Skyrim Dawnguard needs a dedicated PS3 team

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 29, 2012

Just one day after we posted news about the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC coming to the Xbox 360 within the next week, and most likely before Dawnguard lands on the PS3, it seems that Bethesda’s PR guy, Pete Hines, has issued a response to disappointment from PS3 owners and this has been done with Twitter.

It is great to see certain issues dealt with, but this hasn’t reduced the frustration with the lack of communication from Bethesda, and more specifically with details on exactly why the PS3 version of Skyrim hasn’t received Dawnguard yet. If we had weekly updates on the official blog with progress reports, then in our opinion this would help reduce a lot of the anger.

The latest tweet came after one gamer asked for a reaction to the upset over Skyrim Hearthfire coming to the Xbox 360, which is likely before the first DLC will even release on PS3. The image below shows what Hines replied, and in a nutshell he explains that they’re working on “multiple projects” and those behind Skyrim are split into different tasks, so some gamers hope this means there are a number of people working on fixing the issues with Dawnguard on PS3.

What if the team is over stretched on too many projects? The tweet above could also mean every team member has more than one project they’re working on, and the Dawnguard issue might not be worked on consistently until it’s fixed, which would surly slow down how quick the problem would be sorted. We’ve seen a number of PS3 gamers ask for the whole team to drop everything and get Dawnguard working for the PS3, rather than be spread out on multiple projects, and others find it strange why it’s taking so long.

Do you think Dawnguard for PS3 is being worked on every day? Have a look at the tweet above and also the official trailer for Skyrim Hearthfire here, and let us know what you make of this latest tweet by Hines. The communication with Bethesda on Twitter is not very clear and messages are always vague, and we find it hard to believe Bethesda is contently working on fixing the issues.

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  • random mexican dude

    hola, como estas muchachas and muchachos ps3 bendeho XD buenos tardes ps3 dawnguard is mierda de toro XD idiotos adios

  • I know best

    They need to stop making games full stop they are a joke.

  • Mercury 8619

    Whether Dawnguard comes out or not,It will not change my mind to buy Bethesda products ever again. However,I will purchase GOTY Skyrim…However this doesn’t change anything,after I purchase all Skyrim DLC’s,after that…I will be permanently done with Bethesd…never to buy any product they have to offer due to their poor customer service and not only that,they lie to their customers excessively and they make it obvious. I’m not buying their crap about being split up on Dawnguard. The matter that they said that it wasn’t because of Hearthfire is a total lie.After they sold out to Microsoft its been hard for me to listen to whatever they say,considering they treat their customers as if we were all stupid including Todd Howard,and I cant stand him,even if he’s the founder of the Elder Scrolls,he needs a lesson in manners and judgement,the fact that he speaks his mind about what he thinks about the customers means he’s not fit to work in a software company nor is he fit to speak on a talk show.

  • I wouldn’t expect to get it for free but 10-15 dollars seems like a reasonable price in my opinion.

  • Striker Jones

    At least we have other gaming companies that like us….

  • lord serpentus

    the ps3 is 6 years old now and bethesda has not figures it out yet, what a bunch of losers, and poor programmers if they can’t tackle a machine 6 years old!!!, fire the whole lot of them and get some real rpogrammers in your office bethesda

  • PS3 Guy

    Can tell Bethesda does not give a crap about us PS3 users.


    p.s. Dragon’s Dogma kicks ass


    Damnit Bethesda!!! Stop giving yourselfs arrows to the knee!! We already feel like giving you an arrow to the face! Get your damn crap together!!

  • devilamn2

    u do know hearthfire is going to be out if dawnguard is out september 13 it will be coming out with it on xbox hearthfire i mean dawnguard for psp3 same day

  • matthew

    everyday i hope it comes out that day

  • PS3 is Awesome

    Why can’t every one drop the other things and fix Dawnguard for PS3.

  • PS3 is Awesome

    I won’t necessarily say free but 5$ with hearthfire

  • JD

    Useless. Just like I thought. These idiots don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Good riddance to Skyrim.

