Skyrim: Lack of PS3 Dawnguard is far reaching

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 1, 2012

The problems Bethesda are having with getting Skyrim’s Dawnguard on the PS3 are further reaching than some people might believe, and following a recent message from Bethesda’s staff we now know that the developers are not confident the first Skyrim DLC will ever arrive on the PlayStation 3 platform.

If you missed the latest update in regard to Dawnguard’s PS3 development, then you should see our earlier article that directly quotes what an admin and Community Lead said on the official forums. In a nutshell they’re not “positive” this issue will be fixed, so while they did confirm it is being worked on, you shouldn’t expect any DLC to arrive on the PS3 unless the unnamed problem is solved.

Skyrim Dawnguard and possibly Hearthfire giving the PS3 a miss – if this happens then it will be bad news for Sony, Microsoft, and Bethesda. Sony are directly affected thanks to Bethesda losing them customers and while this will only be a small number, we have heard about PS3 users jumping ship thanks to development problems on their platform. This is certainly giving Sony’s console a bad name thanks to what some developers say is a platform that’s “hard to create games on“.

Microsoft are affected thanks to the money they spent getting an exclusive deal with Bethesda, which doesn’t mean much if the PS3 can’t have Dawnguard, Hearthfire, or any future DLC. If this ends up being the case then Microsoft might want to consider getting a refund. What is the point of paying for a timed exclusive if the Xbox 360’s biggest competitor, the PS3, ends up not receiving the downloadable content?

Bethesda will see some fallout – If Bethesda fails to bring Skyrim’s Dawnguard to the PS3 then you can count on a backlash from PS3 owners, and as we noted in an earlier article, we’re already seeing some gamers avoiding all Bethesda developed and published titles thanks to the PS3 drama.

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  • Glamazonma

    I have been playing Skyrim on PS3 and it IS full of glitches, but despite this I have just about finished the main quest line and have fallen in love with this game. How bad could the problems be with “Dawnguard” and “Hearthfire”? Just get them playable and patch them later!

  • novawarier1000

    I gave up on the dlc Bethesda can burn in hell for all i care i have wow, 2w2, Mc, and loads of other games so f*** you bethesda you cant code for sh**. if they swallow their pride and ask a ps3 game company to help i might buy it but for now bethesda is dead to me and if an Xbox user tells me to get it for pc or Xbox i say f*** you why buy an Xbox and have to pay to play online and my pc cant run Skyrim and if it dose not come out soon i will never buy a game from them, NEVER!!! Thanks for treating your ps3 fans like the red headed step child. And F*** you BETHESDA!!!!!!

  • Bethesdaisgay

    do i smell another knights of the nine bs bethesda is super gaaaaayyyyyyyyy

  • lol, its pathetic to have a grudge against Bethesda because Sony PS3 consloes are harder to make games on :L Most people i know that have PS3’s are now selling up and buying Xbox 360’s because of this, and other mass games that are only for Xbox such as ‘Halo’ and ‘Left for dead’. Im not saying that PS3 dont have games that arnt for Xbox, im just saying no Xbox gamer is going to trade in his Xbox for a PS3 because of ‘Little big Planet’ 🙂

  • Trollificus Lagnificus

    Still not out on Xbox yet….

  • Edward

    It seems weird how Bethesda were quite capable of creating both Oblivion and Skyrim for the PS3, which contain the actual game world and are far bigger than expansions, and they created the expansion packs for Oblivion with little unheard of problem, yet they supposedly can’t create an expansion with a single quest? What’s wrong with them?! I’m an Xbox player, but own a PS3 but don’t play it often due to it being down my dad’s, but I still respect the PS3 due to it’s way better exclusives. This seems fishy to me, and somehow could work out that Microsoft are getting a backhander off this, as the article states that some people are jumping ship, so maybe MS are paying Bethesda to deliberately postpone the expansion and have a cover up story, all so Bethesda get more money from MS, and MS earn even more money from people buying 360’s. *Phew*, Rant over. 🙂

  • Doom

    I’m ready to throw in the towel on Bethesda. seems like karmas a btch! By taking all this money from microsoft(xbox) just for an exclusive, its coming back to bite them. I can see it because I feel pissed off as a ps3 owner! Any smart person can see that microsoft is the problem by creating all this drama. I won’t switch to xbox just because of an exclusive; are they crazy?! I freakin absolutely despise Xbox as a gamer now, and the hate is growing for Bethesda now also…. I’m ready for a boycott.

