Skyrim Hearthfire in 7 days, Dawnguard PS3 MIA

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 29, 2012

Not long after we completed Dawnguard on the Xbox 360 we’re now seeing Skyrim Hearthfire, the second DLC, receive a release date just over 2 months after the first downloadable content launched. This is much sooner than we thought and not to mention how sick PlayStation 3 players must be feeling right now, which is due to the first Dawnguard DLC not even being available on the PS3 yet.

We own both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Skyrim and started out by investing over 500 hours of hands-on time with the PS3 version, although once the Dawnguard DLC arrived we jumped over to the Xbox 360. This had been thanks to a 30 day exclusive that Microsoft managed to arrange, although we’re glad we made this move considering the nightmare its been for the PS3 platform.

Our choice had been made thanks to wanting to review both Dawnguard and now Skyrim Hearthfire as soon as possible, but not all gamers have the luxury of owning both consoles. While Pete Hines explained that they want Dawnguard on the PS3 ASAP, some gamers feel it’s “disgusting” how the second Skyrim DLC is about to arrive in 7 days time, September 4th, and the PS3 still hasn’t had any DLC yet.

What will Skyrim Hearthfire be about? To best understand you should watch the official video below this article, which demonstrates how you can purchase land to build a home. You’ll be able to build massive compounds or even a simple little cottage, but how large and innovative your home is will depend only on your imagination. Skyrim Hearthfire will cost 400 Microsoft Points with a release date for Xbox Live set for September 4th.

Some PC users might not buy the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC – while you normally can’t beat some official downloadable content, it is fair to say that some PC users can do similar things to this add-on with mods, which have been improved since the Creation Kit became available for download. We’ve already seen a number of PC gamers stating this very point, so if you have Skyrim on the PC let us know if you will download Hearthfire?

We really feel that PS3 owners have been let down – If you are a PS3 user then we’re sure right now your line of thought will be “they’re releasing the second Skyrim DLC and haven’t even launched the first for PS3 yet“. While we have not seen exactly what the problem is with Dawnguard on the PS3, thanks to Bethesda’s lack of communication, it is hard to understand how it is right to start work on and launch the next DLC without fixing the first for all platforms?

If you are an Xbox 360 user, then let us know if you’re looking forward to creating a home in Skyrim Hearthfire? The video is below and it explains all you need to know, so be ready in 7 days when it goes live. We’ll be getting hands-on with Skyrim Hearthfire right away, so keep connected to PR for our review.

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  • Striker Jones

    Well look on the brightside i’m pretty sure ubisoft, naughty dog, and sucker punch still like us

  • Groovy Joe

    Idk, Bethesda has definitely lost more than a few fans. I gues I’m hoping that maybe just maybe the two DLC’s will be released as a package deal later on…… but the way we PS3 users have been treated thus far I’m not going to hold my breath. Bethesda is the best at what they do, but as with all things in today’s world being the best comes with responsibilities. When said responsibilities are not upheld, or worse, shrugged off; the image of being the “best” fades away. So to put it bluntly, BETHESDA GET YOUR THUMBS OUT OF YOUR ASS AND GET THAT DAMN DLC CRANKED OUT! I agree with McDovah when he says they are a business, but business is business has always been the apathetic slogan for business who see people as marks and dollar signs

  • LDNRedGuard

    well what can i say, Bethesda are a games company i really love, just like is was ‘rare’ in the 90’s… too be honest i don’t know whether i’m disappointed or expectant of the lateness to Dawnguard; to be fair i’m still waiting for all of the DLC’s to arrive for TES4:Oblivion on the PS3 but we all know this is never happening. Bethesda must be careful because if the keep boycotting us PS3 users, we will start boycotting them. I for one did not pay my hard earned money to play a half-hearted half-finished game… maybe im being assumptive, but Bethesda would do that to us again, would they??

