New Wii U release date shenanigans

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2012

Away from the weekend buzz surrounding Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, it seems like a lot of new confusion is in the air regarding the highly anticipated Nintendo Wii U release date.

As most of you are well aware, Nintendo has yet to officially confirm when their next generation Wii will release. However, they have already put pen to paper on an event happening in New York on September 13, in which Nintendo are heavily expected to disclose the big date.

That will be happening in a few weeks time, but the key information may have been outed over the weekend. If you have been following the latest Wii U rumors, you may be aware of a rather big story over the weekend, which suggested that the Wii U would release on November 18.

The date is according to this article over at Kotaku, who in turn cite their source as PDP, a gaming accessory maker who recently held an event at GameStop. The accessory maker has since distanced themselves from revealing the November 18 date prematurely, but the date has since been mentioned again here on Neogaf.

It’s also important to note that the November 18 date falls on a Sunday and that’s usually Nintendo’s preferred day to release – the first Wii console launched on Sunday November 19 in 2006 just for reference. From the information gathered, it does look like November 18 could be the definitive launch date for the Wii U, regardless if the source is trying to cover their tracks or not.

The question is though – has Nintendo done enough to tempt you into a purchase, after originally failing to impress last year at E3? One thing that has remained secret in all of this is the price tag, so let us know how much you are willing to pay for one.

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  • Jeff

    I got a tip from a CSR at a Toys-R-Us who said the Wii u will cost somewhere in the $200-$250 range.

  • Martha Guevara

    i will pay like 250 dollars

  • I say wait until next year, that way microsoft and sony cant copy what ever they have, and they can stil fix it up, i feel like they are rushing it, they would also have a launch of 50 or so games, there are like 20 release titles already, plus all those release windows.

  • Peter

    I guarantee, if it is over $300, no average consumer will buy it. (unless they are hardcore nintendo fans). Like I look at the Wii U, and this is what I think. It looks great, we know it is more powerful than ps3 and xbox. So thats great. But, next gen consoles are coming out in 2013. So there isnt much time to spend with your Wii U before it becomes outdated in graphics. But now I’m thinking, i don’t really want next gen consoles, I wanted my PS3 to last till 2014. But if they are going to abandon their customers after like 6 years, that is lame. The PS3 was designed for a 15 year life span, and xbox was designed for 12. Wii U will probably be the last console I buy, then I am switching to PC gaming. (cheaper, and capabilities are higher, except the initial cost of a gaming PC). That is unless they can amaze me with a new console that is upgradable, or cheaper than the original. I’m sure most people would agree when I say, we don’t want to spend 300 plus tax (13% in canada) for a freaking game console that will do not much more than the ps3 and 360. All te next gen consoles are apparently bringing is slightly better graphics, and possibly support for higher than 1080p resolution. Honestly, I don’t give a flying F*ck.

  • Anonymous

    In the UK I would buy it at £300 max. The reason E3 was a poor showing for me was because they showed nothing truly mind blowing from their own side besides Pikmin 3. The thing is we pretty much knew it would be there. Mass Effect 3 knocked me for six though and I will definitely be buying that at launch.

    Hopefully this conference in two weeks corrects their mistakes. I just can’t think why Nintendo has deliberately held back information this long. We were all pretty sure they had CoD because Activision put it on everything so why didn’t they announce that? Oh well. Two weeks for them to show their hand. I just pray its a better showing than E3.

  • Xalos

    Assuming the Wii U is using a form of the
    POWER7+ Processor… 300 at launch max, but may keep off it until it hits 200, hopefully the Wii U will have more JRPG titles

  • John Tate

    I would like to pay about $250 tops (like the Wii). That way I can get my copy of Assassin’s Creed or Pikmin 3.

    • William Nakama

      That’s a bit low, sure the next gen consoles are coming out but the Wii U is bringing new things to the table that the Xbox and PS3 don’t have. $300 is a fair price for the Wii U

      • brickmama

        Hey William, what exactly is the WII U ‘bringing to the table’ that it’s competitors ‘don’t have’? Besides that odd controller that is? Not trying to bash, just asking a legitimate question.

    • dfeefce

      Yeah me too, but it’s probably gonna be $300-$350.

  • Nintendoro

    They’ve got my attention with the Wii U. I’m a big fan of Nintendo and could never miss out on such system. Preordering mine when possible

    • NgTurbo

      They need to show their big guns first… Smash Bros.. Zelda. Then we can talk.

      • They’re not gonna show a new Zelda for a while considering Skyward Sword’s not even a year old… And they’ll most likely show their big guns around next year’s E3 to steal Sony and Microsoft’s thunder if they reveal their next-gen consoles.

        • 86’/;4[6

          Actually it’s possible that they could release some sort of boxart, trailer, graphic style, or even a feature preview before anouncing it,as Nintendo has done before. Plus, what about zelda for 3ds, Spirit Tracks came out sooooooooooooo long ago.

        • Ah, but it’s different when it comes to the handheld versions. And we do have a graphic style already in the form of the HD experience.