  • senator476ad

    I hate Microsoft with a passion, but I will get Skyrim on XBox if I have to. I love the game, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I would prefer to keep it on PS3 though.
    Thankfully, I didn’t buy my XBox new, I bought it from my brother. So I haven’t given money to MS yet, and I won’t with getting Skyrim for it, I will buy it used. I will wait until they announce Dawnguard has been cancelled for PS3 though. I am loyal to PS3!!!

  • live

    no more bethesda games for me thank you. Hell i thought of playing a game that they have had about too years too fix ( fall out new vegas) … 3 hours in and lag and crash, so what hope have we got for skyrim ( that deleted my lvl 78 orc of 200 hour with its last patch) as for hearthfire get the sims 3 the same great taste with none of the bugs 😉

  • Dan

    Also my laptop definitely won’t be able to run Skyrim before it fries the hard drive and I don’t have an Xbox. So I’m pretty much screwed.

  • Dan

    I’m pretty glad I haven’t completed Skyrim yet, otherwise I would have been board as hell waiting for some DLC’s that apparently won’t be coming!

  • Kepei

    Saying that the PS3 is “hard to create games on“ is a bull. You don’t see Mass Effect players (or the countless other cross-platform game players) having to deal with this crap. Bethesda’s inability to do their job is why soo many players just decided to PIRATE a copy for the PC. Then they get community that fixes problems before Beth (and some bethesda still haven’t fixed) and tons of mods (some better than the DLC from what I’ve heard). Downloading my copy right now because of this. They screwed us on Oblivion and they’re doing it again with Skyrim. I don’t even feel guilty pirating after I pre-ordered it for the PS3 and have been getting the shaft since day one. I think it’s justifiable. The only reason they haven’t lost all their PS3 users to this, is because not everyone has a PC that can run Skryim.

    • Kepei

      And they can keep “Dishonored”. No telling what crap we’d get for that game too.

      • senator476ad

        Bethesda is the publisher of the game, their devs didnt code that one. So it will likely work perfectly fine on PS3

  • FallingWolf

    if i don’t get dawngaurd by christmas then i’m done with bethesda!! i guess all the money i have spend on their DLC’s for the few years means nothing to them.. and if i don’t get dawngaurd i’m getting rid of all my games by them and going back to the FF’s! because i will never own anything but a PlayStation and the FF’s never have any probs WTF

  • Forrest

    This event is real ironic.
    This situation is much like the in game debate: Imperial legion or Stormcloacks.
    Basically Bethesda is the Imperial, influenced by Microsoft as Talmor.
    And the ps3 players are the stormcloacks.
    While the Imperials are wrong(not doing their best to release the DLC), Stormcloacks (you) are using this excuse to torrent Skyrim illegally.
    You have the right to be angry, but don’t take this too far guys.

    And if you took offense from this, i meant no offense, just trying to point something out.

    Even though i use pc, i totally agree with the ps3 user of Bethseda do their best to release the dawnguard dlc. (After they give me Hearthfire) The dawnguard was the only reason i started to play skyrim again.
    And if they are not, i agree with the comment below that ps3 should get the new spells, shouts free.
    (Though the spells are sort of useless.)

  • I fail to understand how the bugs can be so cripplingly bad that it could prevent the DLC’s release entirely; The ps3 is a powerful system, the original game worked fine and other ps3 games have DLC features. What, about Dawnguard, is SO different from anything that has gone before? And why have we not been given any substantial info other than that they’re ‘not positive’? Bethesda better start explaining or they could loose a serious portion of fans, and their trust along with them. They shouldn’t leave us with nothing and continue making DLC for other consoles before this is fixed. I for one feel as if they are beginning to abandon their loyal ps3 using fans in favour of other console users.