  • Mat

    The thing is, it doesn’t really matter when it comes out now because there will be PS3 players who want it so will buy it, then there are those who have just had enough and will refuse to purchase out of protest. The damage has already been done when it comes to fans expectations and bethesda’s ps3 track record. I wouldn’t blame poor old Pete Hines though. He’s a guy doing a job who probably gets up every morning praying the dev guys have finally figured out how the PS3 works.

    • JD

      Um…he’s supposedly the VP of marketing and PR. Care to explain to me how ‘poor old’ Pete Hines failing to manage this PR disaster makes any sense?

      • PS3 DOVAH DUDE

        He’s the guy that puts up the yellow tape and says “nothing to see here move along”.

    • matthew

      i have money and im buying it i don`t care id its 20 10 5 or free im geting it

  • V^.

    I wont buy anything else from bethesda unless theY give ps3 users dawnguard for free. Plain and simple

  • Ps3 Why u no dawnguard

    Ireckon its coming out with hearthfire!

  • Mark

    Seems the Xbox version is more buggy and needs the patches more ugently. Of course this blog will try and spin it the other way, pretending a early patch release for Xbox is great news, and that the PS3 not needing it so urgently is unimportant…

    Braindead American gamers of course are too stupid to grasp this.

    • matthew

      wait are you saying x box should get even my work on than it is, well ps3 does not even have dawnguard yet so shut up if i read this comment right if not then sorry

  • If ANY person is working on more than one project with deadlines, they are doing it wrong! However, they should be focusing their manhours on something that does have a deadline approaching… which means something other than Dawnguard, which has never had a specific release date for this console. I am just glad that they have finally said that they are working on it!

  • ha

    xbox gets their dlc 1 month before ps3 because microsoft pays them money to do it.

  • ha

    ha xbox 1 ps3 0

    • matthew

      shut up go bum x box like bethesda

    • JWS1983

      not sure how this is xbox 1 ps3 0 when the reason seems to be that because dawnguard was so buggy when released on 360 (such as vampires not being able to fit through doors) – schoolboy error, then they are trying to fix it before they release it, they probably only released it on PC at the time they did due to people being able to use mods to fix any bugs themselves. I for one can wait as long as possible for dawnguard as im still playing Kingdoms of Amalur, One Piece Pirate Warriors is released in Sep and then in January Ni No Kuni gets released which in my eyes is going to best game the PS3 or any console will have had since Dark Chronicle on PS2

  • wtf, man

    ppl STILL play this bull$hit????


      EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOG still play this. What planet you been at?

  • bob

    please get it out before monday thats when i go bake to school

    • Kim

      You’re studying to be a chef? Cool!


      bake lol

  • jason bradley

    i just hate the way there is so much lack of communication hines could at least say what the main problem is i’m starting to see why people think bethesda hate ps3 users

  • Jade

    If they are working on Fallout 4 I will forgive them for the long delay. I would prefer a new Fallout to a dlc for Skyrim. (Not saying I don’t want it though or that I’m not slightly annoyed at them for taking so long)

  • blackbrotherz

    Im beginning to hate bethesda now – we payed for the damn game so we in return ask for better communication and a fully functioning DLC – im upto the point of losing interst in skyrim now

  • I know best

    Them that want it out before school are sad little kids that have no friends find something to do that dont involve wasting your time off school like going out with ya mates play football or something that aint so lazy. Dawnguard will come when its ready.

    • matthew

      shut up i don`t like going out with my mates and i don`t like football so shut up

  • i believe the release date for dawnguard will be september 13,i remember i read it on an unofficial blog post some time ago and i did not believe it but the way things are going on now i am certain that it will be released that date.

  • Addy

    @kim lmao that made my day

  • Angry Gamer

    Yeah Pete Hines can sweet talk but come on give us PSN players Dawnguard we payed also enough money for this game

  • My bum feels a bit sore! Oh of course, been reading about Bethesda and feel violated again.

    • Donovan

      haha this seriously made me laugh

  • matthew

    plz get it out before Tuesday im back at school then

  • matthew

    thats funny a bit

  • Kim

    HInes’ next Tweet should be “I have been fired by Bethesda. Good bye.”

    • jimbo

      i hope so

  • spiritreaver

    ‘Slow clap’

    Kudos to you all at Product Reviews for your continued attention to this whole situation!

  • matthew

    just get it out as fast as you can