Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specifics for UK release

As most of you are already aware, the Galaxy Note 2 will be arriving soon and UK consumers are probably getting very excited right now as they have the chance to get their hands on the device before it is released in the US.

That means the race is on to see which carriers in the UK will be offering the device. So far, we have confirmations from three of the big five networks in the UK, that they’ll be selling the Note 2 to consumers when it arrives sometime in October.

Three UK have been the most public when speaking about the Note 2 and although not confirmed yet, we could see some sort of Three exclusivity in place after landing a similar deal for the original Galaxy Note. Three has even issued a short press release about their upcoming support for the Note 2, with the company saying that the ‘best Note 2 experience’ will be available at Three.

Meanwhile, O2 and Vodafone have already confirmed that they’ll be selling the Galaxy Note 2, but as far as we’re aware there are no similar press releases, leaving T-Mobile and Orange as the remaining two networks who haven’t said anything at all regarding Samsung’s upcoming device.

Buyers of the Note 2 in UK will receive an extra boost, upon hearing the news that popular storage company Dropbox has extended their partnership with Samsung for the Note 2. It means that when UK customers finally get their hands on the device, they’ll be able to enjoy 50GB of free cloud storage to upload all of their media instantly on the go, saving up that precious internal storage for other things.

The one outstanding factor in all of this remains the price of the handset and if Samsung will require a one-off fee for the device, on top of a likely £35 a month contract over two years. Considering that there is still potentially a month to go until release, we may be waiting a while for specific pricing information from UK networks.

Are you crazy about the Note 2 right now? If you live in the UK and are planning to get the Note 2 as your next device, tell us which network you think is the best and why.



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