Altering Dawnguard PS3 release contract for Hearthfire

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2012

We told you hours ago that Bethesda were finally making preparations to release the long awaited 1.7 patch onto the PS3 version of Skyrim. Many had hoped that the Dawnguard DLC expansion would be included with the patch, but the update is now available and there’s still no Dawnguard in sight.

This probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given what has taken place so far with the release of the expansion that’s already been available on Xbox 360 for two months. However, it really doesn’t provide much hope in seeing the release situation improved for when the imminent Hearthfire expansion lands next.

You won’t need us to remind you, but Microsoft has another exclusive on the next Skyrim expansion, meaning that Xbox 360 players are going to get Hearthfire or whatever it ends up being called, at ‘least’ 30 days before PS3 users. We say at least, as we initially thought there was a locked 30 day barrier in place, similar to COD DLC releases for example, but Dawnguard has shown us that it is a lot more complicated than that.

Bethesda are not willing to disclose the information either, on why it has taken two months, rather than one to get Dawnguard out on Sony’s console. Here is a portion of the official press release that came attached with the original DLC exclusivity announcement in August of 2011:

“The first two add-on content drops for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be releasing exclusively on Xbox 360, 30 days before it’s available anywhere else. If you’d like to be the first to break new ground in Skyrim, Xbox LIVE is the only destination that won’t keep you waiting.”

Dawnguard released on June 26th for Xbox 360 and we’ve now passed the two month stage where Dawnguard is still not out on PS3. Hearthfire is going to be exclusive on Xbox 360 again, which means that PS3 users may have to put up with the same tactics and contemplate another two month wait.

After saying in black and white that the wait would only be a month, are you a little bit disappointed that Bethesda has gone back on their word? We think the main problem isn’t the release delay for Dawnguard, but actually the lack of communication from Bethesda and why they don’t just give a solid reason for their actions.

Right now, PS3 players have a new patch to play around with which finally adds Mounted Combat, but no Dawnguard expansion and the prospect of more heartache once Hearthfire is finalized. After seeing what has gone on with the release fiasco on PS3, will you still be willing to buy Hearthfire regardless, or is another two month wait too much to take?

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  • mincia

    im so glad i bought xbox360.i have also ps3,but i know plys on xbox ofcourse.

  • Robert

    Well, PS3 owners, what do you expect from a free service?

  • PS3 fanboys just chill, be patient and then rage when they say ‘sorry guys we can’t give you the dlc because we having a bath full of microsoft monezzzz’.
    Nothing will be accomplished when we rage because they won’t listen.
    PS£ maybe a ‘superior’ software but i think it’s just complicated but why is it complicated? they managed to give us SKYRIM! not the dlc but the actual game which seem to be a hell of a lot more content and codes, be thankful we ps3 gamers got that.
    All i am saying is chill be patient and when they say they are not giving us the dlc and blah blah balh then you can get your nerd rage going.
    They didn’t say they are not doing it it’s just taking them time, give them chance if an extra 2 months have gone, get your pitch forks ready and raid bethseda headquarters have the developers at a wall and ask them politely lol.

    • “ps3 fanboy”


  • ps34LIFE

    Just taking the exclusive deal shows its just about the money ,we ps3 users should just not buy it unles we get it half price or some other deal to make up for it , but we will get the dlc why else would microsoft pay for a 30 day exlusive if were not going to get it ,they have no choice but to release it soon while some ps3 are still dumb enough to buy, how great would it be if no ps3 owners buy it ,they would lose alot of money

  • PS3 User

    Total waste of a DLC exclusive for Microsoft, I mean they pay for the first two DLC to be 30 day exclusives and they get Dawnguard (with which Bethesda screwed PS3 users) but then their second exclusive is The Sims V: Skyrim. I guess that’s what the get for having Dawnguard so much earlier than everyone else.

    • bob

      lol sims v

  • ansei

    bethesda what is this i own all 3 systems ps3 xbox 360 and pc and i am lucky that i decided to get skyrim for xbox i was about to get it for ps3, you better be working on something REALLY good for ps3 or u dont deserve customers i hope you ps3 owners will get a really epic dlc or get dawnguard and heartfire for free.

  • Cody Courtney

    I’m through with Bethesda. They will never get another dime from me. I hope all ps3 owners boycott all of their shyte

  • Derek51

    All bethesda is worried about is makin more money with hearthfire. They could care less about us gettin dawnguard anytime soon. How about bethesda stops worryin bout hearthfire and get their first dlc to all consoles first!!!!