  • hhhhmmm after alot of taught ive decided to let bethesda off with this ONE THING if somthing like this happens agin ill abandon the company

  • Shade

    so basically I was dumb enough to buy Skyrim on PS3 and now I have to give them MORE MONEY to get Dawnguard. F*** it, Im torrenting Skyrim on PC now. I have a right to.

  • now im angry

    So far Bethesda is the ONLY company that I’ve seen have trouble on the ps3 its unprofessional what they did and I’ve waited enough, other games without bug issues released dlc and now its too late, good bye Bethesda, I’m going to support a company that doesn’t make me deal with these things

  • Sukhdev-92

    Hard to create games for? What year are we in? 2006?

  • ReeceDevonport

    Any other games can be developed upon just fine, apart from bethesda’s. Their game engine that is used on the PS3 is a direct port from the Xbox 360 game, which has been modified to use the same graphic libraries that the PS3 system uses, which is vastly different to the PC and Xbox’s libraries.

    Because of this, adding new DLC to the PS3 version of the game is a tricky thing to do, rather than taking time with the game engine, optimising it for Playstation usage, they decided to release the game in a buggy state (For PS3).

    I seriously wouldn’t get your hopes up on getting ANY DLC from bethesda for a good while yet. When the mainstream hype of the DLC has died down in all other gaming communities, the PS3 will get them then.

  • annoyed

    what is really annoying about this is that literally every game producers i have known of that have released dlc for ps3 had no problem with it whatsoever for instance red dead redemption undead nightmare came out on PS store on the stated release date which is similar to dawnguard because it is a whole new storyline, new weapons etc, so if rockstar can do it no problem, why cant Bethesda? they are both equally large producers and this now is really unprofessional.

  • gdf

    the worst part is that it is currently playable, if they dont release it it just proves that they dont care about ps3 owners. Just release the damn DLC
    bethesada whatever bugs it has we dont care we just want to play it!

  • tom

    If it is such a problem for Bethesda, then why don’t you just hand data of both DLC’s to Sony and let them handle it.

  • Ron Abbott

    This is classic foot-in-the-door technique. A lot of PS3 Skyrim players are already addicted to the game, so watch for xbox sales to increase (if not sky-rocket) in the coming weeks–if even 1% of PS3 users buy an xbox to access the new content, that’s significant $$ for both Bethesda and Microsoft. Money-wise, it’s a win-win. Personally, I think more than 1% would spring for an xbox, though. I could just picture how the deal went down at some fancy restaurant or during a game of golf at some upscale course:

    Microsoft guy: “So, about the exclusivity period…if there was a problem with the PS3 that, let’s say…extended it…perhaps indefinately…”
    Bethesday guy: “That’s a lot of new xbox’s, lol…”
    Microsoft guy: “Hehe, and a lot of new Skyrim sales…and, don’t forget, as long as your not specific about the nature of the problem, we can string this out as long as we like…when sales start to taper off, simply release for the PS3 and everyone’s happy again…especially us (evil maniacal laughter, blah blah blah…)

  • mike

    If we dnt gt dawnguard they should ive ps3 users a exclusive dlc about i dont know the psjic order or somthng!!!!

  • How exactly is this supposed to hurt Microsoft though? If I was on Xbox, I would feel pretty damn pleased about that fact right about now.

  • I’m not going to vilify Bethesda over this. The Dawnguard PS3 debacle is surely disappointing, but the sheer escapist entertainment I’ve had over the years from the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series is enough for me to cut them a break.

    What I *would* like is for them to explain to us what the problem is. Who knows, perhaps some of the software developers – both old, old hands like me, and the young geniuses out there – might be able to figure it out. Screw it, I’ll sign an NDA and I’ll give my time for free.

    Community is a very powerful force when brought to bear on a problem.

  • GokuMagus

    So, I am never going to get Dragonbone weapons? Bethesda, at least make a special DLC exclusive to PS3 that gives us the items/features from Dawnguard. Things like Arvak, the new Spell Tomes and Crossbows, the face changing person in Riften, the armor sets, pretty much everything else besides the quests and new areas. If you gave this to PS3 users as a free dlc, (Or at least WAY less than 20$) I think it could be an alright compromise to the fact that we PS3 users got screwed in the

    • ……..