  • ps34ever

    S cant even play the first there saying that the ps3 content wasnt delayed because of the 360 content ,MAYBE U SHOULD put an team on the ps3 content so that instead of sucking 360 c*ck you can actually give all of your customers what they want and deserve ,You cant tell me that in the time you can make 2 dlc for xbox u cant get the one to work on ps3 FU ,You should be doing everything to release the ps3 dlc and seeing how your just releasing another 360 dlc ur not ,how can you keep working on a dlc if half of your fans who you love so much cant even play the first 1 yet , a big F U right back bethesda,c*suckers.

  • Alex

    Yeah Thanks Bethesda. I love their games but this is just really unfair them giving a load of dlc to xbox before giving any to Ps3. We pay just as much for their games so should be entitled to get the same dlc at the same time and yet they’re completely favouring Xbox with dlc. If this continues in the future then i just won’t buy their games anymore as i don’t see how it’s fair.

  • Bethesda: FIX THE F***IN’ WATER CRASH!

  • Release Hearthfire on PS3 for free and all will be forgiven, Bethesda.

  • Chantel

    :O ofcourse i would get skyrim hearthfire for pc, what kind of question is that!!!? Pleaseee release it for pc even if its after x-box and ps3 i really don care when just release it 😀

  • Shae

    Im very much looking forward to this DLC pack. Understanding the frustration PS3 users are having with the DLC but really PS3 users shouldnt complain. 5 years they knuckled down, Modeling, Texturing, Skinning, Rigging, building this amazingly detailed world we all know and love today. As a PC user, I have to say that 99% of you will almost completely forget about the waiting when its released. Its well worth it, it may be dissapointing now. But imagine the disapointment if the DLC wasnt to be released on PS3 At all? I think I will definitly use the HearthFire DLC, I much rather support an official release than mods. Asmuch as there are some truely amazing game changing mods (Eg Become a dragon?) Which has HUGE potential, mods can sometimes be rather buggy.

    • spiritreaver

      Empathy really is in short supply nowadays isn’t it?

  • james

    heres an idea;
    give us ps3 users the hearthfire expansion for free.
    since it is considerably smaller than dawnguard and costs significantly less, it would be a great way to apologise for the way us ps3 users have been treated.
    pc get to create thier own mods, and xbox have thier 30 day exclusive, where as all we have been given is glitch after glitch after glitch,

    • Klaudia

      They did say why Dawnguard isn’t out on PS3 onlt due to amount of bugs and glitches they have experiaced i am a PS3 user and i simply dont comlain when i know what the reason is ….

      • spiritreaver

        And if the reason is turning out to be much more than just bugs, as it is shaping up to be, what then?


    PS3 IZ KING weather bethesda or microsoft know it or not. I will never get a crapbox 360 they can all burn in hell bring it on bethesda and microsoft with your crapbox you want a war we’ll give you one but the ps3 will win before you release your stupid halo game xbox will go down and bethesda will be bankrupt after this skyrim stuff iz said and done they will be dust ….PS3-4-LIFE

    • well said bro four words” the last of us”

    • xNirvana91x

      Hahaha ur so funny even tho play station is dealing with 2 million dollars in loss lol

      • xNirvana91x

        Ps Xbox rules playing hearth fire rite now

  • i disagree ps3 is rubbish.. xbox is the future hahahahahaha

    • DON-EAZY-E

      Why Do’nt You Shove Your crapbox up your A$$ PS3 iz King it’z juzt you and all the other crapbox playerz don’t see it so suck it.

      • marhorn

        Funny that…..the above article would go some lengths to show you that actually its the ps3 that sucks….but alas, who are you to argue with what has been the biggest lie this gen of players have been force fed (that the ps3 is somehow better)
        And this is coming from somone who has owned all Sony consoles…yes even the psone and has a big love for sony…..

        • spiritreaver

          Console warfare is SO not the issue here. A company’s shoddy treatment of a considerable percentage of its customer base IS.

          Fanboy-ism from ANYONE is childish and serves only to split the gaming community.

