iPhone 5 bizarrely meets Galaxy Note 2

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 2, 2012

When Apple is about to launch its new iPhone 5 and around the same time we’re seeing Samsung launch their Galaxy Note 2, then the obvious had to happen and that is a number of websites comparing these two devices. This is very bizarre considering the different types of users they are going for, and you’d think someone wanting to make lots of phone calls would never want to hold a Galaxy Note 2 to their ear for long, although the same task would be an easy job for the iPhone 5 that’s expected to grow in length only.

When it comes to browsing the web, reading emails, playing games, and other similar tasks the bigger 5.5-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would be perfect and while the iPhone 5 makes these tasks easy as well, its smaller display might not be for everyone. You’re sure to see the type of user that performs these tasks all day being more suited to the bigger device, especially if making phone calls comes second to things that need a bigger screen.

Reactions to comparing smartphones with massive size differences – The Samsung Galaxy S3 is much bigger than the iPhone, but the Galaxy Note 2 takes things to a whole new level. In the past we touched on how comparing the upcoming iPhone 5 or current 4S model to the Galaxy Note, and now Note 2, is like comparing chalk to cheese.

Interestingly we saw a number of our readers wanting Apple to launch a separate model of iPhone 5, which would feature a 5-inch display, and the reason for this is their love of iOS. Thanks to the iPod touch and iPad you’ll find millions of people enjoying iOS 5 that don’t own an iPhone, although some of these users would love to see Apple offer a screen more in-line with that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2.

It’s becoming extremely obvious that smartphone users want a bigger display and if Apple fails to deliver something big enough with the 6th generation they might lose some fans to bigger Android devices. The longer iPhone 5 might not be enough considering it’s nowhere near the size that some users want, although it is also fair to say that Apple are very likely to continue its growth even without these users thanks to the majority of Apple fans being extremely loyal.

The Galaxy Note 2 specs are pretty much going to line up with what Apple offer on the iPhone 5, although we should see an increase in megapixels for the rear camera that would be more than Samsung’s latest phone, but Apple always state it’s about the quality of pixels rather than number. The microSD card is a welcomed feature for the Galaxy Note 2 that allows up to 64GB of storage, although Apple has never offered this option on any of their phones and it is unlikely to do so with the next generation as well. Again we could continue comparing specs between these devices, just as a number of blogs have done even though the iPhone 5 would be rumored specs for now, but the bottom line is the size of these two devices and how that would impact your daily smartphone usage.

Personally when it comes to the iPhone 5 vs. the Galaxy Note 2 it is all about phone calls to us, and if you make a lot of them and need to hold your device next to your ear, then you’ll find the Galaxy Note 2 way too big, and if you want a true sized phone that’s perfect for making long phone calls then it has to be Apple as the number one choice.

Will you wait for the next iPhone before making a choice between these two devices, or do you already expect the iPhone 5 to be way too small for you? The real choice will be a personal one and while a number of our readers might prefer the bigger Galaxy Note 2, it is worth pointing out that we doubt any smartphone will come close to the sales expected for the next iPhone. Do you think Apple need to launch a phone with a screen bigger than 5-inches?

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  • Definatey Samsung Galaxy II will be my next phone…. just have to wait one more month.
    Apple should spend money to catch up with samsung, not on lawyers to ban selling Samaung products.

  • Mauricio

    i used to love the iphone and thought it was oh so much better than any android phone. Now with such amazing new android phones and apple with their tiny 4 inch screen and boring os has left me no choice. I really wish apple would make somethinh worth at least competing with these types of phones…

  • jerrymcafee

    The major question is…how can Apple compare any iPhone to the Galaxy Note II? If any sane judge says Samsung stole the look and feel of the iPhone to create the GNII, he/she needs to find another occupation. That would be like comparing a skateboard with a jet ski: both take you from here to there, so the jet ski clearly stole the idea from the skateboard. Go figger!

  • Andanblade

    You guys missed the point of the article, the iPhone doesn’t cater to the big screen people, it caters to the millions of people that already love the iPhone, even with it’s small screen. If you hate the small size of the iPhone, buy an Android, that’s what they’re there for. If you hate the glitchy interface, or if you’re just happy with the iPhone in general, go for the iPhone. 🙂 The point of the article is that the iPhone markets to a different group than the Note 2, all your comment proves is which group you fall under. 🙂

  • Karlos G

    I just cant wait to get note 2 for every carrier, especially, Sprint!

