GTA V goes extra mile with cops

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2012

When we saw the last set of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5 it had been made clear by Rockstar that the police involvement would be improved, and could feature heavily in the GTA V story. Seeing the police car chase screenshots made us remember about a few of the different ways cops might integrate with GTA V, and we also wonder how this might be redefined in the upcoming game?

Going the extra mile with police in GTA V – you can clearly see in the photo below that the developers are trying their best to make police cars authentic, which the photo below shows a real police car next to one from the GTA V trailer. This is just a taste of what Rockstar is doing and the last screens show Rockstar mean “Business” when it comes to police integration, but how far will they go to include cops in the overall theme?

One idea we heard a while ago had involved the lead GTA V character being an FBI agent, or better known in the Grand Theft Auto universe as FIB, and this rumor started thanks to the man in the trailer talking about a previous “line of work“. You can read here how one blog dissected this statement and came to a conclusion of being an undercover cop, although this type of police integration into GTA V really moves away from the dodgy characters in the series so far.

Would you really want to be an undercover cop in GTA 5? It does seem strange that the FBI, sorry FIB, would go undercover considering they normally come into a scene very visible and control local police, unless Rockstar is planning other police involvement and a twist with the GTA 5 story? We’d love to hear our readers thoughts on this angle, and if you would want it?

Getting the balance right with police and what we love about GTA 5 – Rockstar will need to get it right with the gamer, and what is loved about the franchise. The gritty, funny, and dodgy characters we’ve seen in the past made the game for us. Making too big a change could upset a few people, also how real would you want the police to take their duties in GTA 5? Being pulled over for riding a motorcycle without a helmet might be a stretch too far, or would it? Let us know your thoughts and ideas for police and the next GTA.

How would you like Rockstar to involve the police in Grand Theft Auto 5? Can you think of any twists that would make the game more interesting, and also new features that involve the police? It is clear that Rockstar want to make the police as authentic as possible, which can be seen in the above photo. One thing is almost certain and that is Grand Theft Auto 5 will see a release date this generation of console, and not on the next-gen like some people believe.

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  • joseph giancontieri

    also u shold be able to go in all the stores and u should be able to park on the street with out loseing your car there should be a baseball stadium were u can watch games

  • joseph giancontieri

    if u run a red light they should be a ticket or a chase or u can be able to help police they should pull u over they should have cops do cops stuff like in real life u should be able to get in the most wanted list and so on

  • James Purkiss

    yeah i do want undercover cops in gta 5 i would be cool to drive around in a unmarked police car

  • I hope they added LED lights! its about damn time!

  • GTA Fan Forever

    I think there should be more than one poclice force like a county sheriff or a town cop and obviosly the (LSPD).

  • DanBrum87

    One of my biggest wishes is car ownership, which has lacked in all of the past gta games. I believe that driving round in a ferrari is a big deal. if ur a small time crook making ur way through the ranks ur not gona have a garage full of italian super cars. Cars need to be more unique. for example some kind of code for the vehichles ie license plates. if u steel a car its A STOLEN CAR and the police are gonna look for that car untill its found that way you will cherrish ur car. it just ads great deal of realism. i just find it silly u can thro some million air out of his lambo then drive round town all day then leave it next to a police car and walk off like nothing happend. also in terms of police AI would like to be able to be able to hide in alleys and stuff without the police knowing exactly where u are just cuz ur still in there big circle on the map.

  • jamesH

    on a ‘rumoured’ video a lot of you will have seen ages ago. was about the police involvement. and when you get 3 stars it said the cops will still search for you for 12 in game hours. went up to 6 stars and cops will still search for you for 72 in game hours or something like that. i hope they dont have that in the game because to me something like that is just going to make the game frustrating. like others have said getting fines is ok. but there’s a point where too realistic will get too annoying.

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    I would love for you to live a sort of authentic life at the same time. In previous GTA’s your a set character, criminal usually. Someone escaping something or coming back to a bad place.

    Id like, not a deep, but basic, choice of who you are. Like, what your good at and all and be able to apply for simple jobs to earn a bit of cash at the same time.

