Xbox Live down at Skyrim Hearthfire release

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 4, 2012

It couldn’t have happened on a more inconvenient day, but right now Xbox Live is down at the exact Skyrim Hearthfire release time, which is not confirmed to be related but also has not been denied either. Early downloaders managed to sign in on their Xbox 360 and start the Skyrim Hearthfire download, which weighed in at just 75MB with a similarly small price of just 400MP.

We have just tried to sign in and get downloading, only to find out that we couldn’t connect to Xbox Live. After a quick look at the official Xbox Live status page you’ll notice problems being reported. You can see a screenshot below that shows that Microsoft are aware of the problem and working to correct the issue, which hasn’t been named.

You won’t be able to sign into Xbox Live from the online website or your console, although we’ll update you as soon as Xbox Live is back up and with any response we get from officials.

Is Xbox Live down for you, and if so what country are you trying to sign in from? We’ve tried in the UK, and have work colleagues in France and the US, all confirming problems signing in.

If you want to know a little more about the story behind Skyrim Hearthfire, then you should see our earlier article that takes a look at this. The lack of Dawnguard on PS3, the first Skyrim DLC, and also the possibility of the second DLC not making it to the PS3 has been explored in this article. There has been mixed reactions, which include some people understanding that there are a number of teams working on different projects, but others just want all the focus to be on fixing the PS3 issue. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

The biggest problem PS3 owners have is the lack of feedback from Bethesda, and when they did finally give more details hearing that the “PS3 is powerful” and that there could never be a fix, well these words speak volumes. We are sure you’ve seen the official Skyrim Hearthfire trailer, but if not then you can see it here. Have you managed to download the second Skyrim DLC yet, or are you still having problems signing in to Xbox Live?

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  • John

    Rahh Skyrim DLC is in bits, first no/delayed DLC for PS3 and now this… COME ON BETHESDA!

  • Downloaded Hearthfire last night, played around for a few hours with it but it kept locking up. Now my Xbox is running VERY slow. Finally got to the storage page and every file on on my hard drive that was downloaded from Xbox live, ever, is corrupted. Nothing is running now. Related???

  • mandy

    NZ and yea it went down for me. I was in party when it happened and now I cannot partyup with that same friend. Frustrating much?

  • jarl

    pokemon is bebber

    • jarl

      my face looks like an ostrich

  • Phillip Overton

    As of approximately mid afternoon uk time Xbox live was back up and downloaded heartfire

  • jarl

    pokemon black and white 2 is the better game!!

  • mustard

    You still can’t sign in, in Afghanistan, what is wrong?

    • Robert

      Well, it is Afghanistan.

      • jarl


  • mustard

    Still down in india, no sign of it coming back

  • Nico

    From NZ here, downloaded with no problems 2-3 hours ago. To start visit a town and you get a note from a courier saying talk to the Jarl’s steward in Falkreach, and the courier mentions visiting the Riften orphanage about adopting children. Visit the steward to buy Lakeview Manor, and head over there it. I have so far built a large house (with a garden, stables and animal pen but without many fittings), bought lumbar, planted some plants, stole some honeycomb…and been attacked by two packs of vampires and a blood dragon. Don’t know if I want to adopt kids yet, lol.

  • xDoz3

    The “Extras” thing seems to working just fine in greece..:D now i just have to figure out how to get the house building thing started, i only got a letter from the orphanage so far..

  • Arvey Jay

    It’s back in Australia. Hearthfire is there all seems ok. Website’s still showing the server runtime error but from consolle is ok.

  • Derek Geraghty

    VERY intermittent in the UK… one minute XBOX live was there, the next it was gone!

  • Sam

    Server Error in ‘/’ Application in manchester, uk

  • Kirojanic

    Still down in south africa…really hope it gets up and running soon

  • Aaron

    Downloading as we speak 🙂 ireland 01;44

  • jack

    6:39 still down in colorado

  • marhorn

    Never seen Xbl go down for more than a few hours….not like months (ahem)
    And besides….could be worse….could not be getting Hearthfire at all…….

  • Rusted cage

    Pascale, me too. But search the add ons and you’ll see hearthfire.

  • fatalmaddog11

    In Missouri go to sky rim in games then go extras and go to the last box it should pop up

    • Aaron Smith

      Thank you so much, it would have taken me hours to find it!

  • Australia, Queensland. Can finally connect

  • Aaron

    Xbox live is back up but no hearthfire in marketplace Ireland 1.35

  • Blacksad

    Down in Belgium

  • Fox

    Cant even connect to xbox live at all via console , The main site gives me a runtime, so cant check forums.
    United States 8:28am.

  • Can’t get on the xbox live site either 🙁

  • Amy

    Managed to download Hearthfire completely, but dont know where or how to start. Saw the cutscene for Hearthfire though. -London UK

  • Pascale Sanchez

    Back up in Saudi Arabia, marketplace appears to have issues. No HEARTHFIRE showing and it says that I haven’t downloaded Dawnguard yet.