  • Hi

    It sounds crazy, even to myself, but my theory is that Microsoft is blackmailing(or something of that nature)Bethesda not to disclose any information or even release the pack. But as usual, I’m probably completely wrong. Or, I’m so very right but I’m thought of as too crazy to be acknowledged in this…

  • plko

    HA! now all that giving an update will do is further infuriate ps3 users because bethesda has already made the second dlc and everything is obvious. they weren’t going to release dawnguard until hearthfire came out

  • Chewy

    this is really ticking me off. i’ve been waiting for 2 months to play a game that i honestly was looking forward to only to keep having to wait on them to fix something that should have been addressed while they were creating the Xbox version. when the Xbox version was finished they should have had the Ps3 version finished just for this type of problems being completly averted. now i learn a second dlc is being released for Xbox while i wait for my first dlc to be released. now im really ticked. its really making me hope that the dlc will blow me away cause if i get to playing and im not blown away then well lets just say words will be shouted and bethesda ill be getting a demand for my money back.
    or at the least they could is give all the Ps3 owner heartfire for half off or free.

  • Skiy

    This is just Rediculess I hadn’t really kept up woth this and remebered just today and was so exsited and was so dissaointed what’s the fuckig delay? And now there’s a new one? Ps3 players will be swamped with quests if they get both this is stupid it wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft don’t something to influence the delay maybe bought the rights to dawngurd completly? And we just haven’t been told? I’m so disappointed woth bethsda if this goes on much longer I may not bother buying the dlc at all seems like they don’t give a crap about their other customers and tbh I really really hope it is worth the wait I suggest bethsda lower the price or make it free completly for their appalling treatment and ther disregard

  • Kenj

    What did you expect from the people that brought you horse armor? Lol

  • DJ

    You’re kidding, right? I’m just waiting for Assassin’s Creed to roll out. Bethesda who?

  • guts1313

    Who cares about the 1.7 patch. Whoopdeedoo mounted combat wow. My character has a high stamina and runs anyways so I don’t use horses they are pretty much useless. Sure shadowmere is cool but he isnt as badass as he was in oblivion anyways and he can die. Gettin off horses to go in crypts or caves is annoying for that matter. Hearthfire looks like a ripjip off the sims and pretty lame. Dawnguard ps3 please.

  • I bet they wont release it for ps3 the reason they dont given any info cuz they want you to buy dishornored first then they will announce that they wont release it for ps3
    *** Think about it if they give info now that they wont release it for ps3 *****
    Then ps3 user wont buy dishornored for sure,
    so they will announce later after they sell Dishornored to ps3 player and when they get their money for selling dishornored to ps3 user then they will announce that they wont release dawnguard
    Because in 1.7 there is no Add-On !!!! so how the hell do we gonna get Dawnguard
    Wake up GUYS !!! We have been F**KED AGAIN !!!!!!!
    PS. Our ass are too sored Bethesda stop raping us !!!

    • PS3 User

      Here’s a brief answer to all your ‘questions’ a.k.a false statements.
      1. they have a team on it, not releasing it would be a waste of a team
      2. 1.7 doesn’t come with Dawnguard, you BUY Dawnguard
      3. It’s DisHONORED not DisHORNORED
      4. If “ps3 user wont buy dishornored for sure” than why would they “get their money for selling dishornored to ps3 user”?

      Face it, either we’ll get Dawnguard, or Bethesda doesn’t know how to properly assign jobs to employees.

      • PS3 User

        edit: after reading your long, boring, and grammatically failing post, I see that you meant that they will tell ps3 users that they won’t get “it” after they by “dishornored”

        still though, most people don’t buy games on release night

  • Damon Brown

    Lousy god damn idiots. They give the game glitchy as hell at first. Now they’re making just us wait for it, I would punch Howard in his money-grabbing face.

  • jebbay15

    the problem with this situation isn’t that they are money hungry, or the exclusivity for xbox. i have no problem with the exclusivity, nor am i mad at sony for not grabbing it. the problem is the same as it always has with bethesda games and the ps3, and its the reason i own a ps3 and not xbox. the problem is that the ps3 is a far more superior and there for complicated system then xbox. bethesda has always had problems with their games for ps3, cause they r not an advanced enough company to properly put out games for the ps3. its that simple. im still gonna get dawnguard when it finally releases, and hearthfire whenever that releases. but bethesda, maybe you should stop worrying about exclusivities, and pushing out dlcs left and right, and start working on your performance issues so you can come and play with the big boys

    • ?