    But not ones which drive you from the story, so like a beat officer, chasing down criminals, sitting in a car on the road watching traffic until you get a fast driver maybe.
    Working as a paramedic, maybe driving a bit around or something, until you hear a call, going to an emergency scene, maybe doing a short, not mini game but button pressing sequence or whatever to help or such.
    Or even like
    Fast food places or leisure places.

    You could say it sounds stupid but, i mean you can have girlfriends in GTA, you sleep and eat, you even go bowling with annoying cousins. So why not be able to earn extra money a normal way, by having a small sorta job if you want?

    I mean it would also help the story a little, money from a job would mean you could purchase safe houses, weapons and clothes maybe even a car, so its not exactly pointless. Just seems like a more up to date currency mechanic.

    • NiCk14AlPhA

      Sort of went on about most things other than the police.
      But im thinking Red Dead Redemption mechanics.

      For E.G
      Say you have a small job as a basic beat officer, you do for a few hours. Say when your not on your shift, and your doing a mission where you have to steal a car or something, maybe depending how much you have done as an officer and how known in the force you are, you could get away with small petty crimes or so.
      So like beating someone up, and officers look the other way instead of run you down and arrest you.

      And then like you could have access to ‘weapons lockers’ in your presinct.

      Same with other jobs.

      – Paramedics, be able to heal yourself quickly if your not too hurt, free health when you get in an ambulance.
      – Taxi Driver, go anywhere for free, free cars to use.


  • Peter Reyes

    i think if the story is going to have a police twist, it wont be the main character an undercover cop, more likely it would make him a retired police officer or fib agent that was crooked or corrupt but now wants to be dedicated to his family, but now having the experience and knowing how the law thinks and acts he now has an edge in the criminal (business), well thats my opinion.the undercover thing would probably ruin it rstar wont copy a cheap game like true crime.

    • Petered Out

      Sleeping Dogs was what GTAIV wasn’t… Also, had a fresh element (melee was excellent) and very good story IMO. Hoping GTAV will go back to the SA or VC formula more so than GTAIV.

  • This is incredible. If I understand this story right, you’ve taken one user’s speculation – based on re-interpreting the original context of dialogue (“…that line of work,”) (which is immediately followed up with, “…be a good guy *for once*,” no less) and saying that the former context holds merit that it somehow gives us enough information to assume he was an undercover cop (??) – and made a story that puts the thought to suggestion with the question, “Would you really want to be an undercover cop in GTA?” like somehow this is suddenly of high probability! Besides these previous words just re-creating what has happened with this story, I was left speechless for a moment. Incredible, this is. (As a side note, your first paragraph’s last statement is not a question despite the question mark at the end). Just to set the record straight, we aren’t even clear who the narrator of the trailer is, and his motives are even more vague. Drawing a conclusion (especially one like this, even though [to be honest] there is a probability it could be right – but not much of one) is ludicrous at best. Not to mention that going off of experience with past GTA games means we have ABSOLUTELY no reason that this one would suddenly make our protagonist a law-enforcer (unless you consider carjacking a police car and hacking it’s computer to find criminals is considered legitimate (or undercover) law enforcement). I’m blown away by this. I’ve been able to handle speculation before, but this is incredible.
    >>>> I would, however, like to give a kudos to finding the real-life analogue to the police cars they may have modeled their in-game police cars off of. THAT is the best observation in the whole story.

  • annonymous

    I think they really need to distinguish between LAPD (LSPD) and the CHP, maybe they could have different pursuit tactics (and obviously different cars) ect…. We also need police dogs and more equipment available at their disposal, for example non lethal weapons and more police vehicles. From the trailer it appears there’s going to be a big freeway system, this is why a Highway Patrol covering them instead of the local police (LSPD) is a must!

  • Jovanni

    id love to play as an undercover officer because u could commit any crime you wanted and get away with it instead of having all the police come at you like theres no tomorrow. i also think there should be more police cruisers like the fib cruiser in gta iv. there was just one but it would be cool if they put like an under cover Chevy taho or you should be able to have the choice to put police lights in any car you please.

