disgruntled PS3 Skyrim Gamer

    This is going to sound nerdy but after almost two hundred hours spent in Skyrim on the PS3, I am proud of the character that I have created and it saddens me that I can’t immerse him into a new combat environment where I can test my battle strategy and increase his skills further. Skyrim is an incredibly fun game and I wish I had created my character on a different system so I could play the Dawnguard and Hearthfire expansion packs. I just hope Bethesda can solve their problems and release the DLC for PS3.

  • Chris

    Why don’t they just release dawnguard with the problems they did release skyrim with tons of bugs in it and they should not realease ANY more DLC for Xbox and pc until we get dawnguard

  • Buyer confidence, in Bethesda, has withered away, like the flesh of the undead for PS3 console owners. Xbox users are about to see the second instalment and all we get is infrequent and vague communication from Sony and Bethesda. It comes across as favouritism in the extreme. They had better do something for us, or just don’t bother releasing on the Sony platform.

  • Cchiu

    I’ll bet a million dollars that Pete Hines has a Xbox at home.

  • luke the nuke

    if it doesnt come out, ill probably end up getting assasins creed 3 or the new world of warcraft expansion

  • TuxedoCartman

    Here’s where I stand with Bethesda: I will buy Dawnguard IF it ever comes out, as well as any other Skyrim DLC that looks good, because Skyrim has been a great game that thoroughly captured my interest. Divided up amongst three different characters, I’ve probably got north of 500 hours of play logged on that game. HOWEVER… this will be the last Bethesda title I purchase, and I do mean that. It’s difficult if not outright impossible to enjoy a game you paid $60 for, while wondering if the next update will make it so the game crashes when you get wet, or if the developer is going to follow through with promises of expanded content made from before the game’s initial release. I was disappointed and angry when it was just Dawnguard that was available everywhere but the PS3 (and all the plot lines and surprises were being spoiled for us), but now that XBox has Hearthfire, and we’re still in the dark? I’m livid. I know Bethesda’s in business to make money, but would it have killed them to have sat on that latest DLC until after PS3 owners got their first? It’s not like XBox owners didn’t just get new content a couple months ago, but the message sent to us PS3 owners really seems to be, “Meh… we just don’t care enough about you guys.” And for all of you XBox owners excusing Bethesda for this behavior, what will you do if they strike a similar deal with Sony next time? Nope, sorry… Bethesda, you deserve what you get on this one. I’m done with you.

  • I have an idea for Bethesda… they created the Skyrim game for PS3 and successfully updated it for us to enable mounted combat all in good time. Why don’t they try programming Dawnguard like the rest of the FREGGIN game?!?!?!
    Everyone is upset and confused because we are not given a specific reason for the hold-up. Is it that the game (in it’s already glitch enfused state) won’t be able to play due to save game size with the DLC added? Is it because Dawnguard controls are different than the rest of the game (an obvious NO)? Or is it that they are all beating the bush and entertaining a Microsoft VS. Sony feud for monetary purposes?!?
    It doesn’t matter what the excuse is. There’s no logical reason why they can’t release it with the vague information they’ve given on the topic. We ALL paid for the game and ALL anticipated being able to play the DLCs. We ALL have had to deal with countless bugs, glitches, broken quests, dead save files and mega-lag!
    Personally, I would like to know what the issue is exactly and what will be done to correct the wrong they are doing to their paying customers! How about some free weapon packs for the wait?!? Something would be better than the semi-technological jargen we’ve been fed.

  • Dovah

    I’m done

  • bethesdasukmanuts

    I have gave up on skyrim all together because how hard could it be to make a dlc for the playstation 3 and i WILL NOT buy a bethesda game in the future

  • EvilKlown

    I moved on when it was first delayed. Thinking of selling it actually.

  • Dan Smith

    Still confused about the existence of Hearthfire, adoption? house building? Isn’t that the gaming equivalent of UK tv show Grand Designs? I prefer beating up on dragons but whatever.

