FIFA 13 demo match previews new look Arsenal

By Alan Ng - Aug 29, 2012

If you are counting the days towards the highly anticipated FIFA 13 demo which arrives on September 11, we have a treat for you to watch while you wait. Some of you may have seen this during GamesCom, but for everyone else that missed it we have a full match from the demo for you to enjoy.

We told you here how Arsenal will be one of the teams that will be available to play in the demo, alongside the other Premiership team Manchester City who also get the nod. We have a full match between Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund to show you now and it gives you a good look at the team without their ex star player, Robin Van Persie.

He is now on Manchester United’s books of course and the demo will include Arsenal’s new attacking striker Lukas Podolski. While you’ll be pleased that this big change has been made in time for FIFA 13, the demo does still include Alex Song in midfield for Arsenal rather than Barcelona, so we’ll have to wait and see if EA make the transfer before the full game is out.

The gameplay looks fantastic and we particularly love the massive improvements to commentary that has been made. If you pay attention you’ll hear Alan Smith and Martin Tyler actually talk about the impending transfer of defender Sébastien Squillaci, who may be on the verge of joining Olympiacos in real life.

It’s this level of realism that we love to see and EA were not kidding when they said they were going to enhance the way commentary is delivered in game with real time updates. Check out the full match below for yourself and let us know if you’ll be playing as Arsenal in FIFA 13.

How will you feel seeing Van Persie in Man U colors in the game?

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  • I know best

    They need to update the commentary they seem to reuse it to much some phrases are from fifa 06, the free kicks are daft infact if i buy it and its to simular to fifa 12 I wont buy another fifa for a 5 year as that is when its actually changed enough to sell as a different game, Fifa 12 was a backwards step from fifa 11 daft defending to many glitches about 6 games iv had a player laid on the ground with another laid on to they were twitching and tryin to get up for a whole 3 minutes of real time its stupid cost me to concede another time it cost me a shot on goal and the ref aint the best gets in way all the time, keepers are useless unless it CPU’s who save everything yet your own who could be rated well above the cpu’s couldnt save a beach ball rolling if he tried.

  • Connor

    Why don’t players charge down those free kicks as soon as the ball is played?? Two free shots from the top of the 18 within the first 30 minutes..

  • zeelo

    I thought fifa13 it will include South African league but anyway its super

  • Saf

    They still havent got the correct face for gervinho from arsenal, comon ea pro evo got his real face since pro evo 2010 and its fifa 13 and they stil cant get his face, pes beats fifa in the player faces department all day, but the gameplay looks great as does the commentary!!

  • Piriyankan

    I liked the face creation improvement but they could work more on the movement and celebrations. However the celebrations are not effective like they run into the net and stuff. I just cant wait until FIFA18. WOOOOH!!!

  • Mohammed91

    We really appreciate this company before and after including the saudi Arabian league. There are millions of fans in the middle east. Fifa 13 improved so much apparently, I notice a great improvement at the career mood specially (which is my favorite part). I would like to thank EA fifa13 again and again for their appreciation to the middle east and specially Saudi Arabia.

  • habib

    looks so much the same but just up dated still way off looking like a tv simulation maybe 2020!

  • phcityfan

    some of those early goals were bounces that they need to fix for the full version, but i liked what i saw of the first touch. the new attacking ai got in the way before the the final goal but was one side so it could’ve been passed to him but they should make sure they get out of the way