  • sxs5

    WTF?? If i want to build a house I ll go to work….. They ve taken this opportunity to screw PS3 owners again with this crap??? Hahaha Bethesda..come on

  • Squire

    At least this isn’t the next major DLC pack, which means Xbox isnt the first to get any more early content right?

    • Lenfred

      Xbox Will get Hearthfire 30 days (or more) early, however they won’t get any other dlc/ expansion pack early from now on.

  • PS3_Wildguy13

    It has only been 1 month and 3 days, give them a break. They’re a big company and I’m sure they’ve had different departments working on the PS3 Dawnguard DLC and ironing out the bugs, but you know how buggy PS3s can be, I have one and it has frozen when playing Skyrim plenty of times. Do you really want that when playing Dawnguard.

  • james

    well this sucks for ps3

  • tekniicolor

    I’m mostly bothered by the fact that when the DLC is released for me I’ll be swamped with uni work….

  • Dana

    BETHESDA why do you hate ps3 users

  • Xbox gets skyrim dlc early but ps3 gets battlefield3 dlc early i dont think any of its fair to either consoles or pc. Is it that rard to release it the same day for all consoles and pc.

    • spiritreaver

      Speaking just for myself, i’m fine that Bethesda is getting paid. What i’m not fine with is the way they are treating a large portion of their clientele.

      Silence for months with the vague(at best) assurance that they were working on getting a PS3 version of Dawnguard ready, and then pretty much out of the blue they announce that they have actually been working on ANOTHER dlc this whole time?

      Beyond shoddy

      • Dan

        They have been working on another game since 2010 during production of skyrim and have likely had people working on a larger third DLC similar to shivering isles for the last few months. A small team created hearthfire and it likely had no impact on the development of a PS3 version of dawnguard. Development teams get split up… If the PS3 version of dawnguard isn’t ready then what can they do? Pete Hines Tweeted about this not too long ago.

        • spiritreaver

          What they can do is shape up and act like a real company with real customers, is what they can do.

          A real company seeing that they are way behind on a project doesn’t just scrap it until later and move on to the next. They redouble their efforts and they hammer out a way to fix the problem. And if fixing the problem is not possible, they own up and say so.

          Not hide in their room for two months…



  • You all need to grow up

    Wow I don’t care that im on ps3 got a 360 my 2 year old uses it as a dvd player and a drum thats how good they are infact Live is the reason I dont use it no more with 50mb broadband and still lagged after paying for Live and getting worse online experience than ps3 who dont charge never have a problem with PSN unless i play THQ games also Xbox exclusives don’t come close to PS3’s, but this looks amazing something to actually spend my 2mil on finally, I can wait because im not 10 and moan too much, It’l come!

    • the

      if your not ten your 11.

  • Jen

    I don’t like mods. They slow down my pc and some make my game glitchy. If both DLC’s are available for the pc I would buy them.


    I trusted you

  • Bethesda is a company and just like any other they dont pass up an a quick buck and Microsoft paid in full its unfair but its how it works at times like these im glad i got an xbox instead of a PS3 even though i plane on getting them both someday its the tradeup we have to pay

  • Is this a joke? Tell me this is a joke..

    • spiritreaver

      Sadly, its truth my friend.

  • Jaffa

    Does anyone else feel that if dawnguard isn’t on ps3 by the time hearthfire hits xbox360 that it should be massively discounted on playstation store when it does (or even 2-4-1 with hearthfire) by way of an apology from betehesda to the ps3 community?

  • PS3 User

    Well, TES V: Skyrim was my first Bethesda game. After seeing what they were able to do with Skyrim, I was really impressed with the company. They made a really made a fantastic first impression on me. I am now beginning to change my thoughts on this company. Microsoft still has more DLC content before us. Jack Trenton has to get off of his lazy azz and make some deals with Bethesda… If Bethesda did release Dawnguard before Hearthfire, I would still be satisfied…

  • a screwed ps3 user

    maybe we will get lucky and PS3 users will get hearthfire sooner and dawnguard later
    like a year later…

  • Yeah let’s make them put all development on hold until we get what we want. That’ll solve everything. Give me Dawnguard! You didn’t promise any release date but I expected it by now and you should accommodate my assumptions! I haven’t paid you a dime for it yet but you still owe it to me to release your awesome content when I want it instead of when it’s ready! Shame on you, Bethesda! Shame on you for not following my ideal scenario to the letter! You should know better than to make honest mistakes! You should work extra long and hard and then give Dawnguard to me free!

