GTA V to end a generation

By Alan Ng - Sep 5, 2012

There had been growing sense of feeling that GTA V was going to be the highlight game that will still release on current gen hardware before next-gen consoles arrive. It appears that most of you have had your say on the matter formerly now, with a recent poll declaring Grand Theft Auto 5 as the most anticipated game ever left to release on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Despite Rockstar’s debatable tactics in releasing hardly any information so far since that November 2011 trailer, the game remains the number one talking point amongst gamers and the one game that can truly unite fans together as that must have game upon release.

The guys over at CVG recently compiled an interactive poll, conducting a study of the most anticipated games left to release on current gen hardware, out of a possible twenty candidates. It’s no surprise to hear that GTA V came top of the list with a 8.3 score out of 10 in terms of anticipation.

What may take you by surprise though is the game that game in second place. Despite being announced just days ago, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has shot straight into the top three as your second most anticipated game to come out. Joint third are The Last of Us and Assassin’s Creed III with scores of 7.1.

Despite Treyarch’s decision to take Black Ops 2 into the future, it appears that the anticipation just isn’t there this time around for the sequel compared to the original, as it only came in 15th place with a measly score of 4.0. Although this is only the results of one website poll, is this a true reflection of your own feelings about the game as well?

Back to GTA V though – who is going to argue with the fact that Rockstar’s game is going to be the glittering finale on the Xbox 360 and PS3’s lifecycle? Would you be satisfied if GTA V was the best way to end this generation before the PS4 and Xbox 720 arrive, or are you looking to see a few more AAA titles first?

Rockstar’s recent unveiling of gorgeous screenshots for the game just keeps us wanting more – surely a new trailer has to come next?

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  • GTA5

    GTA 5 on PS Vita……could happen..maybe

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  • A fitting and superior end… I will be playing GTA V until my OG fat PS3 catches fire from the kilos of dust is has inhaled over the years and burns on a self- inflicted funeral pyre, then, I will unquestionably shell out the $600 for the PS4 with the new Red Dead on the horizon, and (hopefully) a MUCH improved web browser

  • Guest

    A fitting and superior end… I will be playing GTA V until my OG fat PS3 catches fire from the kilos of dust is has inhaled over the years and burns on a self- inflicted funeral pyre, then, after a year or so, I will unquestionably shell out the $600 for the PS4 with the new Red Dead on the horizon, and (hopefully) a MUCH improved web browser

  • Roman

    rofl, if gta v is released on the 360 and ps3 then the next gen consoels might as well wait another 2 or 3 yr bfor they release cuz no1 will want them when they’re playing gta v

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  • YourMomsBush

    there’s still a ton of great games coming out this generation of consoles, most of them next year.

  • trickstar

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