  • Kevin

    Still down in England 1:27pm

  • Toby

    To start Hearthfire a courier gives you a note to visit the Orphanage in Riften

    • James

      I got a note from Jarl of Falkreath saying i can buy some land

  • winter

    still down in NZ. -_-

  • Necro

    Try searching for hearthfire in skyrim its near the back of all the extras. I just found it and got it

    • thanks! was all the way at the back for some reason ?

  • (update) as of 6:21 in Colorado all is accounted for, Hearthfire successfully downloaded.

  • Josh

    It’s up for me and I’m in UK. I downloaded Hearthfire no prob, and I’ve got the letter about adopting already so it’s working. Just looking for how to start.. housebuilding now.

    (North east uk)

  • WakeyJames

    Something is fubar, it wants me to spend 1600 points on Dawnguard even though I bought it already

  • Jimmy

    Down in Perth west aus too

  • steady301

    ive just got on…and downloaded hearthfire, dont know how to start my home though lol

    • steady301

      ok, scratch that….a courier just came to me with a letter to speak to the steward about land for sale, oooops 😀

  • Oh boohoo the elder scrolls should never have been on ps3 anyways it needs to stay with xbox and the pc.

  • Kat

    In Essex and it’s working now but I can’t seem to send messages or start a party or private chat 🙁

  • Blake

    Australia 10:14pm. Managed to log on to Live but there was no Hearthfire under Skyrim. Also, it appears that the Marketplace itself is broken. It wasn’t showing up any of my previous purchases. I went into Dawnguard and it said “Purchase” instead of “Download Again:.

  • chrisinjersey

    down in jersey uk looks like its deleted my profile and wont let me redownload it, after trtying 15 times to sign in with a no gold membership it eventually let me sign in to live

    • rob

      same problem with me!!! south east of ireland

  • xX WAT3RLIF3 Xx

    not working here in uk halfway through browsing marketplace and it crashed

  • its bk on in the uk and im d/ling it now 😀

  • Adam “NovaC0re” Persson

    Been down for like 2 hours in Sweden.
    First i went nuts and thought that my xbox were stupid, but later found out that some friends have the same problem, and many others too. Someone thought that it may be because of a beta-release of an Dashborad update comming this fall.

    And by the way, thank you for posting this, it makes it somewhat more.. “Official” than my own thoughts on what may be going on.

  • angry

    search Hearthfire, showed up after a couple tries.

  • ohio4life330

    Down in ohio 8:12 am. Nott sure what’s going on an update would be great

  • Iron Ravyn

    Look under the skyrim title, for some reason it doesn’t show up under new add ons

  • Annoyed

    Stop spamming comments

  • WakeyJames

    Its back up here in the UK, but a quick check in the download games shows no DLC for Skyrim. Have they pulled Hearthfire?

  • Shaideru

    Down in Qatar

  • Iron Ravyn

    It let me on but I had to sign out of my profile and try to download hearthfire without being signed in. Then I was asked to sign in and did so with no issues.

  • angry

    down till about 8 am in Ontario, Canada. back up now, but no Hearthfire download anywhere

  • Rogue

    It’s down Worldwide.

    • jarl

      so is your mom

  • imadogruff

    Im up here in Vancouver and its up and working at 5:06am, no idea where to start though….

  • raefuun

    It’s been down for me in Illinois since at least 4:45am Central Time, now going on 7:03am. Glad I’m paying for this! lol

  • kipp

    Well that sucks. Give it a sec and it might show up

  • Karl

    Managed to sign in now here in the UK but Hearthfire hasn’t shown up anywhere.

    • steady301

      i searched skyrim on the games marketplace and it was right at the very end…strange though

  • kipp

    Yeh I t the same problem. I tests are fine but no log in. Lucky I grabbed it quick 🙂


    im down, swansea, wales, uk

    • WiseEdwards

      It’s working now, Carmarthen,Wales

  • It just corrupted my Xbox. Great.

  • Arvey Jay

    Same as kipp here. Network test shows all running fine, but loggin into website and onto live impossible. Website shows lines of code and no UI at all.

  • Connor

    I have been on since early in the morning in the UK, and it hasn’t gone down for me.

  • the draven crow

    1pm England, working fine, downloaded hearthfire no problem.

  • dood

    yea im getting a weird website when i try on the computer but getting the same as kipp in nc too

  • MeatWood

    It’s 7:57am here in north Carolina. Still cannot connect. Says service alert below live status. And yet all the live status, Xbox stores, accounts, and matchmaking, are up.. Strange..

  • Arvey Jay

    down in australia as well!

  • kipp

    I’m in Australia and I just managed to get it before live went down. 🙂

  • as of 5:57, it is still down in Colorado..

    • LAWGIVER1979

      Just came back on

      • Glasses

        It’s up in Maine as well, but Hearthfire is unavailable for download. It’s just… missing.

        • Condor

          try searching for it i just did and i am about to start downloading.

      • but where is hearth fire?

      • jarl

        and i just came

      • jarl

        and i just came…again