iPhone 5 features ruled out

By Alan Ng - Aug 29, 2012

With all of the component leaks for the iPhone 5 arriving at such a frequent rate before release, it’s clear that most consumers have a good idea of what features they can expect to see when Apple finally announces the device to the world on September 12.

A bigger display in the region of 4-inches vertically is now a certainty to happen, while there’s also a strong possibility that we will also see the debut of a quad-core processor at last to compete with the collection of ‘international’ Android devices that have already been running quad-core chips for a good period of time.

Thanks to the release of the third-generation iPad, we can also look forward to using the next generation of iPhone with faster data support thanks to the inevitable 4G LTE chip that consumers have waited a long time to see. The debate on camera quality is still up in the air, but there’s one other ‘expected’ feature as well that could be ruled out when the device releases.

There has been a lot of speculation and rumored ‘confirmations’ that the iPhone 5 is going to be equipped with a Near Field Communication or NFC chip. This would allow the iPhone 5 to complete mobile payments with the single swipe of your handset and it is becoming a very popular hobby with consumers who are already familiar with the trend on Android handsets like the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S3.

The following leaked front assembly image you see above seems to point towards an NFC chip being included at the top of the iPhone 5, but this detailed analysis found over at AnAndTech contradicts this completely, as they have provided reasons why an NFC chip won’t be included on the iPhone 5.

They believe that the positioning on the NFC chip should always belong in the center of the device to provide the most optimal results. Having an NFC chip at the extreme top of the device as suggested in the image is an indication that it isn’t going to be included and is also against Apple’s traditional methods of perfection when it comes to component placing.

A lot of consumers will just be happy with a faster processor, bigger screen, 4G LTE and improved battery life, but how important does an NFC chip factor in your decision to purchase the iPhone 5? Do you see it as essential, or not really needed as you haven’t bought into the whole idea of mobile payments yet?

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  • munee

    I honestly think features don’t matter because the same people that buy a new iPhone every year will buy it this year simply because it’s a new iPhone. Features or not. Which is really sad.

  • Shanghai_Xiongmao

    100% agree with Lon. Im so tired of Apple “dribble feeding” features on their so called “updated” model. If iPhone 5 is only a little bit faster, and a little bit thinner, with a little bit larger screen and a little better camera, then I can certainly wait a little while longer to buy an updated Apple product! Why buy now anyway? The way Apple release products, their will be iPhone 6 probably in 6 months anyway!

    • Shanghai_Knights

      iPhone 6 in six months? They ALWAYS release one yearly. Exaggerating makes you look like an idiot. If you have an iPhone 4s it wouldn’t make sense to upgrade but people who are up for an upgrade it makes sense.

  • Lon

    I had high hopes for NFC in the 4s and when it didn’t happen I bought one anyway with the thought that it would surely be in the iphone5. I have bought every iphone to date. If the iphone5 does not have NFC I will have to rethink my buying pattern.