iPhone 5 direct from assembly line

By Alan Ng - Aug 27, 2012

We have yet another new iPhone 5 component leak to share with you and like the countless others that have followed before it, we get a final look at the taller redesigned iPhone days before Apple’s expected unveil on September 12.

Unlike other component leaks which showed off various aspects of the device in separate parts, some new images we have to show you appear to show the iPhone 5 which has been taken directly from the assembly line. A new image from a Photobucket album has shown what the front side of the device is going to look like, not only the taller display which you’ve probably seen hundreds of times, but also the attached home screen button as well.

We have previously told you that the new iPhone is going to feature a new front facing camera with a location now situated in the center of the device, rather than than the iPhone 4 and 4S models in which the front sensor is located on the left side of the speaker grill. A new image gives you a close up look at the new position for the front camera, but more importantly it may confirm Apple’s plans to have LED flash on the front camera as well as on the rear camera.

As expected, there are no major changes to the home button, but it looks like there will be less distance between the home button gap between the edge of the device and the bottom half of the display screen. Unfortunately, there isn’t an assembly showing the back of the device, but you should all know what this looks like by now – a three layer design featuring metal materials in the middle and plastic materials on both ends.

We are just days away from Apple’s keynote event and it looks like they don’t have any secrets left to show. Are you satisfied with the way the iPhone 5 design has taken shape, ie. keeping the width the same in favor of increasing height instead?

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  • R

    i hope it comes with:
    1.4G LTE
    2.larger screen size than 4s
    3.corning gorilla glass 2
    4.1gb ram
    5.12MP camera ,front VGA(as usual)
    7.A6 chipset
    8.quadcore,1.5 ghz,cortex A15
    9.battery 2000mah battery
    10.higher resolution than 4s…

  • fckapples

    who gives a shat

  • ElectroHau5

    Why is everybody calling it the 5? It is the 6th phone! Either way, the S3 I’m typing this on will put it to shame.

  • Nick V

    Alan Ng…come on dude. Your a moron if you can’t see that the centered camera on the face of the phone is just a reflection of the guy’s 4 or 4s phone taking the picture. That’s probably a reason why the photo is cropped. If you see the original…then you can see its just a stupid reflection well planned. Look at his fingertips in the reflection of the cropped photo above..

  • I think ‘The New iPhone’ is going to be a turn in technology. It might not look like a lot from the outside, although what got me interested in iPhone products was the shape of the iPhone 4. So for me this phone is exactly what I’m looking for. But if we do see Quad-Core processors and 1GB of RAM, I think it’ll have the edge on other competitors on its performance, but what we’re all wondering is… “Will the battery hold up?”

    • Snackpack

      LOL..that made me laugh…the new iPhone will not be a turn in technology…maybe an upgrade to the 4S, but nothing spectacular. I highly doubt it will be a quad core, probably a higher herz A5X. Quad will probably be the “5S”…1GB of RAM been around for awhile now. As for the battery, reading about it being a smaller battery having a larger screen and possibly more powerful processor and ram, it will probably be horrid.

  • Rob

    I hope they use a quad core processor, instead of just a duo!!

    • ElectroHau5

      A dual a15 would actually be better in some respects

  • evilgenius666

    Hawaiiguy62 could clearly do with a better spellchecker on his next phone…..

    • Iftakhar Rasul


  • hawaiiguy82

    i think there perposlly not giving anthing away to drive peope to look and look and look everyday and to build people up to wanting the phone more,iiv been waiting for so long for this phone to come out,and by what iv seen of the photo’s of the new iphone i dont rate it atall,i think its going to be like he other iphones,just some more featchers,and a longer phone,and speaker moved and a changed charger dock,cant get uch faster internet then iphone 4s,they need something differnt and new and im really hoping for a 3d camera,but by the photo’s iv seen of the phone i dont see that,so bit disapointed,so i just hope all these leaked iphone font and back panals we have seen are not genuine,coz i dont think there be a 3d camera if there lagit

    • Richard K

      Learn to spell!

      • Richard K’s biological father

        Piss off, grammar fa**ot.

        • Richard K’s Mother

          CLEAN YOUR ROOM!

  • Gary23456

    I hope the led light works in conjunction with the network signal.