Skyrim PS3 users shun Dishonored over Dawnguard

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 26, 2012

Some PS3 gamers are so upset they are keeping away from all Bethesda games, this seems a little crazy at first when you consider Bethesda’s upcoming games include Dishonored, The Elder Scrolls Online, Prey 2, and Doom 4. You’ll find comments in many forums along the lines of “I will NOT be buying Dishonored thanks to the situation with Dawnguard on PS3“. It is worth pointing out that this ill feeling might be short lived after some of the big titles are released, and this also gives certain gamers time to calm down after the lack of communication Bethesda has given with Dawnguard on PS3.

Then we have to consider the upset caused so far, which started with some bad framerate issues within the main Skyrim game and these later received a fix. What makes matters even more frustrating for PS3 owners is the fact that Skyrim Dawnguard has been on the Xbox 360 for almost 2 months, and the DLC is still missing a PS3 release date.

Skyrim Dawnguard is just some DLC – Bethesda delivered the game to PS3 owners and fixed the lagging issue, so should these gamers be so upset that Dawnguard is taking a long time to launch? This is the opinion from some gamers on other platforms, although the real disappointment will arise if Dawnguard never appears on the PlayStation 3. Certain PS3 users will point out how unfair it is for content to be singled out from all other platforms, and this line of thought also puts the spotlight on the PS3 hardware itself and what some developers claim is a lot harder to develop for when compared to the Xbox 360. This might be true but considering the amount of time the PS3 has been released you’d think this kind of problem is well and truly in the past?

If you have Skyrim on the PS3, do you think it’s right to shun other Bethesda titles or are some gamers overreacting? At the time of writing Bethesda has no timeframe for when the PlayStation 3 will receive Skyrim Dawnguard, and there are now fears it could be after the next Hearthfire DLC. Some people also point out that if Dawnguard doesn’t skip a release on the PS3 platform, gamers could experience similar problems for the Hearthfire DLC.

Do you believe Dawnguard on PS3 will ever see the light of day? Could it be that Bethesda won’t give a release date thanks to no solution being in sight, and the problems they’re experiencing might never be fixed for the PS3 platform? This is what some people are thinking after looking at how Skyrim has been coded for Xbox 360, which then got ported to the PS3 without being optimized properly, and this left some PS3 gamers with what they claim is a “broken version“. We’d love to know your thoughts on this, and what would make you love Bethesda again? PS3 players certainly deserve a discounted Dawnguard when it finally arrives.

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  • smarterthenyou001

    can you stfu please, stop complaining all the time moron.

  • PS3user

    These are great news. Delicious news.
    As for the article, Hearthfire is just some DLC. Dawnguard on the other hand is plot relevant.

  • I am one of those PS3’ers who is not buying Dishonored because of Dawnguard. I want to buy and play it, but will we get shunned again when Dishonored starts generating DLC? Would the Dawnguard situation be resolved if Bethesda creates a GOTY disk and allows PS3’ers a “trade-in” program? Either way, they’re losing my money on what looks like a great game in Dishonored. But I won’t get it without Dawnguard.

  • AW

    I bought Dishonored the day it released. I’ve had the game 2 days and I am already experiencing freezing issues with the game on the PS3.

  • My2Cents

    Irrespective of whether Bethesda release Dawnguard for the PS3 or not, I won’t be purchasing Dishonored. My reason for making this decision is based on Bethesda heavily supporting one console over another (something they clearly did with Skyrim).

  • ihatefanboys

    keep crying stupid fanboys they cant wait to spend money whahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Bethesda dislike PS3 for some reason and prefer xbox. I don’t know. I know 1 thing. When GTA 5 comes out, all my problems with Bethesda is over.

  • torment

    I have barely played my copy of Skyrim in anticipation of the DLCs. This situation is not only fishy its wrong. Hey I own a 360 and a PC but I own the game for my PS3. How about Bethesda refund my money for the PS3 copy or send me a copy that I get the DLCs on. This is definitely crap sales management. I will not be buying from them until the problems are fixed and the DLCs are compatible for all systems.

  • When a big company puts out 2 completely different games like this, they aren’t going to connect you not buying one game to problems with the other game. Boycotting Dishonored will only make the industry think that you don’t want creative, interesting games like Dishonored.

    Shun Prey 2 and Doom 4, but not Dishonored. The industry might think that we’re tired of generic sci-fi shooters and want more new and interesting IPs like Dishonored.

  • Oversoon

    The game lag issues never were brought up to anywhere near parity with the 360 version… The game has ALWAYS had distracting lag. A time machine and the decision to do lead development on the PS3 is the only way this game gets fixed.

  • KraYstring

    My problem is….skyrim was released as a ps3 game, it worked, and at no time did they say..oh by the way, there will be no dlc on the ps3… how do I know this won’t be repeated with any other game they port to the ps3…..I don’t…..and there not going to say that it won’t happen.
    Now the question is do I get it for the pc or Xbox…..and that is a question about how mad I am at them….and I haven’t decided yet….but I did cancel my Dishounred pre order.

  • ThaneOfWhiterun

    I’m a ps3 skyrim owner as well as a owner of the fallout games for xbox 360. Even with those games I felt guilty that xbox had the jump on games but when I got skyrim for ps3 and learned it wasn’t releasing anytime soon…I’m not too worried about it, but I think Bethesda could at least give PS3 players like a special item or something special while we wait or yeah even a discount would be great. I think if they do happen to give us one, we’d feel a lot more comfortable if they’d just release the news that “Hey…Because PS3 owners had to wait, we’re giving you a discount on the game” even that news would be good to hear. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can but even one sentence or confirmation of what’s going on would make a huge difference.

