Samsung Galaxy Note 2 discovered for T-Mobile/AT&T

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 6, 2012

We knew the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would arrive in the United States at some point, and it has been confirmed to see a release date before the end of 2012, although the first evidence of this has started to show thanks to a few leaked images and benchmark results.

It is pretty normal for Europe to see most Samsung products first, including the Galaxy Note 2, although what US networks the device will launch on hasn’t been confirmed by any officials to date. Within the last couple of days we’ve seen some benchmarks leak online that include a device very much like the Galaxy Note 2 and signal a test for an AT&T handset.

You can see a screenshot below with some system information, although the full details can be seen on GLBenchmark here. The device listed has been named SGH-i317, but the clues come with the specs that look very much like the Galaxy Note 2. You’ll see a 1.6GHz processor, Android Jelly Bean, a 1280×720 screen resolution, so these details certainly match up to what we know.

If you look a little further into the benchmark results then you’ll also see LTE and AT&T’s name listed, although it’s not totally clear, especially considering the model number is lower than the original Note, so this doesn’t add up.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile – there is a device named T889 that is heading to T-Mobile, and it looks likely that this is also known as the Galaxy Note 2 thanks to the model increasing in this situation from T879 for the original Galaxy Note. You can read some reasons why this might be the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 in this article, which also features some further details from source files. We have included an image below that shows the build screen on the about page, so take a look and feel free to share a comment.

Would you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile or AT&T? When it comes to accessories it looks like Samsung are making the Galaxy Note 2 extremely versatile, which you can see a photo detailing a nice range of accessories in an earlier article.

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  • Andrew M

    IMO they need to be worrying about Verizon and sprint anyone can get a unlocked version if they have att or t mobile so why not just go galaxy nexus style cdma+ get contract hones and tmobile and att get unlocked. i know some people don’t want to pay 6-700 upright but i would if Verizon would let me


    I sure hope Sprint gets this phone too.

  • Note 2 – yes, if iphone 5 will not be better.

    • TAUSMC

      The IPhone 5 will not be better. I can guarantee that. I’ve been looking at the specs just so I can give my friends a proper comparison and recommendation. The Galaxy Note 2 is way better and has more innovation then the IPhone 5. Even though the IPhone 5 is till in rumar stages. I’m sure most of the IPhone people will be disappointed with the IPhone 5.

    • Jon

      Galaxy Note 2: The Best iPhone ever. (even better than the iPhone 5)

  • IPHONE 5 SEPT 12

  • Justin Bieber Has a PuC

    I’m getting it….can’t wait!!!!!!!

  • yarrellray

    Yes this is a Day one purchase for me on Tmobile. Great device to add to my Galaxy S3.

  • note_lover

    I will be getting it!!!

  • Buying this for my girl on T-mobile. I’m getting The Nokia Lumia 920 if it comes to T-mobile. If not, then i’ll get the best WP8 device T-mobile gets.