Start Skyrim Hearthfire in these areas

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 4, 2012

Today is the launch day for the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC on Xbox 360, and after a shaky start thanks to Xbox Live going down for a short period, it is time to get started with the new DLC. The first thing to learn how to do is start Skyrim Hearthfire, and while this seems pretty obvious it had been an issue for some gamers when Dawnguard first launched. We found a few players finding it difficult to access the Fort Dawnguard quest, although the second DLC is a lot easier to start.

How to start Skyrim Hearthfire – the first thing you will want to do is go to a town, and once you get there you’ll find a courier that offers you a note. You can see this note in the image below, which starts a quest to speak to the Jarl of Dawnstar and there you get to find out how to purchase your first land.

The note explains that some undeveloped land has become available, and the Jarl wants to offer you the opportunity to become “a landowner in the Pale“. It is worth noting that you might get a different message depending on where and how you meet the courier, which could lead to a number of other Jarl’s offering you land to build a house.

Skyrim Hearthfire will also let you find land for sale and build a house in Falkreath, Hjaalmarch, and of course The Pale as stated above. We’ll be getting hands-on to build a house in all these areas, and will deliver our quick reviews in the coming days and weeks. If you end up buying land in each of these areas, then feel free to hit the comments with your experience.

We only played Skyrim Hearthfire for under an hour to give our readers a quick first impressions and how to get started, although when you visit the Jarl’s steward in Falkreath you’re given an opportunity of adopting children from the Riften orphanage. In the limited time we spent in Hearthfire we’ve built an animal pen, stables, and garden. Surprisingly vampires have already attacked us, although keep connected to PR for further details on each of the areas, tips, and how to buy land within the add-on.

Have you downloaded Skyrim Hearthfire yet, and if you are on the PS3 do you hold much hope of seeing the DLC make it to your platform? You can see a video below that shows some Skyrim Hearthfire gameplay, and also a visual look at how to get started.

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  • Mr. RoflTrofl

    The steward lady in Falkreath won’t sell me anything, nor the Jarl. And I’m the thane! Somebody tell me what’s going on. Also no letters from any couriers, this is getting really annoying.

  • Darkar

    Guys i had the same problem….what i did was i wen to Morthal and the courier was work for me.. hope it helps

  • Jopo181

    I got a letter only about adoption. nothing about land. Any help?

  • kari

    I am having the ‘No letter” problem too. i bought hearthfire the day it came out. i have played it for 2 hours a day went to every hold and talked to the jarls AND stewards and still nothing. i have compleated all the jarls quests befor i bought hearthfire and the only letters i got were to say i can adopt a child and to go to riftens orpanage and another letter 5 days after that saying i can buy a childs bedroom for the houses i allready own.. it is getting very frusterating. help please if you can. thanks.

  • rh

    installed 3 times! no jarl info, no courier, no house! fuk you hearthfire, you suk my azzhole

  • You need to befriend the jarls to purchase land. To do this, you need to solve the problem that’s plaugeing the town, in Dawnstar’s case the nightmares. To do this, talk to the priest of Mara at the local inn. After you complete this, talk to the jarl.

  • TruckerBob

    I got the letter in Whiterun immediately, but to Falkreath, not Dawnstar. I hadn’t even OPENED Falkreath yet, but went there anyway. I had only one quest (kill the leader of the bandits) to get theJarl’s approval to buy land.
    Plot was SW of Guardian Stones near Riverwood. Stone was quarried to the Left of the (provided) benches, Clay to the Right up the slope. Logs were acquired from Riverwood Mill (pull a log and operate the mill bandsaw to get Hod to come and accept the money).
    BUY AT LEAST THREE THOUSAND SKYBUCKS’ WORTH OF WOOD! You’ll need it. Also, to complete rooms you’ll need Slaugherfish, Bears, Elk and Deer parts (scales, claws and pelts, antlers and such) also Wolf and Sabre Cat parts. The Trophy Room is cool,I mounted a Snow Bear and a Falmer (two ears and a sword) but the enchanting tower is redundant as the Main Hall can have an enchanting station. Has LOTS of containers and storage. It took all day to get the needed animal and construction parts, so I don’t yet know how to activate a second land offer.