  • X-A

    First of all, whoever is doing PR on Bethesda’s PS3 side should be fired. It’s turning into a running gag. When Skyrim was released and everybody was getting lag issues, it took them a lot of time to acknowledge the problem, as if nobody had been testing the game thoroughly ( oh right, whoever was supposed to do that should be fired as well now that we’re at it ). Secondly, whoever is the genius who thought Skyrim should absolutely come out at 11/11/11 just cause it sounded cool should be fired as well, because this guy forced the release of an unfinished game, and probably put uneeded pressure on many employees. Without the guy who did that, you would’ve had a better Skyrim released in 2012 and it probably would’ve been able to run properly on PS3. Let me tell you this, the RAM issue is total crap. It’s like when Crytek shamelessly blamed the consoles for Crysis 2’s poor sales, citing that the consoles were slowing the natural evolution of computers and that they had to remove stuff they would’ve added to their game ( which was a lame sequel compared to the 1st one ). The truth is, if this was a RAM issue, then all these huge open sandbox games would be having the sames problems because they work the same way.
    So why is Skyrim the only game to have problems concerning RAM? That is the question…
    The problem IS indeed related to the RAM of the PS3… Simply because the Bethesda team thought that the RAM worked the same way on Xbox 360 and on PS3. They apparently thought both consoles were pretty much the same and delivered a simple port that proved to be inadequate for Sony’s console. They only have THEMSELVES to blame for this.
    But Bethesda still aren’t the worst game making company… Especially when it comes down to DLCs. To be honest I’m surprised very little people complain about Activision’s ” Call of Duty Elite ” which I find to be an expensive piece of crap, same thing with EA and DICE with Battlefield 3 who are selling DLCs at an over the top price, if you compare content with Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare you’ll realize how great Rockstar are and how greedy EA and Activision are. At least you get tons of content with Bethesda’s DLC and it has been their best quality IMO. Too bad they simply can’t deliver it to PS3 users because of their laziness and amateurish PS3 staff.
    There might be some money involved as well. Xbox 360 users pay a fee to play online. I always thought that this fee was complete crap, that’s why I sold my Xbox. I’m well aware Micro$oft uses 5% of this money to give additional stuff to their users while 95% is invested in what I call the ” Destroy PS3 fund “. I can’t figure out how come so many Xbox owners can’t see this. Whoever is smart enough should realize that the monthly fees are involved whenever a publisher decides to build a game starting from the Xbox or when they give exclusivity to the Xbox. It cripples PS3 ( and sometimes PC and Wii ) users, and doesn’t give anything to Xbox 360 users, besides perhaps a few arguing ammo for fanboys who can’t understand how their parent’s money is invested by MS.

  • dobby

    I feel the problem is that they can’t be trusted. At the moment its the ps3 they are failing to support but if they obviously don’t care about giving customer support then whats to stop them releasing a game on any platform and then stopping support. who wants to buy elder scrolls for the PC for a week after its released they switch to Mac osx support only.

  • dissappointed fan

    bethesda can’t do anything about it if their team isn’t skilled enough to make the game come out for the ps3 with two more months of time then they had to do so for the xbox360, but, as you just mentioned this is ”just” a DLC, so if they can’t even get that to work properly, why would you expect us, PS3-owners to trust and buy a full game? So i’m sorry to say that i won’t touch another bethesda game until they can prove to me that they have the actual skills to work with the PS3, and fix this whole screw-up of theirs with DAWNGUARD and HEARTHFIRE.

  • I have a simple solution quit bitching clearly the ps3 is a inferior consol if they are having such trouble with it, get a xbox and enjoy dont blame Bethesda for your choice in consol.

    • f*ckallhaters

      you would be right, if the ps3 would really be inferior to your xbox, but the problem isn both have good and bad sides, now you would probably be pretty pissed of too if they would do a halfassed job on a game you bought. the problem doesn’t lie with the PS3-owners, it is in the fact that bethasda got greedy and released a broken game on a console that they couldn’t handle. it’s like selling broken cars only to people who chose to be christians. well i chose to use a PS3, and that is no reason to try and sell me some broken-ass game!

    • Hey there, Xtroll.
      Let me guess, you realised that the 360 is a Frankenstein amalgamation of cheap old computers parts and that none of your exclusives is particularly compelling, and thought this would be the most productive way to take out your anger?
      That’s okay, I forgive you. But just so you know, if you trade in your 360, it might not be such a huge price gap between that clunky old thing and a sleek, elegant Playstation 3! Playing God of War, Uncharted, Starhawk, Heavy Rain, Beyond and The Last of Us will definitely be more entertaining than your mildly amusing troll attempts.
      Yes, there’s one single piece of DLC we’re missing, but one DLC isn’t nearly enough to make a difference in the long run.
      Just, uh, leave that nastiness behind. We’re used to being a lot more mature and civilised on PSN.

  • you are all idiots


    If you really want to show them throw out your PS3!

  • justice

    I think we should save our money for Borderlands 2. When Beth was small they were great. Now after they got paid their acting like a punk.

  • justice

    Ps3 owners should sue Bethesda. They release a broken game and then are not releasing DLC that is a staple of their games. Let a judge decide if they their customers have been shafted. Class action lawsuit. Has a nice ring to it. You broke our hearts, now will break your bank.

  • MiniPea

    I don’t care about building a house, I only want to be a Vampire Lord!

  • Tired and feed up

    Sold all my Bethesda games. I will not be buying any more in the future. I’ve spent too much money on their products to be constantly left hanging like this. All the other game developers don’t seem to have a problem with dlc on PS3, so their excuses don’t wash with me. I own 2 PS3’s and a Xbox 360. I hate the Xbox but my son loves it. We have Skyrim on the Xbox also with dlc but I refuse to play it on that system. As of today, my family will no longer be buying anymore Bethesda games. My son is upset because he really wants dishonored, but I refuse to support a company that treats half it’s fan base like this.

  • kucharz508

    I’ m on ps3 and i never said that i won’t buy an another elder scrolls game, or a fallout game, but i do not, and i will not care for any more productions from bethesda because of this, no matter how good the game is, i will simply avoid it like fire, i will buy dawnguard if it ever comes out but screw dishonored doom 4 and elder scrolls online and an other GAME !

