Dawnguard PS3 blame shifted to Sony hardware

By Alan Ng - Aug 31, 2012

Just when you thought the situation couldn’t get any worse for PS3 fans and their borderline ridiculous wait for the Dawnguard DLC expansion, Bethesda has just dropped another bombshell by essentially saying that they’re now unsure as to whether Dawnguard will even release on Sony’s console.

As we’ve told you in the past week, we have now passed the two month stage where Dawnguard first released on Xbox 360 as part of Microsoft’s timed exclusivity agreement which covers the first two Skyrim add-ons. Given the long delay, PS3 users had expected at the very least that Dawnguard would release before the end of August, but a recent statement by Bethesda firmly suggests that their team are still having major problems.

It looks like they are placing part of the blame on the PS3 hardware as well. Despite the PS3 being near the end of its life cycle with the PS4 on the horizon, Bethesda has said that ‘the PS3 is a powerful system’ and that they’ve tried numerous methods to bring to Dawnguard to the PS3, but with no avail.

One key part of their statement is as follows: “We tried a number of things, but none of them solve the issue enough to make Dawnguard good for everyone. The issues of adding content get even more complicated. This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content.”

It’s true that Skyrim does use a brand new engine compared to the one used for Oblivion on the PS3, but still, some fans may not be willing to accept Bethesda’s latest explanation on why Dawnguard still hasn’t arrived and now may never come out. Meanwhile, everything is fine and well on the other side of the pond, with Xbox 360 users looking forward to the imminent arrival of Hearthfire.

Are you shocked by this new statement by Bethesda, given that they are now placing some of the blame on the PS3 hardware and not their development team? PS3 users can only hope that when and if Dawnguard does finally arrive, there will be some sort of compensation in place to make up for this farce of a situation that has now arrived.

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  • Dan Smith

    In all fairness Bethesda are fairly new to putting games out for Sony compared with the likes of Capcom etc and the PS3 isn’t just a PC in a(n X) box. If they’d made stuff for the PS2 to get experience of working outside the PC structure they’re used to we might not be here.

  • Alan

    The PS3’s hardware was meant to be better than the 360’s although a bit more complicated from what I recall; still Skyrim runs fine so a simple expansion should not be an issue. It’s not an engine overhaul for crying out loud.

    I just expect incompetence on Bethesda’s part. After all, I run an XP partition pretty much for Oblivion and Fallout 3 because the engine ran like a dog on a 64 bit, i7 and SLI system and continually crashed. Still wasn’t as reliable as the old 7600 GT pentium 4 which was bullet proof running FO3 and Oblivion>

    So yeah, I haven’t exactly had hassle free experiences with past Bethesda games, although Skyrim has crashed twice in half a year and one of those times it was because something decided to auto update and kill it. However, judging by how poorly their system handled a transition to a multicore setup with 2gb Vram and 8gb ram… I doubt the PS3 hardware is the main reason.

  • Anon

    Honestly regardless of what game it is the PS3 has a horrid architecture! The cell processor is the reason allot of games are not as good as they could be on this system and you know if this game was released on 360 and PC but not PS3 you all would be b**ching just as much, the PS3 is a great system built on a shoddy processor


    its got to the point now that some random guy with no technical experience whatsoever could do a better job at sorting this out than Bethesda. they keep quiet, leave us ps3 users in the dark and make up technical difficulties BS to cover up their lack of effort. Get it together Bethesda.

  • ThaTruth.

    I Have To Say, I Love There Games, But This Is The End, Xbox Gets A Lot Before Us, But At Least OTHER Games Means 30 Days. & You Should All Was Check If All The Game Or Compatible Before Releasing The Product. Point/ Blank/ Period/, & This Is Causing Rivalry To PS3 & PC & Xbox. Which Can Go Terrible.

  • Jack

    How about Bethesda just sets up a P.O. Box and we can send our useless discs in for a PC Version Coupon/Free Steam Download? I am not a fan of massive games on the PC (prefer my comfy sofa if I’m gonna sit a while), but we paid for the game expecting DLC. The promise of DLC was part of the package we bought into. Now, Bethesda (whether it’s their fault or not) is renigging on that part of the package.

  • Bethesda is the only video game developer that is complaining about the PS3’s hardware, in the last few years! Much more complex games have been managed on the PS3 and no one was complaining! I think that M$ is wiping Bethesda’s ass too much, and the enjoy it, of course!

  • Its funny how the ps3 hardware is too powerful fuor Bethesda to handle that just prove how useless the devs are, disappointment all the time, I hate third party developers

    • PcGamer86

      The Issue has nothing to do with processing power it is how the PS3s Memory mangement system works and it is thatthats is causing the issue and is why the game was so buggy and Laggy on PS3 .. I have it on PC and XBOX and runs fine

  • I don’t get it. Why would they do this on purpose? They’re only hurting themselves by losing ps3 fans and money. I believe they really are having a tough time with the operating system. Why would they risk all the cash they are going to lose because they “hate ps3” or “have a grudge against the ps3” that seems pretty stupid and petty. I’m an avid ps3 player (I play on xbox and pc as well but prefer my ps3) and although I’m a little disappointed in this, I still don’t jump to conclusions and make silly accusations…

  • Tim Trollman

    Plays great on my PC, flawless in fact.

