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Galaxy Note 2 intimacy from Samsung

We have finally had the official unveiling of the Galaxy Note 2 and now Samsung is inviting everyone back for a second look at the 5.5-inch phablet device. The company has released a hands-on video of the Note 2, providing a detailed insight at some of the new features on offer.

First and formost, the Note 2 is massive. Some people are obviously conscious that they don’t want to carry around a brick in their pocket, but as seen with the sheer hype prior to the unveil – the majority of consumers actually embrace the added size and can’t wait to get their hands on the device.

At 5.5-inches, the Note 2 is now one of the biggest smartphones on the market, although Samsung waste no time at the beginning of the video by saying that the Note 2 is still ‘extremely portable’. We then get a series of introductions into various features of the device, showing how the likes of Instagram looks on the Note 2 and also ways you can use the S-Pen on the Note 2 with the new AirView preview, when looking at emails and videos.

One of the most pleasing aspects that you’ll see in the video is that the Note 2 is running on the latest version of Android – 4.1 Jelly Bean. It means that the Note 2 will really feel like the newest product available when you get it and you won’t have to endure a frustrating wait for official software updates, like we see so often with other Android devices.

If the Note 2 is going to be your next smartphone purchase, it’s a good idea to spend some time to check out this full 13 minute intimate demo from Samsung. Just to remind those of you in the US, you may want to import your Note 2 as it looks like you may have to wait until sales in Asia and Europe are finished first.

Having seen the monster 5.5-inch display up close in the video, are you still happy about the screen size or are you starting to doubt Samsung’s claims about 5.5-inches being ‘extremely portable’?



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