  • Mike D

    As a ps3 user, I still check for updates. I have lost all interest in actually owning the ps3 DLC and won’t be buying it. Too many new/good games are coming out this fall and I will be too invested in those. What a shame, July would have been a perfect time for DLC. If this is how Bethesda treats their ps3 customers, I won’t be buying anything else from them in the future either.

    • Why are you checking for updates if you’ve already decided against buying it?

  • honestly say i want dawnguard but if that mean i have to get an xbox to playing it ,
    But God damn ……. the Xbox controller ……………………………, I think i will stick to the PS3

  • mahlik

    wow sucks to own a ps3

    glad i have an xbox. but you get what you payed for i suppose. buying an xbox means that you have to pay for live but the connections are better and you get exclusive things like early dlc launch

    with ps3 you get free online that is kind of laggy and get the dlc later. thats how it works

    • Dave! Yognaut

      Actually, Xbox’s are cheaper than PS3’s(they are budget gaming machines after all) The “connection” is nothing to to with the console but the game thats being run (Sony don’t control Activision/DICe servers) and PS3 has exclusives as well (which sell more then Xbox exclusives)

      • mahlik

        well yea but im talking about the dlc like modern warfare 3 maps coming on xbox first that sort of thing.

        i love playstation games like god of war and killzone but fable 3 and halo made me choose xbox

    • Tuxedo

      Act now and get three free Red Rings of Death! …yeah, been down that path, and no thanks; I’ll stick with my PS3, and just flip Bethesda the bird.

      • mahlik

        yea but ive had the new slim for over a year and nothings happened so far so i think they may have fixed it. disc reader still sucks though

  • speaker

    I will still play there games but I moved on from the situation I can’t say I’ll buy dawnguard though just because it’s been too long and new games are coming out Bethesda will definitely loose customers over this

  • Dovahlizard

    Honestly, I’m not really interested anymore. I already have it for the PC, and yes, I’ll be honest, I do use cheats like godmode, and the bear in the beginning nearly killed me on the PS3, and I suck at lock picks, so in other words, I’d rip off my face without cheats… And so I’ve lost interest in this, but if they do this with Hearthfire, too, just probably going to forget about Skyrim on the ps3 and use the PC instead

  • Rashayla

    Time to buy an Xbox 360

  • IchiYamamoto

    I’ve not yet moved on. Every day, two or more times each day, it would be that I check Google news for updates with Dawnguard(among other games, i.e. GTA V). I just finished looking right now for any new news.

    • Ionian525

      I do the same thing, but everyday I fear that one of the posts will say “Dawnguard for PS3 canceled”. I hope I never see it

  • IS

    I’d just like to hear that they are sorry, and confirm that it will come out at some point. Instead it sounds like you are saying, blame SONY for making a complex system, and it probably wont come out. Bethesda, you are losing customers fast! If you can’t handle PS3 then good luck with PS4 when it comes out, or even the next gen for Xbox. Having created games and DLC for PS3 for other games, Bethesda is making a fool out of itself. Yeah even sorry would make a difference to your customers!

  • I thought it would be done by now but with sony saying that they might not promise it resolved and we’ve been getting nothing but bad news about Dawnguard and not giving us updates about whats going on kinda makes me think that Bethesda doesn’t really care anymore about ps3 owners but I still believe that Bethesda will get it done eventually.

  • Dr-Jeckel-

    and thats what i gotta say about that

  • Dr-Jeckel-

    i frankly think microsoft is screwing sony in the ass AGAIN just as they did with minecraft any everything else microsoft knows the ps3 is better so in every deal microsoft makes the undermine sony in any way they can and that boys and girls is why i hate microsoft with EVERY fiber in my body they can not accept defeat yes xbox is cheaper but the throw gimics in you face and steal your money to play online and it makes me sick so

  • Anonymous

    I’m annoyed because I’ve gone from being really excited to the release of dawnguard which was supposed to be ages ago.. to insulted seeing as they are now releasing more dlc for xbox once again and not ps3, I’ve even lost interest in playing skyrim because I’ve gotten to a point where there is nothing else for me to do in the game, if and when the dlc does come out, then I will buy it, there will really be no excitement though

  • It’s going to be like this and Bethesda is none the wiser. When RockStar Games GTA 5 comes out, all the PS3 players will be buying the game. This includes All the xboxers too who will be buying the same game. None of us will be returning to be Dragonborn for the longest time, maybe 2 years. Bethesda will go broke and Microsoft will buy them up for 2 cents a share.