      Whoops, the guy below me said the same thing, should have read the comments before making mine.

  • So first they make an exclusive deal with microsoft,hen they keep as in the dark considering dawnguard,then one nice morning they wake up and realise that dawnguard has problems and then after letting the skyrim fans wait all the summer they say that they might not even release it…even my 12 year old nephew would not do that..

  • DAWNguarDforPS3NOW!!

    Guys, I am having doubts about the release. Bethesda has picked favorites, that’s sure. Proof is Hines’ (I think) Tweet, “Xbox LIVE is the only place that won’t keep you waiting”.

  • scott

    In my opinion Bethesda should abandon skyrim and start on their next game so that they will actually have enough time to make a complete, finished and polished game for 2014. Skyrim was fun but it had a thrown together feel at times because they didn’t release everything they should have (like taking seven months to program your character to be able to draw a sword on a horse).

  • Dragonborn

    If it doesn’t come on PS3 I think i might have to get it on PC.

    • Chickenborn

      Yeah dude, I’m considering this. I don’t play many PC games apart from minecraft and AOM and occasionally TF2.
      Keen to get it on PC since there are no loading times, heaps of cool mods and fuckin’ assured DLC.

      • And here lies the problem. You’re pissed off with Bethesda for screwing us over yet you’re still willing to throw money at them for a copy of the game and DLC on a different platform? How is that teaching Bethesda anything about poor decisions, sloppy work and bad favoritism? It’s not, don’t buy skyrim again, just wait for another game from a different developer to come out, heaps of worthwhile AAA titles from respectable companies will be rolling out in the next few months.

        • azamat

          Well, they never said they would pay for it on PC 😛

        • EvilKlown

          No, I will never buy anything from that shitty ass comoany again. I’d just pirate the game on PC, if it was good enough for games, and pirate the DLC

  • if you constantly are getting screwed over by Bethesda then i suggest stop buying their products for the PS3 they obviously do not care if you purchase it so just don’t from now on. Also if the Xbox is so much better for them then why do they need to make a PS3 version of the game they could just go exclusive to one system and make fans have to choose whether to get a new system for the game or not. To me this story is more of PS3 fan boys whining over not getting exclusive content when we have been given more exclusives than xbox360 has, and i am a fan boy.

  • bethesda are starting to look very amateurish, with their inability to get dawnguard working. i dont see how its the ps3 thats the whole problem when the other game devs can get their games working fine. im starting to think the former bethesda designer who called out bethesda’s terrible game engine might be right. Bethesda are already on boycott from me untill they sort this mess out! and if they do dawnguard better be way reduced in price.

  • I’m a PS3 user and I’ll probably be buying Hearthfire first if it releases first. It’s only five bucks. Why should I punish myself from getting content I want just because they hit a snag and released it in the wrong order?

    I know I’m going to sound like a troll at this point, but hopefully my tone makes the point I keep making easier to hear. I will once again remind people that the only thing we were promised was a release. If we don’t see Dawnguard until GOTY, they’ll still be fulfilling the only promise they made about it. They never gave a release date for my console, and it was my own fault for assuming otherwise. I haven’t paid for it. They are not in breach of contract. I know it sounds stupid to not complain about not getting something that I wanted and expected, but that’s life. I’ll be glad if anything is made available to expand my play experience with this, a clear frontrunner for one of my favorite games of all time. I’ll take what I can get and I’ll love it.

    The PR was poor for months, but we should all be calming down now that they’ve finally said something, right? All we have left to be mad about are our own assumptions and desires.

    • chiel

      Great comment, not getting what you want is a frequent part of life, and they are not obliged to do it, but I hope you PS3 guys get the DLC soon and I hope they make it as bug free and enjoyable as possible.

    • ga Bl

      what? only thing ‘we were promised’? I think if im buying a game on PS3 which costs more than it does on PC or XBOX; Then yeah, I do expect to have all the same options open to me. Especially since it’s much easier to pirate the game on pc and download the DLC’s for free.