  • Abdullah Naji

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will kill the iPhone 5 in every way! 🙂

  • Tboneuk1691

    Apple and Samsung both make amazing phones. Each phone is suited to each individuals taste at the end of the day.

    I own an iPhone 4S and I’m very happy with it. It fits comfortably in my hand and the screen is the right size for me.

    I used to own an HTC HD7 and the thing was too big and too clunky for me. I think the screen size was just over 4 inches.

    Samsung’s phones are too big and their screen sizes are becoming ridiculous. They do offer some very impressive specs with their phones though it has to be said.

    iOS is also a big factor for me. It’s really simple to use, clean and fast. I used to own an android tablet and the firmware was just a total pain in the arse.

    I cannot wait for the iPhone 5 but I hope apple just improve the processor, the camera, the speakers and maybe give the screen a slight improvement.

  • Erdy

    Iphone is the best phone ever, I’ve got an LG Optimus 3D running Android and I must say it is the worst software and worst phone ever made, its completely unresponsive and has a battery life of like an hour, and thats without even using it! Apple are the best, I had a car accident, my iPhone shattered, albeit my blackberry at the time didn’t have a scratch on it (my car flew in the air and rolled around 3 times after hitting a metal barrier) Apple replaced it for me for free, then a week after I dropped my iPhone and the screen cracked, again they replaced it for free, (it was well out of warranty). I just can not see samsung or any other phone company doing that…

    • traggerty

      tells me that the iphone is crap cos it keeps breaking

      • my daughtor’s Iphnoe 4 cracked 2 times before she up grade it to Galaxy S3. Galaxy Note 2 will be my next phone!

      • Erdy

        That tells me your mentally retarded. Dropping a mainly glass phone onto a concrete floor will of course cause it to smash, has nothing to do with it’s technological superiority, the fact that it did break and it was replaced twice with no charge when they had absolutely no obligation what so ever to do so, shows what a great company Apple are and how much they value their customers. I know 100% if you smashed a galaxy phone and you rang up samsung, they would either ask if you had insurance or laugh and hang up. they would not even suggest replacing it for you, never-mind doing so twice in the space of a week!

    • Samsung note 2 screen won’t crack like IPhone…

  • Johnny7786

    this aint looks like Iphone5 it looks exacly like Iphone4s this aint real, if it is i aint buying it, only diffirence here is the screen size

  • I love my Galaxy Note for everything, calls, web surfing, note taking, and reading e books. It can do so much more than other smart phones with the S pen apps, notations on pics, being able to quickly write a list, it’s just incredible. I never thought I’d need a tablet until the Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1 came along and does even more than my phone Galaxy Note. When I read about the multi tasking, I had to have one. And now Samsung is bringing that feature and many more to the next phone Note, the Note 2. I think the Note 2 really sounds like the best of all worlds. True multitasking with two screens open at once is just wonderful for web searching and taking notes at the same time.

  • Aircray

    Daniel Chubb is clearly in deep denial. IPhone users are not buying the iPhone to make phone calls, they want the web browsing, games, aps, and technology just like android users. I had the first two I phones before switching to droid, and I haven’t looked back. I phone has a tiny screen filled with icons, the ios comes across as dated, and no expandable memory. I’m buying the SGN2 day 1, I spend more time surfing, texting, web browsing, using aps and games combined than talking on the phone. When I would be holding the SGN2, the size and weight are still comfortable enough to hold, the design is ergonomic, its simply a psychological obstacle, but im over it. I’ll take my Galaxy Note 2 please

  • JohnfromOz

    I am a current Iphone 4 user looking to upgrade to Iphone 4 or the Samsung Note 2. I love the Apple operating system and the iphone build quality but prefer the larger screen. If Apple came out with a 5 inch iphone 5 I wouldn’t hesitate with going for the iphone but at the moment sadly I’m leaning towards the Samsung. I shall wait until the iphone 5 is anounced before finalising my decision. I must admit I do use my iphone 4 a lot for net surfing but also spend plenty of time on calls. I tend to take phone calls with a hands free so phone size there is not an issue. I can not understand why apple doesnt offer a four inch for those that like the pocket size of the current Iphone like my brother and a larger version of around 5 to 5.5 inches for those that like a better browsing experience. If they did that they would blow Samsung out of the water.

  • I fall right in to the category described in the 3rd paragraph I own an iPad with over 100 apps and 2000 songs, I love iOS but I would love the bigger screen because I have big hands and bad eye sight, as well as the fact that I would never use it to make a phone call.

