GTA V is not for next-gen

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 28, 2012

When the first couple of Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots landed a few weeks back they looked impressive, although not every gamer welcomed so little news, but since this time we’ve seen numerous GTA V visuals showcased on the official website. Some people believe the graphics contained within these screens are impressive and created on a PC, especially when compared to the last game, although others explain a number of reasons why they are console quality.

Now that we’ve seen the GTA V photos page fill up, and more promised from Rockstar within the coming weeks, some of you might expect a release date announcement soon as well, which would more than likely be for a date in 2013. This isn’t the case if you’re to believe some of the more wild rumors circulating this week that include a number of blogs claiming GTA V will launch on the Xbox 720 and PS4.

GTA 5 is not for next-gen – we’d like to set the record straight after reporting news online for more than 10 years, and that is in our professional opinion, Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch first on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. You are likely to see an enhanced version launch for the next-gen consoles considering we’re so close to their release, so expect something in 2014 with the Xbox 720 likely to be revealed next year for an early showcase. Although we’d like to point out that almost any gamer in their right mind would expect a launch on this generation of consoles, and we bet most of our readers would find websites claiming next-gen to be misinformed.

Rockstar might have released the first trailer too early, but considering the viral marketing and new screenshots revealed over the last couple of weeks, things are starting to hot up with their promotion campaign. This would be the perfect time to start marketing with a release date before April 2013, and obviously on this generation of console. It’s too late to release GTA 5 before Christmas, and retailers would have certainly known by now as well, which we explained in an earlier article.

Are you happy that GTA 5 would release this generation and not next? Most Grand Theft Auto fans are happy to wait as long as it takes for the next game, although worries for an even longer wait are uncalled for and any website claiming this is extremely out of touch.

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  • Dan

    I have played all of the console generation games on PS2 and PS3. I am currently however in the process of building a PC and I will get GTA5 on PC. This game is just too nice to be played in native 720p with poor draw distance, stupid AI etc. PC is now effectively ‘next-gen’ compared to console. I am not a PC troll either, I am a fan of console but it is true that consoles will be holding this game back and I think we all have to now accept that.

  • ElephantUnderATeaTowel

    I think it was pretty f*cking obvious that GTA 5 wasn’t going to be for next gen!

  • RyZoMc

    I think r* has finished it tested it and is probably starting to get together the dlc packs and online stuff. Where gonna be in for one hell of a ride can’t wait to do some drive bys and boast a million cars just for the hell of it.
    Hurry up rockstar

  • Diff

    Why has no-one thought that rockstar might release it on 21 December… imagine the hype and publicity they’d get tying it into the 2012 mayan ‘end of world’ stuff… just an idea but surely it would generate huge amounts of hype?

  • xFeearronnn

    The game will be released 2012, check their official facebook page, it says “Grand Theft Auto V would be released in 2012 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.”

    • DrMan

      I can confirm this!

      Clearly what you lack in brain power/ attention you make up for in extra digits and webbed feet because by that comment I can easily determine you are a product of generations of carefully planned and/or alcohol induced incest of the highest proportion. Now go get your sister, you loveable oaf you!

  • dec82

    I bet you didnt publish my comment because i made more sense than any of the articles that youve published in fact Id say youl release an article next week with my artcle as the main subject you idiots.

    • 2013

      I made fun of all the ‘silly’ (I had a different word but if I used it THIS comment would be removed probably as well) theories people have. Like the “spontaneous release date” idea. Which is just nonsense. It’ll be current-gen and late 2013 release. Kids just can’t accept that they’ll have to wait and websites just need views.

      Also, the use of “there, your and we’re”in the comments is astonishingly stupid/lazy. All it takes is one second of brain power.

  • Dec 82

    gta v will release late 2012 and the ps3 and xbx 360 will drop the price of there consoles and do package deals and sell a couple of hundred thousand more consoles before the next gen is announced next year just my opinion.If you remember when gta 3 came out on yhe ps2 sales of that console went through the roof.