  • The Overall PS3 Experience

    Lag and frame-rate issues fixed on the Ps3?? My version must be jewed then because I’m STILL experiencing those issues even after they “fixed” it with updates… And what about all the STILL broken quests?? I find it funny that Bethesda says they haven’t released Dawnguard for PS3 yet because it has issues. Yet they were fine releasing the base game when they were fully aware of all the ridiculous issues it had. How can we even be sure that when (OR IF) Dawnguard gets released it won’t have game-breaking bugs? There’s already reports of PC gamers experiencing this. So why so much care NOW for the PS3 version, Betheseda? If this same thing happens with PS3 users then that’ll show you how much care Bethesda truly has for its gaming community: NONE. It’s funny because these same sort of issues happened back in 2008 with Fallout 3 on PS3 (I didn’t know that until AFTER I got Skyrim) But you’d think they’d have learned by now after 4 years. Anyways, Bethesda, make sure for your future games that the base game runs pretty damn smoothly before you even think about releasing DLC

    • Well, yeah. I have about 500 hours in Skyrim and the patches have made my experience smooth. So there’s always a level of randomness with such things. Sorry you can’t enjoy Skyrim because of the issues you’re having.


    My buddy has an Xbox 360 and I watched him play Dawnguard, I did feel a little mad
    but Bioware EA didnt let me down. Currently my hands are full with Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC and Im finishing up Batman Arkham City GOTY edition. So Bethesda
    can take there time. Just like women, there are plenty of more games in the sea lol.
    Hopefully we will get Dawnguard and Hearthfire but if we dont, it wont be the first
    time I was let down with bad news.” PS3 gamers I feel your pain, I would love
    to play Dawnguard on my PlayStation 3 and Hearthfire September 4th but there
    are other games.” I hope Bethesda will give us some extra content for the delay.

  • b

    i don’t understand this… we all knew that the ps3 version was inferior to the 360 version upon release, that the 360 version would get the dlc first, and that the game was made for 360. so with all that in mind we should have boycotted skyrim ps3 from the beginning and bought skyrim 360. id perfer them to put all their resources in fallout 4

  • Cody Courtney

    Call it dramatic but ill seriously never buy another Bethesda game. Too little too late.

  • Tandy

    I bought Skyrim when it first came out for the ps3, I didn’t have any problems or major glitches that made it unplayable, but I do agree that the silence is unsettling.. I pay top dollar for a top dollar game, but I would appreciate a little update now and again… I wouldn’t have had a problem if they said it was going to be released two or three months after xbox.. I have no intention of throwing my money to a company that has no regard for the sony ps3 console and its paying customers.

  • Screw Dawnguard. Next month I’m getting it on PC and I’m going to download a buncha mods and remember that the community always does it better… and it’s free & has no exclusivity. I shoulda bought it for PC to begin with.

    • bob

      correction exclusively pc, xbox and ps3 dont have mods

    • luke the nuke

      i have it for PC but i just need a video card

    • That’s a common refrain but we all know it’s not really true. Look at Hearthfire and then look at the user-made housebuilding mod on PC. The Bethesda version is by far more immersively integrated into the game. This “modders do it better” thing is just something PC gamers tell themselves when they get grumpy with Bethesda.

  • Tim

    They probably should have waited to release it when it was ready for everyone

  • RT4315

    I understand there are “issues” with dawnguard being released for the ps3. Why is it taking so long?, this couldn’t be worked on while we had to sit by and suck on it while xbox had the come for 30 days? Bethesda acts like they don’t give a damn about the ps3 user and now there ar talks of a new dlc coming out soon! This is disgraceful! I have absolutely no intention of buying another Bethesda product until this issue is resolved and all of my friends fell the same way. We are not a group of 16-24 year olds either. We are the original video game generation we remember when pong came out. We have alot more income and we also determine the games purchased for our children. My son is getting his degree in game design and has been looking at Bethesda as a possible employer because up until know we have been avid fans. Bethesda needs to make this right and do it PDQ or they can rot in hell as far as we are concerned!!

    • Tim

      I will agree with you on that, the lack of communication with the fans is a little rediculous they could at least give us some updates or something.

      • Tim


  • hmmmmm

    it took a year before ps3 owners got any dlc for tes oblivion

  • Tim

    It’s not like they are doing it on purpose. I’m sure they are working extremely hard trying to get it ready for ps3, but there is just something Bethesda can’t figure out on ps3 I mean almost every if not all Bethesda games do not have a great track record on the system, I myself just play skyrim on pc now because on ps3 I would have to restart the console every time I went in water! Do you think they did that on purpose? No. So don’t blame Bethesda they are hard at work trying to get dawnguard to ps3’s. Don’t boycott them because your impatient. And if you think it’s so easy go to the Bethesda offices and let them know, I’m sure they would be grateful.

    • Keith

      Tim it IS Bethesda’s fault for releasing a game on a platform that they have a proven track record of sucking on. They led PS3 users to think that they were getting a good quality game when what they sold them was, by your own admission, broken. They are a fault for selling a broken product.

  • kyle s.

    I don’t really give a hoot about Dawnguard, as I’ve been done with Skyrim for months. I’ll be eschewing Dishonored because Bethesda does a terrible job of putting out games on PS3 and an even worse job of supporting them after the fact. Skyrim is just as buggy as Fallout 3 and just as poorly supported. Whether it’s down to ineptitude, laziness, or apathy is not for me to say, but regardless of the reasons for their continued failures I’m done with Bethesda games.


    I Ain’t Never Buying Any Of Their Gamez It’z Juzt I’m Tired Of Companiez That Make Gamez Like Thiz Unplayable And Also Don’t Give Equality To Other Platformz Skyrim Will Be Tha Lazt Game I Get From Them I Take That To My Grave And They Did Thing To Uz 4 Timez OBLIVION FALLOUT 3 And NEW VEGAS And Now SKYRIM Do You Think They Deserve A Second Chance NOOO!!! I Don’t Think So Their Goin Down Their Gonna Learn A Lesson I’m Counting On It…

  • I am not buying any Bethesda (or developed by a Bethesda owned studio) game for this gen. Not much because Dawnguard, i don´t really care for it, but for having the nerve of releasing Skyrim in a pre-beta state, taking almost a full year to fix it, and trying to make us feel guilty for making them have to fix the game. They have the most terrible PR in the triple A game industry.
    Next gen, i will wait for them to release 1 or 2 games before deciding.

