IT: iPhone with iOS 6 vs. BlackBerry 10

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2012

The majority of iPhone owners couldn’t be more excited when they think about the upcoming features within iOS 6, which by now most of us know these features thanks to details on the official website, hidden features showing up in betas, and of course a nice iOS 6 demo had been seen during the WWDC 2012 keynote.

Enterprise/IT success for an iPhone with iOS 6 – we spoke about the new iOS, expected within the next few weeks, and how Apple is securing business adoption in an earlier article and last month we noted how iPhone 5 would gain an enterprise advantage. Today we wanted to highlight another take on Apple and their appeal to business/IT users, which takes a look at what these users want from iOS 6 and the next iPhone.

The article, seen here, points out that iOS 5 didn’t improve much when it comes to “mobile management capabilities“, and then focuses in detail on certain areas of iOS that need to see major improvement with the next major OS update. These include app management, more volume licensing options, OS level content lockers, advanced network options and improved security, privacy, and a lot more.

Take a look at the above article and let us know how close you think Apple will get to meeting the wide range of suggestions offered, which in our opinion will be too much of a jump this time around.

The most important area for improvement for IT/business – While the author mentions app management as being the most important area needing improvement, we’d have to disagree after speaking to a number of companies and employees using work provided BlackBerry smartphones. It seems that a massive number of companies are still sticking by RIM BlackBerry, which we’ve been told is due to “security concerns” with Android and iOS when compared to BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry 10 with multi-layered security – It is understandable why security is important to companies and their IT workers, so it looks like Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Apple’s iOS 6 would need to at least meet what BlackBerry 10 is offering if they with to gain these IT/business users. To understand just how far BlackBerry go with securing their smartphones, you need to read this article that details the multi-layered security being designed for BlackBerry 10. We’ve also included a video below that gives a demo of BB10’s Peek and Glancing gestures.

Would you like to see iOS and Android take over enterprise? We’ve heard from a couple of our readers that claim “most I.T. shops are clueless“, and would love to see iOS take over enterprise – how about you?

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  • Cant wait for BB10. love rim and hope they can hold on. with samsung getting fined it will bost rim. and with the new OS developers can now develop apps to compete with Iphone. new phone has nice screen and slide out keyboard go rim go

  • I find this funny, ”
    Blackberry is a shittt that is about to die” … First your grammar is terrible and that sentence makes no sense. Because unlike iOS which has pretty much been the same since the first iPhone, along with Droid which has so many variants, mostly crap, BlackBerry is coming out with a fresh and totally new user interface and it really seems like the sheeps and droidites are scared. Lets face it, Apple is losing its cool factor now that it is taking the pirates code as its creed and Android is the ship being ravished. Ooops! Here comes a brand new product and its peaceful, and fun, and fresh.

    • finally an educated and well put comment. i applaud your playful humor and validity.

    • BJRCollins

      I think you mean that Android features are being ravaged, not ravished. Also, I’ve yet to meet an android user that has any disdain for BB. There certainly is no fear. Apple has always been a pusher of fashion over function. Their mountain of cash reserves is just evidence of the fear of knowing your product is not the gold standard so many fools think it to be, and knowing that you’re going to need liquidity when your stock tanks. Apple shares should be unloaded, just a word to the wise.

  • Tiger Tek

    P.S. At my office no has iPhone… Everyone was provided with Bold 9900s… hopefully we’ll get a BB10 phone or I’m just going to buy one outright. BYOD baby!

    • Tina Frey

      P.S. your office has fetish for blackberry that you and your boss will make love with RIM

      • Call it a successful threesome then.

  • Tiger Tek

    I think RIM is going to bounce back with BlackBerry 10. It’s a totally new OS with clever features for productivity and multimedia. I’m looking forward to BB10. You have to admire RIM for not jumping on the Android wagon, going it alone with a entirely new OS. Can’t wait for BB10!

  • JWM

    It is dumb to ask for comments since most people have no idea about blackberry 10. in answering this question they will be comparing current iPhones to current and even now outdated blackberrys. Blackberry 10 provides a radical new user experience that could likely be more pleasing to business users than even the newest iOS.

    • KING thinks JWM sucks

      Blackberry is a shittt that is about to die just like your god, stupid JWM should not be born wkwkw

    • Rio

      That’s right ! Blackberry is old and disgusting just like JWM booyah

    • Nadia

      JWM knows nothing

    • Unlike Kings bitchass, Nadia’s slutty ass, and rios virgin self. i understand what you’re talking about,. You can tell that these three have the brain capacity of a caterpillar, actually sorry that would be a compliment. but to them ignorance is bliss. unlike them, i have done my share of research on the blackberry 10. and like you said the outdated blackberry 7 that would have been amazing 4 years ago would never stand a chance against the iOS6. But the blackberry 10 now there’s a worthy opponent. I just cant wait to see all these apple fan bitches get sad when they realize their new iOS 6 pales in comparison the the newly remodeled blackberry 10 software. because ive used an iphone and its not that impressive, im currently using a samsung android device. and i find myself wanting to throw it at a brick wall because waiting on the the software to comprehend my commands takes ages. it makes me want to go back to my 2+ year old blackberry 9700 thats been beaten down, dropped from helicopters, and been to hell and back but the software still works alot better than a lot of its competitors. only thing missing is the apps. but thats already being fixed. i just hope they hurry up. january is still a long ways away.