  • Danilo

    We in Serbia have proverb for this U tudjeka tatka pogolema patka,which metaforicly means, what other has is always better(thats not persice translation,its what it means by that).If you have(or had) android you more like(or you like to have)iOs.
    If you have(or had) iOs you more like(or you like to have)Android.

    Its always like that, you want what you dont have.

  • mark

    Does it have s voice or s beam ? same as s3

  • I love the android system now! I have switched from Apple and must say iPhone sucks!

  • asad abbas

    and i guess we love iphone because of the material that is used to make iphones and the undefeatable app store…

  • asad abbas

    i just love using my 4s and i would definitly consider the iphone 5 but still i want to have a bigger screen..i am confused that whether jelly bean is better or the ios 6…need help…!

  • @SuaveCampbell


  • @SuaveCampbell

    At the moment the new iPhone seems to long and not enough width, then the Galaxy Note 2 seems to big… We need a Samsung Galaxy 3 which is just the write size and weight, but have it revamped to have 4G LTE plus all the goodies of the note2..!
    I belive i’m going to end up with an iPad3 and a galaxy S3 at this rate. but i feel i’l still keep a Jailbroken iphone4S for a spare gadget??? lol

  • Jaol216

    These comments are simply foolish. I always had android and windows phones up until the 4S. I was always in hope that good applications would be developed. For me, it’s unfair to say “S3” is better. The HTC Onex is “Better” it’s faster and newer, but the software and ICS is totally crap. It’s buggy and not smooth making developers not develop decent applications. (I’m talking apps like apple garage band and other powerful music apps) – on a iPad/phone, you can basically run a portable recording studio and bring ideas into professtional software when you get home. (using correct adapters and a USB Hub, you can plug in professional audio equipments and instruments!) When android can compete with this class of application, is when I’ll consider buying it!

  • Johnny Bishop

    After reading about Apple’s aggressive (and hypocritical) litigation tactics against Samsung, I have vowed to boycott Apple products, so it’s Galaxy Note II for me.

    • ay4m

      same here! Galaxy Note 2, here i come !!!

  • Neil Gillibrand

    i have to disagree with the writter. I own the original note and have no problems making phone calls. it’s light so easy to hold and like everything in life you get used to it.

    Besides my boss has an iphone 4s and evrn if it is a “better size to hold to your ear” nobody in our office can understand her because the quality is so appaling.

    i’m just one user so perhaps i’m in the minority but although my first reaction was “this phone is too big” after actually usng it i would describe it as the perfect size for a smartphone.

  • mickd

    I’m currently a user of both the iPhone 4s and Samsung S3 and people I have to be honest the ICS software feels slow and dated compared to the iOS software…. the whole feel of android to me is second rate…. however the hardware that Samsung has produced is great… what I want is iPhone build quality apple software on a Samsung software

    • mickd

      Samsung hardware sorry!!!

      • ay4m

        this sounds like what i wanted a year ago as well…i was thinking how great it will be if i can have a galaxy s2 running on IOS….but now i feel that IOS is kinda old and boring… time to check out ICS dude…

  • jinn

    Its clear Apple is behind the curve on the current innovations for smartphones. The only problem now is that there is nothing they can do to correct this dire state.


    Because Apple have set the precedent by suing Samsung for allegedly copying its icon and the square shape of the iPad.

    If Apple include any new features remotely alike to the S pen or S Stay, it Will Haveits Pants Sued Off all over the world.

    Apple has no choice in the mater now but to continue to sure until it becomes extinct from stagnation.


    • DG Shot

      IPhone can’t and should not upgrade their size because it’s a samsung trademark. so Samsung will rule the sizing battle and apple stays the same forever.

  • Andi54

    As a former Fanboy and iPhone owner, but now converted to Samsung and Android, My S2 was better in so many ways than the 4/4S, but the pixel density of the screen and the slightly inferior camera to the 4S, just bugged me a bit. However, My S3 is better in everyway. Things I care about: battery, call quality, download speeds, screen and camera all better…period. Yes, I would have like more premium materials, but when I see so many of my friends with cracked iphone fronts and backs, I think maybe not…

    • Replying to Andi54

      Also the “premium” materials are usually heavier as well (metal/glass). notice how the note 2 is only 28% heavier than the 4s even though the size difference is HUGE!
      also, the S3 is lighter than the 4S even though it’s much bigger. the iphone to me feels a bit like a solid piece of metal in my pocket.

  • LosDynasty

    Wait the iPhone 5 looks like LG Optimus Black… Seems like LG is going to get sued.