    • DON-EAZY-E

      great sarcasm my friend 🙂


    I Really like the New Add-on content am i gonna be able to play it on my ps3 in almost a year bethesda am i god only knows when they’ll come out with this add-on on the ps3.God i hate em.I wanna punch em in the face!!!!

  • plko

    ok so hearthfire lets you build your own house and adopt so to me this seems like more of an update but since it is a dlc it should be no more than 10 dollars if it is 20 chances are that i won’t buy it

  • McDovah

    I pre-ordered Skyrim the day I heard it was announced. I stood in line for over eight hours at the midnight launch. I got home and platinum’d it within a few days. I absolutely love this game, but I have done everything in this game and it was just sitting in my collection staring at me. That’s when I heard about Dawnguard. I thought “Holy crap! More gameplay!” I put aside some money and sat. Then I heard “Microsoft buys timed rights to the game, they’ll have it 30 days earlier than PS3.” As big of a Bethesda fan I am ( I love TES series, Fallout series, Brink, etc.) I was a little disappointed when they let Microsoft (A company I CANNOT STAND) do that. But I looked at the brighter side, “Some extra money, better DLC.” Well here I sit, still waiting. The timed exclusive period long gone, Xbox is getting yet another DLC, and I’m still waiting for Dawnguard. As much as I love Bethesda I am finally reaching the point of getting a little frustrated. No, I’m not going to boycott Bethesda, no I’m not going to spam a bunch of sites saying how poor of a company they are because they are not. Yes, it does seem they don’t care about us PS3 users due to their lack of communication. Yes, it does seem they’re spitting in our face releasing new DLC in a week for Xbox and there is not even a release date in site for Dawnguard yet. Bethesda is a game company, but also a business. They would not simply derive us PS3 users of DLC for no reason. They would not just leaving a good amount of their market unattended. While I do agree they should communicate a little more, I’m sure they will do something good for us PS3 users who have loyally and patiently waited, and hopefully Bethesda (along with other game companies) can learn from this little fiasco and how it was handled and the affects it has on both the fans and the public relations.

    • Pilgrim

      I agree and am in similar shoes. But I am slightly more frustrated simply due to the fact that some of the bugs and all of the DLC (except S.I. and KotN)that should have been dealt with in Oblivion never was. Keeping in mind the sheer size of the games, it is far easier to accept it, yet the lack of communication and the partiality suggested by their actions keep building with time. Hunted was awesome and I have yet to play a Bethesda title that I didn’t like. The after release behavior is the trade-off I guess.

    • MagusGoku

      I agree with you mostly, nice post, but I think that Hearthfire releasing early is a good thing. Think about it, while we wait for Dawnguard, the 1 month exclusive period for Hearthfire will be passing, meaning that when we do finally get Dawnguard, hopefully Hearthfire won’t take nearly as long to release. Even Xbox360 users were not expecting the second dlc until October, which would have meant we would have had to wait until November at the earliest to get it on PS3. If we get Dawnguard this September, then Hearthfire on October, I will not be disappointed with Bethesda anymore, because I would have Dawnguard, and the second dlc much earlier than expected.

      • James

        Maybe Dawnguard and Hearthfire will be released together in a small game pack. After all im sure bethesda wont put the full price on dawnguard considering the huge wait for ps3 users. Maybe a buy 1 get one free offer will be avalible?