  • Ryan Capiro

    I just might give up on getting it for the PS3 as in sometime in the future I’m going to get a gaming pc for a variety of game so I’ll include Skyrim in this bundle. But I haven’t lost hope yet because if I can recall back when Shivering Isles was being released, the PS3 console had a 9 month wait time for it to arrive on the Sony console. So there is still some hope, but in the wait I’ll be playing many other great games. ( Borderlands 2, AC3, BO2, MOH:WF )

  • Dillon Dowell

    Because I’m an not one who can say they haven’t been trying, or even caring about the release of dawnguard or any future dlc for ps3, I must simply say one shouldn’t be discouraged or angered by Bethesda’s efforts. We can only know what they have told us, we must not assume the absolute worst. Yes, there was initially a lack of communication  with many fans of skyrim. Also it’s quite a dissapointment to hear that they are having a difficult time solving the problem with making a playstation available dlc. These are problems that no individual can solve by posting their dissatisfaction with Bethesda and Sony. This can only make game developers show a lack of sympathy, and form pity upon us gamers, rather then giving them a sense of motivation. In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t want to release a dlc to ungrateful or inpatient people. The best thing to do is wait. There hasn’t been a absolute answer to everyone’s question,”Will I ever see dawnguard or future dlc on ps3?” Therefore threats, posts of dissatisfaction, and displeasure aren’t doing anything to benefit this issue. I along with every playstation 3 skyrim fan that has not lost hope in Bethesda or Sony, will continue to wait. Just as we have for many days before, and possibly many day to come. It’s your choice, but giving up without factual answers, will potentially not be in your favor. A lack of dlc does not mean bethesda is bad game developer, nor does it mean people shouldn’t their play games. I for one, and hopefully many, am not blinded by my own ignorance and self dissatisfaction. I can see that Bethesda has developed a very entertaining, well developed, and promising assortment of games. I do have faith in their efforts, and truly believe that they will work on this issue until the problem is solved or there is absolutely nothing else they can do. To every fan that feels the way I do, make it a  point to the many people that have lost their hope, and don’t loose yours.

  • elijah.s

    major letdown

  • Blur241

    If Bethesda is going to do this to PS3 users, they better find a way to make it up to us. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been following this matter for weeks and am dying to have Dawnguard for the PS3. But, if it isn’t released Bethesda still might be able to make it up to their fans.
    Something I would really like to see is the dragon bone weapons. Maybe to let us know they still care they could throw that into the next patch. Also the smithable arrows. Im sure it wouldnt be that hard for them, and it’s the least they could do. If you guys agree, maybe we can spread it around and make it happen.

  • Sarah

    I own both consoles, but I am a die hard ps3 gamer. As someone who owns both I can honestly say that the ps3 is superior in nearly every aspect of gaming. So of course, when Skyrim came out for both platforms I bought it for ps3. While I did experience many of the problems Skyrim had on the ps3, I still managed to put 200 hours into one character before the end of December, and when the game fixing patches were releases another hundred hours into another character. Was it frustrating that Skyrim was broken on ps3? Yes. Would I have been more frustrated if I had been forced to play it on Xbox? Definitely. That being said I am really upset at being cheated out of this content. I refuse to buy the game on Xbox just to play it but really don’t want to miss it. Would releasing the dlc on disc fix the problem? You’re telling me not one of these people can come up with an idea on how to fix it? Other developers can make games for ps3, why not Bethesda?