    Oooooooooh yeaaaah, that’s how I troll yo!.

  • Derek Geraghty

    Oh and congratulations to Justin Atkinson for having the first (and only SENSIBLE) comment in this discussion so far…

  • Derek Geraghty

    PS3 memory management is rubbish, always has been (and I can say that as a PS3 owner of several years). Played Skyrim on both PS3 and 360 and loved both. Dawnguard is great fun on the 360, I’d love to see it on the PS3. Shame if they can’t get it working, but if they can’t then it IS the fault of the PS3 hardware, pure and simple. Nobody is discriminating against PS3 owners (except maybe Sony who should have made their mind up whether to make a Blu-Ray player or a games console).
    If it’s not worth your time guys, then it’s not worth you bitching about (unless you all just want to jump on the flame boy bandwagon).

  • PS34Life


  • If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Whatever they did is somehow incompatible with the platform, and because they didn’t have the platform in mind, they need help from Sony to figure out what the problem even is. It makes sense. AT LEAST THEYRE WORKING ON IT. AT LEAST THEYRE TALKING TO US. I am happy with the situation for the first time… ever?

  • DetailedVision

    How is it that every other company that sets out to make a multi-platform game pulls it off seemlesly along with all of their DLC as well and the only company that can’t seem to do it is Bethesda…? Don’t blame the hardware (like allot of my 360 user friends) Blame the incompetent debt team for this unmedigated disaster. Plain and simple. I threw $150 down the drain buying the Collectors Edition of this installment.

  • Carl Childres

    Dammit Bethesda………

  • I know best

    How is this Sony’s fault its funny how the only company to experience massive problems in developing a working release is Beth, they shift the blame how about Xbox or PC’s fault aswell because they have alot of problems too with the game.

    The thing is if they don’t manage to release it they will lose alot of customers for any of there next release as I cant see anyone trusting them, Including MS users.

    PS3 is the best selling console out now and more people have PS3’s than people with PC’s capable of running latest games, that been said I aint buying nothing from Beth again unless this DLC comes out and is running smooth.

    Best of it all is 360 users now think because Beth are struggling they are trying to shift the blame to PS3 aswell for not being capable but that is the worst excuse as LA Noire is a perfect example of a game running better on PS3 than it does Xbox, but how about the Specs of each console that alone tells you which is superior to the other, It aint about that neither its about Beth and whether you like it or hate it they have made fools of everyone by releasing a broken game and they knew it from the get go as they only released 360 version out to reviewers they also probably knew we would be getting no DLC either, So they scammed MS aswell for the timed exclusive knowing it doesnt matter but hey they made alot of money.

    They’ll need that money aswell you watch dis honered it wont sell on PS3 after this fiasco and top pirated game of year on PC, Beth have got to have payed for there Game of Years there is no way on earth they could of got it otherwise.

    Anyhow lets wait for some proper devs to dish out some worth while games like Last of Us, GTA 5 and more who cares for Elderscrolls ne more

    • Fred Krueger

      ooh ooh!!! dnt forget about HITMAN

      • #47

        Did someone call me?

    • marhorn

      Compare all multiplatform games….Xbox wins hands down! And Xbox is STILL the best selling console…..

      • khujo

        handsdown? really? everyone i know with an xbox has had to send it back for repairs or replacement at least once. it is a microsoft product therefore designed to fail. They didn’t get rich by offering maintenance free gadgets with long shelf lives. BTW, no issues….. so far…. from any Sony products I’ve had. As for the biggest scandal of 2012 (“PS3 gets Skyreamed by Bethesda”), i wouldn’t put it past MS as the driver behind the supposed PS3 inability to handle Bethesda DLC’s. coud be another sleezy attempt to convert PS3 owners over to Xbox……. rumor has it, the name “micro-soft” was actually coined by the women Bill G. has slept with.

      • TraLALA

        umm my 2 year old laptop with a broken lcd technicly is more powerfull then the 360, and my desktop is more powerfull then a wii, 360, and PS3 combined, oh and google GTA IV iCEnhancer lets see any console do that lmao

  • outraged-gamer

    i have an idea, bethesda should get the skyrim pc guys to go over look at the issues and see if they can fix them, since most of the pc players have had to mod the game to fix bethesdas broken stuff just an idea.

    • Norman Bates

      its an idea..