  • krueger

    About a month ago Opie and Anthony said on air that they were going into RockStar to record voices for a game. It’s almost a 100 percent that it is GTAV therefore I don’t see how it would be possible for them to release the game this year when they are still imputing audio into the game. My guess is April 2013.

    • anon

      they also have to start advertising and spreading the word which alone takes months.

    • Blargh

      Wait, so you mean that Rockstar WON’T release this before December? Well, I guess that makes your point invalid because the world is going to end before April 2013 so I can confirm, in my 0 years experience of working ‘in the industry’ (and taking all the useless, blatantly moronic patterns people have conjured up from past releases into account) that GTA5 is a hoax. That or you’re making sense, but that would mean all the FIFA12-playing, thirteen year olds would be wrong about their “October to celebrate VICE CITY ANNIVERSARY!!!1!!” and a majority can’t be wrong, Krueger. A majority can’t be wrong…

  • Has anyone though about the possibility that they are messing with us ? I mean with the images. Noone said they were all from the one platform! For instance, the picture of the tennis court and the house might bbe form 36o due to it’s low resolution / untesselated mountains and trees but the one with the plane over the water in the canyon might be PC due to it’s apparent tesselated watter and montains???

  • To be honest, I’d just buy it on PC… I mean, whats the pont spending another £300+ on a console that will have outdated hardware within it’s month of hitting the shelfs. Although, May I point out that Tesselation appears to be everywhere in the pics… Liek the tire and the rocks. And the 360 does not suport Direct x 11.. :L You might be missinformed D:

  • Nico Bellic

    There is still months till Christmas, so I think it could be released before 2013 🙂

    • Niko Bellic


  • Tom

    Not Bothered as long as they release the dam thing sooner rather than never…

  • Hisagi

    I think its good it is on the generations now. In my opinion its really dumb to even think of putting it on new gens. We already would have to buy the game but a new system too ? That’s pointless. People dont have money to give like that.

  • wilks

    i am happy with the new news and photos from rockstar, i am just annoyed that the trailer was in november last year, and we are getting more info 9 months later. but as long as its a good game, i’ll wait for it. Good article too btw

  • locstar

    oh yea here is the possible big money making dates for the gta v game…
    1) is the release date.
    2) that blackout sales for most big retail stores
    3) x-mas.
    all in a short amount of time but if it did come out in 2013 it would be a horrible marketing strategy.

  • locstar

    everything jack said is right. also you have to think about rockstars marketing plan.. the game is coming out oct-nov, then x-mas is just around the corner from there.. so thats two big times dates to make that $ in a short amount of time. thats good marketing planning!

  • If history is to repeat itself, I was in Cape Town the last time GTA IV was released. I’m going to Cape Town on 26 October again. THE WHOLE GTA V COMMUNITY IS DEPENDING ON ME!!! I will do it! Haha

    • You better go! I think i can wait until Octorber, if it is later I will hunt you down!

  • leleca

    TGS will last chance Rockstar show the gameplay conference

  • John

    Oh look, another useless “professional” opinion article.

    • This is an article quashing the stupid theory of next gen release an article written by sum1 who is straight to the point n not debating over questions which have obvious answers

  • Omid

    GTA V is going to be released March 2013. I am 100% sure.

  • Buffalo Bill

    I only bought a PS3 for GTA IV… I’ll only buy a PS4 for GTA VI
    Being in your 30s gives you little time for gaming… but for GTA I’ll always make time… hopefully (as someone else already said) it’ll be out for the cold/dark winter nights!