    • The whole gaming experience isn’t better on one or the other console. PS3’s have better graphics, but xbox360 is better for chating and having plenty of fun with other users and friends. Xbox Live is stronger and better made. So In my opinions, owning both console is a must. If you want quality vs. realiability choose ps3, if you want better online experience choose XBOX, and then for the exclusives it all depends what kind of gamer you are.

      SOURCE: I own PS3’s since (my 2nd one xD) since the launch of the machine and a xbox360 since april 2012.

      • I disagree with you on that cause it’s alot more fun online with the ps3! And you can have more people online with the ps3 with no slowdown. But that is your opinion and this is mine.

  • DF

    These articles seem to be overly negative all the time. I’m stil fairly confident it’ll come out

  • last_programmer

    honestly It’s kind of hard to purchase a Bethesda title while Bethesda is so far up Microsoft’s ass. I’m sorry, until Bethesda escapes from Microsoft’s payroll I will NEVER buy a Bethesda title again.

  • Also I don’t really care about the dlc anymore. We know all about it by listing to Xbox and pc go on and on. It’s just not intersting anymore.

  • What happend is that they made the game for Xbox and then ported it to the ps3…engine and all. That’s why they can’t make it work. The game was not made for ps3 in the first place. They could make it run somewhat smoothly with patches but it becomes to much to handle when they add to it. You can’t fix an engine with a patch. Any money they might have saved by doing this I’m sure they lost by not being able to release dlc for ps3. Unless they get their act together I’m not going to buy many note Bethesda games. I know promising to boycott their games sounds childish but if many people do so Bethesda isn’t going to come out the winner. It
    Looks like many peope ate doing so, not going to buy , ect. They need to get it together….this is Bethesda not some little side developer.

  • Lejessie

    I payed ALOT to get skyrim and I expect to get the same amount of gaming experience as people on other platforms do. I’m defiantly not buying another bethesda game if they’re picking favorites.

    ~ a pissed off ps3 user

  • plko

    Ahhhh! you know it has been so long that if there is no discount of atleast 5 dollars i will not get it. when I first heard about dawnguard I was super excited and after microsoft’s exclusivity ran out I was even more excited and one month went by after that and I kept up the hopes that it would soon come out of hiding but one month later NO DISCOUNT NO DAWNGUARD!

  • RC

    Please, PLEASE! You guys WON bethesda, me, and tons of other ps3 fans give up. YOU WIN, WE LOSE! We are sorry. Now, can we PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!! HAVE THE DLC? Please bethesda come on. And sony, just accept it already. Dawnguard is apparently close to or finished, Sony just has to accept it. Come on please guys!

  • At this point I really don’t care what happens anymore. I don’t put the blame on Bethesda alone, SONY is just as guilty for not making a better effort to value its customers and for making such a complicated machine to program to. I hope the PS4 is not such a nightmare for developers when it comes out.

  • starkiller

    they must take this damn company to court if they “fail” to release dawnguard.I’m starting to think they are bought by microsoft and coming to think about it,this is probably a microsoft tactic to give a bad name to sony consoles if ps4 and x box 720 are around the corner for release.

    • Exactly! Microsoft is so greedy that they want to be a monopoly….Oh wait they already tried that! 😉

  • DivineGrimDeath

    It’s all about the money to them, not the players.

  • jwerre

    In truth, none of us are militant enough to stop playing Bethesda’s games. We can all talk smack about how we aren’t going to touch their games because of this snafu, but you know if they get dawnguard up and running on ps3, we are all gonna run out and buy it. I think the writer really hit the nail on the head, we are mainly upset about the complete lack of communication regarding problems with the DLC/release date. Through us a bone, keep us in the loop…and do it proactively -sounds like business school 101 to me.

    • Actually I would. Even thought I love Elder Scrolls I still would not keep buying for a company that really don’t care for it’s other consumers. They have alot more other games I can play that’s better or good as Skyrim and better game companies that really do care for ALL their customers. Why would you stay in a relationship when you know you are being played?