      • Again, that’s only your own expectations you’re referring to there. You paid for Skyrim, and if you got it new, you paid for it before DLC was even announced. You have Skyrim. You have what you paid for. And my point was that they did promise that it would be available. They just didn’t say when. You’re complaining that the options aren’t open to you, but all that means is that they haven’t released your version yet. Which, as I pointed out, does not contrast anything they’ve officially stated about the release schedule. The only problem anyone has is their own impatience. I understand that. I’m impatient too. It’s just not exactly fair to say that they’ve broken a promise they never made or owe me something I haven’t paid for, is it?

  • Jamie

    N if people remember skyrim was done on Xbox cause it was easier an more compatible rather than the ps3 problems from the word go

  • Easy comparison between Gran turismo 5 and shitty Forza
    That’s all you need to do to determine which Console is better
    Spare us the BS bethesda

  • Jamie

    Well I’d love to see this to ps3 but we can’t blame Bethesda look at the track record for ps3 full stop problems after problems I do how ever reckon of the problem is fixed ps3 get a discounted price or a little extra I have it on Xbox n pc so I’m happy, just abit of bad luck still skyrim is a good game and ps3 u gamers should be glad cause the problem could leave future ps consoles without tea games due to the sheer haters and effort Bethesda are puttin to solve it.

  • Rob

    I have to agree with some of the comments made on here. I love playing Skyrim but if Bethesda cannot bring those of us with a ps3 the same content that xbox and pc gamers are getting then I will not be buying one of their games again.

  • Bert

    Im not angry at bethesda,im angry at sony cos bethesda are trying to release it but ps3 isnt good enough for bethesdas amazing games

    • it’s not the platform it’s hte developers. they managed to crack on it with oblivion and also the dlc that came with it game of the year edition thank you very much lol. i understand that skyrim is more code and complexed than oblivion but seriously their reputation is going to crumble to the ground if they can’t sort this out.

  • A Angry Ps3 Player

    On the last paragraph i completly agree with it!

  • InDIGnation

    Perhaps it’s time Bethesda worked with 4J studios again.

  • Whatthehellman

    my main concern is the (unknown issue) that they refuse to tell anyone about maybe if they did like smart people would do. people would give them some ideas to figure out the issue but no stubborn asses apparently think we must do this on our own and i don’t even believe they asked sony for help to be honest it may be the fact they have made low done deals with microsoft which i bet many people believe or they just refuse to consider the fact of help for their own damn game which pisses people off when they suffice with lies to think that would calm people down and hearthfire coming to xbox already? makes me believe their hopes to do anything for ps3 are about done.

  • Northrhino

    It gone far enough bethseda, get some ps3 coders in that know how to fix this and rescue your floundering reputation while you still can.

  • jason bradley

    things would have turned out fine for everyone if bethesda didn’t play favourites and let microsoft have a 30 day exclusivity they should have just released dawnguard to all consoles simultaniously and everything would have been hunk-dory but no we ps3 fans are STILL waiting and i’m starting to believe that dawnguard won’t come to ps3 and that will be a sad day indeed

    • Bethesdaisgay

      dude knights of the nine didnt come to ps3 until a year later and microsoft pays every 1 4 early dlc

      • jason bradley

        yeah i’ve kind of lost interest in this dawnguard mess

  • Magusx2

    Screw you Bethesda, “The Playstation 3 is a powerful system” is what they said in their post about being unsure if Dawnguard will release, I guess since the console is powerful, that means Bethesda is just stupid, and their game engine is a TERRIBLE one.

  • Y2Joris

    I personally find it inconcievable that a company with as much experience as Bethesda, A)Would find working on any platform a problem and B)Wouldn’t finish creating the DLC on all platforms before they release it even for one… makes the release on the next platform easier.
    All I will say as a PS3 user, is that I don’t mind the exclusivity period on the Xbox, but I do mind not being given a reason why I can’t have the DLC. ‘Performance issues’ is not an excuse, like I said 6 lines ago, a company with Bethesda’s experience should not be experiencing issues with hardware. It’s strange that Bethesda has issues with the PS3, yet literally no other company has any issues with it, not even Valve have a problem with the PS3.

