Samsung Galaxy S3 vanishes, Jelly Bean in Sept

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2012

There are plenty of reasons for the Samsung Galaxy S3 stock to start vanishing, which is exactly what’s happening right now, and we believe it’s due to more than the court win for Apple, but that has to be the major factor. The recent news of more colors for the Galaxy S3 is sure to increase sales, although these aren’t available in stores just yet, so are no relation to low stock.

Recent survey points to Samsung Galaxy S3 vanishing – Trip Chowdhry, Equity Research LinkedIn profile seen here, has reported that stores are selling out of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 and this includes Verizon, AT&T, and Costco stores. He mentions that Verizon stores are also seeing the Galaxy S3 outselling the iPhone over the last month. It is worth noting that Chowdhry polled a number of AT&T stores, five in total, and they all reported an increase in Galaxy S3 sales after the Apple vs. Samsung verdict.

There are a number of reasons why there has been an increase in Galaxy S3 sales, which is creating low stock across the US, and this includes the fact that the S3 is not in Apple’s targets like the S2 is. Some people believe it’s the opposite to this, and that it could be in fact due to some buyers wanting the Galaxy S3 before it gets a ban. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and why you might think the Galaxy S3 is seeing low stock all of a sudden?

Increased sales thanks to people supporting Samsung – It is worth noting that we have also seen Samsung fans offering a lot of support for their favorite phone maker, and each time we reported news about the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 it has been met with comments of support, which includes some people stating they will get these devices just to help Samsung in their battle with Apple. Are you more supportive of Samsung after the Apple verdict?

Samsung Galaxy S3 gaining Jelly Bean in September – you’ll be able to download the new Android 4.1 software within the next 4 weeks if the rumor mill is correct, which is what we’re hearing from insiders. We reported a couple of days ago that the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update had missed a launch at the Unpacked event, but there had been a promise by Samsung that it’s coming really soon, so the latest rumors of a release date in September seem pretty spot on. If you really want to see a special Samsung Galaxy S3 then check out this customized version.

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  • How did I wind up at this page? Is this site one of those that spams people with fake referrals in their blog traffic stats?

  • iphone luver

    Apples iPhone is way more user friendly than any other device. Apple is 2 steps to delete a msg…. s3 is 5???? There are only a couple things this phone has that iPhone doesn’t. The screen size, you are locked in to apple. And the last isn’t even the phone. Its Google. And that is the automatic updates on the apps.

  • chris

    I love samsung for what they are , i wish i gave them a chance earlier . But i decided to follow apples footsteps and peoples belief that iphone is the best and now im happy to say that apple isnt as good as i thought it was. Samsung is amazing. I love my new galaxy s3 wouldnt trade it for anything.

  • ball70

    I have had an galaxy s3 since I could first get my hands on it in America. And it is a balling ass phone no apple could evere touch it. Apple is a dismal co. And are playing the sore loser to the “T” when I first heard about what they where doing to Samsung I thought you fools now it apple against the whole world. They cannot win with no innovation and all litigation.

  • frank Medic

    I have been an iPhone nut since it first came out 2007, loved it to bits. 4S came out and thought it looked good, but I was still in contract, so I waited – 4S came out – not impressed at all. My O2 contract ended, so I kept a basic contract ongoing waiting ‘5’ but it never appeared. I work overseas and kept up on tech via web and a friend of mine would email what’s happening – as it was I was always ahead of him anyway. So Christmas 12, I decided on the Galaxy SII. At first it was awkward and it wasn’t slick at all. Had problems – so my next time on leave (in UK) sent it back through an O2 shop – brilliant service and got it back in 1.5 weeks. Absolutely brilliant. I had already updated to ICS. My friend got upgrade in iPhone to 4S – naf or what. He has gone android also, foolishly not Galaxy he now admits. re – music/movies etc. on galaxy – look at “DOUBLETWIST” it is a free laptop/android platform and works very well with no strings – about to have a complete make over to work alongside Itunes. My phone contract has a while to go yet, but the Galaxy SII does it all for me and as long as Samsung keep updates going, I will be perfectly happy (that is until the next goodie arrives!).

  • Trinitro tolueno

    All my support for samsung. I love my gs3 and now hate apple even more.

  • Rob

    Apple are simply behaving like a small child crying when things don’t go their way. They blew it with me a long time ago, and I would never go back no matter what they bring out. Every Iphone that has come out has been only a slight improvement over the last. And everyone’s phone looks the same. Samsung gives you the choice and freedom and it makes you feel good knowing you have a quality product that you can rely on.

