Skyrim PS3 patch 1.7 is ready, Dawnguard ASAP

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 27, 2012

Finally Skyrim PS3 players can rest in the knowledge that patch 1.7 will be available on their platform today, although this is for the UK and Europe considering the US has already received the update. It’s not completely clear why Europe had been delayed, but it seems like there had been approval problems with Sony in Europe.

When Bethesda’s VP of marketing submitted a message on Twitter you could see the words were chosen carefully, and Pete Hines used the word “expected” Monday just in case they hit any issues, which is certainly something PS3 owners are used to. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 1.7 update should read as v1.6 on the PlayStation 3, and this is thanks to Bethesda combining two updates into one for this platform.

You can see the Tweet in an image below and no matter how careful Hines had been with this tweet, it had to lead to questions about Dawnguard on the PS3 and claims that Bethesda favors the Xbox 360 platform. This saw Hines return to a defensive stance again, and saw him explain that they’re “equally as unhappy” that Dawnguard is not on the PS3 yet.

Hines logic makes sense but PS3 users are still upset – yesterday we published an article that explained how some gamers are shunning other Bethesda published/developed games thanks to the situation with Skyrim DLC on PS3, and while this seems a little extreme, it is just one way certain gamers are handling the lack of communication from Bethesda and updates on just where they are with the fix.

Another tweet from Hines in reaction to this latest Skyrim PS3 patch said “The truth is I’d prefer to get it out to everyone because then fans are happy and we make money. Win win.” This logic makes sense and it also shows that Dawnguard will be coming to the PS3, although when the release date will be is anyone’s guess.

Are you happy that Dawnguard will eventually make it to the PS3?

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  • Sefwef

    How did Pete Hines get any kind of job in PR, let alone a VP position? One sentence tweets that show a monumental arrogance and complete disregard for PS3 users are giving his company a bad reputation. Yes, they make fantastic games and the backlash from this confirms that, but regular information even if it is nothing more than; “Sorry guys and girls, still working hard to get your DLC out and will have more info soon.” You will still get the short tempered nasty little kiddies sending abuse but a little humility in the face of other platforms already playing it goes a long way to keeping these customers/fans appeased. Hell, lie to us and say that PS3 users may have to wait but we will get a more polished glitch free DLC than the other platforms straight up. ANY information is better than silence. Frankly they shouldn’t have released it on any platform until it was ready on all of them, even with the 30 day exclusive. I didn’t start looking for rumors of a DLC until July! I was too busy playing the original game, getting my character just right, exploring, starting all over again and just generally enjoying this fantastic game. I really didn’t mind the wait. I only checked the official website for news at first…one statement since the beginning of August. Thats it. I then had a good look around at the articles and blogs and then Pete Hines’ Tweets on the subject. Wow. This guy really needs needs to learn how to do his job. Or is the PS3 that small a user group that they can afford to do this and not care?

  • coolguy65

    lol i know it wasnt gonna come out as soon as the month was up thats what you get for chooseing the shiter console lol


    For people dizliking my commentz about dawnguard or my spelling u know wut to do it’z right there on my comment and wut iz diz teacherz day are u gonna check all my spellin for me too i got my own style of typing or writing u don’t like it kizz my azz give me a frikin break and for the commentz i left on here my opionion still stickz you don’t like it u can bend over for bethesda thatz your will and your prob. You must of forgot that they did thiz to uz 4 timez with ps3 do Ya’ll REMEMBER: Oblivion, Fallout 3, FO NV, And now frickin Skyrim thatz 4 do they deserve a second NOT from me…but I Know some of You crybabiez will get there next game good luck hopfully you don’t get screwd over for the fifth time If you Do youll be right on thiz page again talkin crap.

  • wtf, man

    ppl still play this BULL$HIT???

  • greysky

    how about a legit answer to why the delay? they never even said the reason why its not working , that would be nice to at least know why we cant play it.. specify , not just its not running well on ps3….

  • Pissed Off PS3 User

    They’d better put the god-damn DLC out already, or I’m going to give my money to insomniac productions to buy War Of The Monsters for PS3. If it’s out by this, or early next week, I’ll be getting both.

    • Pissed Off PS3 User

      (Excuse the picture. Using my mother’s email address. 😛

  • Except it once again looks like he specifically did NOT say that PS3 Dawguard will happen. He said “I’d prefer” a release… which kinda suggests that the reality is the opposite. “ASAP” is wrong of you to assume… this is just more smoke and mirrors.

  • sxs5

    you mugs still gonna pay for this?? they shagged you for 2 months and you still gonna roll over and let them tickle your tummy?? sad fuckwits, And next time???? hahaha

  • What does the update do

  • Waiting

    I had my heart set on Dawnguard before school started, but now it’s just the waiting, like an illness slowly killing my hopes of ever playing it.

