Skyrim Hearthfire: Story behind new DLC

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2012

It only seems like yesterday when Hearthfire was announced as the next DLC expansion for Skyrim, but already Bethesda are preparing to release it for Xbox 360. It is going to be available to buy exclusively this week and we have a fantastic insight for you to check out which gives you a clear idea of the thinking process that went into making the new content.

Let’s forget the current situation for PS3 with Dawnguard for a second, as we’ve wrote about that countless times now and it’s best to just wait until Bethesda drops an official update. The company are now firmly shifting focus to Hearthfire and regardless if they had been working on this when they should have been working on PS3 Dawnguard, there’s no denying that Hearthfire looks fantastic, even if the content is smaller than Dawnguard in size.

It’s the scope that Bethesda will want you to embrace though, as building your own house and family will hopefully provide you with that final piece of the jigsaw in your epic 300 hour plus adventure as you look to settle down and experience a different kind of Elder Scrolls lifestyle.

Bethesda has revealed a Hearthfire diary on their website, which shares the thoughts of Bruce Nesmith – the lead designer for the new content. Like other new content seen in Dawnguard, he reveals that the main concept behind Hearthfire was developed during the company’s GameJam event, in which employees have a collective fun day and go crazy on new ideas that were not included in the base game.

Expanding on the house crafting abilities appeared to get the green light from Bethesda’s Todd Howard and we also get the revelation that Minecraft was also one of the main inspirations for the new content – ironic given the fact that ZeniMax and Minecraft owner Mojang were recently in the courts over a copyright issue involving the term ‘Scrolls’.

It’s clear that Hearthfire is going to offer gamers a lot more than simply building a house though, with the option to place elaborate items such as greenhouses, singing bards and even mounted mudcrabs inside your new palace. The new expansion is out September 4th, so not long to wait at all.

Will you be buying Hearthfire, or are you disappointed that there wasn’t any other features included in the expansion, other than building a house?

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  • chris

    skyrim dlc idea an Arena would be nice mongrel on mongrel the roar of the crowd loved it in Oblivion and fallout nv. the only change would be when you beat the arena you have the choice to fight men or beast thanks Bethesda keep it coming

  • Sven Svenson

    Kudos for the GameJam, but this is beyond stupid. Trying to attract Sims/Fable players maybe? Houses are just big storage areas. If you’re spending any significant amount of time in them, you’re playing wrong. Or you should just buy a PC and mod the game yourself. On a console, and making us pay for it… Really Bethesda?

  • paul raymond

    The only problem i have is that werebears and spears werenot put in the dlc because like werewolves werebears are in leagends and books and spears looked realy good and i allso think the dlc is to short to actualy be a dlc there is not a nuff stuff on it.

  • Skyrim Dreamer

    I agree with yoyoyoyo he has a good point. Anyway I will be getting Heartfire and I belive that it will be fun and as long as it costs less than 7 US dollars I beleive it will be worth it. I hope they make some sort of expansion focusing on ships pirates, trade and northern Island chains.

  • wash.hasted

    i was really hoping to interact with npc’s and objects from horseback. 🙁

  • Raianfokuna

    damn still not out here in the uk

  • Nick

    Damn, still waiting on it. Shouldn’t it be out by now. It’s closing in on 3am on the west coast of the US

  • i still dont see it on marketplace

  • nick

    Has anyone seen it on the Xbox market place yet?

  • WeRlegion

    Lol@John! Looks like a broke ass prarie n*ghee. Of course he likes the 360 bettter haha goof!

  • I feel bad for the PS3 owners. But well, Playstation sucks. Dawnguard was good and Hearthfire looks great!

    • nick

      Has hearthfire come out yet? I’m trying to find the time it’s supposed to come out today but i cant find it

    • tyler foster

      Lol. Real mature statement, Bethesda is probably going to continue to suck the raging boner of greed that Microsoft has.

      • kyle

        Because talking about Bethesda sucking a “raging boner of greed” is a mature statement? Get out of here

  • yoyoyoyo

    FYI Bethesda has different teams working on different things. Just because the PS3 team is having difficulties doesn’t mean that the content being worked on by other teams should be stopped.

  • Nick

    Anyone know if it’s out yet?

    • Random

      I know i just checked and it hasnt been uploaded yet

  • ss

    I want to play the DlC about the returning of Slowelves and Dwarvens

  • Anti-elderschrolls!!!!!!!!

    You ppl are idiots this game blows everythin looks the same the quests are all the same and you have no options building a house, then what? Sit and stare at it? I dont know but that just sounds so boring. I helped them win the war and they said thanks for everything then kicked me out the door because they didnt need me anymore, seriously? Not even a medal? Or fancy title? Boring boring boring way to go building up my hopes then waisting my time

    • Its funny that your mad! !! Lifes not fair huh.!!lmfao. At you . Ill have so much fun building my house in my spare time. . Ill put a mudcrab on the wall just for you! ! Shoulda got an Xbox! !!!

      • Giovanni3099

        Wait, you own an Xbox? I would’ve never guessed.

  • What about my Dawnguard ? : (

  • T. Bone

    The only thing I have to say is, PS3 guys, stop hating!! If you want the full game exp., go get a 360, bottom line!!!!!

    • tyler foster

      OK, I’m going to waste money on a system for one game. And on top of that, i have to pay to play online! If you want the Most efficient way to game, then buy a PS3, bottom line!!!!!