    You know what? If Dawnguard is such a damn catastrophe, then we probably arent going to get none of the other DLCs. You better prove me wrong Bethesda, because if you don’t its going to be game over. and not just for me. Im thinking about changing my name to PS3 ARISEN DUDE

  • outraged-fan

    if by sept 18th (which is borderlands 2 release) they havent released dawnguard, im done with any and all games created or published by bethesda.this is absolutely rediculous and ps3 fans shoudnt have to be “discriminated against” because of the gaming system we choose. (and yes i believe ps3 owners are being discriminated against)

    • whatsittoyou

      yes. divided we r standin

  • Elliott

    this is B.S… If it isn’t released on ps3 I won’t be playing it and they won’t be getting my money, simple

    • I know best

      they really think were gonna support them by get 360 or spending stupid money on PC capable of giving us equivalent of the Consoles graphics looking at another £700 if I got it on PC anyhow id have to pirate it not buying it again, anyone stupid enough to switch console when all the new exclusives are close to release for any beth game is beyond me playing straight into there hands probably been payed off by MS not to release, Otherwise if I was MS id be taking my money back for the timed exclusive as it didnt even come out they just been scammed

      • DetailedVision

        Well it did come out on PC a month and a few days later. So they got their exclusivity…

      • Ice ICE

        my desktop is more powerfull then a wii, 360, and PS3 combined, oh and i spent less then 700 USD and get better graphics… google GTA IV iCEnhancer lets see any console do that lmao

    • PullMyFinger

      they lucky i jus cant buy their dlc from resale any more lol

    • The Devil

      and money rules them… lol >8)

  • Al

    No respect for Bethesda at all. Their games are all hype no trousers and they consistent release unfinished, unpolished products. Have stopped buying their games since fallout 3

    • oneLonelyLittleLatino

      Now it starts with Skyrim for the rest of us…….

    • Tim Berton

      This makes me so sad, i cry myself to sleep in my black sheets.

    • Anon

      Missing some great times in NV,

      pirate the game if your not gonna pay for it.

  • Is it even possible to give us the dlc and work on a patch for it?
    i for one would like the idea and grit my teeth with the major bugs they warned us about and have them work on a patch while we either enjoy the dlc or bang our heads for not waiting.

  • Mat

    Really disappointing news. Looks doubtful PS3 players will see it now. I’d really like to know what the problem is. I guess they’re in a bit of a bind. Can’t blame PS3 hardware and p1ss Sony off. Can’t say developed primarily for Microsoft products and p1ss off PS3 players.

    • AnarchistCookbook

      Were pissd off any way

  • Jon

    So after all of this, we might not even be getting Dawnguadd at all? If that is the case I will not be buying any future DLC from Bethesda.

    • Bill Espreston Esquire

      if this is the way they want to do it, then we have not much choice to just shut them out COMPLETELY

      • Ted Theodore Logan

        I totally agree with you dude, this is most unpresidented failure

    • mitchblast78

      u cant get the dlc anyway LOL XD

  • Gaming Loner

    5 year the consolls been out, they haven’t been able to program on the ps3 because it’s just a powerhouse they can’t handle. This is just Pathetic, simply as that.

    • They would surely must have mastered our power house?

      • the japanese guy from godzilla

        they mastered the power of sucking

    • Randy Savage

      OHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEAAH!!!! snap into a ps3 slim jim!!

  • spiritreaver

    This is just beyond the pale at this point.

    Not only has Bethesda shredded their reputation as being a top multi-platform game developer, they have trashed their credibility as the few times they have deigned to give any information on the status of Dawnguard on the PS3, its coming to light that they may have just flat-out lied.

    Way to flush ~35% of your customer base down the drain.

    • marhorn

      Moar like 15%….LOL!

      • PS3 DOVAH DUDE

        more like 40%

        • Andre Toulon

          More like F U microsoft

        • PcGamer86

          Blame Microsoft for developers having problems with the PS3 ?? Good Plan !! .. Bethesda are not the first develpomer to have issue with the PS3 !! and they probably wont be the last !! … I am a PC gamer so im no xbox fan boy to be fair I think they should havenot bothered with Skyrim on PS3 .. would have saved everyone the trouble as im sure Bethesda want to be developing other titles not concentrating all their efforts on PS3 DLC !!. Maybe Sony are partly to blame ??

  • These excuses are pathetic…but yeah i know bethesda shares my dissapointment and feels my pain etc etc and yeah i know that bethesda does not favor xbox and i know that bethesda has not released dawnguard so far because they are not satisfied with it,that is why instead they are releasing hearthfire for xbox….the above statement is 100% ironic..

    • UpYurs

      They feel our pain in a non human sort of way

      • The Devil

        So do I. 0,..,0

  • NgTurbo

    This is becoming laughable now. Bethesda’s credibility as a game maker is going down the drain. Rule number one when developing a multiplatform game is to make sure the games at least run on all consoles.. DLC add ons or not!

    • Mr. Wilson

      and if not, take your crap game and get off my lawn!!!