  • anthonycr

    This may sound stupid but I would buy a PS4 if GTA V only came out on next gen consoles/PC. Obviously I would buy it knowing that there would be other game released on it in the future but I’d be more than happy If Rockstar released them on next gen consoles

  • sam

    just saying maybe rockstar might just release GTA V this year i mean take for example apple does not talk about their products until like 2 to 3 weeks before they release it and its worked for them maybe rockstar will do the same because people are pre-ordering the game already without knowing when it will release or what the storyline is about or anything at all so what makes people think that just because they havent released like 5 trailers and other game infos that people wont go and stand in line for the midnight release

  • Jacob

    I hope it is like GTA SA with it’s openness but with a GTA IV feel to it. (Vibe, combat)

  • Hazel

    I think some people over-reacted when they said GTA V is next gen etc when it clearly is not you can tell it still using the engine from gta iv all of the gta 3 era games used the same gfx engine and each improved it a bit more with GTA SA ultimately being the best looking of those 3 gta’s However gfx aside i think people have forgotten that Rockstar did say that GTA V will be a radical reinvention of the gta universe. a bold new direction in open world freedom storytelling and mission based game play. and the largest most ambitious game rockstar has ever made. What this means i don’t know other than its obviously going to be very different than previous games in the series

  • Nostradamus

    It will release exactly 1 year from the first trailer, so November 2012.

  • I’m wondering if the 360 version is going to be multidisc.

  • Space_Raider

    Im really not happy with a spring release, spring is a TERRIBLE time for release. Ive grown up with GTA and all GTA’s launched in October (apart from GTAIV which was supposed to launch in October 2007 but was delayed to April 2008 because the PS3 version had bugs) October is the PERFECT time as its when everybody has much more time to play games during them long dark cold nights + Christmas is where the big sales are. Also GTA always launching in October was like a GTA tradition that many of us long time fans loved so much. Come spring i will be far to busy outside doing a million and one things so i wont get chance to play it. The only reason i bought GTAIV when it released in April 2008 was because i was off work with a cracked rib,otherwise i had no intention of buying it. So its looking like GTAV could be the first GTA game that i dont buy. Many of my friends the same age as me (31) have said the same thing, October to Febuary is the time to game and many of them wont buy GTAV on a spring release either.
    I think Rockstar could be in for a massive shock when sales dont go as well as expected. They thought Max Payne was going to sell well but it was a big sales flop.

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    Im very happy. If the new consoles are revealed and released next year, i probably wont upgrade for another 2 or so. I dont feel the need straight away seeing as how long this generation lasted.

    So i for one will get this generations version. I dont mind what i play on, as long as its amazing if i do, and if im having fun, being a proper gamer. I still think though that the quality will be good. Many game companies in the last few years have made brilliant advances with this generation, and even XBOX is still planning on releasing new features for 360.

    It makes me wonder if Microsoft are going to throw a curveball, in that they dont release a new console until 2014. Seems unlikely, but if you look at things like Smartglass, and internet browsing, plus a lot of new games confirmed for next year already, I dont think they are planning to shelve the 360 just yet.

    I think Microsoft may hold back on it slightly longer, because they can milk the last year, plus they can maybe release after PS4, meaning perhaps no console war, at least not as much of one. Either this or they may continue 360 for a long time yet, bit like PS2 and PS3.

    Sorry for ranting about consoles. Yeah, GTA V looks stunning, looks more open and filled than GTA IV, more activities maybe, like the cycling races possibly. I for one dont see it being this side of Christmas. YES they already have the sales garunteed, but surely by now there would have been some ‘slip of the tongue.’ I think Spring 2013 is a more realistic date, simply because Rockstar can milk the promotional campaign so much and create even more of a buzz with it.

