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Reasonable Wii U price in line with PS3, PS Vita

Just days after we heard of a potential November 18 release date for the Nintendo Wii U, yet more juicy rumors have surfaced, this time giving us the latest lowdown on a potential price for the system.

If you have been keeping up with all of the rumors, you’ll know that many release dates have been touted for Nintendo’s elusive Wii U console, but very little details on how much the new tech will actually cost. Gamers have been worried that Nintendo is going to overprice the console as a direct result of being ‘first’, to the next-gen party, but you’ll be very pleased with the latest price tag that has been flying around during the last few days.

Video Product Distributors are a company that supply stock to other companies such as Amazon. According to information posted by the company, the Nintendo Wii U is going to come in with a retail price of $249 and will also be available in two other varieties, as noted by GoNintendo.

Their listings also indicate that the Wii U will be available for $299 and $349 as well, so we’re guessing these increased prices relate to accessories and software that will be bundled with the system. $249 for the base console though is very reasonable indeed for a so called ‘next-gen’ console and don’t forget that this is the exact price as a new PS3 or PS Vita handheld right now.

A lot of you were expecting the new console to come in at over $300, so this is great news all round if true – are we right? Anything over $300 would have been debatable, but $250 is surely worth a re-think now if you were previously uninterested. Additionally, the same source has the console down for a launch on November 11, rather than November 18 which was the last rumored launch date.

Will you buy the Wii U if Nintendo confirm the $250 price tag? A 160GB PS3, a WiFi Vita, or a brand spanking new Wii U console – we think we know what we would buy.



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