Monster Hunter 4 to provide 3DS graphics boost

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2012

PS Vita owners should be really happy at the moment with Cross Buy and Remote Play features starting to make the system much more appealing. Across the shore, Nintendo 3DS owners are patiently waiting for their crown jewel Monster Hunter 4 to arrive and we have some great new images for you to take a look at.

It’s no secret that some are still skeptical on what the 3DS can produce graphically. We saw with the re-release of Ocarina of Time that the handheld could handle N64 quality graphics and now Monster Hunter 4 is looking like the next game to showcase the device’s potential to handle quality on par with previous home consoles.

The 3DS may not be able to match the Vita in an direct graphics duel, an argument in itself, but there’s no denying that Monster Hunter 4 is looking highly impressive for a handheld game. Monster Hunter 3 was a good looking game in its own right, but the next game is going to rock graphics that you were probably used to seeing on a PS2.

A barrage of screenshots via AGB have shown up courtesy of the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu and the graphics on show are nothing short of mouthwatering. The shots available are in 2D of course, but imagine how good these are going to look on the 3DS when playing in 3D.

There has been plenty of endless debates on which handheld is better between the Vita and 3DS, but most Vita owners will probably admit that they are still hugely disappointed in Capcom’s decision to ignore the Vita. Has Capcom and Sony had a falling out behind closed doors? – As it still seems odd to us that Capcom would opt against bringing Monster Hunter to the Vita, when it was Monster Hunter on the PSP that put the whole franchise in the limelight.

As a 3DS owner, is Monster Hunter 4 the one game that you are really looking forward to above anything else? For Vita owners – how do you feel knowing that this game is exclusive to 3DS?

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  • Bobo Fango

    MH4’s gameplay graphics look like crap.

  • Nintendoro

    you must have not seen Resident Evil Revelations graphics yet, that you’ve mentioned Ocarina of Time as a good looking game. Personaly I think Ocarina of Time graphics were one of the worst on 3DS. R.E.R is looking far better than anything on ps2 as I know it, so stating that 3DS is on par with N64 is a bit wrong. It’s more xbox (original) than anything else to me. We just have’nt seen many titles that show all the power of 3DS yet

  • rjthakid

    As a Vita owner and Monster Hunter fan I was VERY disappointed in Capcom’s decision to bring MH4 to the 3DS and not the Vita. MHFU is one of my favorite games ever and MHP3rd was also excellent. Why Capcom would opt to bring Tri G to the Xbox 360 and create Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting for SMARTPHONES (ugh) and shun the Vita is beyond me.

    I doubt it’s due to sales because as I mentioned they’re releasing for the Xbox 360 which sells like crap in Japan.

    Just a weird, disappointing decision.

  • Shawn

    The 3DS version of Ocarina was not the original blocky origami-looking N64 graphics but matched the graphics of Ocarina-Link models on the Gamecubes Super Smash Bros Melee. Plus Resident Evil:Revealation was already the showcase title for the 3DS GPU. It rivaled the XBOX1 which was a bit more powerful than the PS2 and Gamecube cause XBOX1 and 3DS have dedicated shaders units that the PS2 and Gamecube lacked.

  • The 3DS can only handle N64 graphics? What? I thought it was more on par with the Wii. I’m glad the 3DS is getting exclusives. I think the Vita is, and will, fail.

  • Faisal saraban

    Already saw some MH4 preview… Not really happy with the graphic, the animation, honestly. The color scheme, the 3D, monster animations… eww~~ New gameplay look fun, but … Well, let’s wait and see for this one.