Black Ops 2 Care Package without Elite, premium zombies

By Alan Ng - Aug 29, 2012

Following on from the excitement regarding Nuketown zombies, Activision and Treyarch have just confirmed the special editions that will be available for Black Ops 2. Players will be able to choose from the Care Package or Hardened Editions, but fans may be unwilling to part with the extra cash upon hearing that there is no access to Call of Duty Elite included.

As expected though, there are plenty of other goodies to tempt you away from just the standard edition. If you haven’t pre-ordered Black Ops 2 yet, you now have the option of the Hardened Edition which costs $80 or the Care Package Edition for hardcore collectors that will set you back a cool $180.

You may remember the remote control RCXD car that Treyarch offered with the Prestige Edition of Black Ops 1. Now the developer are taking one step further and into the future, by offering Care Package buyers a working remote control quadrotor drone. Officially known as the MQ-27 Dragonfire Drone, it is fully functional and we imagine you’ll be able to cause a little bit of mischief when taking one of these out for a spin or into a neighbor’s window just for fun.

The Care Package edition also comes in a rather over the top giant box, obviously to emulate the care packages that you get on multiplayer mode. Aside from the quadrotor drone, there is also access to the Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map and exclusive access to the Nuketown zombies map, as previously mentioned.

That now means that Activision has done the unthinkable in making a premium zombies map only available to those who pay extra, leaving those who pick up the standard edition drooling over YouTube videos. Hopefully the zombie map that is included on the standard disc is still substantial enough to satisfy gamers, otherwise we could be seeing Activision come in for considerable criticism.

Then of course there’s the fact that neither the Hardened or Care Package editions come with a subscription to Call of Duty Elite. When you are willing to fork out $180 for the premium edition, you would think a goodwill gesture from Activision to throw in Elite would be their way of saying thanks for the support, right?

That doesn’t appear to be the case though and we can already see that many of you won’t be buying it if Elite isn’t included. Take a look at the images here to see what else is included in the special editions and let us know if you will be buying the Care Package for Black Ops 2 or not.

Waste of money, or decent value in your opinion? Do you agree with the general feeling that Elite should be included?

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  • Hamtonic

    For folks who jumped on the COD bandwagon with MW3 the carepackage may seem like a hell of a a deal. However after going through this a few years back with MW2 and thinking the nightvision goggles were the best thign ever to only use them a few times and then pack them away. Neither the the hardened or carepackge editions of this game seem that enticing to me. Honestly the only reason I got the hardened version of MW3 was due to the fact that the promised dlc were included. In the end I think I’ll just be buying the standard edition of BO2 and renew my elite subsricpt for another year granted that enough dlc is promised to make the elite profitable for me as opposed to waiting for the general mappack dlc releases.

  • Bought my copy of Care Package edition! seems it will be a very limited production! FINALLY a short in numbers Collectors Edition that not anyone can get their hands one!

  • Are yuou serious?

    so were expected to pre-order at the more expensive price then pay for a crap toy on top of that and then pay for an elite subscription afterwards which if you add it up could cost almost £150 (english) for a game and a few extra maps do they want to take the piss anymore, especially seeing is im on ps3 cant see anyone i know with a ps3 buying anything over than the game the dlc is always rubbish and the “exclusive” stuff will be boring after a month anyway, Call of Duty is definetely on the way down can see this being the last hurrah before a huge drop in sales!!!

  • Aperson

    The bonus maps womy be on disk because you get the codes for them on the coins

  • TheSilentSniper

    I will be purchasing the care package edition as I am an avid R/C Helo pilot but I am not bothered about elite as, yes I am elite because of MW3 Hardened Edition (as it was free), but I wouldn’t waste £40 a year to get nothing usefull, plus the maps came out for everyone in the end, mw3 has had 3 collection drops that are still cheaper to get without elite. One of the big features in elite you have to pay for is stat tracker, keep a watch on how well your doing, big woop BF3 does that without taking an extra penny from you in the form of BattleLog which in my oppinion is a much superior stat tracker.
    Activision are just corrupt in the way that they have a team of “experts” sitting in a room trying to think of ways of getting more and more money from gamers giving nothing useful in the game in return. That is just my oppinion though.

    • Well I have to agree on that one. I would only pick any of those editions if i was a big fan or a collectionist. I bought the hardened edition for MW3, and elite its really a dissapointment. I meant when it came out, the only thing that made it the best where the elite emblems. But now that its been almost a year since it came out and seeing that nothing new has been added and the usefulness of it its still cuestionable, I may think twice about getting it. Activision just care for the $ and not for the game itself nor the gamers (<— only when it comes to take our money). In the end, and sadly enough, its all our fault.