Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes storyline theories

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2012

As revealed over the weekend, another Metal Gear Solid game has been announced. It’s not Metal Gear Solid 5 officially, but it is a continuation in the franchise’s brilliant story and Ground Zeroes has been unveiled for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Kojima Productions and Konami showed a breathtaking cinematic demo of the game during the 25th Anniversary event, in which a Metal Gear Solid movie was also announced. The graphics on show is the first real evidence of the power that the Fox Engine has, and after seeing the footage you may even argue that it could well come out for next-gen consoles too.

Like Star Wars 1313, it looks like Konami are following the same route in stating that it will come out for PS3 and Xbox 360, when in actual fact it could well end up on the PS4 and Xbox 720 by time of release. Ground Zeroes has been announced as an ‘open world’ entry in the MGS world and you’ll be pleased to hear that we now have the gameplay that wasn’t originally planned to be shown to the public.

Our hero Snake is back and you’ll see him towards the end of the trailer, grey beard, eye patch in tact as well. He attempts to infiltrate a concentration camp, but before that there are two major talking points in the trailer that have been sending MGS fanatics into overdrive.

Firstly, who is the kid shown in the cell? Some say it’s Chico from Peace Walker, while others say it could be a young Snake or Raiden. Also, the burned man who features heavily in the trailer could turn out to be Vladimir Alexandrovich Zadornov who was also featured in Peace Walker, but more interesting theories include names such as Decoy Octopus, Zero or even Gray Fox.

Check out the amazing footage below and let us know what your initial impressions are. A confirmation of platforms can be seen at 1.40. We’ve also added a second video from the event itself – there’s extended footage to be seen with included commentary, but you’ll have to make do with shakey cam quality.

Have you already worked out the potential storyline and characters for the game?

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  • Elliott

    This looks great, can’t wait! MGS5 should be a PS3 exclusive

  • Jake

    If you pay close attention to the commentary in the entire video, you’ll note that the burned man is some kind of ally to big boss who is apparently allowed to enter camp borders. He enters the base that snake is infiltrating to give tapes to the kid (probably a type of signal since the kid’s reaction changes when the man leaves his final comment to him). Even so, not all the world is aware of MSF and no one (except maybe cipher) knows that the MSF have nuclear capabilities. That’s why they need Paz, to learn more about cipher, Zero’s organization that is trying to take down MSF. By the way, they said that Paz was discovered by Belizean fisherman (Belize is northwest of Costa Rica along the carribean, quite a long drift) and then sent to a camp in Cuba, where Chico is located as well (yes they do mention Chico in the trailer). In short, this game is showing Big Boss’s group going after cipher now (this really makes it a war between Zero and Big Boss). As for the burned man, his uniform, behavior, and especially his hat distinguish him from every character in all of metal gear that I know of, so we probably don’t know him yet (note: he is definitely a part of Big Boss’s army).

  • me

    His name is Big Boss, dumbass

    this entire article is dumb just for acknowledging dumb theories. I mean wow…yeah guys…the kidnis totally chico…suuuuure…the guy spoke to ‘Chico’, then got on a helicoptor and said “Lets go find Chico”… you guys are dumb.

  • solidaz80

    Hideo says in this clip when showing the map display “that box area from earlier in the clip is the prison cell which chico was in”

  • Balthizaur

    that being decoy octopus is possible, but as for raiden, unlikely, he isn’t really a character until they clone big bos and create solidus and as for freank yager (grey fox) probably not since he was a little later around the time of solid snake and naomi. and the story is probably going to be about major zero and Big boss butting heads and turning against each other and how zero leads to the patriots, given the title is Ground zeroes. Maybe this will be the final link between metal gear solid 3 and metal gear 1 and the first mission to involve solid snake.