  • the update interrupted me playing the game, I was halfway through it, it spoiled the immersion and made me angry, even though I knew what it meant I was shocked that they had actually done something for the PS3 version.

  • James

    so is dawngaurd out or just the patch or both ?

    • Combat

      Just the patch, Dawnguard should come out soon.
      and i mean soon in a bethesda way

  • matt

    too late for me, i start school in 2 days and i need my credits so i am focusing 100 percent on schoolwork. I was hoping i could have played it this summer, but oh well. i will never get my hopes up when it comes to bethesda related products in case some incident like this happens again. I might play it on weekends but maybe not even. It better be nearly free or we should at least get hearthfire free when it comes out… IF it comes out.

  • matthew

    next week dawnguard i hope 😀

  • maffman

    yes the update is out but i still have to wait for dawngaurd

    • James

      Why is dawngaurd not out then or just the patch ?

  • matthew

    its out

  • Combat

    Downloaded, it works fine MOUNTED COMBAT!

    • matthew

      and werewolf bug fix 😀

  • matthew

    i want 1.7 now and dawnguard 😀

  • Grimone

    It cracks me up that Bethesda are acting like they care about releasing bugged games. Dawnguard may well have performance issues on ps3 and be full of bugs and glitches but when has that stopped them releasing things in the past? Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas were and still are all full of them. Dawnguard won’t be any different.

  • Combat

    The update is out now 🙂 i am downloading it now

    • James

      is it really ?

      • Combat

        Yh, i just turned on my ps3 and put skyrim in and it came up with an update

        • matthew

          ya its out 😀

        • James

          is it just the patch or is it dawngaurd as well ?

        • slender

          just the patch, don’t be silly, they’ve released the patch, so they think they can make us wait ages for dawnguard now, thats how they see it, “don’t overdo it incase they expect more and more” thats what bethesda think when it comes down to ps3 players.

        • matthew

          the patch

  • James

    Its still not on the psn but he did say “Expected” so its just a cover and more false hope 🙁

  • About damn time. Now just an announcement for Dawnguard’s release date and a promise that Hearthfire will release on the stated times for all platforms and I might be willing to give Bethesda some of my money again.

  • Dat Angry Guy

    Just release Dawnguard already, ps3 owners have waited enough

  • matthew

    1.7 still not out

  • Thumper

    I swear, if they could at least tell us what was wrong and give consistent updates on how they’re handling it then I think this outrage would be nothing more than exasperation. It’s being left in the dark that’s pissing everyone off. Personally, I feel that their reluctance to divulge any specifics harbors implications that they have something to hide. Just how buggy is this thing? Embarrassingly bad? If it really is completely riddled with bugs, then you’d think they would make that clear so that we ps3 owners would be more understanding. Either it’s so messed up that they can’t bear telling us or they aren’t doing anything significant enough to warrant an update. But all of this begs the question: why not finish all versions of the dlc and then release it on xbox, followed by the 30 day nonsense? At least then we’d know when we were getting it. Now for one last thought. What if Microsoft paid them to keep it off the ps3 for 60 days and they just don’t want to tell us? That’d suck. That September release date rumor would support this. I dunno. Just a thought.

    • spiritreaver

      Been thinking about it on and off since all this really started off into realms insane; and at this point i’m thinking Bethesda never even started on a PS3 version of Dawnguard until after the initial xbox exclusivity period ended. Its just the only thing that makes sense to me about this fiasco.

      Way i’m guessing(guessing as no one knows) it went down:

      1) Start work on dlc.
      2) Contacted by Microsoft about deal and GIVEN a release date they have to meet.
      3) Meet release date by scrapping other platforms for the time being and rushing out a barely playable xbox 360 version.
      4) Figure(wrongly) that they can quickly port to PC and PS3, as even the PC version seems to have been a chore for them.
      a) Prolly only ever started with porting the PC version near the end of that 30 day 360 period.
      b)PS3 version prolly never even had any work done on it until the PC version was ‘ready’ for release.
      5) Higher-ups prolly have said to try and make something happen with a PS3 version of the dlc, but that if/when other projects begin to pickup shelving the PS3 content is ok to be shelved for a future collection release.

      That’s my take on all this anyways.

      • thumper

        That sounds like a likely scenario. I like it better than mine; it’s more hopeful. Maybe they won’t overestimate their abilities to port Skyrim DLC when Hearthfire rolls around. Maybe.

  • when is the patch coming out in Africa???

  • im glad that the dlc will eventually come out on ps3 but for how long? another 2 months! and also whens it coming out in Africa??!!

