Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specifics for UK release

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2012

As most of you are already aware, the Galaxy Note 2 will be arriving soon and UK consumers are probably getting very excited right now as they have the chance to get their hands on the device before it is released in the US.

That means the race is on to see which carriers in the UK will be offering the device. So far, we have confirmations from three of the big five networks in the UK, that they’ll be selling the Note 2 to consumers when it arrives sometime in October.

Three UK have been the most public when speaking about the Note 2 and although not confirmed yet, we could see some sort of Three exclusivity in place after landing a similar deal for the original Galaxy Note. Three has even issued a short press release about their upcoming support for the Note 2, with the company saying that the ‘best Note 2 experience’ will be available at Three.

Meanwhile, O2 and Vodafone have already confirmed that they’ll be selling the Galaxy Note 2, but as far as we’re aware there are no similar press releases, leaving T-Mobile and Orange as the remaining two networks who haven’t said anything at all regarding Samsung’s upcoming device.

Buyers of the Note 2 in UK will receive an extra boost, upon hearing the news that popular storage company Dropbox has extended their partnership with Samsung for the Note 2. It means that when UK customers finally get their hands on the device, they’ll be able to enjoy 50GB of free cloud storage to upload all of their media instantly on the go, saving up that precious internal storage for other things.

The one outstanding factor in all of this remains the price of the handset and if Samsung will require a one-off fee for the device, on top of a likely £35 a month contract over two years. Considering that there is still potentially a month to go until release, we may be waiting a while for specific pricing information from UK networks.

Are you crazy about the Note 2 right now? If you live in the UK and are planning to get the Note 2 as your next device, tell us which network you think is the best and why.

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  • I have used couple of networks already and now been using orange’s T mobile in my 4s but i experienced slighter network problem in some places and very weaker signal as compared to three that’s why i prefer galaxy note 2 in 3 network that would be fantastic.

  • Jon Harding

    I’m really hoping Everything Everywhere WILL have something to say about the Note 2 in 2 days time as they launch their new brand and 4G/LTE network- surely they’ll offer more than just iPhone 5… I’m really keen on the Note 2 as my next phone, but not 3 as a network… Obviously I have been a customer of theirs in the past!… I’d probably get this on Orange if they’d let me have unlimited data- as a long time Orange customer coming to the end of my contract I’m rather annoyed at the extreme differences between the Orange and T-Mobile tariffs now that they are effectively one network- coverage is usually adequate if not always awesome… I’m really hoping that Everything Everywhere will offer unlimited data plans at a competitive price- honestly I’m not THAT bothered about 4G/LTE right now, but if it’s available without being too much, then I’m in… Having been entirely spoiled these last 2 years since I upgraded to the Galaxy S on Orange with unlimited data, I just CANNOT use less than about 4Gb/ month! I’ve tried, and it’s impossible I tell ya!

  • RambJoe

    Who even cares what networks will have it, if this phone won’t even support 4G LTE in the UK?

  • Jobir

    If I buy the UK version, would it work in US?

  • Rroburt

    Yes; Orange/ Tmobile seems the best bet. I think they take care of less covered areas of the country too.

  • A few days ago I was able to register my interest on the Orange website, so I presume Orange will be having it too.

    • Rhiper

      Where do I find it on the website been hoping for this as my phone is due an upgrade

  • Bugs

    I agree that 3 seems to always have the most appealing deals, particularly regarding data usage and tethering (if that’s even required with a phone this size). My only concern is their network coverage. I’m with Voda which has never given me too many problems, but dare I say it – the T mobile / Orange partnership may provide the best coverage and they’re the only carrier who are progressing 4G, albeit I’m not sure the GN2 will be compatible in the UK. I’ll wait and see whether they announce the GN2 before UK release. Whichever network – this is going to blow the iPhone5 out of the sky!

    • note_lover

      Go Samsung!!!!!

  • Chip

    I am waiting to see if everything everywere will stock this device because s.Korea use the 1800mhz spectrum for there 4g LTE and that’s the same as EE spectrum in the UK.

    If EE are stocking the note 2 I doubt T-mobile or Orange will stock the device.

  • Plz make the following update in config.
    It wil b superb mobile
    1) Primary 10 MP, 4000×3000 pixels ( which wil b equal to Nikon Camera)
    2) Secondary Camera 2 MP. (1.9 looks very odd)
    3) CPU Quad-core 2 GHz if it can b done (equal yto comp).
    4) Standard battery, Li-Ion 4000 mAh as in Tab
    5) Release in atleat in 5 diff colors like green, orange, pink, purple, gold etc ( Light emitting colors). Seeing only Black & White mobiles in market has been bored. So wann color change.

    All other specifications r superb and perfect.
    If the above changes r made, It wil b a perfect ultimate one.

    • Valheru93

      What on earth are you talking about?

      – Megapixels does not mean better, the sensors are important.
      – Again it is the sensor that is important, not megapixels
      – 1.6GHz is more than enough, you can barely use that power anyhow.
      – Bigger battery would be nice, but that’s down to thickness and size
      – Different colours would be nice

      It has amazing specs, you can’t want more CPU power when it’s already as powerful as some laptops and desktops lol, you couldn’t utilize 2GHz yet. not many apps can even utilize a dual core let alone quad.

      • mad1at35

        Its interesting to note (no pun) that some new dual core cpu’s which are in Motorolas phones for instance are benchmarking faster than the quad core in both the Note and S3. It serms this is because they are built on a smaller feature size and are better optimised. So the march of CPU’s continues onwards.

        Next year, or even late this year, we will get phones with the Arm Cortex A-15 architecture which will be faster again and use less power. Couple this with the new Arm GPU’s that also have compute capability and you really will have a phone that’s getting towards being as powerful as a desktop from 3 or 4 years ago.

        All these processors are still much less powerful than current Intel or AMD desktop class CPU’s but their performance per Watt is many times better. Embarrassed Intel? That a chip originally designed by a small team at Acorn on a BBC Micro is dominating in the mobile space?!

        • Spacedog1973

          There is currently no other mobile that is benchmarking faster that the 1.6 quad in the note 2

  • Martin “Lawliet” Amuesi

    I believe Three will have the best deals. I love the One Plan they have. Also Three is the only network I know of that gives true unlimited internet usage. So I’ll either be getting it on Three or buying it sim free. Great post 😉

  • I want the Note 2!