  • As soon as I get the letter saying that the option to adopt children is available, all the children is Skyrim apparently pull their clothes off. Every single kid is wearing nothing but their underwear. Anyone else having this issue? Also, does anybody know if Benor can become your steward?

  • Adam “NovaC0re” Persson

    First Impression: Cool!
    Not as awesome as i maybe would have hoped for, but then again, it’s only 400MSP, right? Anyway, i thought it would feature lots and lots of more ways to make this house YOUR house, for example, where do i want the front door to be? Where do i want to place this chest? (Obviously not ANYWHERE in a room, but the posibility to choose a few diffrent spots) and so on.. The fact that you can only put certain things (Like armory, or kitchen areas) In just one place, is a bit disapointing. (I don’t mean i want 2 kitchens, but the fact that you can’t build a kitchen AND an armory is what i mean..)

    But then again, the main hall features all you ‘need’ without any wings or towers.
    All over i’d give this a 4/5, so even if some things could be better, i’m still satisfied.

    And right now i’m apologising for any misspelled words, 02:45AM and i’m from Sweden.

    • NgTurbo

      Great insight Adam, thanks! 🙂

  • brad

    does anyone know how to remove furniture in a room?

  • Toom

    I don’t know how so many of you can be having issues with this. You must be retarded or something

  • To anyone having difficulty with this, buying a plot of land s much like buying a house, out need to have earned the favour of the jarl in charge of the hold where the land lies. So far I have 2 plots of land, one from the Jarl in Falkreath and one from Dawnstar. I believe there is A Third from Morthal.

    • briangull

      Didn’t you have a problem in the beginning with you only receiving one letter explaining how you can make your child’s room. Did you fix it? Please if you know how to please tell me

      • You only get the letter if you’re already a thane, you just have to go to one of the stewards and ask about buying a house, if the option isn’t there then go see the Jarl and ask about doing jobs until he / she offers you land.

        • Brian Gull

          okay thank you but what about the addoption letter? I didnt have that one either

  • Brian Gull

    the courier came up to me and he gave me a letter but it is neither the letter to the addoption center nor a letter from the jarls. please comment if you know what to do.

  • BeaverGrover

    I cant buy supplies, the quest marker takes me to half-moon mill and there is no body around and when I get there, the marker disappears, any help?

    • Michael M

      Okay. You probably already killed them as part of a DB sidequest. Try making a follower your stewart. You can do this by taking them to the land and talking to them. It should bring up the option. They can get the supplies for you. 20 logs for 200 gold. It might help you bypass this, I tried talking to other mill owners but they didnt give me the option to buy lumber. Also.. you can get stone from the quarry that’s near your home.. anything else you can get at a general store like bits and pieces in Solitude 🙂

      • Michael M

        and iron ingots. lots of iron ingots.. lol.

  • BeaverGrover

    anybody know where i can buy supplies? the quest marker takes me to a mill but no one is there? and i cant progress any further

    • brad

      you can get logs if you talk to the person at the mill.

    • You can get lumber from any mill I use the one in Riverwood as I killed the owners of half moon mill in DB quest, plus its the nearest one to me now in falkreath.

  • dion

    im still tryna find out where the hell you get straw from and a steward

    • bth95

      go to belethor’s store in whiterun and go to misc he has straw and bring like lydia or someone with you to your house and chat with them to make them your steward

  • bth95

    the courier was naked for some reason when he delivered my letter.. O.o

    • Caleb

      Haha so funny. happens to me all the time.

  • One Omega

    I’ve been playing for almost 2 hours, I resetted my game because some DLC requires you to reset. Well, I fast-travel to Whiterun and meet a courier and gives me a letter about adoption. This is starting to get stupid.

  • MireLurker

    For the people having trouble with receiving the letter: You can alternatively go to one of the holds and talk to the Jarl’s aide. He’ll sell you land when you ask to buy a house. I didn’t get a letter, but talked to Alfur in Morthal, and he sold me land.

    • one Omega

      Thanks man, it worked me and now I can start building.

    • wheresmybattleaxe

      Nice going to try this as soon as i get home!!!

    • Guest

      Thanks that helped me out!

  • Drifter

    I’ve wondering around 5 different towns for half an hour now but I still haven’t got a letter, any advice?