  • Happy2Wait

    I was going to buy it, but now my priorities have changed and I am currenly playing Sleeping Dogs. Yes, I will still be getting Fallout 4 etc. Look at it this way, XBox have Bethesda on side and we may miss out on Dawnguard, however we get the Last of Us and they definitely don’t get it. I reckon PS3 users are still better off even with delayed DLC on some pretty big titles (Fallout, Skyrim and COD to name a few).

  • That Genie

    I think shunning other Bethesda games over Dawnguard is a bit drastic. Dishonored i wont be getting due to the fact that I dont think i will like it, but i will definitely be getting ES:Online. Dawnguard might come out, maybe not. Maybe with a discount, maybe not. Maybe free, maybe not. Only time can tell. Until we get word, we shouldn’t be very angry. Yes, i play Skyrim on PS3, yes i still have 20$ in my wallet to buy Dawnguard IF it comes out. I haven’t given up hope in Bethesda, neither should ANYONE else. If we keep complaining to Bethesda about this, they will probably be like. “They are ungrateful. Why are WE working to get this DLC and ANOTHER out, while they continue to insult us? i don’t think they realize we are also trying to work on PLENTY of other games as well.” Now, That is a PROBABLY and maybe they are the greedy people everyone makes them out to be. We don’t know. We can only hope they aren’t. If you are reading this, anyone at Bethesda, There are still people who AREN’T overreacting. Keep doing what you do.

    ~~~That Genie

    • AvatarσReason

      It’s more than safe to say that Dawnguard is on the way, the real question is when.

  • I’ve looked into the patch theory which is Bethesda is waiting for the tomorrows update to fix the problems I say it is possible but unlikely because if that was the reason they would have told us I personally wouldn’t have minded the wait if that’s the reason and if it is they way they went about the whole situation is horrible but this isn’t the first time Bethesda has messed up in my opinion why release something if you know its not ready

  • Ordinary Guy

    i’m a ps3 user who also plays skyrim, and i”l be straight forward, yes bethsda didn’t give us a date when it would be released but that doesn’t make it right to leave us in the dark. I totally agree and sympathize with the ps3 users who want to have nothing to do with bethesda, but lets just be real some of you who say that are gonna be the ones first in line to buy the nxt game bethesda puts on the shelves. What i’m trying to say is yes bethesda totally screwed up now and lots of other time with their other games, but don’t go saying something like “i’ll never buy another bethesda game” and jump on the next title. You do that and your just like them all you need is a bethsda t-shirt and a name tag.

  • Everyone has the right to protest however they wish, but I think it’s silly. I won’t be buying Dishonored because I am not interested in Dishonored. I could pretend it had something to do with Dawnguard, but that wouldn’t be fair.

    I don’t know if Dawnguard will ever be released for PSN. I wish they’d tell us. That little bit of communication is the only thing I actually have a problem with. If it is released, I personally don’t feel that we deserve a discount. They haven’t missed any promised release date.

    • bob

      because theyre being dicks by not giving one!!!

      • That’s right, but that’s a PR issue. I completely agree with you. But ARE WE OWED ANYTHING? No. In my opinion, no. They have not missed the release date, and we haven’t paid for anything. In fact, we’ve gotten FREE patches. The availability of DLC is not an issue here. It is entirely a PR issue. If someone would just say “we’ve canceled it” or “expect a simultaneous Dawnguard/Hearthfire release on PS3 in late October”, we would not be complaining. I wouldn’t even be lurking these articles.

  • luke the nuke

    if we buy dishonored or doom, their probably gonna cancel the dlc for those games to on ps3

  • luke the nuke

    First, they cancel the release date, and now their talking sh*t about we ps3 users. good job bethesda, your probably losing your fanbase

  • Tens of thousands of people have complained too and about skyrim and Bethesda and they didn’t give a f**k.
    As consumers the only power we have is the decision of who we give our money to.
    If everyone who has complained about or is dissatisfied with Bethesda about Skyrim and the dlc would genuinely hold their money back things might just change in the future but let’s be honest most of you will be good lil boys and girls and keep shelling out the pennys.

  • Fleck

    Just imagine if no one purchased the dlc for when it comes out for ps3. That would really put Bethesda in line. I know its a longer wait but don’t buy dawnguard until its on sale. If Bethesda only wants money then dont give them any!

    • bob

      i like this idea but no one who wants it will have the patience. but maybe the people who sold (or lit on fire, smashed with hammer, and used as frisby) wont buy it

  • dylan

    They make the best games when it comes I’m getting it no matter what its a bad ass dlc and those who hate should have never got the damned game in the first place. . I’ve been playing the elder scrolls since the first. So shut up and wait

  • i think that “at least for a little while we should hold back from buying more bethesda games to make a statement. i think that the way bethesda has chosen to keep ps3 users in the dark about dawnguard is pretty disrespectful. as any buisness will tell you…. don’t disrespect your fans because without them you would be nothing. until bethesda learns how to test there games to make sure they work before releasing them, and excluding ps3 users, i’m not buying anything else from them!

    • luke the nuke

      you got a fair point, but bethesda just wont give us the dlc if we did that because of lack of money. this is just a prediction

    • AvatarσReason

      Nothing any of you here do (or say you’re going to do for that matter) will show a significant enough drop in Bethesda’s profits to ever make them feel threatened. You (all of you) lack the organizational abilities to put forth a massive boycott, which is the only thing that could achieve your desired result.

      I challenge you to try though, minding that not every Ps3 user that buys Bethesda products share your views.

      • avataroirrationality

        what you are saying is basically right if you think rationally, but as humans are an irrational species that really, reaaaally likes money, and a lot of it at that, i will have to let you know that even a little sales drop hurts, and could change their vieuwpoint and desertion of their PS3-fanbase.

  • fruitcake555

    I’m still playing Skyrim on the PS3, I will buy the DLC when it arrives, I will buy everything they release this year too, because they just make great games. You can’t hold Bethesda responsible because they don’t cater to PS3 users, that’s just being a baby… I love their games. I have a 360, but prefer to play on my PS3, so I’ll wait. To every annoying tween shouting about this, stfu and go play something else in the meantime. I’m so glad I’m not 15 anymore.

