COD Black Ops 2: Earning selected perks

By Alan Ng - Sep 5, 2012

If you are looking forward to Black Ops 2 which releases on November 13, there’s no doubt that you have been keeping an eye on the list of new perks that will be featured in multiplayer mode.

The game will include new perks such as Dexterity and Fast Hands, but one of the main talking points remains the infamous Ghost perk and how it will play out in Black Ops 2. If you played the first game, you’ll know that there were a lot of complaints on how it was a paradise for campers as it allowed you to stay completely undetected, both from UAV planes and from killstreaks like the gunship.

The pleasing thing to note is that Treyarch seem to be treating Ghost as a special case for Black Ops 2, with designer David Vonderhaar confirming on Twitter that big changes are going to come into effect for Ghost in Black Ops 2. You may have already heard via leaked information, but the Ghost perk is only going to be effective when players are actually moving – i.e eliminating the option to camp.

That is a good change in our opinion, but it gets better – Vonderhaar recently said on Twitter that players are going to have to work extra hard to earn selected perks such as Ghost. It means that players won’t be able to select Ghost from the very start of the game and there should be less complaints when players finally receive it – as they would earn the right to wear it with pride for getting to a higher level.

Are you happy to see Treyarch spending extra time to make sure that the controversial perks from the first game are balanced out for Black Ops 2? What about the infamous Stopping Power perk? Treyarch last used this perk in World at War after deciding not to include it in Black Ops 1. Would you like to see Stopping Power return or not? Don’t forget there’s a list of scorestreaks here.

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  • Ice34x

    What is the big problem with camping??!! People buy the game and should be able to choose how they want to play it. If you know where somebody is camping shouldn’t it make it easier to kill them?? I’m absolutely not going to buy the the new game!

  • Destructo-Force-_-

    Show us more when I get the game I’ll be good. Not taking the time to know the game.

  • Heisenberg

    “If you are looking forward to Black Ops 2, there’s no doubt that you have been keeping an eye on the list of new perks”

    Not true, there are those who play CoD and couldnt care less about multiplayer.

    • Red


    • Alex

      I never play the campaigns, never have never will. Im not interested in shooting A.I.
      Multiplayer all the way!

  • agreed (i for one am guilty of camping/defending objectives) this will keep the game fast paced that we all love. midnight launch here i come

  • david boon

    If it was up to me ghost wouldn’t even be in the game. I think no stopping power is a great thing. Everyone will use it if given the option. I like the fact that Treyarch is taking the time to balance everything. Black ops 2 just may be the best cod to date.