Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pen backed by apps

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 26, 2012

It is clear that Samsung are pushing the S-Pen features with the new Galaxy Note 2, and their video tease clearly had a message about what the pen could do when compared to other gadgets. The digital pen has been featured heavily with the new Galaxy Note 10.1 and we’ve seen apps that tap into the unique abilities achieved with the pen.

Today we’ve picked up on a few rumors surrounding the S-Pen, which will come inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 box, and it looks like the new tabphone will ship with some great apps that utilize the S-Pen’s innovative features. These apps will include games and other productive software that makes use of the pen, and one title should be Flag Challenge. You will also find some apps already on the Google Play store that make use of the S-Pen, and one that’s well-known with iPad owners is called SketchBook Pro.

What apps should the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ship with, and are there any apps that you think would benefit greatly from the improved S-Pen? Adobe Photoshop Touch apps are expected to ship with the Galaxy Note 2, and this is one example of why the teaser video said “Be Creative“. These Adobe apps include Kuler, Collage, Ideas, and Photoshop Touch etc. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud user then this news is sure to benefit you, and makes the Galaxy Note 2 even more desirable.

The precise Galaxy Note 2 release date is yet to be confirmed, although Samsung did state that the smartphone would launch at an event on August 29. Jelly Bean will arrive as an update after the Galaxy Note 2 launch, and the device is said to ship with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. You can expect the Galaxy Note 2 to launch on more than just AT&T this year, and it will almost certainly come to T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint as well thanks to the increasing popularity.

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  • Matt Funnell

    waiting for Exynos 5250..

  • Please release the Galaxy Note 2 as a quad core in the U.S. I was set to buy the S3 and then no quad core, so I am waiting. Will it be quad core in the U.S. now with Note 2 or will we get ripped again.

    • eccoo damo

      The Galaxy Note 2 for the U.S. will not be quad core because it doesn’t play well with 4G LTE. That is why it’s released as duo instead and with more memory. Honestly, you won’t see much of performance issues from the quad and duo in real life use. If you want the quad, get the international version but then you won’t have access to 4G.

    • al

      The performance gain by the quad core is minimal. Get the s3 and be happy

  • yarrellray

    I love my current GALAXY S3 but I am waiting patiently for the GALAXY NOTE 2 to purchase on day one so I can have both..That’s the BEST of both worlds..

  • Tony

    I am restraining myself from buying the older version. I hope it is released soon. So eagerly waiting.

    • lisa

      65 hours to go

  • Mike

    Will the other Adobe Touch Apps “Proto” and “Debut” also be available on the Note 2? Having all the Adobe Touch Apps will be very useful on a device this size.

    • liza

      read the article again