Sony PS4, Xbox 720 need for free to play model

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2012

With games like The Last of Us and GTA V (maybe) still due out on current gen consoles, there is a lot of excitement over the next gradual upgrade in graphics that we’ll see once the Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 are finally given their official releases.

The Last of Us and Star Wars 1313 already look phenomenal at the moment, so it is a mouth-watering prospect to think that games will look even better once these consoles finally arrive. When people talk about next-gen, you would most likely associate the next consoles with graphics in mind, but Crytek has recently reminded us that this shouldn’t be the focus for the next-generation.

Instead, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli believes that free-to-play games are the future and it is this genre of game that needs to be heavily adopted by both Sony and Microsoft. Otherwise, he thinks that both consoles will ‘struggle’, despite the negative reaction that some free to play games have received.

DUST 514 seems to be the big name that is attached to the free to play model at the moment, and is seen as a high risk for Sony if the game doesn’t deliver when it releases before the end of the year. On a more important factor though, it’s very pleasing for some Sony fans that the company is more open to the idea of putting free to play games on their console, while Microsoft on the other hand are yet to test the water.

If you haven’t played DUST 514 yet, you should know that it offers much more than just limited gameplay which is unlocked via micro-transactions. After playing the beta it’s clear to see that the game has been set up in a way where you can still have an enjoyable experience without paying a single penny.

Some of the more common free-to-play Facebook games are just annoying on the other hand though and it is those such games which have perhaps cast the promising F2P idea in a negative light. Marvel Avengers Alliance is one free to play game that we would recommend to you though and it would be amazing if Sony or Microsoft ever decided to bring this game to their next generation consoles with exactly the same platform.

Do you agree with what Crytek’s CEO is saying about free-to-play needing to be a core experience for the PS4 and Xbox 720, or are you happy to keep paying full price for games as standard? With the ever increasing price of DLC, we wouldn’t mind seeing free-to-play console games on a more regular basis. What’s the worst that can happen?

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  • I know best

    Pointless talking about PS4 it wont be out for atleast 4 more year if not 6 be real you see exclusives for PS3 aswell as the multiplatform games such as GTA5 all for this gen and there looking to be the best releases of this gen, they will keep user playing for a few year when they stop announcing new big titles maybe then start think for next gen, although Xbox really needs a new console to compete with PS3 or it will be facing dust like the wii as now finally, I hardy see Rockstar making GTA 5 for an extra console when its near complete already it would be a huge mistake not to have a GTA to boost sales on a console.

  • i hope the ps4 will still play my old ps3 games because its annoying having to change consoles all day like with my 80gb ps3 that cant play ps2 games but somehow plays ps1 dics

  • Shayne

    Dust 514 is, without a doubt, showing potential for the PS3. I’ve been testing it, and haven’t been able to pull myself away. I hope they release it on PS4, truthfully. But the PS4 is set for release either Christmas of next year or early 2014, so maybe it will have to be on the PS3. They can’t keep it in beta for the rest of this year and most of 2013.

    On topic, free-to-play games would be good. Dust 514 is free, which will slam a mark onto the FPS market. People need to realize that gaming isn’t about money.

  • ucrshaw

    Microsoft has Age of Empires Online (AoEO), not a free to play on the 360, but a Microsoft free to play all the same.

    Free to play is not the future imo.

    Core games with better graphics and huge communities will always be the blockbusters that people wait in line for and buy ridiculous $100+ “legendary” packs for.

    What we need to see is more integration with the internet. This means games that can be played on PC and console with the same discs or with accounts that are easily transferred over. Xbox already has cloud storage allowing gamers to play their profile on any xbox without having to deal with a memory card. If I were able to play a game on my xbox, then pick back up where I left off on my PC using an Xbox controller, I’d be thrilled (essentially making the console portable).

    • Mr. Stickler

      Wow that seems like a useless feature..Who in their right mind would play an xbox game at home, and then want to randomly play that same game on PC, again at home? I sincerely hope this isn’t ideal for next gen consoles, seeing that there are almost an unlimited number of improvements and features that would be FAR more useful. Just…… wow.

      • ucrshaw

        Stickler, not all of us sit at home all day. I would enjoy playing a game such as Skyrim on both the Xbox and PC with the same account and a single license between my console and PC. Imagine playing at home with a large TV with your Xbox, then being able to continue where you left off on your computer when at school or another location. Perfectly reasonable scenario in my opinion as I prefer console gaming (and don’t have a great laptop for intensive graphics).

        Also, please contribute a few of the “almost unlimited number of improvements and features that would be FAR more useful”. I would like to see some evidence of your claim.