GTA V feels alive due to silence

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 1, 2012

It is pretty hard for some people to understand how less is more, although this continues to be proven correct with the Grand Theft Auto 5 marketing and with certain products in the smartphone industry. It seems some companies have really nailed how to create interest in what they are about to launch, and when it comes to Rockstar and GTA V, we continue to see that the more silence there is the more the game feels alive.

We’ve heard from the co-founder of Rockstar in the past on this very subject and it relates to GTA V, which saw Dan Houser explain that their games “feel” much more “alive” the less people know about them during development. When it comes to continually delivering information to the gamer during this stage, it is Houser’s view that this can undermine the excitement when gamers finally get hands-on.

If you love to keep up with most news surrounding GTA V and those behind the game, then you might remember a few quotes that point to how Rockstar like to build hype surrounding GTA V, and while their silence can be frustrating it is a proven system that has given Rockstar a good name among gamers. They normally deliver the goods when the release date finally arrives, and fans know this so give them room to do what they do best while waiting patiently for a launch.

Below you can see a few words from Houser during a Variety interview, which took place some time a ago. Also below the first quote you can see another, which is taken from one of Rockstar’s recent Q&A’s. Both of these quotes speak a thousand words when it comes to how GTA 5 is promoted, and also why it is a good thing for the gamer.

Do you agree that some game developers give too much information away before launch and this can sometimes ruin a game, or do you think Rockstar need to give us a lot more details about GTA 5? GTA IV launched on the Xbox 360 and PS3 just a couple of years after these consoles released, but considering it has been over 4 years since that game launched we can expect something really special for GTA 5. Rockstar know the systems a lot better and the next Grand Theft Auto will include much better graphics, which you can see in the screenshot below that certainly improves massively on the console GTA IV graphics, although the consensus is these graphics are for this generation of console and not next.

We can expect GTA 5 trailer 2 at some point this year, which would be the perfect follow-up to all these screenshots we’ve seen recently, and while Rockstar promised something more in the next couple of weeks you shouldn’t expect too many details. This is thanks to Rockstar promoting GTA 5 in a way that leaves a lot of surprises for when you finally get hands-on. Do you prefer the finer details left in secret until release?

Do you think GTA 5 will set a new sales record? It will be interesting to see if GTA 5 breaks the record for highest grossing game within 24 hours, which happened when the last game launched.

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  • Rockstar Games do have a good reputation with their games. It never seems to glitch nor have bugs at all. While others are out chasing backward flying dragons, I’m working hard to earn me a GTA 5.

  • FedUp

    I HOPE we can enter more buildings

  • Kristian

    The only thing i want to know is release date and when you can preorder 🙂

  • danblowsgood

    Daniel chubb is a f@get who blows random men at truckstops. I know my d!ck smells like his cornhole.

  • Jme

    Ok i meant, as long as there’s an option for first person i’ll be happy.

  • Matty P

    Rockstar has never once disappointed me, than they made Max Payne 3 and destroyed the series. You didn’t make your money from me that Time R*

    Don’t disappoint with GTA 5!! I hope you’re not the old guy we’ve seen on the trailer and various screenshots, being old in a crazy city would kill the mood.

  • RJ5998

    I truly can’t wait for gta 5 to come out but I at least hope it is for the ps3 system and not next gen consoles (ps4) also they cant just give everyone all these pics and trailers showing the game of because Rocksatar is not like that

  • Paradox

    Ohhh how I enjoy the haters and lovers of this R* phenomenon! Yes we’ve waited a year and yes R* haven’t gave much away but it’s like they say would you want to know everything about the game before it comes out?! Be real people! As for waiting a year dude you need to lighten up! Think of us poor fans here! We are gonna have to take a year off work just to play the damn game!!! Lmfao!

  • I agree with all the people that want information held back until a release date. but why hold back on what year it’s coming out. Hell, I was sold when I heard of it. screenshots in my opinion were not needed. one trailer and and a year with a season would of been enough. they don’t want to admit it but they get off at rockstar watching fans eagerly anticipate a game. I cant respect people on any level of a power trip! makes me visualize two little penis producer’s enjoying a taste of some popularity. who else would name there company rockstar?

  • ste

    Almost time to buy a ps3! Thought I wud skip this gen but if those shots are for this gen of consoles then we don’t need a ps4!

  • jme

    as long as there is an option for 3rd person i’ll be happy.

  • Richard

    I think they gave plenty of info already. I think everyone including me just want a release date announced! That’s not ruining any aspect of the game, it’s just to give people a date to anticipate launch of the game!

  • Peter

    Gta 5 can hurry up and come out

  • Weiner Buns

    This game can take as long as it wants. If its going to live up to the hype I’m all in. I bet this game comes out before Dawngaurd hits the ps3.

