2012 iMac preparation across-the-board

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 25, 2012

It seems that the wait is almost over for our readers that really want to purchase a new iMac before 2012 is over, and a number of signals are pointing to the imminent refresh of the iMac. The 2012 model won’t be a major upgrade but would certainly be worth the money if you have an Apple iMac older than 2 years, although it’s worth pointing out that holding on another 12 months could bring one of the biggest upgrades to the iMac since its introduction.

Falling in line with the rumors we heard last month about the 2012 iMac leaving factories in August, we are now seeing stocks slip for the 27-inch model in the United States. Other countries, including the UK, don’t have any problems meeting iMac demand and this leads us to think this could be some retailers just being careful not to overstock on a product that’s about to be replaced. Even though some retails must have privileged information regarding the 2012 iMac release date.

Today we looked at a number of online stores and noticed very low stock of the higher-end 27-inch iMac, and this includes very low numbers on Amazon and J&R. If you think this means a Retina iMac is about to launch then you might be disappointed, especially if we remember comments from Apple’s CEO and hints towards a major update in 2013.

2012 iMac preparation for the PC user – it is clear that Apple and their retailers are getting ready for a fresh of the all-in-one computer, but how should users best prepare for a new iMac when they currently use a Windows PC? This topic has been covered in a recent article found here, which takes a look at the key differences and even ways to still use Windows on your iMac. This is a really good option if there are certain games you love that are not on Mac OS X, and Battle for Middle Earth gamers will know exactly what we mean.

The iMac Refresh is not enough – if you want much more than just a refresh for the 2012 iMac then this upgrade might not be for you, so while waiting for a bigger improvement that’s expected with the 2013 model you could upgrade certain hardware inside your iMac. This article has taken a look at the key things to do if you want to upgrade your iMac hardware, which could deliver a speed improvement from SSD and increased memory.

Will you buy the new 2012 iMac? There will be certain specs needed for some people to upgrade and without them it’s a no go, so feel free to share your wish list in the comments. We also know a number of people that will buy the 2012 iMac no matter what’s inside, which is due to these people about to buy the current model and are now waiting for something new.

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  • Philippe

    I dont think that the new imac is going to be upgradeble. Apple makes products in a closed system. You cant upgrade it yourself, you need to send your imac to an apple store to upgrade, and its very expensive. I was thinking in buying the new imac, because I thought it was going to be much better than the hp z1. And the imac is more cheaper but hp z1 is much better. I’m not sure if its worth waiting for the new imac.

  • Cameron

    II will be making the purchase no matter what upgrades we see. Tired of waiting as I have been for months now to move from Windows to Mac, can’t wait any longer, plus I need a new computer for college.

  • Snizz

    small SSD boot drive standard, USB 3.0, multiple thunderbolt ports, ivy bridge processors, updated graphics card

  • Chad

    I am afraid that the 2013 redesign will tend to be follow the new Apple standards of building disposable equipment. If you want a lot of ram better get it when you order because they will be soldering their ram straight to the motherboard.

  • Jon

    If its not major then I will pass and get a PC…ierd of waiting to give apple a try especially for a band aid upgrade to get remotely current.

  • Azi

    8GB RAM (At Least) to come standard as Apple rip off for configuration options. Also maybe a 6 core processor with i7.