  • aaronv

    have you even held a note to your ear!?!?!? its not “way” to big at all. using a iphone after a note is like driving a smart car after a mid sized SUV. its bigger than the teeny tiny phone your used to but its really not too big at all in fact its almost perfect. when I first got my note I thought wow! this is almost jokingly big but now that I’m used to it its perfect! like the kid born blind who can now see..its all hes ever known but when he sees.. he sees how much hes been missing. apple lost a fanboy to android via the note

  • Anzo

    And y would u want a 5 inch iphone u might aswell walk around with a pillow cause thats the only big and comfy thing i know

    • taggerty

      cos you want to use it for more then a phone. Gezzzz, if you only want a phone you might as well buy a $30 prepaid.

  • Anzo

    There was a time big phones where called bricks

    • Anzo is Stupid

      That’s because back then phones were kept big, heavy and thick to keep the manufacturing cost down dummy. not because you can’t make a 4.8 inch screen smaller than 4.8 inches.

      • aliq

        i think hes aware of that…..

      • aliq

        anzo is stupid is stupid 😀

  • Andrew

    Ok so I’ve been using an Android device for quite some time and I switched to the Iphone last year. The reason was due to it’s constant bugs from its apps and it also froze a lot. Now I don’t know whether this had to do with my phone or the app itself but I never really liked it. On the other hand the Iphone 4s was really good in my opinion and I loved the IOS much better than the android; however, as people mentioned the screen was a bit too small and the cost of an iphone 4s with more than 15gb was a bit overwhelming. Despite the problems I’ve faced with the Android device if Apple honestly decides to add nothing but increase the size of the screen a bit and not allow consumers to add extra memory I feel like I will end up going back to Android hoping it would be better than before.

    • Lol

      Went from 4 years of apple to a s2 and then s3. You will love ics on the s3. I’m never going back to apple.

    • I have the Galaxy S3 which is unlocked, it is a good phone but because I’ve had all iPhones apart from iPhone 4S, I will most likley be upgrading to iPhone 5 later this year as this is the phone that I’ve been waiting for and in the back of my mind I have always regretted getting rid of my iPhone 4, but that’s just my opinion. Sounds daft I know, but I won’t make that mistake again!

  • mike

    I had an iphone for three years and was very happy with ios until i used an android phone. I now have the note and it is a great phone. Apple is behind in smartphones now and thier customers are loyal to a fault. Apple just repackages the same phone with a few new features every year. Iphones are not the best phones out now they are only easy to use….thats why you see grandparents in WalMarts using them….lol

  • Dyalry

    I too rarely pick up my handset to call anyone! I’m like most of ya…just texting and using Internet to do my things. I been using iPhones for the 5 years because Steve jobs created something that appealed to me but now that he’s gone…it’s just another company that’s run by a bunch of executives. I’m not sure if Steve jobs would of produced the iPhone with the specs that’s been rumored on the net but seeing as android is clearly offering more for the same price, I’m gonna give it a go on this phablet with a much bigger screen. Nonetheless I’ll be waiting to see what apple releases but if it’s the same as everyone else’s, I’m moving my money to android. One thing I’ll prolly miss will be customer service and protection plans at apple. Hopefully Samsung can offer a full protection plan as well!

  • Ljb599

    Apple iphone 5 is the best phone ever!!! Samsung is just copycat! Plus those phone broke in a couple of weeks!! I dont need a big screen for that I can just use an ipad!

    • Lol

      Having owned every iPhone and now a s3, I can tell you your absolutely wrong.

    • amuse

      Yeah right. Go and have a good time with your brick-brain icrap thing. LOL!

    • Johnny Bishop

      Stop drinking the Kool Aid, step away from the keyboard, and take a nice deep breath.

    • DG Shot

      comparing an ipad to an iphone, or s3 to a tab…is like an apple and a banana…u cant compare it dude… but Note is the stabilizer, see the difference?

  • Jayson

    Yes iPhone needs a larger display. They lost me, only one customer, but still $500 and a 2 year agreement. I want the Note 2!

    • I like Jayson

      You’re not alone, both my brothers bought an S3 after being fed up with the screen size on their Iphone 4 and 4s (also they like the customization options that they found when trying out my phone, which is also an S3). So did one of my cousins (galaxy note) and 2 friends (the last two friends i had who still used iphones).
      so add another $2500 to the total.