  • SlimShadyLP

    JUST RELEASE THE GAME ALREADY ! lol I kid I kid . Take as long as you want, just make the game perfect.

  • Elizabeta

    I don’t want R* to announce the release date too close to release, that would just screw up my schedule. A few months in advance would be perfect.

    • well maybe next will be a release date and surprise xmas launch

  • Mark

    10/10 would read again. Great article, I found out things I never would have before!

  • Gta fan

    I think they should leave info out but keep giving out screenshots and trailers

  • jAM

    GTA V will outsell the call of duty franchise in minutes <– TRUE FACT!

    • Tremor

      it sure will, i cant wait for GTA V

    • It will, but GTA is not even in the same genre… so why does it matter?

  • John Smith

    It is very much part of GTA and possibly any game to be excited to play it and explore whats new. Trailers should be released and nothing more until people have their hands on the final product. I think everyone will really appreciate this when the time comes.

  • booo

    i just cant wait to get a jet ski and ride down the waterfall! too excited to hear from them soon.

    • going down that river and waterfall and possibly a cave on the side of the mountain would make my decade!

  • sebastian

    I believe its stupid how they hide the release date from us. I think hiding exciting stuff is smart. I really want the game and im ready to spend $60 on it. I love rockstar and ive own every euphoria game out there. If they release ill jizz in my pants.

  • Frink

    Gta v is going to be epic rockstar know how to make quality games it’s a good thing that you never really know what’s going to be in there game. If gta v is as detailed as RDR it will be mind blowing.

  • i hope to see the next trailer or more this month then next month sell sell sell

  • itisover

    forget it. at first it was fun and new but 1 year with next to nothing, no deal. r* keep the game, i will won’t be getting it. i have waited patiently for 1 year and what do we have? 50X more questions and 1 answer. the rest is guess work. GTA f*ck yourselves, it is getting right in my nerves now. well done, idiots

    • ay dont give up so soon just have faith in this month the good month so keep faith alive because u might see a turn around another trailer plus more then boom release next month

    • Clide frog

      Get a life

    • Sincerely outraged

      Your a nob, get a life. All you have to do is wait for this epic game and your crying like a little b’tch cus you can’t waste your time watching trailer analysts and masturbate over thousands of screenshot breakdowns, just wait for the game and keep busy you no life.
      P.S. as if your not going to buy the game, stop talking out your a’ss

    • boom

      Well maybe this game is not for you. Its for the memtally stable. not some “im on the verge of losing it” guy lmao get a life indeed

      • really but yu just said quote forget it. at first it was fun and new but 1 year with next to nothing, no deal. r* keep the game, i will won’t be getting it. i have waited patiently for 1 year and what do we have? 50X more questions and 1 answer. the rest is guess work. GTA f*ck yourselves, it is getting right in my nerves now. well done, idiots. and you feel you got the right to call me un mentally stable and on the verge of lossing it sounds like you not me kid so why dont you stop because your makin yoself look like a fool

      • my bad thought u where itisover

    • UnknownUser28

      Lol ok.

    • Tubsss

      Don’t even try to pretend for a second that you aren’t going to buy the game… The whole reason you are so butt-hurt to begin with is a lack of information for the game.

    • yoyo not yoyoyo

      wow! this dude is getting so much hate for being rightly p*ssed off and having an opinion… so many trolls

      • Clide frog

        He is like a child who wants a toy should just get on with life it’s just a game no matter how good it will be throwing a tantrum won’t make it come out any quicker

  • megadave

    It seems everyone is the Hush-Hush on their projects, GTA 5, Doom 4, Half-Life 3. You know they have something good in store for us. There has never been a bad GTA game.

    • Myopinionisking

      It’s true that theres never been a bad gta game but there has been one that was’nt great………

      • vicecity4life

        *cough* ..Chinatown Wars.. *cough*

  • Susan

    Rockstar can take as long as they need with GTA 5, they are one of the better developers and certainly have my trust. As long as it is this generation.

    • not tyin to burst yo bubble but it will be not for next gen but for both

      • Just stop. You don’t know anything.

    • Drunk on drank

      Heard on the grapevine that the plot is this… You begin the game as middle aged man who is an ex gangster wanting a quiet life. But his past catches up with him and he is killed. So then the game takes a new twist and you play the character of his son, who will avenge his father and win back the empire that his father built.

      • UnknownUser28

        DAMN that’s nice. Never seen a main character actually get killed!!! Exciting, well if this is true of course

        • Myopinionisking

          So you’ve never played red dead redemption?

        • UnknownUser28


      • Matty P

        That’s what me and my mate were talking about, it’s probably the only way it could work with GTA 5, but than how would you go with creating your own unique character? Assuming Gta 5 will offer the customization that it did with San Andreas.

  • RickyT

    The Jet looks cool, and after hearing the maps will be more than 4 times bigger I can imagine how much fun flying a Jet will be. Bring it on.