      You’re kidding me, right? While it could be said that ps3 graphics are better in a small minority of games, the online play is far inferior to Xbox live. Bethesda is arguably the MOST advanced game developer. And your statement “come and play with the big boys” makes no sense whatsoever, as Microsoft is the second largest company in the world and twice the size of Sony, who are so money grabbing that the ps4 will feature in game adds.

      Suck on that fanboys.

      • ….

        Just want to say that he said the system was superior, which, hardware wise, has nothing to do with the online play. Just thought I’d point that out.

      • TheMiddle

        I own both systems and love them both, but PS3’s only play is better because it’s FREE. Even said that when I didn’t have a PS3, just an Xbox. Keep it real, dog.

    • Oddy Turner

      Far superior? That is your excuse for DLC not coming to PS3? Both the 360 and the PS3 are out of date and superior only to the pre-existing systems they replaced 6 (PS3) and 7 (360) years ago. Any half decent PC made 4 years ago will mop the floor with both systems. So pray tell why the PS3 and the PC will more than likely receive the DLC at the same time, if ever, since the PC is far superior to the PS3? How about why most companies put out PC expansions before either PS3 or the 360 have them? The delay on the DLC is simply because of the exclusive rights that Microsoft paid for. When you have paying subscribers then the company can offer more to attain things (such as DLC exclusive rights) to keep said subscribers happy. I have both systems and a gaming PC. My PS3 gets turned on for specific games that are exclusive to the PS3 (God of War and Uncharted) and to watch my blurays, other than that I use my 360 or PC. If you can’t afford to pay a small fee to be on Live, don’t cry when you get things last on the PS3.

      • Ps3 owner. don’t care if i get things last, as long i got online for free i’m not complaining. pretty much the best thing about ps3 not money grabbing microsoft which surely you can agree to this?

    • PS3 User

      Actually, I think Microsoft made better business and design decisions that Sony, I mean look at the new PS3. Not backwards compatible, less USB ports, no support for SACDs, and to make up for that, we get “slim” versions and PSMove?

      PS3’s went from great to mediocre. And Microsoft likes to remind us that by buying exclusivity…

  • i hate bathesta

    what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • I am going to buy every single Elder Scrolls DLC at full price no matter what the delay is.

    They haven’t missed any release dates.

    I am, however, pissed the fck off about their total lack of communication. They are saying things, making official statements, and so far have managed to dodge even the most basic confirmation that an effort is being made to release this thing. It’s crazy how much effort they’re putting into saying absolutely nothing.

  • Im very dissapointed with bethesda, initially i thought there must be alot of bugs with the ps3 dawnguard DLC version but now its clear they have been developing hearthfire for the xbox, i find it very annoying that they have the cheek to do this BEFORE getting dawnguard out for the ps3. 30 days was fairenough to wait but now after 2 months and theres still not a whisper from bethesda about the ps3 release of dawnguard i doubt ill be spending any money on hearthfire which seems to be more like a Sims game then a TES game. i also find the “xbox live is the only destination that wont keep you waiting* to be an obvious statement about who bethesda is catering to just to grab some more money. I will buy dawnguard cause i like the content of that dlc but i will not be buying any bethesda products in the future.

  • Since the exclusivity contract with Microsoft is for the first 2 DLC, PS3 users might have to wait until the second one is released in order to get both of them.

  • too much wait and too much BS. this is crap! 2 months. I understand signing exclusivity deals, but this game was not developed with PS3 users in mind from the beginning with all the problems. It should not have been marketed as such, it should have been a xbox260/pc release exclusive with what PS3 users have had to deal with this product.

  • Shayne

    Bethesda wasn’t working on PS3 Dawnguard, Hearthfire comes out very soon, which proves they put no work onto PS3.

    Hearthfire is a PC mod. It’s complete bull. Bethesda, I have lost all faith in you.

  • Jord

    well my initial hype from when i heard about the new dlc is long gone. bethesda wont be getting my money any more thanks to this quote “If you’d like to be the first to break new ground in Skyrim, Xbox LIVE is the only destination that won’t keep you waiting.” they have proved that they are prepared to make us wait, so they can shove dawnguard up their arse.

  • Alien

    I’m less disappointed now; now we have a heads-up and I don’t have to search online to find out if the DLC is out every single day

  • V^.