  • dsargent77

    -For one, I hate being “busted”
    You should be able, at any time, to take action during the handcuffing scene. Maybe make that a special action where a cinematic struggle between the character and the cop commence, giving you the chance to run free.
    -Two, there should be off duty cops – shake things up when you’re out rampaging.
    -Three, Dirty cops – I mean, evil. Maybe if you’re walkin’ by a pig and you get too close he nudges toward you and bumps into you, thereafter dropping dope and then planting it on you claiming it was yours. All the more reason to go kill-cop-crazy…
    -Finally, you should be able to bribe them off if you’ve done something minor.

  • Steve Smith

    Another Gem of an article! Thank you so much for going in depth with this one, there was nothing in this article that was re-hashed, it is all breaking, new content! I was amazed at the pictures from GTA V you used, they were clearly released today and have never been seen before!

    • dsargent77

      Can’t tell if paid to write this, or very sarcastic…

      • Steve Smith

        You should look at the comments on here that actually support this article, most likely they are the same guy or the article author himself

  • martty

    You should also be able to pimp out any car or plane/helicopter in the game. This game has to come out soon its pissing me off hahahaha

  • martty

    The cops should not just shoot you if you run from them like in gta 4. They should be able to pull you and other civillians over to. Civillians should be getting introuble to. Thats a great idea being an undercover cop or even a real cop that can go on crime investigations, riots in the city, fights at clubs and a bunch of other things that wouyld happen in a city. This should be an amazing and realistic game with a whole lot more to do. Gta 4 sucked.

  • trapdoor94

    i think it would be cool if for a section of the game your character does a similar thing to matt damon in the departed be much more fun and different to being an undercover cop

  • sproesser

    I think anything they can do to further help you feel like you are really in a big city will help the game. GTA 4 was so special because the city felt alive. Little things like getting police attention for running a red light or speeding will only improve GTA. The risk comes in changing the formula though. Rockstar knows everybody loves the arcade style gameplay in GTA. I was wondering if Agent was going to be their more serious game.

  • MATT C


    • Gumby65

      Speak up, can’t hear you…

  • Ron

    Has anoyone else noticed that the police car has its own unique individual licence plate number? Could all the cars have it? And maybe if you steal a car, there will be cops looking for that car in specific?

  • lennyr

    i think gta 5 shoould be realistic if u run a red light in front of a cop u shoud get a ticket

    • Gumby65

      …and on ensuing traffic stop, they find a few stems & seeds in your ashtray and initiate a 3-star wanted level.

  • Bob

    I do hope the AI become involved in the process. of making it an all-new imaginated world. Police chases are going to be fun again. Handling has been improved, it follows TBOGT line: less weight, distributed center of mass. Thought I’m looking foward rewriting all the data. =D
    As for the 3rd image only, you can have an idea of the context. (It’s a mission or side-mission: business). One thing that annoyed me on GTAIV was the police chases, you earned a star everytime you hit a police car. You can depict from the image that the cops are following the truck with sirens turned off, just in case you do what you’re about to do.. That’s a sign of a more responsive system. It could even denote they have reworked the wanted system. No more ‘run to escape in every situation’. Insteed we would have: ‘Here, hide yourself there for the next 24h, drink your piss if your character starts to get thirsty’.
    Just for the record, that’s a Bullet GT inside the truck. Inicially I thought it was a Dukes, but it’s the Bullet GT from TBOGT. It could face little changes like the Infernus from the other picture……Yep, look at the air intake at the top, it’s taller. The curved wasn’t so practical in GTAIV…Complete new 19″ rims, slithly curved sideline at the back and a higher poly count. There are other minor changes, like the door handle.
    Those pretty damn shaders! That’s what I’m talking about! I’m amased by those graphics!



  • daniel

    What if the all vehicles actually ran on petrol/gas/diesel and you can run out of fuel. What if the police ran out of fuel during a police chase or you ran out. It would make the game more interesting.

    • Name

      It’s not that hard to get out of a vehicle and steal another one

      • daniel

        im not saying that it is hard to get out and steal another car. What im saying is that in previous GTA games you had a choice weather or not you want to get out and change your car but if the cars run on fuel and it runs out during a police chase then your forced to get out and change cars. Plus the added benefit of being able to siffen peoples fuel tanks.

