Apple vs. Samsung patent verdict helps iOS 6

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 25, 2012

The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit has reached a verdict over the patent battle and it is becoming clear who the real winners are, although it might take a number of months before we see the real results during the fallout. The Samsung Galaxy S2 could be one of the first targets for Apple considering it’s still available for sale around the world, and the recent jury verdict makes this an easy target for Apple. The Galaxy S3 is a completely different story and saw Samsung deliver a more unique design, which could also be seen as good for the consumer considering the more variety in smartphone designs would mean more choice.

Apple vs. Samsung patent verdict – in a nutshell Samsung need to pay Apple around $1.05 billion for infringing their intellectual property in a willful manner. Apple also gained immediately from this verdict, which saw their share price jump to a high of $675 and we’re sure more benefits will be seen for Apple in the coming months. This could include Google delivering a blanket license with Apple for certain features it wants, which would otherwise cause problems for Android thanks to this patent verdict.

Samsung on patent verdict – we might only be 24 hours since the verdict but that hasn’t stopped official statements being released by both the Apple and Samsung camps, which give us a taste of what their plans will be next. You can see what a Samsung spokesperson said below.

Apple on patent verdict – Apple had their spokesperson, Katie Cotton, issue a statement moments after the verdict and this can be seen below. We’re sure that some Android users won’t like some of her words, especially when she said “stealing isn’t right“. We’d love to hear your thoughts on both Apple and Samsung’s statements in the comments below.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, gives his thoughts on the Jury’s verdict – Cook spoke about the verdict benefiting innovators everywhere when he addressed Apple’s employees, although this is a direct contradiction to Samsung feeling this will hurt the choice for consumers. You can see a few of Tim Cook’s words below.

Apple vs. Samsung patent verdict helps iOS 6 – it might be too early to see how Apple’s iPhone 5 and iOS 6 can benefit from this patent verdict, but some things are clear and this includes an expectation that Android will change a lot of UI behaviors in the near future unless they purchase a licence from Apple. This includes multitouch scrolling behavior and tap-to-zoom, which could mean a number of users choose iOS 6 over Android when it comes to how the UI works. Diehard Android users will never change, even if they lose some features they enjoy.

One thing is for sure and that is an increase in differentiated designs in the coming years, although we wonder how many different ways you can create a smartphone?

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  • Dr Goodie Goodie

    ehmmm…Tim Cook’s statement seems to be a COPY of katie cotton’s earlier statement 🙁
    i hope someone won’t be sued

  • rossco

    Apple r scum. they fall the masses in to thinking they r elite! all they want is your money. if we r gonna talk about stealing that’s all apple do. find a small person or company an steal ideas. then bury said company or person. they haven’t come u wiv most of “their ideas” they are after a monopoly of market. to limit your choice. wot Samsung did was improve on apples ideas not steal. scum scum scum.

    • Master Jedi Alejandro

      Ehh, don’t all company’s just ‘want…your money’? And besides, surly this will lead to more innovation on both sides? Personally, I think the best looking android phone at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy 3. It looks amazing, and they quite obviously didn’t copy Apple with that design, so that just shows it won’t stop innovation.

      I personally perfer the iOS system and design of the devies, yes, and would recommend it over Android, but before you call me a Apple Fanboy, sheep, mindless drone or whatever, would like to point out my current phone is a HTC Desire. I am disappointed with the app market and the android set up, something which was made even more apparent to me when I got my iPad.

      However, like I mentioned above, I do like the look of the G3 and will wait till the iPhone 5 comes out before making a decision on which one to get.

    • SJ

      So if all Samsung did was improve on Apple’s ideas then why didn’t they pay the licensing fee for those ideas like Microsoft and all the other companies do? Even Google had concerns over what Samsung was doing – maybe you should actually read some of the e-mails before you post…

  • Raka

    I don’t know who O’Doyle is, but I totally agree with Ned ! IOS 6 FTW !

  • Ned

    Apple (and O’Doyle) RULES!!!