    • Pritchard24

      try going to falkreath

      • Drifter

        I’ve been to falkreath but I’ll look and see if I have the letter

      • Drifter


    • bth95

      Look in your books for “Letter from Jarl Siddgeir of Fal….” I wandered around for two hours only to realize i already had it somehow.

  • Pritchard24

    To get a steward take your follower to your home

  • brad

    i went to the lumber mill called “half moon hill” or something like that and talk to the woman named Hert and she has like yellow eyes… vampire???

    • kestix

      to get straw?

      • brad

        no i went to get logs.

        • Jesse

          yeah she’s a vamp, theres a side quest to kill her at one point in dawnguard, sorry for spoilers but its not significant to the main quests…

        • Michael M

          not a side quest of dawnguard. Part of the Dark Brotherhood questline though.

        • Michael M

          well not even part of the main DB questline. It’s a side quest in the DB you get from the redguard fellow.. which if you already killed them then i guess just ask a housecarl to be your stewart… i dont think they remembered you have to kill them.

        • Michael M

          your stewart should be able to get the materials for you. it’s a lot easier that way anyway..

  • kestix

    where do i get straw??

    • Silver

      You can get straw from any trade shop.

  • Rayyyyven

    How do you get a steward???

    • Michael M

      take a follower to the location of your home. talk to them and the option to make them your stewart should come up.

  • bth95

    I have re installed hearthfire twice, went to every city/ some towns and waited for at least 3 days, and i still haven’t gotten any letter about anything. I talked to the jarls and they didn’t say anything about purchasing land or adopting anyone…

    • Drifter

      same here, I don’t know what to do at this point

      • Adam “NovaC0re” Persson

        Talk to the stewards 🙂 I Didnt gett any message, but i figured, since i bought the house from the Steward, i went to them again, wich worked. (In Morthal, Falkreah and Dawnstar).. First thing that should happen when you enter a Jarls house, a new housecarl should introduce him/herselfe 🙂

    • brad

      did you like wait and set a time and stuff?? if not you should do that untill the courier talks to you or look in your inventory in Books and see if you have a letter from the Jarl there.

    • Ike

      You need to do the jarls favor quest in order to get the letter

    • QuietAssassin47

      u have to become a thane

  • jrmery

    i played for about an hour and the only letter i got was the one for adopting children, nothing to do with property

  • Yukillama

    Ive bought some land and now I just can’t find the frigging thing :/

    • Adam “NovaC0re” Persson

      Should be a questmarker on the spot. Check MISC. 🙂

  • dnh7145

    I went to the Jarl in Falkreath, spoke to the stewar and bought land for 5000, I started to build but can’t figure out how to find/buy matrials or make my follower a steward

    • Jesse

      Same problem here, don’t know where to buy quarried stone or hire a steward, got a feeling stewards can be used to purchase the things i need, just need to hire a steward!

    • brad

      you will find matrials in the chest on your land.

  • hhhruleskingofkings

    ive been playing for about 1 hour and i havent got a letter yet and am thane of dawnstar and falkreth and am confused

  • therunaround

    I recieved a letter to speak with the jarl of falkreath and all he does is talk about how he became jarl.

    • Fridge

      Speak to the Jarls steward at falkreath.

      • therunaround

        I did that as well but still nothing. I have even waited and reloaded fast traveled to a diffret hold and the letter sends me to the same jarol

  • Jesse

    How do you make a follower your steward? :/

    • ForFunzies

      Just take them to your house and talk to them.

  • DoctorWhoAmI

    Yeah I mean the only letter i’ve gotten is to adopt children…and I can’t because I haven’t built my house yet.

  • wheresmybattleaxe

    i started this and the only letter i got from a courier was in whiterun and all it said was i can make a childs room in the house i already own. Do i have to be in a certain town?

    • I have this too, have you fixed it yet?

      • wheresmybattleaxe

        ya only got to play for a little bit. I’m at work now. Hopefully i can figure it all out when i get home.

    • MireLurker

      It’s possible that you need to be a Thane in one of those three areas. I’m not in any of them except Whiterun, Solitude, and Windhelm, but I didn’t get a note about buying land either. All I got was one explaining that I can now adopt children, and that in Whiterun I can replace my alchemy lab with a children’s room.

      • wheresmybattleaxe

        mabey hopefully thats what it is i think iam only a thane in whiterun