  • MATT C


  • Loki

    Maybe you could have the choice to bribe them on the spot during a crime, if you think they are “bent”, and if they don’t turn out to be then you get nicked, if they are courrupt, then you pay up and get released 🙂

  • I know best

    open worlds is what is says your ment to be able to play it the way you want not drive to your next mission more like have a break from missions and cause havoc thats why people are more exicited about GTA releases than any other game, only time i chose tight over slack is when it comes to a women.

  • ????????????

    To be honest the more real the cops are the better for me, i for 1 find it far to easy to get away from them, and the idea of getting chased for a broken tail light or speeding through a red light sound brilliant, i dont believe the cops chace u for enough reasons, basically u get away with too much, besides i love a good shootout with the cops, bring it on rockstar it will make people drive properly at times to take in the scenery instead of just wizzing passed things at full speed and missing allot of detail. Just imagine u handbrake around a corner and hid an old lady crossing the road and because u didnt get ur phone out and ring for an ambulance its classed as a hit and run and u ran a red light thats 2 things so for the next 48 in game hours the cops are looking for someone matching ur discription and the car make and colour ur driving with a dent in it, it will be epic, obviously with an option to turn on or off depending on what u prefer.

    • sproesser

      I agree, it will be amazing. I can’t wait. But will rockstar make such a huge change to their best game? Gamers like us appreciate mechanisms that require patience. Most gamers don’t have the patience.

  • Megadave

    Maybe you get to hang out and do missions with corrupt cops, and they give you special abilities like maybe calling one of them to remove your 2 star wanted level.

    • Ed

      so another Francis McReary type of stuff?

  • Amazing fella

    They should have a police difficultylevel. You have an option to turn on and off stuff like getting chased because you passed a red light or riding a bike without a helmet

    • The other name

      In Mafia 2 if you drive over the speed limit or get in accident near police, you get ticket.

  • JDash

    Sorry, “HAD” no involvement. Pardon the mistake

  • JDash

    In the trailer, the protagonist says he is retiring and wants to be “a good guy for once, a family man”. This means he has no involvement with the LSPD.

  • RanSoto

    Making the cops too real like running a red light or carrying a weapon is too real and to be it’ll get me a little mad I’ve herd there gonna have riot shields and stuff like that to me there improving it right. And the protagonist being a FBI or FIB agent, to me that’s kinda like the True Crime games but maybe as a DLC that’ll be cool but not as the main story or a separate story like thay did with GTA IV with Balled Of Gay Tony and the Lost And Damned it’s been my dream to be a S.W.A.T Officer ever since I was a kid and I still do so o me that’ll be epic.

    • lennyr

      u can get an lcpdfr mod


    I hope the cops are as funny as the fat ones in GTA IV

  • typer194

    great article, I hope the police in gta v will be a lot more realistic. gta iv is still the best game out there to me anyway, the only game i will be buying is gta v cant wait…… we need a new gta just hope the comet returns, what a machine lol

  • Thanos Mad Titan

    More variety of police vehicle. Chevy Tahoe,Ford explore,impala,with all kind of lights. Let the police use less leathal weapons to get you to comply. Like made,and taser guns. Have K9 track you. And please make the the vehicle more police real. Check out sirens from pierce county wa it shall work better.

  • Dannon

    Being an undercover cop sounds pretty lame, but if that’s the case Rockstar would find a way of making it work. Judging from what was said in the Trailer, I think we could rule out the possibility of being a cop.

  • Love the Obey and Survive quote and if you notice closely in the emblem, you can see a Bigfoot!

  • yommollow

    if you do a minor crime you should be able to just get fined or something

  • RickyT

    Nice article, and I agree with peomojao about evading the police with helicopters. If the cops get smarter then so should the tools gamers have for evading them. Cannot wait for the GTA 5 release date, whenever that might be.

  • peomojao

    as long as the game allows better police evasion tactics such as helicopters, they are already a pain in the ass in gta 4.

  • crazzy legs

    I hope we aint no cop cuz tgt wont make no sense to me ilp feel like im playing sleeping dogs thats just me

  • Another dumb article

  • Necrofeast

    Realism is pretty wicked. I think it would be dope chedda.