    • lol All, if not most of the time, it is the teenagers who call others “tweens” and “15”.

      • AvatarσReason

        It’s the truly childish who choose to comment as you have Mr. Eaton.

    • Spiritreaver

      Bethesda has every right to not ‘cater’ to PS3 players……if they decide to stop touting that they are a competent PS3 publisher that is.

      The PS3 is a dinosaur in the console world. If at 6 yrs old, the PS3 is causing a supposedly top-flight game developer to tap out while making a game add-on for a game that has been released for the better part of a year; what does that say about the game dev?

      Every time ppl like like you throw out that excuse fruitcake, it just makes you seem naive and ignorant of the actual situation

      • AvatarσReason

        You don’t know the exact situation yourself, you aren’t a Bethesda employee you don’t know what they have completed or what they are having a tough time with. You speak in ignorance yourself sir.
        At the best you can complain about their lack of communication, but even that makes you seem self-entitled and childish.

        • Spiritreaver

          You know, the gaming industry is one of the few that actually has people defend incompetence. It never fails to amaze. If you or i don’t know how to perform a job after 6 months, steps up to termination are usually taken. Is it really that much of a demand that a top game developer learn how to code for a platform that’s been out 6 yrs?

          I don’t think so.

          And if learning how to code for the PS3 is out of their capacity, why not just stop peddling shoddy, half-done 360 ports and step away from the PS3 for good?

          You are 100% in one thing however AvatarofReason; i, just like everyone not Bethesda, have zero clue what’s going on beyond double-speak non-answers going on a month old now. Much of the supposition by myself and MANY others around the net probably would not exist if Bethesda would really say ANYTHING.

          And for the record, i AM one of those PS3 users that is asking for info more than anything else(go check the Bethesda boards-i’m using same screen name). Delays happen, its unavoidable. Being tight-lipped for months about it….that’s when i start asking questions.

        • AvatarσReason

          Much better, i don’t mind people complaining especially when they’ve a vested interest in what they’re complaining about (and when they provide solid and detailed reasoning as to why they’re complaining, and you have) and i too grow more frustrated by the day.
          But here is the thing we all needed to consider, the patch that makes Dawnguard compatible with our beloved Ps3 wasn’t released to all Ps3’s until today (that said i don’t and didn’t believe that Bethesda would release the DLC until the patch was delivered to all Ps3 systems [though this could be unfounded seeing as how they tend to release things in the EU area a week later]) my hopes are high that we will see the DLC tomorrow.

        • Spiritreaver

          Would be nice if that were to happen, but really doubt it. There is a blog for PSN called “the drop” that is updated weekly and lists all the releases for Sony products for the upcoming week. Sadly, no Dawnguard dlc is listed for this week.

          So unless Bethesda gets Sony to allow for an unscheduled surprise release(like the Steam release of Dawnguard to PC), PS3 is looking like at least another week wait.

        • AvatarσReason

          Hmm, i wasn’t aware of “the drop,” i do appreciate the new information (and the sound crushing of my hopes, ha) lets just keep our fingers crossed at this point and perhaps Sony will let it slide… However unlikely that is.

  • Fkfo

    I think they should release dawn guard soon as they could fix the the problems ASAP after its release

  • Anthony

    If they ever do release the dlc theyll have next to no choice to discount it if they want to make any money at all, because at full price theyll just be losing even more sales and recieving more complaints

  • Red shadow

    TO ALL PS3 USERS! There is only one way to go…i believe that if no one buys any of bethesda’s future releases they might get the message about how pissed ps3 users are about Dawnguard. So if if any of you reading this agree, spread the word to all your friends: let them know of the incompetence of Bethesda and tell them not to buy any of their future games. Bethesda must pay for what they have done!!

    • luke the nuke

      you sound like a guy from Avatar with James Cameron

    • PS3 is Awesome

      I’ll do it

    • Breanna Scott

      And all that accomplishes is NOTHING gets put out for PS3 and then it dies a slow and expensive death. Oops. Sorry.

    • Sweet ‘n’ Tender

      Dishonored is great on my PS3, so good in fact that I bought 2 copies.

  • I hope because of the delay the desire to buy it after its lost its momentum will result in a not immediate but deffinetly shortly after discounted dlc. In the same aspect I realize that with the fallout dlc they had some major issues right away and it turned their fan-base away because they didnt spend enough time fine-tuning. However in the same light a suitable timeframe or a disclosure about what keeps it from having at least a release date. With that said they probably will now- Q2013-

  • HireBetterProgramers

    I cant believe its not out yet, I was checking everyday for updates, but as you can see they dont speak. i gave up and not getting it anymore.Thats why im getting an xbox, we ps3 players always get the leftovers.

    • I personally would not buy an Xbox 360, simply for the fact that you are contributing to Bethesda making more money and not having to even stress that the DLC and the other multitude of problems have yet to be resolved.

      • HireBetterProgramers

        who said that im buying more bethesda games?

    • bob

      im getting one too, but not for dawnguard HALO 4! i love my ps3 😀

  • It isn’t the fact that Dawnguard hasn’t yet been released causing us to not want to buy other Bethesda titles, simply because “we’re upset or frustrated”. Its the matter of, will this happen for there future games released on PS3? Will we have to wait 2+ months with little to no information regarding DLCs? Will there be more patches that constantly tear through the game destroying and causing more problems than resolving issues? I honestly love Bethesda games and probably will still buy more of there upcoming games, mainly Prey 2 (if its released). But the day will occur, regardless of whether Dawnguard is released for PS3 or not, when people go to buy any of Bethesda’s upcoming games, for PS3, we will all wonder “how many dilemas, problems, glitches, broken patches, late DLC, etc will we have to deal with?”. It just is not the problem of Dawnguard not being released thus far, its the problem of how Bethesda is going on about it. I would much rather have Bethesda say “Dawnguard will not be released for PS3” then have to sit and wait looking for rumors and hearsay of Bethesda’s plans for Dawnguard. It truly makes you start to almost shun Bethesda especially when they already have plans for another DLC and the first one hasn’t even been released nor discussed. To close I just want to say I hope Dawnguard is released for PS3 whether it be now or next year but the least they could do is update us of their progress. Also, if there was one thing I could say to Bethesda it would be “No, Bethesda I will not be buying an Xbox 360 just to simply play a DLC or any of your other games, you are my favorite gaming company and also have been but I refuse to waste my money and time on another system (the worse one at that) in order to experience a few extra hours of gameplay.”

