Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean rolling out this week

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 27, 2012

An International Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S III had been rumored to take place this week, which we heard about towards the end of last week. The Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update has already made its way onto rooted devices but this news focuses on the real thing, and we’ve since had further confirmation that the Unpacked 2012 event will definitely be a launch platform for Jelly bean on Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

Unpacked 2012 to bring a lot for Samsung users – you can expect the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update to start rolling out, as far as we know for those in Europe only, and also thanks to a recent teaser video you should expect some big news surrounding the S-Pen and the Galaxy Note 2. The teaser video has been embedded below just in case you missed it.

Samsung are sure to have a number of surprises for the Unpacked event, other than the expected Galaxy Note 2 and S3 Jelly Bean update, and one of the best places to see the news first is on Samsung’s live video channel or on our Facebook page. Currently the live video page has a video for the Note 10.1 US launch, although you can expect this to change to a live stream nearer August 29.

The latest available Galaxy S3 OTA Jelly Bean update (v4.1.1) has been posted on a popular developer website, so if you’re happy unofficially updating your device then you can do so via this link, although we’d recommend you wait considering the official update should go live for download in a couple of days and unofficial updates can void your warranty. If you’re in the United States then we’ll keep you updated with news surrounding a launch in that country, so keep connected to PR.

Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 in black? We saw rumors of this color after Samsung posted an image on their Facebook page during the London Olympics, and T-Mobile recently got fans talking after a black version appeared on their website, but this had been more for convenience.

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