  • Vulkrahnir

    You guys are stupid for saying that they favor Xbox. From my point of view, Xbox is paying to be Bethesda’s lab rat for DLC, so that they can fix the problems before it comes to PS3. Wouldn’t you guys rather wait for good DLC than DLC that’s filled with game ruining bugs and glitches like Xbox? And like Bethesda said, it’s not ready for PS3, stop acting childish and wait a couple weeks.

    • MasterSmith

      If you had to wait 3 months and all your questions were either being avoided or ignored all together maybe you would understand. As I posted in yesterdays topic this is not the first time Bethesda has done this to PS3 gamers. They have done this throughout the Elder Scrolls games, and Fallout series as well.

    • maffman

      you are so right

  • joe4kewl

    The only game I did not care that was put off for so long was StarCraft II that was worth the wait. Dawnguard seemed really cool and fun, but the excitement for it is just thumbs down now. But atleast when SC II was coming out they were giving release dates, even though it didn’t come out then Blizzard was giving days and updating their customers.

    This DLC just doesn’t seem to interest me anymore.

    • James

      Proberbaly because its completely spoiled to ps3 users now and when we get it nothing will be surprising or interesting 🙁


    why the hell are we still hearing from only pete hines? i guess todd doesnt come out to play unless theres a TV camera around…

  • Beckster

    Why are people getting so upset about it being delayed? At least we are getting it! The Xbox and Ps3 are different consoles, so it’s not like you can make one DLC for one device and then expect it to be available on a completely different divice.
    I knew it was coming, and I am extrememly happy about it!

    • MasterSmith

      Why not? The original game released on the same day. Bethesda has been coding for the PS3 for just as many years as the XBOX 360 so why should there be a delay?

      • Absolutely. Vastly different architecture, sure, but they’ve been working with it for almost 5 years, now, and have gone through hurdles with it, before. This should be tedious and long, but cake for them to deal with, anymore.

  • james

    has anyone got the update yet for the UK if so how did you get it

    • Jake

      Usually, before the game is loading up, a message appears on the screen telling you that you must download an update before continuing. I live in the UK and it hasn’t told me this, so I’m assuming that it’s not out just yet. I’d expect it in a couple of hours at the latest, but I can’t be sure.

  • i must say i do find the whole delay with ps3 annoying, but at the end of the day nobody but the developers know why its delayed, or how serious a reason they may have to delay it. i dont like the way people are giving bethesda abuse, its not making them fix the problems any faster. as for the whole boycott mentality, i dont see why people are bothering to make claims that they will “never buy another bethesda product again”. if that where true you wouldnt be looking up information for dawnguard or update 1.7 in the first place. not to mention i want bethesda to keep releasing their products on ps3, and im not sure boycotting them will be the way to achieve that. either way im delighted to finally have somthing new to do in skyrim until dawnguard rolls around. even if thats just messing around with mounted combat il be happy

    • Alison’s Vagina

      I’m not sure you understand the point of boycotting then.

    • Leroy Jenkins

      It really annoys me that after this long people like you still don’t understand why people are angry about this. It’s not about the delay, for the most part, it’s about not being given any information.
      I for one would be completely happy if I had to wait until June 30th next year, as long as Bethesda released an official statement that said Dawnguard would definitely be released by that date. And more specifically a statement that they had no wiggle room in, and couldn’t weasel out of later by saying ‘oops, sorry, but to be fair we did say “might” be released’.
      It’s because they so routinely f**k people over with rumors presented as news, and statements that they can go back on later, that most people are angry.
      Even with this update, Hines say’s 1.7 is “expected” to be out today, and surprise surprise it’s five o’clock in the evening and still no update.
      The complete communication blackout doesn’t help either.
      Every time there is delay, first they give their paltry “we didn’t actually say for definite” excuses, then they proceed to tell us exactly NOTHING about what is causing the delay and why they didn’t expect the current problems, followed by a couple weeks wait, then yet another tentative release date where they don’t say for definite that anything will be released.

      It’s just getting ridiculous!

      • I don’t think there’s any satisfying reason they could muster for why they didn’t expect the current problems.

        Their trend over the past 6 years has been a slew of issues, across all platforms. The PS3 community has had the shorter end of the stick on it, yes (especially with the DLC fiasco with Fallout 3), but it definitely hasn’t been limited to us alone. That they’ve continued to revamp the GameBryo engine time and again and have had the exact same problems upon each and every release showcases the future, unless they make a drastic change.

  • Wesley

    Is there any news about it?? can we download it already??

  • Christopher

    I am happy to see that it is coming I will still get it but I do hope there will be some form of discount.