    • bob

      correction second worst. no on remembers the wii? lmao

    • Exactly. Having put hundrets of hours into PS3 version I have considered getting a PC version for the user created content. However considering the lack of information I refuse to give any more money to Bethesda.

    • This is why

      Its mainly a memory management issue, ill give you an example, so your ps3 loads up a location in skyrim, and all the objects, and all the textures… and all the scripts, then runs AI for the NPCs for every step they make, but keeps in memory every previous step, then you activate DLC, it adds more stuff to load it runs out of memory, and indiscriminately removes items from memory, then you move your Actor and whats this your ps3 just crashed!

  • Im not buying their games either, I liked skyrim it is epic, but the dlc issues is too much. their is no way I would pay to go through this again.

  • JM

    I don’t care much for Disonered but I’m realy excited about Prey 2 but since this whole Danwguard issue I’ve been starting to hate enything with Bethseda staped on it I will never buy eny of there games agian except Fallout 4 that will be the only one

  • ker

    as a huge company and a franchize they are acting very unprofessional

  • concerned ps3fan

    see im my opinion the only reason ps3 fans havnt go the dlc is because were not a computer based system. see im one of the ps3 players of skyrim and i think thats our main problem bethesda only cares about the computer based systems, xbox360 is run by microsft withc in case is a computer company so is resonable to se y they have it but also i still think, bethesda is wrong not to make the dlc for ps3 because it was to be released on all platforms june 9 then was pushed to 26th, but then ps3 and pc fans found out dam microsft paid bethesda for a month exclusive witch is annoying as it is.

  • Dragonhart

    It’s not the fact that the skyrim dlc hasn’t come to the ps3, it’s the way they are handling the situation. I mean, in one of the posts that they wrote to Pete Hines about how he’s hated now, he said that it was allot funner that way. I’m sure he was being sarcastic but he has to keep in mind that he’s representing a company, which such comments he should try to avoid. For me, I can tell that they are really irresponsible. They do things and then don’t have the face to give it to the people. I mean, what’s worst, to say the truth even though people might not like it or to lie about it the whole time and keep people in doubt? At least with the truth we can know what is really going on and be more understandable about the entire situation. But how do they expect us to understand if they aren’t even giving us any answers? And like I said…someone who would be serious about their company would fix their problems before moving on to others. Do you really think they are paying much attention to the entire ps3 dlc problem? With such big tittles coming up, why would they even bother in such a small matter? The RIGHT thing to do is to fix the problems they are having at the present time instead of picking many other up and not fix nor one or the other. I’ve already set up my mind that Skyrim will be the last game I buy for Bethesda. I won’t even bother looking at the other tittles since even if they might look great, the support and service that we ps3 gamers might have might not be competent compared to other platforms. For this and many other reasons, Bethesda can pretty much go to hell for all I care cause I’m not buying any other games from them. IF the dlc comes then so be it, but if it doesn’t then it wouldn’t be something new or unexpected.

  • hubbajube

    I don’t get why it has taken so long now. After the backlash from the Fallout 3 DLC’s, they were able to get the then four DLC titles out in about a month, and Theta came out on time, as well as every New Vegas DLC after Deadmoney. Granted Skyrim looks allot prettier, but they did use the same eingen. I say just give it to us now. Fallout fans are use to the problumes from those DLC’s. Give it to use now at a discount then patch it up later I can live with that.
    And really it’s been about three months sense it was announced at E3, they couldn’t have used that time to work on it and patch it up? With the way the FO3 deleima ended I was expecting the same out come but so far no. I understand It’s a different coding, and graphics to bump up from the poobox, But come on Bethesda, if you really cared about your PS3 fans like you did after the F03 crap, you would of had it out by now.

  • jason bradley

    why would you shun bethesda’s other titles like dishonored all because of dawnguard being delayed kind of pathetic and childish

  • Morgan

    This is really BS. I was wanting to buy dawnguard on the day it came out, but it still hasn’t come out. It’s really annoying. I will still buy games by Bethesda, because they’re good game creators, but yeah it is frustrating that we haven’t gotten Dawnguard yet, but everyone else has.

  • luke the nuke

    think of the regular skyrim as vanilla ice cream. we want to add sprinkles (dawnguard) to the vanilla. what im saying is, I WANT SPRINKLES WITH MY VANILLA ICE CREAM!

  • VM

    i was xbox all the way, but after burning 3 of them up in a row i switched to ps3 a few years ago and have the same one i bought back then. it still doesnt make up for the loss of overall better quality games on xbox, way better xbox live multiplayer, and now dawnguard. i personally plan on going back to xbox permanently after this. its not just about the dlc, xbox is better in every way except the fact that i break them lol. why shun bethesda? yea what theyre doing with the dlc is messed up, but look at their track record for really badass games. i cant wait for elder scrolls online

  • luke the nuke

    they have every second of dawnguard gameplay on youtube so its nothing special to ps3. I hope your happy Bethesda because you just ruined your ps3 fanbase.

    • fruitcake555

      No, they didn’t. Plenty like me who will welcome it with open arms.

      • Cody Courtney

        Yep, you’re an idiot. If gas stations refused to sell you gas because u drove a Chevy and they had exclusivity rights with Ford, you’d still go to the same gas station? Gimme a break, you’d complain like any other person. And stop going back.

        • Sweet ‘n’ Tender

          Wow, great comparison… Jesus Christ.

      • Common Sense

        Who are you? Some complete idiot!!! Stop posting here, no one gives a damn about you or youur inane ramblings. Walk yourself into traffic.

  • jolt

    i just dont really care about skyrim or dawnguard anymore. now that fifa 13 is just 1 month away thats all im looking forward to now.