  • can`t wait for tomorrow

  • SK


  • Console Fanboys, I

    Meanwhile on PC, there was house building months ago for free…

    Also @be1bf7909f4258a19af6ad864aee0dd9:disqus XBOX uses HDMI 1.2 whereas PS3 uses HDMI 1.3

  • chakotay007

    they should make it to where your companion in the game could be a friend online

  • Flapjack

    It’s the 4th… Anxiously waiting!

  • maffman

    cant wait for it to come but will it come to me and the amazing ps3 of is it going to be like dawngaurd and totaly ignore us ps3 players

  • Scottish PS3 Fan

    oh sorry did i offend you……………………….. EAT MORE HAGGIS

  • Scottish PS3 Fan

    talking sh1t

  • KillSony!

    Yeah sorry about what I said earlier I just got a little caught up in the argument still buy a game boy it’s still better than ps3.

  • KillSony!

    It’s because ps3 is the worst console ever if you want a cheap better console get a game boy you ps3 loving F###S!

    • khujo

      Bill Gates? Is that you??

      • NewJFusion


  • Scottish PS3 Fan

    (dawnguard looks crap werewolves No.1) i don’t care if you play xbox or pc i’v been a fan of playstation since ps1 so no childish fanboy is going to make me switch (FREEDOM!!!!!)

    • RadiationG

      fanboy attitude much?

  • Derek Geraghty

    Feel bad about the PS3 Dawnguard thing (as I’m also a PS3 Skyrim player), but know it’s down to limitations on the PS3 system and not Bethesda’s fault – at least they’ve been brave enough to ‘fess-up’ about it having issues… REALLY looking forward to Hearthfire on the 360 though, and I’ll be getting that as soon as it hits Marketplace!

    • tyler foster

      The PS3 is an old system, nothing is different. If the can shell out an entire game like Skyrim, why can’t they make a DLC that’s like 9 hours long?

  • Hope they fixed the problem where if you put something in a display case it ends up on the other side of the room.

  • BadBesIsBad

    I won’t buy the new DLC in my PC and Xbox until they done with Dawnguard on PS3. This is unfair for most of my friends!

    • Scottish PS3 Fan

      i like you

    • tyler foster

      People hate this post for some reason.

  • hmm wonder what they left out of the trailer …

  • xbox

    @ae0d6aadd968ecff10fa6a26c9528b90:disqus get a hdmi cable for xbox and then your all set 😀

  • Swagking

    Dear @2d9105b6e257a401892d041c484ec14a:disqus buying a new console and skyrim is a lot of money my friend. btw i laugh at 360 players when they say 360 graphics and all is better when the 360 cant even play blue ray, can it? when the ps3 can and its game discs are blue ray discs if you didn’t know already while the 360 game discs aren’t basically 360 is 720p and ps3 is 1080p so have fun bro.

    • Mattpunkpop

      @swagking no Xbox fan really care about the problems the ps3 ppl have, no one gives a damn about blue ray heck I have a DVD player that plays blue ray hooked up to my tv…good enough for me! Oh and I’ll be having fun while I’m playing dawn guard and hearthfire while your sitting on you ass playing and hd version of skyrim…just skyrim…no DLC’s included.

      • Santos De Marques

        There are other games on the PS3. Peacewalker is pretty good. Multiplayer camo system is sweet. Also, Skyrim kinda blows anyway.

      • Giovanni3099

        Have fun with your dlc. Afterall, you did pay for it… More than once.

    • Lynchy1984

      If you look at the graphic resolution on the back of most ps3 games they say 720p while 360 games are 1080p, question what is full hd?

  • XBOX 360 User

    I love skyrim and love my skyrim wifey:) Now we can adopt kids.

    • NinjaNitrat

      steady on there, forever alone face needed lol!


    Forget Dawnguard. Can’t wait for Hearthfire on XBOX!

    • 8_inch_whopper

      Ive got dawnguard, and just started the quests for it, and im getting hearthfire, so i get crossbows AND a house filled with orphans.

  • Xbox King

    Well if you want Dawnguard so much why not switch to the better console and get it…?

    • Santos De Marques

      Fanboyism isn’t becoming. Though other fanboys may encourage such behaviour, unbiased and, thus, ~better~ individuals, such as myself, look down upon such pety incitement.

      Also, I think this whole “Compatibility Issue” thing which is going on with Dawnguard on the PS3 isn’t due to software, but more so company politics.

      But then again, a Peon like you wouldn’t understand that.

      • Thruen

        😮 guess you’re not better or unbiased! You should look into the difference in how the PS3 architecture works and why, while ideal for some games, it makes open worlds much harder to program. Then you’d realize politics has nothing to do with it!

        But then again, a Peon like you probably doesn’t understand the differences between simultaneous multithreading and temporal multithreading.

        • hahaha this is pretty funny. Thruen is correctomondo… i have both systems skyrim runs wayyy better on xbox… i do love my ps3 though blueray, free online, rather play COD for free to

      • NinjaNitrat

        look out, we got a badass over here 😉

  • PS3 skyrimmer

    I WANT DAWNGUARD FOR THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A guy

    I’d pick this up since its only 4.99 or so… unlike $20 dawn guard…

  • PS3 User

    WANT… DAWNGUARD…….. NAO!!!!!!!!!