  • Samsung allt the way!

  • dan

    To be fair, I love android phones, and due to the locked nature of apple, will never know if I like the iPhone. Now that apple is becoming the Microsoft of the smart phone world, if it turns into only the option of having the iPhone, I will go back to a basic phone. I think intellectual property is a joke, especially when patented after the fact. I bought the s3 a couple days ago and am paying early termination fees with my previous carrier because I don’t want to see it disappear before my contract is over. It is by far the best phone I have seen.

  • david elmstrom

    Apple are just trying to dictate the market,what the other manufacturers should do is say enough is enough,samsung, htc,should stop building the chips and all the other bits and pieces for the apple phone,and make apple build their own.And have nothing more to do with them..

  • Bug

    The court case anoid. Me so much I got a Samsung S3 and I will not have Apple again,Love this phone and its freedom.

  • 1lumpsum

    The verdict on the Apple Vs. Samsung lawsuit came out Friday August 24th. I ordered my pebble blue S3 from Amazon on Saturday August 25th and it arrived in my hand on Monday August 27th. I love it! I was already due for a once every 2 years phone upgrade and was waiting for the iPhone 5 release Sept 12th to see if I’d want to get it. Then the verdict came out and i was like “#%&$ Apple!” and went ahead and got the S3.

  • treg

    Samsung galaxy s3 is the coolest phone ever and makes the iphones look like a toy.. Samsungbrocks the smartphoneworld.. Go samsung!!!!!

  • hivemind

    Apple’s ridiculous case against Samsung was thrown out of the courts in the UK yet in the US Apple win on ALL counts?! Madness.

    • waht do you expect from the american corporate controlled government..

  • I honestly don’t believe the iPhone 5 will even be as powerful as the Galaxy S3 ( infact it might be less than half as powerful ). The reports of it being only dual core, so thin, and no appreciable increase in battery size. No, whatever angle Apple is working on this time, it’s not going to be bleeding edge specs.

  • the_cuzz

    Great to see others supporting Samsung . I have at one point owned the iphone 3gs 4 and 4s so I’m not just a bias Android fan. I now own the Galaxy s3 which replaced my Galaxy Nexus and I just recently purchased the Note 10.1 all for the simple reason of . Not only does Samsung make better more innovative devices then Apple , Android literally makes IOS look like a child’s toy Operating system ( Android is more Linux which I love ) . .To me the Apple war against Samsung is nothing but a cry baby attempt at ….. boo hoo your beating me and I don’t like ….. ROCK ON SAMSUNG and keep providing the world with the best devices !!!!

    • johnathan

      ROCK ON SAMSUNG! yes – to be honest even if Samsung did copy Apply – i really don’t care if the copy is much better than the original I’ll have the copy thanks!

  • I was a 3GS owner for 3 years. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Iphone 5. But I kept a close eye on the Galaxy S3. Review after review just said what an amazing phone this is. I went in saw it and loved it. Finally I just said you know what, I have a feeling this phone will be as good if not better than Apple. The AT&T salesman said why do you own an Iphone? What is it that gives them an advantage. Is it Itunes? I said honestly yes. If it wasn’t for that I really could care less. He showed me Google Play and I was sold. Google allows me to stream my own music, regardless of whether it was loaded from a CD, Itunes or other web store as well as apps, pictures, calendar without synching. No need for a huge memory card. And if I wanted Samsung allows me to expand the memory. My purchase done days before the court decision had nothing to do with the lawsuit but I have a feeling the phones are flying off of the shelf because the combo of great hardware and software has forced Apple to defend their turf. If Samsung truly stole ideas, then they should be fined. But from a user standpoint, if this phone is as good if not better than Apple, then I would rather use a product with an expansive reach such as Google than be locked into the Apple environment.

    • s

      completely true – why be locked in by Apple and be told what to do – be free with Andriod, customise your phone as you wish – and its not difficult to use Andriod as iphone users point out – if you cant figure it out you’ve proven you don’t have the intelligence and hence should stick to a basic iphone and follow orders…
      The S3 is a monster and of course as the industry evolves so fast and as apple has had a chance to see the competition i’m sure the iphone 5 will be more powerful – but its not Android and you’ll still be forced to do as Apple says…

  • I hate Apple very much. I love Samsung, love their products and I love to support them. Keep the good work coming Sammy !