Prioritizing Galaxy Note 2 release date

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 25, 2012

There are hopes that when the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launches in the United States it will be with a more timely release date, which cannot be said for the previous model that took almost half a year to arrive. Considering the Galaxy Note had been more of a success than first predicted, it is more than likely that the Galaxy Note 2 will see a sooner US launch and better carrier availability within the first month.

The 2012 IFA conference will act as the launch platform for the new Galaxy Note 2, just as it did for last years model, and while we expect Germany to be one of the first countries to receive the sequel, the UK and US are also expected to make the prioritized list. AT&T are said to be one of the first to launch the popular tabphone, but we don’t expect T-Mobile to have to wait 6 months longer than AT&T as they did with the first device.

Signs from the success of the Galaxy S III – when this smartphone launched we saw Samsung announce a launch date for the UK and US right away, and this showed Samsung wanting more carrier control over the timeframe for launches, which is exactly what Apple does with the iPhone. We could see the Galaxy Note 2 release date being dictated by Samsung, especially considering the success of the first phone, so this would mean more transparency for the Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. These networks are likely to follow Samsung’s lead considering the device will be extremely popular.

The Galaxy Note 2 specs and Android Jelly Bean details haven’t been finalized yet, Jelly Bean update priority discussed here in an earlier article, although we are just a few days away from full disclosure, which should see a device with a bigger 5.5-inch HD display without increasing the overall size. There will also be an improved battery, better camera, and quad-core Exynos processor amongst other improved features on the Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung started teasing consumers earlier this week with a new video for UNPACKED 2012, which hinted towards some improvements for the Galaxy Note 2. The video explains that the magical pen will be small and light with abilities that other tablets and cell phones don’t have. You should also keep connected to Samsung’s Facebook channel for a live stream, which has been hinted about on their social channels.

Do you think the United States should be one of the first countries to receive the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? The US is unlikely to be the first country to get hands-on with the next Galaxy Note, but in our opinion it shouldn’t have to wait months for a release date. You can also see Samsung’s video tease below this article.

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  • mndi89

    That’s what I was about to say, had difficult reading the second last comment. But its true what he said, when will u see apple have a bigger screen bigger than 5.3″ better yet the 5.5″? There signature icon is to be simple original and iconic. They have a long way to reach were samsung is. To leap from one size to a bigger? Not possible. However not to sound like a hater towards Apple (even though I had an iPhone 4S, returned it and bout myself a Samsung galaxy note) Apple has there own distictive customers, those who have been with Apple for decades and those who life the simplicity of the device. Al though samsung is easier once getting use to, Apple had there easy and simple access to all there apps, including the same old iTune to tranfer your music that everyone familiar with (and some still have difficulty with). Samsung has there smart customers, to get better for your value and not spend half a grand on a block of nusence. Sorry I had to hate on them but samsung saved me from exchanging my old iPhone to a new, instead I chose the Samsung Galaxy Note and now, I wait for the new years successor

  • samsungnote2

    Samsung products are absolutely the best why put them down it ridiculous how ppl
    dont understand apple products in my respectful feel are to expensive and dosent have android market to download all of thousands of free apps apple on the other half you have to pay to by the majority if the apps and i mean the good apps and i think to be completely honest the note 2 will have impaitie t buyer that are excited but hold the horses because it’ll come out soon and also speaking of competition with the apple 5 were do you see apple with a stylest pen lol what screen is gunna be any bigger than
    5.3″s but a flat screen tv this is bullshyt lol

    • Mike

      Have you ever heard of commas?

  • Maykee

    Samsung, make sure you make it as square as possible – don’t want to make apple angry… Or even better… Come up with something triangle-esque… Don’t forget to patent it

  • ianmalik

    Who cares how long the U.S. has to wait for the Galaxy Note II ?! It is an insignificant market when compared to Asia and Europe. Besides, don’t you have your crappy Apple stuff to keep you happy? Hahahahahaa……