  • tomhant

    why the marks down? i am not trolling. i am serious. granted, if i said i worked for r* you could but i don’t. oh some people are really judgemental. you know what? go on, mark it down, all i wanted to do is tell people the possibilities but some people on here are so annoying and pathetic, all they can do is judge. get lost

  • Niko Bellic

    I love gta and have always thought that I don’t want rocks tar to rush the game out and it be subpar. I want the best gta so far and I’m willing to wait…but come on rockstar.. At least keep us in the loop a bit more. If its going to be April I would rather them tell me . Gta V will not be next gen ,…. Anyone who thinks this is a bellend

  • paul454ss

    I agree with 2012 release date. I think the game is done also and they even said they only want to release 100% correct info in there A&A. So second trailer and a release a few months later. Keep in mind that T2 needs this game on the market as soon as possible if they want to achieve there earnings for there fiscal year which gta is the only way to make that happen. They don’t want to announce the release date and have a delay again. If the game isn’t finished its damn close.

  • GTAV will be best selling game whenever it comes out just like the others

  • Websterclause

    Thats probably not a bad thought dude… Fingers crossed

  • ThinkAboutIt

    In order for 2k to reach the amount of money they predicted they will make for their fiscal earnings there is a very small chance it woud fall to a March release or even Febuary. Max Payne didnt sell well and this game is there last hope to reach there predcted amount. If it comes out in March thats very little time for a massive amount of customers. The game will have to come out for Christmas for them to get decent amount of months on the market to reach there goal. The article states that stores wold have to know by now if the game is comming and im pretty sure every retailer planning on selling this game already knows but obviously R* doesnt want them to advertise the release date. They also have to tell other gaming companies to let them know when you are releasing the game thats why a couple games have already delayed there games so there not in the way of R*.

    • GS Employee here, and you’ve got my word, I check the upcoming titles every day to see if it’s been added (it hasn’t).

  • tomhant

    come one admin, grant me my message

  • Bio Hazard

    So far the game looks great. I hope you can do all the things you could in San Andreas and GTA IV with a GTA V twist.

  • Jack

    It will come in 2012, my guess is the games done and dusted and has been for a while now. I know some gimp will reply saying “wheres your proof!” My thinkin is r* had to delay gta4 so when gta5 came round there was no way they wud let it happen again. Games done, few weeks theres gunna be 2nd trailer with release date about 2 months away.

    • Drunk on drank UK

      This is exactly what I am thinking jack. I doubt they will release it in 2013 when new consoles are supposedly coming out in 2014. It will be 2012, in a couple of months, trailer 2 just weeks away now.

      • not sure about ps4 but the next xbox is coming out in 2015

      • Drunk on drank UK

        *Also heard on the grapevine that the plot will be as this… You begin the game as a middle aged man who is an ex gangster wanting a quiet life. But his past catches up with him and he is killed. So then then game takes a new twist and you play the character of his son who will avenge his father and win back the empire that his father built.* How’s that for a spoiler!

    • Zach

      Look I hope your right but I personally dont see it. Maybe around Christmas or New Years, but I would be shocked if it came out in October like some people still think. Im thinking it’ll be within the first couple months of 2013, some people are saying March. Rockstar has been putting out more info lately but it’s still only screenshots, no trailers or any real information about the actual gameplay has come out. I think they just put out the screenshots because of all the clowns that wouldnt stop crying about the lack of info, they just wanted to shut people up.

      • GTA V

        Or they just want the game to be awesome when it comes out and not give much away untill the game accualy gets released! Rockstar knows what there doing, if the game gets released in October F$%K yeah! But, if it doesn’t that just means there woring on it extra hard and want the best video game experience possable which is fine with me!!!

        • GTA 5

          Hell ya October. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!

      • Calum

        i agree, spring 2013 is a good time for release, as it also comes into theme with the season that is being portrayed in the game too. Who wants a game set in the summer, if it was released in the winter? that’d be bad promotion.

      • Bob

        Zack, GTA V Date Was Leaked In A Kind-OF Blockbuster In Europe, A Anonymous Guy Asked His Freind Who Workes There If He Could Wright In The Search Bar Of The Store Computer And The Date Will be October 31 2012

    • i agree they probably still just fine tuning and testing stuff etc.