  • I have used the iPhone and must say that Android really does murder it. iPhone had it’s time and now we have to accept that they just cant keep up with Android and Samsung. Apple releases phones yearly and lack new features while Android releases them monthly with phones for everyone. There’s not much you can do with an iPhone and I really dont think there would be much of them if people tried out Samsung Android,

  • . .

    I am currently using Verizon Samaung Galaxy S3 and will probably return it to get iPhone 5. Here is why: screen is WAY TOO BIG for every day use and I find it hard to be friendly… Prior phone I had was HD2… S3 it is more demanding device than serving and that I do not like. Screen is gorgeous, and show pictures great, but get ready: screen gets warm as much as back og the phone… that I find the problem with as well. Another issue is ringtone… when someone calls me, there is a about a 1 second lag before the complete volume kicks in, which is very anoying for such top-notch device. These drove me away from liking s3 in the past 5 days and steering towards the iPhonr which I never had… few days left with s3 to win me over but highly doubt

    • it’s ok. when you get the 4s you will wish you could return it, but they might not let you. lol

    • Jay D

      You should try to learn how to use the phone before you want to get rid of it. The volume lag is a feature you can turn off.

      • Lol

        That’s why iphones perfect for him. He does not have the brain power to figure things out.

        • RobbieLJ

          someone just doesn’t want time wasted on a mobile phone.

  • I am constantly browsing, drawing, playing games, watching videos on my Galaxy Note. I rarely ever use the phone part of my Note. I don’t even have a phone plan because I can use apps to call and text people for free. I seriously can’t wait for the Note II.

    • Its the same thing I do. Thats why I only buy phones unlocked, no contract or plan, those suck. And some people wonder if im crazy to be spending such money on a phone. The galaxy note was a best buy for me, worth every dollar. The note 2 is just as good if not better…..FOR AROUND THE SAME PRICE. Its a no brainer.

    • RobbieLJ

      make your life better and get a tablet dude. If you are doing these things all days, even 10 inch is too small I would say. mobile phone is for use on the go not like a desktop computer sitting forever at home.

      • tech one

        robbie i have a few ipad 1 & 2 sold my galaxy tab 10. Also have a few nexus 7. Both my ipad and nexus 7 are hardly used because the note is usually the most convenient

      • When they make their new tablets that roll out of that 10 inch wand/stick sort of thing, then I’ll carry around a tablet in my pocket. Til then, I’m stickin with the note 2.

    • tech one

      Victoria. You should try to or have someone you know upgrade your note to jellybean. It makes the note super fast with no lag and you can have every app open with no slowdown. I have been waiting for the note 2 but after jellybean its made my note super fast

  • Reggieroo

    I don’t want a phone too big, if I need a bigger screen then I can use my iPad. That’s the reason for having a tablet, I feel 4″ is a perfect size for a smart phone.

    • You could save a lot of money if you just had one device that can do anything you needed a phone and tablet to. A phablet or a tabphone.

      • Jayson


    • funny, this was the same thing people were saying when the Evo was released. It just shows how far behind ios is, that this argument will start all over again with apple products and then people eventually wanting bigger and better

    • ay4m

      everyone has his/her own choice… there’s no right or wrong, so i guess you just prefer to have a separate device for each function…a phone and tablet…. but for others, such as me, i’m willing to consider getting note 2 just as a all in one device… 🙂

  • jerrymcafee

    The reason AT&T and Verizon have gone to unlimited talk/text and measured data plans is because people are surfing more and talking/texting less. So the device has become more of a tablet and less of a phone. If you are OK with surfing on a 4″ screen, the iPhone 5 is for you, but for a greater web experience, consider a phablet like the new Galaxy Note II.

  • HUGE

    Yes ! Not a phablet but at least 4.5 or better. If rumors of the 5 are true that is going to be a very awkward phone. I want to switch to an iPhone because I am a current droid user who owns an IPad 2 and I like IOS . Many droid owners would switch if the screen was larger and not oblong like rumor has it.

  • If Apple doesn’t come up with a bigger screen of at least 5″, many of its loyal fans are going to switch over to an android device that offers a much larger screen for sure.Since its debut, I have been having an iPhone and now I am seriously considering having a phone with a larger screen.
    The days of making phone calls with a smart phone are gone, now it is beyond making calls like surfing the web, playing games, watching movies, sending and receiving video emails, skyping. All these needs a bigger screen so that we can accomplish these tasks without much eye strain and inconvenience.
    Phones with Pens are also gaining popularity.It simplifies as wel as improves many a task that smart phone users familiar with.

    • Jay D


    • stillhoping


    • DG Shot

      Great! For that Samsung get the applause.