    I won’t buy anything from Bethesda ever again after the dawnguard bs

  • quitmoaning

    This article is retarded… They never said 30 days would be when it comes out, they said 30 day exclusivity for Xbox, and it was exclusive for 30 days. “before available anywhere else” was also true, as it came out on Steam. A lot of butthurt PS3 users with no knowledge of the complicated architecture of the system are the ones upset. Skyrim has had problems since launch and they are still getting fixed to this day, so you can either wait until Dawnguard is working well enough to be released, or they could release it early with hundreds of bugs that freeze your PS3 for a few minutes at a time and you’d just have to shut yer mouves because it’s what you were bitching and moaning for.
    Peace out,
    – Experienced Third-Party Developer

    • Shayne

      It’s funny how every other company but Bethesda can get the PS3 version right.

      You aren’t a third-party dev, you have no experience in computers, you’re just an ignorant little child.

      • Jim

        You are completely correct. i would understand if they had issues during the PS3 launch but that was years ago and this is getting annoying.

    • Ansatsuken

      Or maybe they can hire more competent programmers? What a muppet

    • DAWNguarDforPS3NOW!!

      Ha!HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah! Very funny mr Experienced Third Party Developer-quitmoaning. I’d really like to see what would happen if we were in the opposite state, PS3 has it and Xbox doesn’t. That won’t happen, because IF YOU HAD BEEN READING the patch updates that could cause your console to crash, you’d just shut your mouth. Have you heard of patches? Of course you have, since Bethesda has likely released more than a thousand to solve Xbox’s million Dawnguard Bugs.

  • Maybe the DLC released after these two ‘exclusives’ will be more than a few extra questlines/skills/weapons etc leading to better expansions released for all formats?

    • To put it another way I couldn’t care less about mounted combat or building a house.

  • angryjoe

    i just wanted to be a vampire lord causing chaos and destruction, was that to much to ask bethesda? i accepted the 30 day thing, sure why not. microsoft got in with the money first, understandable. but then the time ran out and you didn’t give any info at all. and now there’s some new dlc thing and still no word on dawnguard? just an update would do. just give us an indication that us on the ps3 haven’t been forgotten

  • Jon

    Unbelievable, just seen the official trailer for Hearthfire and it’s stated the release date as September 4th. We were right, the reason Bethesda have not released Dawnguard on PS3 yet is because they’ve been too busy working on Hearthfire. This is truly getting ridiculous.

    • PS3 User

      they have separate teams. One worked on HF, the other on DG for PS3, although probably the DGPs3 team was just 5 guys they got off the street.

  • cba123

    After the way Bethesda is treating its customers, will I be *BUYING* it? No. Will I be playing it? Yes.

  • Mat

    It’s the lack of information that is causing all of the frustration with PS3 users. Something unusual must be going on behind the scenes to stop Bethesda providing an explanation to the delay. Its performance related as previously stated – but how serious and what the specific problem is – who knows. If update 1.7 is out now then perhaps we’ll hear something this week.

  • Atarine

    i’m just going to bail on the ps3 and just buy it all on one of the steam sales, i was willing to pay 20 bucks but not anymore…

  • DAWNguarDforPS3NOW!!

    Bethesda is really getting on my nerves. The first 30 days were ok, BUT 2 F****** MONTHS???? Seriously? They only care about money. When the so-called “mr” Hines or what he is called said that “they are not satisfied with Dawnguard on the PS3 yet” does it mean they were satisfied when they released it on the XBox? That’s why they have released a f***** thousand patches to fix their more-bugs-than-gameplay DLC? When Dawnguard comes out, if it comes out on PS3 now that it’s considered an old game it better be free or a part of “Hearthfire”, God knows when this comes out. And about the “XBox players have already paid their 20$ for their copies”, if they start complaining about it being free for PS3,they should have thought that their “30 day” exclusivety costed Microsoft the hell of a lot of money. First, I held a grudge with XBox players saying that PS3 players complain for no reason but now I HATE BETHESDA! Instead of releasing news about the progress, they are sitting in the dark and we are sitting ducks here!
    Also, what does Hines mean by saying “It’s summer after all”? So when he -I mean his friends’ greedy pockets- released it for XBox in June wasn’t it summer? Or is Microsoft paying them for extra hours at work? Seriously, if they continue picking favorites, they will lose all their ps2 supporters.
    I’m really happy to talk this way about Bethesda! They have disappointed the PS3 community and shamed themselves.

    • PS3 User


      • Robert

        More like too incomprehensible, sadly did read (and want to kill the writer).

