PS Vita remote play timing crucial

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2012

Sony has recently put a smile on the face of PS Vita owners by finally bringing PS1 classics to the system, but the one feature that still eludes users is the ability to universally play PS3 games on the Vita via Remote Play.

It’s no secret that this remains one of the most requested features and arguably the one feature that many PS Vita bought the system sorely for. We’re guessing that Sony continues to work on bringing the feature to users someday and Sony president Shuhei Yoshida has given a massive tease that the feature could be coming sooner rather than later.

He has uploaded an image to his personal Twitter account, confirming that the excellent ICO HD game is running on the Vita via Remote Play streaming from the PS3. ICO if you’re not aware is considered a PS2 classic and was recently released on to the PS3 as an HD remaster along with its ‘spiritual successor’ Shadow of the Colossus.

Yoshida has added that the game looks beautiful on the Vita’s 5-inch OLED screen and hopefully it is positive evidence that ICO and a whole host of other games will be available via Remote Play soon. Personally, we don’t understand the logic in the delay over Remote Play. If Sony announced PS3 streaming across the majority of their PS3 lineup, imagine how many new Vita units they’d sell?

Sony originally announced this as an official feature of the Vita when they showed Killzone 3 all those months ago, so they really need to step it up now and deliver – it has been one year since then after all. Does this screenshot of ICO HD running on the Vita excite you?

Let us know what PS3 games you would like to have running on the Vita if and when Remote Play becomes available. Would you be willing to take matters into your own hands like this guy if Sony restricts Remote Play?

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  • A Wilson

    I would like full access to my ps3 through remote play, not just apittifull selection.
    In all honesty I’m on the edge of dumping the vita and buying a gameklip controller for my android device.
    I’ve tried to like vita but Sony have failed the device I didn’t buy it to play old ps one and psp games I already own. Remote play is a joke I can do as much with my psp.

  • i like all psp games working on it and psone not jus some of them all of them that is on the psn store and i like ps2 to come one day to ps vita as ps2 has die now and there work on ps3 from psn store

  • Granpire Viking Man

    Obviously, you’re misinformed. This isn’t a tease for universal remote play, it’s a tease for the patch coming to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. This patch, along with a similar one for God of War 1 & 2 HD, was announced in May.

    There will never be remote play for all titles. These games are exceptions, because they aren’t games that will be ported over to Vita. If Sony allowed Killzone and LittleBigPlanet to be played through remote play, that would affect sales of their Vita counterparts, and contrary to popular belief, not all games can be run through remote play, even with a hacked PS3. Many games do work, yes, but most don’t.

  • PACASfam

    i cant wait for this to happen i know i could play my killzone game on my tv but wouldnt it be cool to see how much power the vita has

    • Granpire Viking Man

      It wouldn’t show the Vita’s power: the PSP had every bit as much capability as the Vita to stream games. It’s not a question of power so much as the speed of your wireless router.