  • Michael

    If we aren’t going to get the full DLC, I at least want some of the key features and game mechanics that were supposed to be in Dawnguard. These things include: The Dragon Bone weapons, Crossbows, the new enemies(including the dragons), the new spells and shouts, and pretty much anything else that wasn’t associated with the Dawnguard questline. I want all these things in a FREE update, not a DLC, an update. It really is the least you can do for all of your once-loyal PS3 players Bethesda. I mean really, months of DLC hype and build up to find this as a very likely fate for Dawnguard.

    • agreed. hell i want hearthfire because building your own house and children. never thought possible for skyrim but back on the matter. yeah give us the features, yeah we may not be a vampire lord and have the skill trees but i want my dragon bone weapons.

      • matthew

        ya it is possible because mod makers have done it better than stupid x box buming losers like

    • StartSpammingPeteHines

      I agree 100% I think we all need to start telling Pete Hines that this is what we want, and maybe he will see it and Bethesda will consider doing this for PS3 users. Go to Twitter people! We can do this.

      • novawarier1000

        Pete Hines is not the best rep and i have seen better.

    • Derek Geraghty

      Ignoring the badly spelled flame boy rants that will no doubt follow this, it’s not a bad idea! I own the game on both PS3 and 360, I’ve completed the add-on twice and really wanted to see it on the PS3. The weapons shouldn’t be an issue, and the vampire perk tree should actually be portable (as the Werewolf one slots into the existing game). The Dragons ‘might’ be a problem and the new spells and shouts would probably take some massaging as they’re currently tied to the Dawnguard questline fairly heavily, be most of it ‘do-able’ I’d say. Just be warned though – if you pressure them into releasing a product they’re not happy with, you can’t complain if it runs like a dog!

  • Phil

    It doesn’t bother me that Microsoft has the exclusives it’s just business and means Bethesda has more money to make more good games. That said it has really boiled my piss that Bethesda have been so tight lipped and had a serious lack of foresight, PS3 is hardly a new console and they clearly made the decision to release it on PS3 from the beginning so why all the BS. I find it strange that Bethesda have all this talent to produce an epic game like Skyrim and then they suddenly have issues when it comes to the DLC? This artical suggest that Microsoft have something to loose from this, I don’t think so, it’s a win win for them in the long run. I won’t be buying any more games from Bethesda and I won’t sell out for Microsoft, but sadly I Think I’m in the minority.

    • might be a win win but in the end bethesada is in a lose lose situation, no doubt about it. shame i enjoy playing skyrim. pretty much don’t care for the quest line just want them bloody dragon bone weapons. Also definately no excuse for hearth fire not to come because it is a more simplier dlc than danguard.

      • Dawnfart was good for the Goodies it adds on the main game, but for the rest of it, the QUESTLINE, it sucked in my Opinion, boring as the new Sleeping dogs game.

  • bamse000

    I have a feeling that tells me, that Microsoft paid Bethesda to get ps3 users to think PS3 is a problem-console (like hard to create games for, etc.).

    I can’t see why Microsoft should pay for get time exclusivity DLC for a single player game, if it was DLC for an online game will it give sense.

    Do you think that is possible?

    • online or not they paid for them for 30 days exclusive and with us ps3 gamers out of the picture it will be pretty pointless for them to pay that much money for them exclusives. Besides pretty much raging that it won’t come. (fingers cross it does).
      Best multiplatform developer my arse.
      Can’t get a major dlc done correctly.

  • michael

    meh are we really surprised the fact is ps3 users have been waiting 2 months for the dlc which i dont mind waiting for the only thing the has annoyed me is how bethesda has decide to keep the ps3 players in the dark for this amount of time apart form tiny bit information which doesnt tell anyone anything but it gonna have an impact alot of ps3 player are probably not gonna not buy anymore game publish by bethesda they need to pull something really big out of the bag

  • Umm. if dawnguard not existed on ps3 then i will buy xbox i just waited for them to announce that there wont be dawnguard on PS3 just for sure then i will switch to Xbox and sold my PS3 : )

  • Tomtom

    Ha! Serves bethesda right, the lazy good for nothing company, if dawnguard doesn’t get fixed then i hope their company comes crashing down! 😛