    • The Bug

      A bug is a glitch in the game. It can be something minor and insignificant like a floating mammoth or it can completely crash the game. (And to put that in your terms…. Crash the game means ‘It no work no more’)

  • tracee

    What A Let Down, Bethesda get your head out of your A@@ and fix the issues, SOny, produce some better quality machines. Very Disappointing Fan…..

  • Screw bethedsa i moved on… i rather save my money for new awesome releases like borderlands 2 on assassins creed 3 and not that shitty defective dlc .

  • It’s a huge disappointment! I don’t think Bethesda really has any idea how big a deal not bringing this to PS3 is. Entirely alienating a large chunk of the gaming community is never a healthy thing. I may never have the chance to play Dawnguard or Hearthfire but you had better believe I will CHOOSE not to play any further Elder Scroll games … You know. If Bethesda can stop blaming Sony and release with them again. I can move on! Heck, anyone see what Square-Enix has done with Tomb Raider?! Bring that on!!!!

  • Dex

    What a letdown indeed . But what makes me mad is that Instead of working on dawnguard they have published another dlc for xbox.they are playing with us

  • Sick of waiting

    I just dont care anymore….what a letdown.

  • Bethesda has had a troubled relationship with this gen consoles, mainly the Ps3, but their Xbox games have their share of bugs and problems too.
    It their game engine the fault? Is it lack of developer knowledge or experience?
    In the end Ps3 gamers are the ones that suffer more from whatever the problem is, i would expect Bethesda to care more, and to show that they care, to keep in touch with gamers, and not release tiny bits of useless info only after gamers nag them to death asking “why?”. Trying to blame the hardware is lame, there are many other developers that don’t complain about the ps3 memory structure, and instead find ways around it. Blaming the hardware is their last move before assuming that it is their fault and to REALLY fix the bugs it would be necessary to do a lot of re-coding, something that would not be profitable in any way (and because of that, out of the question).
    Bethesda is one of the companies that has made me sad about this gen, because of the lack of quality of their games (bugwise), then we have Square with lack of quality in content, and finally Team ICO, because of lack of… everything… no single game released this gen (what are they living of this past 6 years?? Shadow of the Colossus didn´t sell that well, it was amazing, but didn´t sell millions and millions).

    • SONY should share the blame as well, first for making such a terrible machine to program to (I am a PS3 owner). Second, for not doing enough and putting more pressure on Bethesda to make sure that PS3 owners are treated equally as the Xbox owners.

      • a curious individual

        Terrible machine? In what universe, exactly?

        • Futurama probably :/ !

        • The phrase is “terrible machine to PROGRAM to”. You clearly missed the context entirely. There are many developers that have mentioned this and even the guy that used to be the President of Sony when the PS3 first came out admitted that this was done on purpose.

      • First off if it’s so terrible why you have one then? Also if the was so hard to program for the ps3 why bethesda the only company having problems while the other big name companies is not having the same problems? That doesn’t make any sense and actually some companies prefer the ps3 over xbox if they didn’t why make exclusives for them at all if it’s so hard to program for?

        • I use terrible as in “difficult” to program for. SONY has admitted this and they did it on purpose. I found this out AFTER I got my PS3. The reason Bethesda is the only company having problems with the PS3 versions of their games is because they port it from one system to the PS3, and the PS3 programming is different. Maybe they do it because this is less expensive or maybe they’re just lazy about it and now they are seeing the consequences of this.

