Skyrim Hearthfire and initial distress

By Alan Ng - Sep 5, 2012

So Hearthfire is finally available as the second DLC expansion pack for Skyrim after the release of Dawnguard, which has yet to hit the PS3. At just 400 Microsoft Points, the new content is considered a bargain, but we are hearing that a few of you are having some problems when trying to get started with purchasing land and building a house.

We told you here in our initial article how to actually start the quest by talking to a courier upon entering a town, who should then hand you a note to get started on the new Heartfire content. This process appears to be fairly straight forward, just like starting the Dawnguard content, but some of you have told us that you have received no letters at all from a courier and are stuck on how to progress.

If this is happening to you, you should be aware that there are other methods to get the letter and right task needed to start building a house. You can talk to stewards instead about inquiring about purchasing land, as the letters may only appear automatically if you are a thane of a particular area.

If you don’t know how to hire a steward, simply take a follower to your current home and talk to them and you should progress to the next stage of the task. When you finally do get onto customizing your own home, you should be pleased with the amount of options available and the surprises in store when you are suddenly greeted by some unwelcome guests – not wanting to spoil anything.

As far as first impressions go – what do you think of Hearthfire so far? Have you had any problems receiving the initial letter from the courier, or are you already a happy home owner? We heard from one of our readers that the courier delivering the letter actually turn up naked, which we thought was pretty funny. Has this happened to you?

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  • bReims

    I can’t ask my wife to move in, it’s like my house doesn’t even exist

  • marhorn

    Move along…..


    ugh… wheres my ps3 dawnguard bethesda

  • PcGamer86

    All seems to be fine at the mo .. No naked couriers or anything out of place .. My Wife (in game wife) isnt too happy we moved from Whiterun though !!!

  • Nyeh Geowgie!

    Milked me Dry of my Gold Building that house!

  • sad joe

    sad ps3 guys if we coud have this now i dont care if there is bugs on both dlc 🙁

    • I completely agree any bugs r avoidable even b4 skyrim was patched for ps3, when it came out I just want the damn DLC’s 🙁 Im getting bored with jsut the original skyrim game ! lol

    • Dan Smith

      Sod the dlc, just have them release the vampire lord and the two skill trees, the rest looks like filler material

  • mattb88

    my armour mannaquins keep falling through the sets of drawers they’re standing on

  • Wigaruff

    does anyone know if you could get a secret door of some kind

    • mattb88

      i bought the windstead manor i think its called and there’s a little cliff face overlooking the water and a door from that to your cellar would be perfect

  • Sparklebeard

    Lol my courier is always naked (except for his boots) without any dlc. I cringed when he gave me the Dark Brotherhood letter saying “We Know”.

  • Adam Persson

    Yes! Naked courier came to me aswell!

  • Robbie

    You dont even need to be given a letter, just talk to a number of different stewards – i talked to the one in falkreath but you can chat to 3 or 4 other ones in order to buy the land which is priced at 5000 gold.

  • Hobbit

    YAY! Second Comment! I’m going to see if i can download it. Thx for adding that post so fast.

  • johnny

    I really like it, it’s different, I’m sick of just killing enemies and going into the same bland looking tombs.

  • Paulo

    I have been on it all night it’s been alright