Galaxy S3 record before Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2012

Despite losing a monumental patent court battle with Apple, Samsung has something to celebrate now, as the company has confirmed that their flagship handset, the Galaxy S3 has become their quickest selling handset of all time – in just 100 days.

Whether it is the lovely curved design of the Galaxy S3 or Google Now that consumers have fallen in love with, Samsung has decided to go public with the latest sale figures for the prized asset. In a statement released, the Korean electronics maker announced that they have shifted over 20 million Galaxy S3 units in just 100 days – a record in the ‘history of smartphones’ apparently.

In a double victory, this milestone for Samsung also follows recent news confirming that Samsung had now overtaken the iPhone 4S, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 the top selling smartphone in the US. Although Apple are likely to win back their mantle once the highly anticipated iPhone 5 debuts on September 12.

Current Galaxy S3 owners are naturally going to be very pleased that Samsung are doing well in their hardware sales against Apple, but there is perhaps a hint of disappointment still lingering in the air over the fact that an official update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is still not available.

The company said at their Mobile Unpacked event that the update was coming very soon, although ideally consumers would have liked to have it installed over this weekend. As a result, some may feel the urge to install custom Jelly Bean builds like the one we told you about here – an apparent ‘official’ Samsung build released early.

As a Galaxy S3 owner, are you pleasantly surprised that your handset is now the top selling smartphone in the US? Are you happy with your S3 at the moment, or are you still tempted to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer on September 12?

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  • Meh

    I’d rather have a brick from the 80s than an iphone. I’m going to get the S3 as soon as metro comes out with theirs, then I’ll install CM10 as soon as that’s available.

  • I’m a Galaxy nexus owner on Verizon; we better get jelly bean first.

  • RodF

    I wouldn’t use the iPhone even if it was given to me for nothing. I hate their OS and I hate their business ethic. All this litigation clearly shows that Samsung has them crapping in their pants. Jelly bean for the S3 needs to be available NOW before the launch of the iphone5 so that customers can see the real benefits not just read about them.
    I can see it already: Iphone 5 launch: Jellybean for S3: lawsuite by apple, JB for S3 copied iOS. Sometimes you have to throw the first punch, Samsung, this is that time.

  • darshan

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr phone. like it. after latest ics update it becomes really faster.

  • My interest in the new iPhone is negligible at best; my S3 has quenched my smartphone desire. Although the Samsung Note II has my attention.


    First, I am sooooo happy for Samsung – genuine competitor to apple. BRAVO Samsung.
    TOTALLY different and BETTER product than the IPHONE hands down. After owning an iphone and seeing how limited it is, I was glad to move to an android phone.

    Second, I hope they get jelly bean soon. I am wanting a specific upgrade to
    the OS that would help me in development quite a bit.

    AND THIRD: I have no idea how apple can claim some of their stupid patent
    arguments. For one, they claim multitouch was infringed on. GIMME A BREAK! Did
    Chevrolet infringe on FORD when they put four tires on a car? Did they b!tch
    when Microsoft put ICONS on their desktop? APPLE is nothing more than a money
    hungry BS corporation that had a good thing and revolutionized the industry –
    no argument there. But gimme a break: “you can’t use two fingers on your
    phone because we thought of it first!” What a crock.

  • TobesEtc

    “Whether it is the lovely curved design of the Galaxy S3 or Google Now that consumers have fallen in love with…”

    Can someone explain what Google Now has to do with this article? The S3 does not have Google Now yet. Google Now is part of Jelly Bean.

    Piss Poor Research Prevents Proper Journalism (to paraphrase someone).

  • Dizzle

    I love my S3! I am wanting jelly bean though. Apple left a bad taste in my mouth over the past few years. From destroying the e-book market to lawsuits in efforts to cut down on competition. Apple has been nothing but counter productive to technology and bad for consumers. True, they used to be innovative but lost their mojo. They rather litigate than innovate to keep their hold on the market.

  • Dave T

    I love the S3 but am waiting from JB, as I have an issue with S voice and hope that JB will solve my problem. As for Apple – no way will I ever buy one of their phones after their stupid law suits. Where would the car be if Henry Ford had sued every other manufacturer for putting 4 round wheels on a car, or attaching the gearbox to the engine.

  • slapper

    Samsung, I am a loyal lover of yours but come-on guys where frigggin hell is JELLY BEAN that you said would be released so soon Huh????…. Dont make stupid statements which you then dont fulfill.. if you say “soon” then release it SOON! I would think soon has already passed. I dont understand these companies, they spend so much on perfecting the right device & building the company to what it has become, and then they play silly games like this & it just sets them back 2 foot-steps… WHY??? You dont need this!!

    • mr.nude

      Calm your tits man, they can either release a buggy one (which if you want install the leaks) or they can release a proper stable one. At least were getting JB

  • Graff

    I’ve been an iOS junkee for a couple years but the moment i laid eyes on the S3 I knew I’d change sides forever. Android 4.x defecates on any previous phone OS including it’s predecessors and iOS — it’s more complex yet smooth to operate finally, Glad Samsung out-sold the iPhone cuz Apple been on a lot of babyback bllsh*t lately not to mention the tiny screen is played out these days lol.

    • timblewee

      I have to completely agree with this. I have had all the iPhones since the original but when I updated me 4s with iOS 6, I knew they’d had their day. I got the GS3 a week ago and besides a couple of niggles getting itunes stuff on there I don’t think I’d ever go back.

      • nhr215

        how do you handle calendar/contacts sync? I am sure you are an apple user as well, no? I recently switched to GS3 and have found this to be the biggest challenge.

        • Cameracartwright

          Download kies from Samsung website and u can sync iCal iPhoto and iTunes to it s3 🙂

  • FlakMagnet

    Yes, I’m glad the phone has topped the 4S in the US, but that will be short-lived when the 5 comes out. But 20 million units in 100 days? Woohoo!

    I love my S3 and would never go back to Apple (previously I had an iPhone 4). Android is far superior to iOS, and Apple are just being lazy. They will have to do something soon or people will start to look elsewhere and think “why can’t my phone do that?”.

    Can’t wait for Jelly Bean either. Not tried any of the leaks, but have been tempted. Google Now and the new offline Voice actions are the things I’m looking forward to most.

  • woody

    Piss on apple bring as many lawsuits as you like Samsung have taken over coz there galaxy range (especially the s 3 and note 2) are the best phones on the market one little thing though Samsung this is taking the piss now I want my bloody jelly bean update I need google now on my s 3 please hurry up i dnt wanna hear soon I want a date of release.

  • Where the F is JellyBean??????????????????

  • shany

    galaxy s3 is the best

  • John Hanck

    hell yea! F Apple! open your eyes apple owners, everytime a new iphone comes out its already obsolete, apple always wants you to be a little behind so as soon as the new version comes out,, you MUST have it, but by then its already obsolete as well. an endless cycle. LOL you current iphone owners who think you have 4G.. lol Crap metro PCS phones have 4G while you guys have to BUY a new phone.. haha no NFC either

  • TheOneSalmon.

    I want my jelly bean.