  • AwkwardTurtle1.7

    I’m just hoping that Bethesda finally get their act together and release Dawnguard in a lag-free state along with a free update that fixes all lag (plus the crashes, freezes and infinite loading screens) in the main game. Given Bethesda’s track record on PS3 maybe not but i can still hope….

  • the face

    all this waiting and speculation have taken the enthusiasm out of dawnguard for me not that i wont play if its release but i wont have as much fun with it as i thought i would when i first heard about it. my mind state isnt into that much anymore.

  • plko

    i really wanted dishonored but now my wants for it and prey 2 have depleted so thanks a lot bethesda

  • Chris Brennan a.k.a. DazeOfWar

    I think all PS3 owners have every right to boycott Bethesda games. I returned Skyrim before I opened it after I saw the issues people were having. Also after the issues I went through with Fallout 3’s freezing problems it just want worth the headaches. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy another g game again. There are plenty of other great games that work fine.

    • Sweet ‘n’ Tender

      Maybe you have a brain tumor… you shouldn’t get headaches that easily.

      • Chris Brennan a.k.a. DazeOfWar

        Oh I do it was called a Bethesda Bug. I’m all better now.

  • MasterSmith

    Bethesda has done this over and over again. It is not just Skyrim. Many of the DLC that they produced never shows on PS3. Many of the Patches that they release do more harm than good. This is nothing new, I just think that as a community we are figuring out that Bethesda does not WANT to make games on PS3. They have built 4 now that I play, none of them have worked as well on PS3 as the other platforms. If Bethesda is still having issues coding for the PS3 after 6 years then they are not incompetent they just dont care. I find it very hard to believe that after all this time they still havent figured it out yet.

    • MasterSmith

      Sorry I didnt think that my previous post actually posted

  • Annonymous

    I feel like this has all been blown a little out of proportion. I’m a PS3 owner and I don’t mind that it is taking this long. They just want to make sure they get the game right. This will definitely not stop me from getting ESO when it comes out.

  • alex

    bethesda needs to get it together i refuse to buy there new games till i get more communication to us the ps3 community

  • jake

    I gave up on the with for dawnguard. Deepthroat F#%K u to hell Bethesda. you don’t deserve to suck my D#%K but I’m going to still let you.

  • mastersmith

    The biggest issue is that this is not just a Skyrim problem. Bethesda has been doing this to PS3 users for years. Some of us have been playing there games longer than others and have seen this first hand too many times. Morrowind was only released on XBOX, PC. Fallout 3 had some issues that were never fixed, DLC that was late/never showed, Oblivion had issues that the patches made worse, DLC that never showed and some that was very late, Fallout NV suffered from similar issues as the others, and now Skyrim is having the same issues. That is just 4 titles that they have had issues with that I personally have played. So in the previous 3 titles Bethesda hasnt figured out how to code for the PS3? It is not a lack of knowledge it is a lack of caring. BTW the “patches” for Skyrim have been everything but helpful. Aside from update 1.04 all of the others have broken more quests or caused more glitches than they ever helped.

    • smarterthenyou001

      put it this way , bethesda are yet to release a title for the ps3 that actually works and that dosnt crash 2 minutes after you load up…..

      this is what we have come to expect from bethesda in the ps3 community, this is why i will not buy anouther bethesda game on ps3

      if they cant release a working game then dont bother !

  • PS3user

    I’d rather have “Dawnguard” come out before “Hearthfire”… Otherwise, I will not be buying Bethesda products anytime soon unless “Dawnguard” is released for PS3. And, also, there has to be a discounted price for the PS3 version since we have had to wait for so long, although I have no problem paying full price. :3

    • MiniPea

      We should get it for free!

  • Vicblast

    I’m just pretty upset about this whole situation, it won’t surprise me if Bethesda decides no to deliver this DLC to PS3 users. And if that happens, bye bye Bethesda.

  • drd7of14

    “Bethesda didn’t even make dishonored. Arkane did”

    Ben Lindey
    And then I saw this post as well. So, I guess both games have little to do with Bethesda outside of production. Probably because they are busy on other games. Think guys. This includes Dawnguard and the next dlc. They aren’t going to make the same mistake they made with releasing Skyrim in the first place. I never found too many problems when it first came out myself, but other did. And it was enough to be ‘a thing’. Bethesda is not a huge company with the resources the likes of EA. They’ll get the dlc out when it’s ready. And only when it is ready. Just give em’ a little break.

  • I feel that when it finally does arrive ps3 should get a discounted price anything more than $5 is unfair Skyrim is a great game and this situation is destroying the game and the company it wouldn’t be so bad if Bethesda would reply with answers or insight on to what’s going on but shutting out the gamers you count on and offering no explanations is childish and most unprofessional if they don’t get their act together soon I see a significantdrop on sales on ps3

    • Ryan Aronson

      I completely agree, Skyrim is the first Elder Scrolls game I have ever played and although i’m trying to fight the urge to sell my PS3 copy of it based on the hope of Dawnguard actually coming out, i’m starting to run out of hope and considering on selling my copy for a PC one.

    • i play ps3 and i agree, we should get a discount. but i also think that xbox 360 users should get a refund or some kind of deal because if you think about it…..even though they got dawnguard first, they weren’t able to enjoy what they had to pay for scince bethesda released it full of bugs and glitches!

    • bob

      im honestly willing to pay 10, but i dont have the money planned for it i have fall of cybertron dlc and borderlands 4, plus a new xbox 360,(not for dawnguard as i plan to get that on ps3) with the complete halo collection including 4

  • drd7of14

    Elder Scrolls online is being done by a branch of their parent company, Zenimax Online Studios. Bethesda is only publishing it. Just though I’d point that out. 😉

  • guest

    They still haven’t released the 1.6/7 for European players

  • JK

    I’m a PS3 owner and firmly in the shun camp. It’s basic economics, supply and demand. Bethesda have been piss poor at handling this from the start and continue to fail. Therefore, as a customer, I choose not to waste my time any further with a company that is clearly incapable of delivering. This does not give me any faith for any future titles they may release so I just won’t bother with them. Simple.

