BF3 Armored Kill release time doubt, patch notes 4

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2012

We are now approaching the big day for Battlefield 3 Premium owners on the PS3. The Armored Kill DLC expansion is due to go live within a matter of hours and naturally everyone wants to know what the exact release time will be.

Unfortunately, it appears that even DICE doesn’t even know though, as they have been responding to questions on their official Twitter account stating that there ‘isn’t an official release time’ for Armored Kill.

It’s a bit odd since DICE should roughly have a time themselves when they want the pack to go live, but at the moment they are just redirecting all release time questions to their official website for more information.

Aside from Armored Kill landing, there is also another huge patch coming to accomodate the new content. It also makes significant changes to the base game and there’s definitely some big talking points that is likely to affect the way you next play the game.

For example, they are no longer giving the chopper gunner flares to use, as they believe it is too difficult for soldiers on the ground to lock on with two sets of flares deploying each time. We welcome this change as it makes it a lot more easier to get a successful lock on, while at the same time, making the chopper pilot work even harder to ensure he or she flies low enough to avoid lock ons while their flares recharge.

The other big change that we can see is that they have given a much needed update to the scout helicopters. Now the 4th seat of the scout choppers will act as a CITV station, allowing teammates to lock on to targets using a laser designator – providing they have unlocked it for the scout helicopter first. This is an excellent move by DICE in our opinion as it allows the passengers to help the pilot out a lot more, rather than just bailing as soon as you’ve been hit.

As expected, there is the usual multitude of weapon fixes too – some you’ll be happy about, others not so much we expect. The popular M16A3 has now been given increased recoil to make it less overpowered, while the M5K has had a much needed damage increase too, which hopefully should make players use the weapon a lot more.

Mobile AA vehicles have been tweaked yet again, with DICE this time saying they were ‘overnerfed’ last time. They’ll now do increased damage to infantry again, while you’ll be pleased to hear that the damage against tanks has also been increased as well.

At the time of writing, both the Armored Kill pack and the Multiplayer update 4 are not live on the PlayStation 3 yet – we’ve checked the Asia and US PlayStation Stores. Are you a little disappointed that DICE has said that ‘there isn’t an official release time’? It essentially means that we could be waiting a long time yet until the pack drops. How hard would it have been to give an estimated period at least?

As we wait for Armored Kill to land for PS3 Premiums, let us know your thoughts on this new patch update which is live today across all platforms. The full patch notes are on Battlelog here.

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  • Darren

    I’m playing on Xbox, and I see servers up from the US and people playing on them. I can’t join due to missing DLC and losing connection.

  • R-saputo39

    Just released in indiana

  • tim

    nothing in cali

  • David

    They also said that it should be coming back online in about 1 hour! Thats from EA tech support! Just Talked to THem its now 345 pm West Coast TIme!

  • David

    ok i just talked to EA and they said they Told SONY to release it but sony had it online in there store for a little while and then took it down because of TECH problems thats BS DICE should give us a credit for not getting like they said!

    • thom

      so wean can you and all of us see it come out today

  • l-BruceLee-l

    Nothing in canada -_-

    • thom

      same man im in canada two and its almost 7 i would like to play befor school starts :{

  • soldierjames

    Nothing in tennessee just checked wtf

  • soldierjames

    Nothing in tennessee

  • spiky_coco9

    still nothing, i have been checking hourly and nothing has come up, not on in-game store or psn store…the waiting is killing me, killing all of us, especially since i can see people playing on these new maps from the server browser…DICE, please hurry

  • rjd

    i live in PA. i just got home from school expecting a new download in the store. but nothing is there! i looked on the web site and they said download it from playstation store but it’s not there either. right now it’s 4:02 EST. and I’m pissed!

  • Killerkid

    Wtf I live in ca and no ak yet!

  • Mambo-B

    I have a friend on the PS3 who lives in Germany and is playing the new AK maps, as soon as the time zone comes open in the Eastern US, I think we should be able to get them in the US, check the playstation store, not the in-game store for the add-on maps
    if you are premium. Check about every even hour, like 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, etc.
    Waiting for them just as you are….be patient…See the new AK Launch Trailer? Is freaking Epic and Sick!!!

  • Im in texas its up but it says i still need to download it which i have already done mite have some problems


    WTF im pissed VA’s WAITING!

  • kkdias

    I am in Florida and nothing here yet !!! WTH?

  • asdf

    wow seriously why the f would they nerf the attack chopper. the only time the attack chopper becomes a huge problem is when it is piloted by someone who has put in the proper amount of time to be that dominant. after that person has earned 30 service stars as a chopper pilot, then he should be somewhat hard for a noob standing in the middle of a field with an igla to wipe out.

    • kkamikazix

      Couldn’t agree more….

  • “as they believe it is too difficult for soldiers on the ground to lock on with two sets of flares deploying each time”
    maybe if you are some random casual c average middle of the bell curve garbage gamer.
    but then again, there seem to be thousands of them so this really isn’t that surprising.
    not that they would nerf it, that you nerds can’t hit it.

  • italian

    Stupid patch download… wow, no more 2nd seat gunner flairs??? Fk u battlefied. Hows that a good idea? Made it useless to get n choppers now.

  • italian

    😀 im ready to add to my 17K + kills 😀

  • Live in UK too

  • Reedemer aka Ciaphascain

    Update is LIVE. im in USA Olympia Wa. FRAG ON

  • Its Live right NOWWWWW!! Woot.

  • Jake

    Ewwww Haha touche. Imo Idc what time it releases as long as they get it right. Im so exited haha