  • pissedofguy

    It’s too late, already bought Skyrim for PC and getting dawnguard now that its out on PC.fuck you bathes

  • Has anyone in the UK managed to install the patch yet? I checked for it about 30 minutes ago, still no patch. Do I need to delete the skyrim game and patch update from the game data utility and start the game to install it?

    • Jake

      I wouldn’t if I were you. It’s only just past half 2, so I’d wait for a bit see if they get the update out any time soon.

  • Reece

    I’ve completely lost interest, it’s taken too long. I am liking the look of Dishonered though.

  • marhorn

    Hahahahahah….you all sound like children! Am I going to boycott assassins creed 3 and stomp my feet around?….no, il be playing the best game of this year!
    This sight may as well be called “Won’t report on anything Xbox but will bum Sony up to death” I mean, where is the article about Sony dumping wipeout?

    • DON-EAZY-E

      Go Back To Wettin Your Pantz Thiz Iz Adultz Conversation It’s Not Ment For babiez Like You.


        Yes, DON-EAZY-E and I are about to run a trail at you. You will be sorry. AMIRITE DON?!

  • Unhappy

    I knew from the beggining that dawnguard would eventually come to ps3 so i am not happy….i would be happy if it arrived sooner and with a discount and if i was given a bloody release date….THEN i would be happy

    • spiritreaver

      I’d sit quietly if there was just some real news every so often. And i don’t mean snarky tweets.

  • spiritreaver

    Am i personally happy? Just kinda ‘meh’ at this point, because imo its a forgone conclusion that at least this first dlc for Skyrim would get to the PS3. The only question has been of course, when?

    And going from Bethesda’s track record with the PS3 that is looking to be anytime from now to half a year from now.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      I Totally Agree Wit That It Happen With FO NV 6 or 7 Monthz Then Add-on Content For PSN Gonn Be The Same Thing With Skyrim Hopfully Not But Knowin Bethesda It Probly Will Happen

  • Don-Eazy-E

    Oh And Ps. To All People Sayin At First (I Ain’t Playin Any Of Thier Games Anymore) But Now Wanna Change Their Mind And Start Bending Over For Them Now That Hinez Tweeted Some New Newz U Know Wut U Can Do Throw Urselfz Off A Cliff And Die.. Be EAZY

    • Jon

      Typing A Paragraph With Every Letter Starting With A Capital Letter Does Not Make You Look Smart. But onto the matter at hand… If everyone keeps complaining about not getting Dawnguard Bethesda might make us wait longer. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. If we wait patiently Betehsda might actually decide to get Dawnguard ready for us! You never know, Dawnguard might be in the 1.7 Update that is being released today! Yes it’s unlikely but it is still a possibility. If us PS3 users decide to Boycott we might not get any more DLC from Bethesda. Just bare that in mind.

      • MasterSmith

        Some of us dont care about Dawnguard anymore either. I am also sure how you got information about Dawnguard from that tweet either.

      • MasterSmith

        Oh BTW I agree with the capital letters thing. Just makes you look like a moron.

  • Don-Eazy-E

    Still Dozn’t Change A Damn Thing for Me I Still Ain’t Gettin Anymore Of bethesdas gamez they favor xbox datz fine don’t care about that. Juzt I Wanna Play A Game That A Company Gives equality to any gamer So They Can Also Enjoy The Game The Same Way. But Since It’s Been Thiz Long Since dawguard haz been posponed for ps3 it kinda killed it for sony playerz Like Me I Went Through The Same Way With FO NV But I Never Played Thoze Add-Ons Because They Came To The Ps3 In Almost A Year By Then I Wuz Playin Twisted Metal So Screw Bethesda Skyrim Will Be My Last Game From Them.Peace Da Hell Out

    • Pissed Off PS3 User

      That was god-damn painful to read. You spelled virtually every word in that entire paragraph incorrectly.

  • DF

    Well as long as they don’t take TOO much longer with Dawnguard and it works fine, then it won’t cause much further anger. You really have a chance to make this up Bethesda, let’s see it

  • Turbine

    Glad to hear that it’s almost here, it’s been a long time coming. I, along with many, am disappointed in Bethesda’s silence for Dawnguard on PS3, but, the other side of me is content with the fact that they waited until they were happy with it’s performance before releasing it. I can’t stay angry with them…

    • Anthony

      I agree, at least we do get it soon, and not so buggy. But i hope that the same problem won’t be with the next DLC.

    • spiritreaver

      Ummm, you do know that just because Europe is finally getting patched up, it doesn’t mean Dawnguard is gonna hit this week, right?

  • Tyson

    If they wanted to get it out to everyone, why didn’t they make sure it actually worked on all platforms before releasing it? That’s what I wanna know.

    • Majin_Romulus

      Becuase they’re xbox fanboy sellouts.