  • Jordan8Davis

    im just not going to buy thier games anymore becase they do this all the time almost no patches and late dlcs is just stupid

  • Theres no way I will be buying dishonored or any title bethesda publishes unless they fix this dawn guard issue. They really broke a lot of gamers trust, especially considering the complete lack of communication. They are just showing that they couldn’t care less about PS3 players. Unless they Discount dawnguard whenever it comes out (if ever), I will be selling my copy of Skyrim.

    • fruitcake555

      Please do (sell it) and stfu.

      • justice

        Take your midoland you stfu.

      • Ravager

        HEY fruitcake555! YOU CAN STFU!! Post again and ill fu**ing ki*l YOU!!!@##

        • You should be placed in a mental institute

      • smarterthenyou001

        seriously shut the hell up, ps3 users have the right to complain.

        what right do you have to tell any of us to be quiet you moron!

        i sold skyrim about a month after i bought it because it broke and they said they fixed it what 10 times… i bought it again , guess what ! it dosnt work still !!

        perhaps i should just stick ,my thumb up my ass instead of complaining about the game aye ? sounds like thats what you would do…

        • Sweet ‘n’ Tender

          you probably just need the instructions.

      • smarterthenyou001

        face it fruitcake, nobody likes you.. go get educated you simple fool.

    • Jordan8Davis

      i agree i wont be playing there games anymore, i already compleated everthing on skyrim no dlcs just make it boring for ps3 users

  • djh21

    On the unofficial elder scrolls forum it says that the 1.6(1.7) update for europe, austalia etc comes tommorow dont know if its true, but it could mean that they are just waiting for the update to be available for all PS3 users, but obviously they have never given any information so its impossible to tell.

  • Skuba78

    Broken or not I loved Skyrim. I got it for Xmas but waited till feb and the fixing patch before I took it out the box. Worth the wait, clocked up 180 hours for every trophy and will wait again for dawn guard. If it never makes it I will be miffed but it won’t put me of playing a good game by them again

    • NigTrig

      Good to see that someone has a decent head on their shoulders,

  • RC

    Its good, unless they release dawnguard, we ps3 fans wont be happy. Its getting to a point where its just messed up. I mean, its been officially 2 months since dawnguard released for xbox. IT TAKES 10 DAYS AT MOST TO CODE IT FOR PS3. That is why people like me are shunning dishonered, and other ps3 games. Its perfectly fine. Bethesda has been horrible during this whole situation.

    • Guest

      I agree.

    • the face

      i know right they could keep in contact with ps3 users and give us updates on the problems that have been going on. they didnt even tell us what kind of problems dawnguard was experiencing they just said their not satisfied with it’s performance (what ever the eff that means by now).

      • fruitcake555

        Right now the game is fine. When Oblivion was released on the 360 it had the same type of glitches if you remember, they were fixed. I love my PS3 but the users are such mamby pamby complainers, they always find something.

        • PS3 is Awesome

          it’s not the glitches that is the problem it’s the fact that it seems like Bethesda has completely forgot that the PS3 still doesn’t have the dawnguard DLC

        • Iron dragon

          Trust me…. With all the raging and crying ps3 players have done Bethesda hasn’t forgotten anything

        • justice

          yes you are fruit cake

    • luke the nuke

      i mean seriously, it WOULD be ps3 hat has to wait

    • fruitcake555

      Ten days to code it? What planet do you live on? So you would rather have a buggy mess of a game? Really man, sell your game, don’t buy the DLC, but stop the bellyaching and go complain about something else.

      • AvatarσReason

        Indeed. What qualifies you to say that it only takes 10 days to code it? have you ever even seen game coding? it’s actually quite extensive and intricate.

      • justice

        Have you even played Fallout 3? Bugs, ha half the city was a bug.

        • Sweet ‘n’ Tender

          your probably playing it wrong

      • NJ Mobster

        Shut Your damn mouth! The only bellyaching you’ll see is when pour acid gas down your throat watch you cough uncontrollably and toss a lit match in your mouth.

    • Tim Kormylo

      Don’t pretend you know how to code, and assume it takes only 10days. You are a moron. I remember when games didn’t have DLC, or even updates. You got what you got and moved on. Gamers are getting lazy, and turning into a mass group of whiners. Grow up, and be happy with what you get, when you get it.

      • NJ Mobster

        You can shut your mouth now. Don’t know where you came up with such a theory. I have a theory you keep your mouth shut, things will continue as normal. You keep talking garbage or reply with complete disregard of what I said and ill cave your face with a hammer until there’s nothin left to recognise. Capeche?

      • There’s a difference between not releasing DLC and promising DLC and not delivering.

    • PS3 is Awesome

      I agree i will never let Bethesda get any more money out of me.

    • Anon

      Wow you must have like 20 hands to code that much in that little time, all the scripting involved. oh and for the ps3 version you have to make sure it only loads it a little bit at a time due to the poor memory management, and so solve that issue probably take out all the trees and rocks in the game to make it not lagggggggggg then separate it into small chunks with loading screens, all because the PS3 does not have enough ram, and poor memory management

  • RickyT

    Bethesda has really upset me with the dawnguard DLC, and I have no faith they will deliver any timely content in the future for the PS3.

    • Sweet ‘n’ Tender

      The game itself is huge…. Do you really need DLC that helps you build houses? That’s ridiculous.

  • Aaron

    I think we would all be less up set with weekly up dates or by weekly up dates I under stand it will not be free but they had a sell of pc so why not us and the pc was messed up so what ever

  • Bethesda didn’t even make dishonored. Arkane did.

    • RickyT

      It’s published by Bethesda Softworks and that’s enough for some really upset PS3 owners.

      • NigTrig

        Yeah, same with Fallout New Vegas. People think that Bethesda fucked them with that title. But it was Zenimax who was true culprit.

        • Revenge

          Zenimax is the true villain here! For all you here, Zenimax is in Rockville, Maryland.

        • Bethesda is known to have worked with Obsidian on New Vegas — Todd Howard blatantly said so. Makes sense, Fallout is one of their babies now.

          Judging from things Pete Hines has said, they’re also working with Arkane on Dishonored to make it a success.

          They don’t do this with all the games they publish, of course. They left Brink, RAGE, Prey and DOOM to stand on their own.