    • Fry-Guy

      I feel the same way,this is R* and GTA, they don’t need the standard 6 months promotional campaign. they could say GTAV is coming out in a month, and it would be the blockbuster GOTY 2012 no prob. And here in Canada, we go to future shop and can buy GTAV pre-order cards saying winter 2012 on them. And i feel that the promotional campaign started with the last trailer, and the black-out of info for that long period of time, was the big promotional part, everyone is so set on 2013 now, they’ll give up all other games coming out to get this in 2012 if it comes.

    • Sharpz

      These are my thoughts too they said the game was near completion at beginning of the year, they probly had a complete playable version before summer n every1 at rockstar has a copy n has been playing the shiz out of it looking for any slight little glitches n bugs, they want this to be perfect! No release date just yet because if they did find any bugs they would need to make sure they had more than enough time to deal with them, last thing they want after all this anticipation is another delay! The game is done in my eyes n we will see it very soon, much love

    • These are my thoughts too they said the game was near completion at beginning of the year, they probly had a complete playable version before summer n every1 at rockstar has a copy n has been playing the shiz out of it looking for any slight little glitches n bugs, they want this to be perfect! No release date just yet because if they did find any bugs they would need to make sure they had more than enough time to deal with them, last thing they want after all this anticipation is another delay! The game is done in my eyes n we will see it very soon, much love

      • Space_Raider

        Rockstar North in the UK where GTA games are made advertised for games testers to test GTAV and become a games tester for £14,000 a year back in January 2012. They warned games testing wasnt all it was cracked up to be an that testers would have to test the same lil segments of GTAV over and over for hours on end.
        Look it uo for yourself,the job listings are still online.

        • This does nothing to disprove my theory?? Only that not every1 in rockstar has a copy but only the ‘testers’ i still think every1s got 1 n theyre online as we speak flying cropdusters into each other

        • Fry-Guy

          I think he was trying to help your theory hold some water. I’ve read this said article awhile ago, and believe it. At this moment though, i don’t think the game has been disced yet to provide employees with a copy to play at their own leisure and report bugs, its much more serious and work orientated, its more likely its still digital in R* north’s HQ at Edinburgh Scotland, and they are playing they shiz out of it on a LAN flying cropdusters into each other.

    • NiCk14AlPhA

      Going to throw out the possibility of a total overhaul of Multiplayer gaming. Just because the main game could be near completion or has been for a little while, doesn’t mean the game will come out. If it is going to be a next gen also game, they could have decided to fully work on one side, then the MP side.

      I dont know, i think first couple of months of 2013. March possibly, as they release games a bit then, along with May. I mean, even if it is a big selling game, even if it is Rockstar, so little of an ad campaign, (Stretched but only 1 trailer and screenshots) seems a bit too far fetched.

      But if they sold this side of Christmas they would get A LOT more sales than next year, but i dont know, 2 months away? It just seems a bit too close even for GTA and Rockstar.

      Heres hoping though.

    • GTA V

      i think that your 100% right, the game has been completed already and there just fine tunning it. except i think/anticipate that the game will come out later October or early November because for game developers it’s the best time to release a video game because of black Friday only being a month away. . . but early October would be F$%#&N awesome!

    • Mike

      Man I agree, people are forgetting that this is Rockstar, they won’t advertise a game for a year before releasing it. They don’t really need to either, people would buy there game instantly even if it came out tomorrow with no warning. If it were still to be an xmas release I don’t think they’d have to worry about lack of interest.

  • abe

    i like how everyone likes to act like rockstar said 2013, ill be lmfao when it releases 2012 and ill be hmm ok when it doesnt either way people need to sftu games will come out on rockstars demands not on yours.

  • SEAN

    hi just wanted to be first to comment and that it will release in january amd the pics are taken on pc but it IS the graphics you would see on xbox 360/ps3

    • Skeptic

      1. Who cares you got first comment.
      2. I’d like to see your proof that it’s releasing in January.
      3. I’d like to see your proof that these graphics are those of PC.