        • Senator476

          No offence dude, but thats some pretty high hopes…We didn’t get a discount on the Fallout 3 DLC when they came out on PS3 nearly a year after the original release…that isn’t going to happen, as much as I wish otherwise

        • Aaron

          I agree with you on that im expecting it to be like fallout 3, we end up with them giving up and getting buggy stuff, or a GOTY version were they just stopped trying. I hope im wrong, but im just gonna go buy different games and come back to skyrim when all the dlc is out on a PC during the summer steam sale im not paying for any of it full price

      • Will

        Yeah but knowing Bethesda, by the the time Dawnguard comes out the month exclusive for Hearthfire will be up but there’ll probally be more bugs for that as well

  • connor

    I cant wait for this! I’ve always wanted them to do something like this and even our own bard that should be good

    • earth

      I’d better be able to hire Lurburk, the worst Bard in all of Skyrim, otherwise this feature will mean nothing to me.


    hahahaha thiz iz makin me laugh to the point that i can give a crap about bethesda’s games and their company I really hope they lose alot of money for screwing ps3 owners. I got an old xbox and i’m tryin so hard not to throw that piece of crap out the window i didn’t for it so i can care less i will never get a 360 in my life microsoft can go to hell and burn and die. i’m laughing so hard cuz i’m so pissed inside i bet bethesda wanted to release the 1.7 update for europe and on tuesdays they usually come out with new info i bet the said wait wait lets bigger A holes and lets still not say nuttin about dawnguard and then come out with the new add-on early so we don’t have to worry about dawngaurd even reaching ps3 yet. I swear man I really hope they get whats coming to em I can’t wait till happens to that company and they’ll go bankrupt.Just for screwin with ps3 members minds i’m tired of hearing and reading crap like this god bethesda you suck burn in hell….

  • Disgruntled PS3 Owner

    To tell the truth I am disgusted.
    How can a company be this slack. I mean they could at least communicate with the people about why there is no DLC on the PS3 yet. This is just rubbish.
    On a side not the 2nd DLC looks awesome!!!

  • DovahLizard

    Ugh, is this really going to be available for Xbox first AGAIN? Goddamnit Bethesda -.-

  • sam

    I feel like bethesda must be intentionally trying to spit in the face of ps3 owners. cauze thats how it feels.

    • Sean

      Yea dude i totally agree with u and i feel exactly the same way

  • M’aiq The Stander

    Well, considering my PS3 broke and my attempts at fixing it are fruitless, i am unaffected by this calamity (Sadly, by another, more serious one).

    I do however see some positive aspects to this delay; firstly ‘Dawnguard’ will be relatively Glitch-free, meaning PS3 users can play it while glitches in ‘Hearthfire’ are dealt with. Secondly ‘Dawnguard’ has about 30-40 hours worth of content (10-15 in the main quest-line), now assuming Bethesda have followed through with there plans to make each DLC bigger i’m assuming the ‘Hearthfire’ DLC will be bigger than Dawnguard and add another 50 (Maybe 60) hours of game-play, meaning if bought together Bethesda will rob you not only of £15/€18/$20 but of another month and its corresponding Wages.

    • M’aiq The Stander

      Getting a new PS3 anyway, so i shall enjoy ze experience on a shiny new system. N’yes….

    • Hearthfire isn’t as big as Dawnguard…it’s only $5. It’s not so much of a full fledged DLC as it is a glorified mod. It looks like a small side packet of content instead of something that actually adds to the Skyrim storyline as a whole. As a PS3 user I have mixed feelings…sure I’m getting kind of annoyed at checking Google news every day in hopes of a Dawnguard release, and this is kind of a slap in the face….however, the cool thing is this is not a huge release, so it is possible that Dawnguard is very close (they had time to work on both at the same time), plus Hearthfire looks to be much easier to incorporate into the PS3 system, which would mean we might not have to wait much more than a month after that Xbox exclusive….

    • spiritreaver

      If you really think Dawnguard will be glitch free when/if it hits PS3, you are mistaken. That they have been taking this time to get it ready is looking to be a lot of smoke at point.