  • Release it already i cant take this anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Raiden

    What ever happened to making games because it’s fun? Yeah they are a
    business and they need to make money… but then there’s the stupid early access thing. It’s a typical marketing decision. (I’m still buying it when it releases though)

  • matthew

    i don`t care about hearthfire i just want dawnguard i want it now

  • well now that I can have horsed combat can I atleast make it so that my follower can ride a horse, if not his/her own another one, I’d hapily spend 2000 septims at any level, if it means I can move around faster, but once I get shadowmere the other horse can leave me alone. return to its previous pitiful existance of never getting trained.


    this just really bites….

  • backtoatari

    What I’d like to know is why Sony isn’t weighing in on this on the side of their customers, rather than allowing Bethesda to make PS3 owners feel like chumps for supporting Sony: I mean, sure the PS3 is better looking on screen and a more reliable platform that the xbox360, but the exact same thing was true with Beta vs VHS, and look what happened there – In similar fashion, if Sony isn’t going to leverage better support for their customers, then what reason is there to buy Sony at all? Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not a microsoft fan at all – generally, I loathe their half-built, crippled products and their constant “fixes” and “updates” – but superior quality be damned: when the price difference is within a $100 give or take, I’d rather have the so-so console that you CAN get games and updates for, rather than the awesome one with lousy support.
    C’mon Sony, you jerks – didn’t you learn this lesson a couple or three decades ago?

    • Gaming Loner

      It’s not Sony fault. They’re not as rich as microsoft they can’t just do something about this. They’re already in a bad place, you can’t blame it on Sony. Bethesda are the one you should be complaining about. The only thing they care about is money not their customers.
      One an other matter, Peter Hines said that they are equally as unhappy as the ps3 players, that is true, because they can’t rob ps3 players of money. Think about this, Skyrim costs about 60 dollar and it has about 300+ hours of gameplay and dawnguard has 20-30 hours of gameplay for 20 bucks! that is a huge rip of. I demand atleast 50% discount. Or if theey can’t realese dawnguard before hearthfire, they can give us dawnguard for free as we buy heartfire.

      • Akkarin152

        I completed everything there is to do in Skyrim in under 100 hours, sure there’s infinite of those small quests to do but not so many that I’m gonna spend 200 hours on. Dawnguard will get you a good 15 – 20 hours for €20, most modern day retail games don’t offer that for 50 – 60 quid!
        So they ain’t “robbing” anyone in this regard as it’s a good price. Harley Quinns Revenge is €10 and that only has 2 hours gameplay for example.
        Regardless, I do feel sorry for the PS3 players left waiting all this time.

        • Gaming Loner

          Are you dumb?
          The price is too much actually, you can view from your side cuz u have completed it in under 100 hours ( which i dont belive otherwise you would have played a HELL of a lot) but if you look at it as a whole, you would see players using 200-300 hours on skyrim. Bethesda stated that skyrim will give the players 300+ hours of gameplay and Dawnguard 15-20 hours (as you said) but that isn’t the case for you, isn’t it? If you completed skyrim in less then 100 hours you should be able to complete dawnguard within 3-10 hours. They are robbing us and you.

    • PS3 User

      Why should it be Sony’s problem? Their just the company that makes the PS3, they also make hardware like TV’s and computer software btw. Stop rippin’ on Sony

  • spiritreaver

    Will i be willing to buy Hearthfire as a PS3 Skyrim player? After everything is said and done, i will buy it, along with Dawnguard whenever that hits, for the singular reason that i am invested in Skyrim as a whole.

    The more relevant question is will i ever purchase anymore of Bethesda’s products in the future?

    And the answer is, i may, if Bethesda can get it back to making games and leave off of the money grubbing.

    • AvatarσReason

      It’s not about the money or we would’ve seen a very broken version of Dawnguard on the Ps3 already (assuming of course they [Bethesda] even attempted to have a version ready for the Ps3 after that original 30 days was up)… unless you’re more simply talking about their exclusivity arrangement with Microsoft, which in that case i’d have to agree with you.
      But at the same time if that is the case then we should all throw some of this negativity towards Sony as well for not making such a deal for us, either way it’s all been a very good move for Microsoft i must say.

      • I don’t have a problem with waiting 30-days. Two months is a bit of an issue. At this point I’d be happy with a broken version of Dawnguard as long we got patches after the fact fixing it. Sont doesn’t deserve any of the blame though, they couldn’t have possibly known about the shit-storm that would ensue.

        • Hi

          I would wait no more than 3 months, or 3 months without any info on the release.

  • DF

    Well this whole thing is rather inconvient to say the least. I guess I don’t understand as to why they can’t give us simple updates. That’s just too much to ask for I guess