    To be honest I feel like Bethesda have really dropped the ball with Dawnguard, to the point where I don’t really want to play any of their games any more, which is a shame, considering I own a lot of them. But in saying this I guess I’m stating the obvious. What I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t have tested and fixed the PS3 version (and other versions) BEFORE beginning the exclusive Xbox 360 month. That way they could simply tell Steam and Sony that all systems were go and they could hit the ‘release’ button. I even suggested this to Pete Hines, a Bethesda representative, via Twitter, his reply to me was ‘I see. So “if I can’t have it, nobody can” would be your approach here?’. This was not at all what I was insinuating, and this comment, among others have demonstrated the absolute immaturity of this particular representative. These elements along with the lack of information for PS3 users has developed into increasing displeasure. The problem here is the fact that Bethesda get away with it. Why? Because they make good games. I enjoyed the 200 or so hours I’ve put into Skyrim. I enjoyed even more hours in their various other games including Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Bethesda makes good games, so if they leave one platform (i.e. the PS3) in the dust then over half of those users will scramble over to another, more favoured platform. In doing so they’re effectively paying DOUBLE (for two copies of the game, on on the PS3 and one on the Xbox 360 or PC) meaning instead of teaching Bethesda a lesson by hitting them where it really hurts (in their wallets), they’re effectively encouraging them to continue playing favourites like children in the playground.
    Personally, I’m over waiting out for Dawnguard, I watch the news to express my opinions and that’s about it. There’s two weeks until Borderlands 2 comes out, I think I’ll just be patient and wait for that.

    • bob


    • Demercenary

      I had purchased a psn card the night before Dawnguard’s original release, only to be disappointed the following day. I say Bethesda could learn a thing or two from Gearbox.

    • I buy great games, period. Not buying good games only tells the industry that they need to pump out another Call of Duty because people aren’t liking TES-style games. Besides, the fact that I’m a paying customer gives my voice some weight when I (dragon) shout at Bethesda about this issue.

      Besides, I’ve been playing Morrowind since 2002, why should I stop now?

  • matthew

    so is it coming out

  • Bethesda = Bugs, Glitches, gives finger to PS3 owners, don’t care, careless, destroying itself, looks for Sugar Daddy in Microsoft, never communicate with the fans, shuts itself off from the world, gives up on rewarding but difficult projects right away, takes a long time to solve problems and hardly fixes anything and leaves it like that.

    • Doesn’t matter Had sex.

      • mynameis

        no fuckin way did you…. I saw your first comment

  • Elliott

    I don’t actually care anymore but I’ll think twice about buying bethesda games in future as they clearly bum microsoft and have no regard for the consumer

    • jordan8davis

      i agree but in not going to buy anymore of thier games because of many issuies with thier games

      • Lame, totaly lame. I can’t expect you, people, to understand. Imagine if in their programming there was a Corrupted file that broke the whole game and now they’re trying to solve it. They have 2 options, reset the whole process of creation and start all over again with the whole DLC or trying to save what is saveable, of course they will try to save it and save money at least, but how can they know how much time I’ll take to solve the issue. Now it’s too late to reconsider the first option, and they’re doing what they can. I’m sure, if they’re unable to bring it out, they will somehow even if they don’t need to, grant something to PS3 users for their loyalty towards the company. As long as they don’t do like Sega, who sold AvP and then promised a patch, we waited for months and then they scraped it because of lack of time and lazyness, and just left us with a broken 70 $ game.

        • No sympathy for them, they should’ve paid the money to have more extensive testing for the game prior to release. Although a brilliant game, it is literally riddled with glitches; serious ones at that.

        • It is indeed hard to understand something that makes no sense.

          Imagine if, there, was a moth flying, around inside the , ps3, they, were, developing, the, Dawnguard, port on. And Bethesda could, not, catch, that, moth, all, on, their own. So, they, call in Sony, but, sony, can’t, catch, that moth either so they’re, all, running, around, trying to, catch, that., moth and they don’t, know, when they’ll be able to catch that moth and release Dawnguard, for, the PS3.

          What I’m getting at is, things just don’t work the way you describe. Even if the problem was bugs, which they NEVER said, there’s not some master system somewhere with a corrupted file that’s taking a long time to fix. Your entire scenario takes place in an alternate reality where the physics governing software development are completely arbitrary.

          By their own words, it’s ‘performance issues’. And by their silence, we can take a small leap and guess that it’s due to the way they designed the software engine for Skyrim.